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  1. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Listening to these two fros Jeanne Lee, Conspiracy Small run LP reissue on Seeds. Not sure if it's official, but it sounds good. Jeanne Lee was a unique talent. Joe McPhee, Nation Time Recent reissue on Superior Viaduct. Legendary recording
  2. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    That's right, I was watching for the sucker punch.... and then I bought two T shirts
  3. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Thanks Martin. Love the Sun Ra T-shirts Edit: @mrbuzzardstubble it looks like they just sell music on CD, even though they call it a "Record Store"
  4. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    No problem Chris, your experience is different to mine. I just didn't want people to get the impression that sellers on Bandcamp were ripping people off for shipping. Often times I can't find titles available elsewhere at all let alone for a more competitive price. But that is partly a function of my hankering for weird and obscure music. Anyway, I am happy to feed hungry artists a few extra dollars. For the greater good of course Today, I'm spinnin' some swingin' standards. Verve Japanese pressings.
  5. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    My experience differs from yours in that Bandcamp sellers charge only what their local carriers charge, which is dictated by their location and because they are small independent labels without the advantage that comes with large volume. American labels are expensive, because they ship with USPS from USA. German labels are cheap. UK labels are fair to middling, but getting dearer. Italian labels are crazy expensive. All of this reflects my experience ordering outside of Bandcamp from small retailers and labels located in the same countries. Amazon, CC Music and other large volume sellers like some on ebay offer cheap or sometimes free shipping, because they cut volume deals with shipping companies. I don't know of any small retailers who can compete with the low shipping rates offered by the big boys, but some offer free or discounted shipping for large orders as a sweetener, lots of Discogs sellers do this. But then, I rarely buy one LP at a time and if a Bandcamp seller doesn't have more than one item of interest, I'll look for it elsewhere.
  6. Dave O)))

    Currently Spinning

    Ambarchi & O'Rourke, Hence LP on Editions Mego
  7. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Hi Martin Did you see Maarja Nuut & Ruum? I saw them on Friday in Sydney. Blew me away.
  8. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Heliocentrics and Lloyd Miller OST [emoji106]
  9. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Really enjoyed it Dave!! Love a bit of solo trombone
  10. Dave O)))

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

  11. Dave O)))

    Weird, Avante Garde & "Out There" Spinning

    The Young Gods are ageless, and still ahead of the game 33 years on. For me at least, the best band of the last three decades, without question. 1986 1988 1991 1992 1995 2000 2004 2007 2008 2010 2019
  12. Dave O)))

    Currently Spinning

    Laputa. Correct spelling helps. I am currently downloading from my source in FLAC. PM for details.