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  1. Brilliant Bill, exactly the sort of thing a strong community thrives on!! Perhaps someone might even video a tutorial that could help people further afield?
  2. If I may be so bold- sweetness and slam.
  3. I have one of these carts lying about unused and figure I may as well stump up for a new stylus and get some use from it. It has the 625 variant right now but I know the options out there are pretty vast. Can anyone steer me in the direction of a decent value, worthy replacement?
  4. I have a fully restored Yamaha B-1. Rated as 160 watts but measured over 200. Sounds like buttery magic and well within your budget.
  5. Gday Simon, As luck would have it I'll be in Sydney on the weekend of the 13th of this month to demonstrate speakers that may very well suit your brief. If you have some time free over that weekend you'd be welcome to come along. I'll PM some more details.
  6. It won't be long before some clever types develop an app to allow you to select that, or a Rolls Royce V16 Aero engine, or a 1911 Lister stationary engine, or peripheral ported 26B Le Mans engine, or 19th century steam tractor,or......
  7. "I saw the Ghurka Pipe and Drum band play to a crowd of 8 people at a tiny pub in the early 90s" says the young, sombre bespectabled and bearded bloke, as he sipped his tiny cup of ethically sourced crowdfunded single origin olive oil, "That was before they hit the bigtime and sold out"
  8. I used to be tube pre and SS power, but recently reversed that to be a bit contrary! With apologies for the dust and the image nicked off the net!
  9. Because you want something that corners, and stops when needed
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