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  1. Grizzly

    Pearlman - RIP - Kraftwork tonight

    “At 93, too weak to speak, he still managed to play the piano this morning, later passing away peacefully in the afternoon.” That's beautiful.
  2. Grizzly

    Home made speaker stands

    Very tidy, nice work!
  3. Grizzly

    Roxy Music Avalon- best pressing?

    I have an EGHP50 on the way from ol' Blighty now!
  4. I'm curious enough..... PM sent, intention to trial.
  5. Grizzly

    The Underrated David Sylvian (Ex Japan)

    I had a feeling it was you! Can't wait for mine to arrive....
  6. Grizzly

    Hi from SA

    Welcome from me too. And to add to Franks invite you'd be more than welcome to come up for that evenings entertainment. I'm trying to firm up numbers now so that it's worthwhile for the artist. Details below
  7. Though active, and therefore less likely to fit your criteria, the Dutch&Dutch 8C is worthy of consideration. Stocked locally too and well within your budget.
  8. Grizzly

    Next Steps... Cartridge?

    I'd be happy to have you up for a listen to my Benz Wood, which has similar characteristics to the Glider. However for comparative purposes it may not help at all.
  9. Grizzly

    Roxy Music Avalon- best pressing?

    Ah now this is the type of experience I was hoping to hear. So the UK early is better than much later. Super, so my plan for 3 first pressings seems solid!
  10. Grizzly

    Roxy Music Avalon- best pressing?

    Looks like a lot of the US pressings have masterdisc stamped on them, so that should be easy! I may see if there's a local SV, that one looks expensiver to acquire.....
  11. Grizzly

    Roxy Music Avalon- best pressing?

    Youre right, it's my duty! I have a UK and Jap queued up (see what I did there?) in discogs ready to buy but just haven't quite committed yet. Elton I admire as a muso and for his longevity, however I've never really quite dug his music enough to own any.
  12. Grizzly

    Roxy Music Avalon- best pressing?

    Interesting, and a little disappointing really. The thrill of the hunt was welling in me!
  13. Grizzly

    Roxy Music Avalon- best pressing?

    I tend to agree. Mine sounds wonderful, I'm just curious as to how much better it could be? I may just grab a UK, US and Jap copy and do my own highly scientific test. None of them are uber pricey, fortunately