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  1. I have spent a lot of time with this amp. One of my all time favourite amps. GLWTS
  2. A rack worthy of the most fastidious ferengi
  3. Why do I find myself looking for Grace Jones albums in the list and end up feeling disappointed?
  4. PM if you have one of either model for sale
  5. PM if you have one of either model for sale
  6. Sorry topic should say single room not single zone. Looks like the latest grafik eye will do the trick: https://www.sparksdirect.co.uk/lutron-grafik-integrale-4-zone-control-unit#.VvSuoUeMuc1
  7. Is there a product like the old lutron grafik eye to control lighting in a single room? I have four DL/cans plus an LED strip and just need 3-5 scenes. Must be LED compatible and hardwired.
  8. Thanks Snoopy8. I'll try Jason of A & J antennas. As per the website they have many years experience with communication systems including AM / FM / Digital Radio Antennas. Andrew Lacey of Antenna IQ also seems to be one of the better antenna installers in town. www.antennaiq.com.au
  9. Someone please recommend a suitable FM antenna technician in Melbourne. I am looking to have a 5-8 element yagi installed for my dedicated listening room. I am familiar with the various locally available options. My home in the inner city is being renovated and is an empty shell so now is a good time to locate the antenna and run the coax and hopefully avoid interference from mains/lighting cables etc. Ideally the tech would fit ferrite suppressors and in-line filters should they be needed to attenuate interference. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Lazenby
  10. Not to mention Engelbert Humperdinck...
  11. As per title, PM if you have anything to offer that is laser disc related.
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