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  1. Me too!! 6.9 x 4.5 with a separate 20 amp power spur that runs to power outlets (not the lights) in this room only.
  2. I imagine that's all based on soil types and their propensity to movement. Here seems pretty benign I think. Anyway after a couple of rain delays (what an an odd spring!) and subsequent tradie re arranging we finally had the ethnic lawn poured a few weeks back. That made the overall scale of the place a little frightening but hopefully just an optical illusion. Little Grizzly for reference. She was calibrated in October, for any pedants out there. Fast forward to the week just gone and, like mushrooms (but thankfully not just a hallucination) we now have a house shaped structure!!
  3. Still keeping the powder dry for a 990. One will surface, just need patience. I bet this one sounds brilliant though.
  4. I could pack it for freight if needed, bear in mind the SME arm is there to attract interest and is not included.
  5. Only met Tony once and yes, an absolutely lovely, friendly, and egalitarian bloke. So sorry to hear of his passing Michael, thank you for letting us know.
  6. Indeed, one of its better qualities!
  7. Really want to stick with a CDM9 based mech at this stage
  8. One here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Yamaha-Cds-1000-High-Quality-CD-Player/274567462243?hash=item3fed7efd63:g:x5oAAOSwEK5fqJIt
  9. Still looking, Audiolab 8000CDM is another option
  10. There's something extremely satisfying and somewhat zen about that process I find. Great work too Tax, looks the bomb!
  11. Looks like all the KEF and Coles tweeters have been replaced with generic units. A pity really.
  12. I know of a local E202 (SA), will check for more details.
  13. That's most wives in a nutshell really, no? Great score Leon!
  14. I'm glad you're making plans, contingency plans and contingency contingency plans Marc, it's truly appreciated. I for one would love to be involved in a show late next year if it were at all possible.
  15. These are like new and very imposing! If you're interested but interstate I'd be happy to pick up and arrange safe crating/freight.
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