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  1. I haven't bought the vinyl on principal. Too expensive even online. Southern Lord has gone too far into marketing gimmickry with their limited coloured pressings and high prices imo
  2. It's a magnificent album, no doubt. My favourite is Lleyfdu Ljosinu, only on digital due to its length. Hildur hasn't released a solo album for a few years, but she's been busy composing soundtracks.
  3. So, let's continue the most ignored thread on SNA [emoji867] Tonight it's Alessandro Cortini with Merzbow. Particularly ugly synth based noise, but it has its charms. Confused? Couldn't care less? Tell me about it. PS these Spendors are great with this shiz. So full of texture and nuance. Love it!
  4. Iannis Xenakis - Persepolis Xenakis must have been a genius. How else could one even conceive of such rapturous noise? https://karlrecords.bandcamp.com/album/persepolis
  5. Thorens Td160S Grace G707 Stanton 980 LZS Squadra Omega - Nervosa (Italian improvised ambient psych jazz) Modwright SWLP 9.0 Naksa 100 upgraded Spendor BC1 Sounds damn fine
  6. Snuck up on all of us I think. It was a shock to hear about it. In happier news, I heard that Ron Peno is looking like he'll make a full recovery after a successful 6 hour op to remove the cancer from his oesophagus, on top of radio and chemo.
  7. 52 years today since this was released. The mono mix is almost a different album, what a treat when they finally reissued it.
  8. Current vinyl spins... Michael Zerang - Assyrian Caesarian MZ is an absolute beast on drums, and due to his power and experience is capable of great subtlety and restraint. Loving this LP. Top notch recording, very dynamic. AOTY contender. Huseyin Ertunc Sextet - A New World The last Earthly recording of HE, with collaboration from Jooklo Duo and Umut Caglar (Konstrukt). Brilliant free jazz Fire! Orch up the ante with their most accessible and beautiful album to date. Another contender for the title.
  9. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  10. I must make time to have a listen to his systems. Good luck with a sale [emoji106]
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