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  1. A trick many of us fail at frequently.....
  2. Welcome mate. An "audiophile" is not truly measured by the value of their equipment, more the passion with which they enjoy music. Ergo, you probably are one!! Ask loads of questions and enjoy!!
  3. Morning Zoni, welcome along and enjoy your time here!
  4. Welcome Olive, hope we're helpful!
  5. I cannot wrap my head around tubes that are deliberately lit up green
  6. We're here to help, and have a little light hearted fun where possible. Welcome Rita!
  7. It's effectively Hardiplank ie cement board but narrower than the older style. So no issues with rot, termites etc.
  8. Looks like you're heading in the right direction, those ProAcs should be able to hold their own after a significant amp upgrade. Enjoy the journey!
  9. I reckon you're good John. Welcome and enjoy!
  10. Strangely they have no issue sending stuff to New Zealand.....
  11. Surely you're not suggesting that they aren't already stupendous?!
  12. Tiling!! Pictures kindly sent by the site manager.
  13. Raw, and a zero budget video, but a very proud Dad moment-
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