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  1. Massimo Toniutti - il Museo Salvatico Disc 2 Random drones, personal ambient spaces and found sounds. An immersive and peculiar experience
  2. Ah yes, water trickling down skin... I can do that sitting on my bum 😬 So long as the bamboo has a strong bond with the steel plate it should work well. There's always a compromise between damping/isolation and ultimate stability. Lettuce know how it goes 👍
  3. Could I suggest that you try the bamboo pieces as a damping layer fixed to the top of the speaker stands with glue and/or screws then use the bunnings pads as the isolation interface between that and your speakers? I reckon you'll get good results that way
  4. I bought a set of isoacoustics pucks for the purpose of testing against a few other products, including some that I am developing in collaboration with a couple of very bright SNA sparks. @Muon N' it shouldn't take a large spend to achieve noticeable results as you have found. I'm hopful that my friends and I will be able to offer a range of cost effective engineered isolation solutions, but the proof is in the pudding and we intend to find out out whether the budget conscious audiophile will be able to have his pud and eat it too 😀
  5. Strain Crack & Break Music from the Nurse With Wound List Vol 1 (France) Various artists contribute songs that were influential to NWW back in the 70s & early 80s. Some extraordinary gems to be discovered....
  6. Earlier...... Konstrukt with Ken Vandermark - Kosmik Bazaar Previously..... Xtc - Skylarking Now....... Battles - Mirrored Crank it boyz
  7. Without isolation, damping on it own is not going to give much benefit, it will simply change the resonant frequency of the stand and (hopefully) speed up the rate at which vibrations are dissipated away from the structure of the stand and into the damping material. I think its self evident from reading some posts here that altering the amount of fill in your speaker stands is altering the resonant frequency, referred by many as tuning, of the stands to suit particular tastes, but not completely removing the vibration feedback loop, which is created when the stands are still vibrating (which is still measurable even though you can't feel the vibrations by touch) in sympathy with the speakers. In my experience you will get more benefit primarily from isolation. Damping the support structure underneath the isolation material will provide the icing on the cake. When you have effective isolation under your speakers you can forget about tuning the stands, (but damp them if you can) the speakers simply float. Physically and sonically.
  8. Pretty sure I've checked this out but I will again. Lately I've started listening to DKV trio with Joe Mcphee the Fire Each Time. So good
  9. Hit em with a very fine wet sand paper and see if they improve. I've heard of unlistenable records being rescued this way, ie ones where deep scratches are made play-though-able, not necessarily completely silent
  10. I don't mean to white ant this thread, but apparently AU Post will no longer accept perfumery products with flammable liquids. https://auspost.com.au/content/dam/auspost_corp/media/documents/dangerous-and-prohibited-goods-guide.pdf
  11. Good thinking Marc. Hopefully there will be a clearer picture of where the funds may be most effective by the end if the month. My vote would be to help those who are in greatest need of food and shelter. Hopefully the Govt will put significant extra funds into emergency services and infrastructure. We're gonna need it.
  12. Great idea John! Just list your items in the usual way with the expressed intention of donating the funds then hit the donate button once sold. Easy peasy 👍
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