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  1. About time for a reboot. This song is just exquisite. @t_mike remember this? The whole LP is amazing.
  2. Build your own boxes and pallet Daz, and jack the price up!! @Lenehan Audio !??!
  3. In my experience there is no finer pleasure than pure acoustic sound. Analog is the strongly preferred medium of reproduction . Sniff [emoji6]
  4. No rush bro, just lettin it all wash ova. Libs are screwed now Bob's dead. Took one for the team he did. Fkn Champeen. Bottums up!
  5. Time for some whiskey Taj Mahal Travellers - August 1974 2018 2LP reissue on Aguirre. Sublime electro-acoustic improvisations from this adventurous Japanese collective.
  6. I quit ciggies cold turkey about 13 years ago. Then I took up two or three cigars a week about five or six years ago. Two best things I ever did! Good luck!! I have Cecil Taylor on the platter at the minute
  7. I and others think you need to try a different Phono preamp to see if there is a fault or potential design flaw with your existing preamp.
  8. Second that motion. Definitely sounds like an issue with your preamp
  9. Lol Mick disappeared over five years ago. I did wonder about his continued existence. I tried to pm back then only to be met by deathly silence.... Glad to know I was wrong [emoji28]
  10. Where the hell have you been Mick?!!? I thought you were dead!
  11. Nice nudie of the Modwright Doug. New 6SN7s? Looking good.
  12. Hi, what do you mean by AP? Australian pressing? Edit: yes, I see that is that case in your other ad.
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