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  1. Speaking of which, it's been a while! @Ratbob if you're able it would be great to meet. But I understand your situation as well mate.
  2. https://nanoat.com/ Have a chat to Benjamin- he's local to you and builds remarkable tube amps at remarkable prices
  3. Careful Hazz, if you put ME in a post 3 times the ghost of Zaphod Beeblebrox appears, with great hilarity ensuing
  4. Hi Buzz, yes it is mate. Let me know how I can help
  5. Scored some free tickets (fortunately legit!) just yesterday so we got a sitter for Little Grizzly and Mrs G and I went along. Virtually impossible to get a decent view of the stage, honestly some must have camped there all afternoon it seemed. Regardless the vibe was great and tunes even better. He does work around the higher notes now, but does so masterfully. If I have that much energy at his age I'll be pretty happy!
  6. OK here goes- Amps- Japan 2, UK 1 Pre- Australia 1 CD- Japan 1, US 1 Turntable- Japan 1, Germany 1 Phono- UK 1 Cart- Switzerland 1 Speakers- Ukraine
  7. Interested, though a complete Philistine in regard to this tech. Does it need to be connected to ethernet to operate?
  8. That 50s industrial look is very cool, I wonder why it isn't carried over to the DAC as well? A 70kg carton is not to be sneezed at. Or at least, if you did, it wouldn't move far.....
  9. Item: Yamaha B-1 and UC-1 controller, both totally restored Location: Adelaide Hills Price: 3600 Item Condition: Cosmetically excellent, electrically better than new. Reason for selling: Need the funds elsewhere (sad face) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This was previously spoken for and on hold, however I can't get a response from the buyer so is now up for grabs again. This is a factory 240v unit that was given a ground up restoration last year by a highly experienced vfet enthusiast. All 18 vfet devices are original and unchanged, all resistors, capacitors (including a new design power capacitor board), diodes, relays and other transistors were replaced along with cleaning every switch, pot and contact point. LEDs were installed in the VU meters as well as new thermal paste for the giant 2SK77 Vfet outputs. Critical resistors were installed raised from the supporting board to ensure adequate heat dissipation (a known trouble spot for these amps). Finally 5 new sets of binding posts were installed to replace the original bare wire terminals. The B-1 was Yamahas foray into cost-no-object concept building and remains the most powerful Vfet amp commercially made. Rated at 160 watts per channel but independently tested in the 70s by Bascom King to deliver somewhere near 220. Considering this is a solid state triode amp, thats some serious power! Comes with the small face plate for "basic" operation as well, meaning only one set of output terminals are active rather than the 5 you get with the UC-1 controller in play. Inbuilt defeatable rumble filter as well which may be a handy feature. Also supplied with a very quiet computer cooling fan which was recommended to keep the driver boards running a little cooler- this baby runs quite warm. At 37kg for the amp alone and another 5 for the controller freight will be a bit but can be achieved- I'll ship the controller separately in a million layers* of bubble wrap to protect the huge and lightning fast VU meters. *may not actually be a million layers.....but will be way more than adequate. I'm happy to bring it over for local auditions, and will offer a 2 week trial for interstate buyers- return within 14 days for a full refund of the purchase price if it doesn't satisfy. For Melb based buyers I'm also happy to meet in Bordertown for an exchange.
  10. Welcome Hammer, looking forward to hearing more from you!!
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