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  1. Have a go at some KT77, might be just the ticket.
  2. G'day Trevor, and welcome to the SA chapter! It's usually prudent not to use an email address as a username- spam and all that.
  3. Gorgeous! That wiring though is mesmerising..... oh lord!! Reminds me of a transit map
  4. I could be persuaded to part with my 75
  5. Further information: This unit was sourced from Japan and underwent a careful restoration before being sent to me. Part of the work was a respray in silver with new screen printed control labels front and rear. Fitted with the reputedly better sounding "A" variants of the VFet outputs. This amp just underwent a full health check by a local tech who tidied up some connections and solder joints, and will be supplied with a 1kva Tortech isolation step down transformer as it is a 100 volt unit. Photos:
  6. Further information: Bought late last year, replaced a very good Bel Canto pre. In excellent overall condition, just had a health check by a local tech who tidied up a few solder joints. There is a small spot where the chrome has rubbed away revealing a bronze colour beneath, and I've never noticed the small indent mentioned in the previous ad. Superb Aussie made pre with lifetime transferrable warranty. Comes with remote for volume control. Photos: pinched from previous ad, looks the same with perhaps a little more dust!
  7. I'd be inclined to look for a good older unit, perhaps a Lenco 75 or Thorens.
  8. Gday and thanks for joining👍
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