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  1. Agreed, "Contributions" would be much more appropriate. "Donations" could be misleading. Thanks for listening to my concerns. Being a small business owner, I can appreciate your position.
  2. I understand what you are saying, and I agree somewhat. Obviously it is more attractive for members to sell here that on eBay, there are no sale "fees" here and there is an avid target audience. You may have noticed that sensible sellers will often inflate their prices on eBay to cover the fees. And the reverse is true here as sellers will reduce their sale price because of the perception of "keeping it in the family". But like I said, the FS forums create a lot of traffic, ergo.... I just find it a little incongruous, disingenuous even, that we are being asked to make a non tax-deductible "donation" to a profit driven organisation, which will claim all of its expenses , including server hosting, as a tax deduction. At the very least, it should be clearly explained on the donations page that donations to SNA are not tax deductible, unless of course I am gravely mistaken and this is in fact, a NPO, ha. Also, the donations "Leaderboard" featured on the right hand side of every page, inferring peer pressure via subtle gamification is quite a clever tool, and one that I am not comfortable with, but I can ignore it, like the advertising. Judging only by the amount of advertising and the successful expansion of SNA over the last few years, I think we are well beyond the site depending on donations from members to support its existence. But I am happy to be corrected on this count. In any case, so long as "donations" remain voluntary, I can live with it :-) Just so that I don't seem like a mean person, I should add that I have made a few small donations to SNA a several years ago. Back when there was little if any advertising. I was the recipient of a couple of freebies and I now recall that I did make one sale, so I thought it only fair at the time. StereoNet Australia is a great forum, made great by its members, moderators and @Marc's savvy handling of its development over the years. I am grateful for the StereoNet's egalitarian (Aussie-as) vibe which allows one to express opinions (within reason) without fear of (much) rebuke ;-) Long may it continue!
  3. I have never sold anything here, but I think for what I presume to be a profitable forum, that donations should be shelved completely. Yes, the FS forums provide a service for members, but it should also be acknowledged (again, I presume) that they create a lot of traffic for the forum, resulting in advertising income for the forum owner/s. Indeed, in my opinion this applies generally to the forum: that all posts and members who post actively are the currency that a forum cannot succeed without, and this forum appears to have moved well beyond the need for financial support from its members (another presumption). We support the forum with our activities on the forum. Advance apologies for being so presumptuous, but question number four got me 'tinkin :-p
  4. Interested. If you're open to shipping I'll pm you in a few hours.
  5. Tapatalk v slow

    Fair enough. I just tried out the Stereonet app, same deal. Sent from my XT1580 using StereoNET mobile app
  6. Tapatalk v slow

    Topic bump. Tapatalk on Android very slow to update "participated" and "timeline" tabs. Sometimes not at all, just hangs. No problems with same tabs at other forums.
  7. Should bring back nefarious memories of my youth!
  8. Hi Prog, Please reserve for me: All Thomas Dolby, Peter Gabriel and Harold Faltermeyer. And I'll go second backup on New Order - Blue Monday please. Postage is to 2777 Cheers
  9. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Irreversible Entanglements, now streaming on Bandcamp Hard hitting, topical and relatable, with a rhythm section that's as tough as they come. The future of Jazz, now.
  10. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Roil - Raft of the Meadows LP on No Business First title I have bought on No Business, won't be the last either. Simple package holds a flawless pressing. Abstract weirdness from this Australian trio. I find it quite relaxing in its textures and randomness. Last spin tonight, early start tmrw.
  11. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Anna Hogberg Attack LP on Omlott Side A is almost the best thing I have heard all year. Equal parts free jazz and intense lyrical beauty. These ladies can seriously play, and match it with the best there is I'd say.