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  1. Actually Trevor it seems that nobody here has discussed petunias for a far longer time than I feel comfortable with.
  2. Nothing much to report..... Aside from THIS!!!
  3. It's worth mentioning that this also doubles as a sweet preamp with RCA analogue inputs.
  4. I'd love this for my girls, wonder if theres a way to get it safely here......
  5. G'day Gerry, if you choose to go "matless" (which you may after experimenting) then its good practice to leave an old knackered LP or other type of mat on the platter to prevent dust from settling on the platter itself. Even with a cover a bit can get, frustratingly
  6. Welcome Francisco, the more experience we add the better for everyone!
  7. I prefer the 805 as well mostly, however the 150 does have that extra bottom end urge at the expense of a little of the mid and treble magic. It does run noticeably cooler than the 805 as well. The pats on the back should go to the distributor though @Line Magnetic Australia
  8. I'm quite keen to give this one a try https://www.originlive.com/hi-fi/turntable-upgrades-modification/turntable-record-weight-best/
  9. I've shed zero tears thus far and it looks set to stay that way Hmmmm possibly! So exciting when it starts to become less abstract and more real! It'll be a very slow reveal. House burlesque Reckon I could achieve that mate, see you soon! The criteria count us out Mark, sadly.
  10. Odd choice of name for a tuning outfit
  11. Free Hoyt Bedford Type 4 speakers in Stanmore NSW! Gumtree Obviously already gone
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