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  1. Great to hear Andy, I'm glad you may be on the up after that trying time!
  2. Big old glass of spiced caramel!! And at 11% it's not one for hot languid afternoons. Rainy evenings, however......
  3. Could be a few shades blacker..... Welcome Alan!
  4. *cough* A Turntable??? You've changed man!! Nice work though, I really need to get back up there
  5. I think they have a more traditional spider, not entirely sure though
  6. Thanks for that! Sadly time is a precious commodity lately and I've done exactly nothing more.... They are 8 inch though
  7. Good day to test the waterproofing on the external range hood fan I put up over the weekend. Spent the whole day internally panicking but for naught, dry as a bone!! At ground level we have a carefully engineered series of shallow trenches to divert this light mist away which are working well. I will, however, be leaving some strongly worded feedback on just how clogged the gutters were with leaves on the day we moved in, resulting in me being up a ladder first thing in the morning 2 days later in a deluge clearing it all out to stop the overflowing! Surely that should
  8. G'day Ed, and welcome!
  9. The Graham Slee Accession + Enigma PSU may fit the bill, with a slightly lower gain though.
  10. A couple of recent buys- exquisitely recorded and pressed acoustic singer songwriter stuff from Israel's Alon Lotringer and the newest mathcore from For Giants (their first on vinyl, love the handcut sleeve)
  11. Human Trafficking, not Resources. Not sure we can help with that one, but welcome!
  12. Find a couple of metric bolts that fit, probably M6 or close to that. Will give a safer purchase for lifting off the plinth and reduce the risk of it slipping.
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