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  1. Nothing in the current restrictions preventing you from doing that. (please do it)
  2. Oooo I hope they also include the sound of an excited hen, or some pew pew pew Star Wars weapon noises
  3. Of your list the 103 might be an improvement, up to your ears of course! The Ittok is capable of carrying some very good carts though, think Dynavector, Benz etc
  4. Try the Denon, you have nothing to lose and it should drive the speakers at least reasonably well. You don't actually need a 150w amp to drive speakers that are rated to handle 150w. If you find the Denon doesn't cut the mustard, you then also have something of a reference point.
  5. Oh my..... has there been any restoration work done at all?
  6. There's a pretty decent chance of this I've heard
  7. Very tidy!! I'd be inclined to swap the positions of the amp and tt to keep the cartridge as far as possible from any magnetic fields created by the amp transformers.
  8. They'll almost definitely be metric. You could grab a M6 and M8 bolt and see which one fits, then you have the answer.
  9. I reckon a well designed amp, when paired with suitable speakers, can play any type of music irrespective of the topology. A poorly designed amp, or one with speakers that are outside of it's "comfort zone" will show strain.
  10. It's quite a mission to unpack one on your own, I can attest!
  11. @Yamaha_man you know you want it [grin]
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