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  1. That yellow midrange is odd. Yes you can bypass the pots (they were never meant to be end user adjustable) but may need a suitable resistor in play to keep things balanced. And your NAD, while making a nice sound, will in no way make these really sing the way they can. Find something with real beef and be amazed. That's not meant to be disparaging, just that 401s require prodigious power and current to wake up.
  2. I hope this doesn't seem like crazy hifi guy speak, but you'll want to steer clear of amps that have a "dry" or "hard" presentation as the Epos will give it to you in spades. The Exposure linked above should be great. Newer Rega units would also be good and if vintage floats your boat see what 70s Luxman gear might surface.
  3. Not this one- I'm aiming for about 12 watts!
  4. Thanks Flanders. I'm second guessing the purchase right now but will be in touch if it goes ahead. I appreciate the offer!
  5. If the contender doesn't best this one I'll take it!
  6. That breaks my heart too mate, but welcome to SNA. I’m sure we can help keep the music in your home mate.
  7. I'm really second guessing myself here.....
  8. Item: As above Location: Adelaide Hills Price: 1600 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Got my eye on something else Payment Method: The usual, can be posted easily and fairly cheaply. Cash or EFT preferred of course. Extra Info: I've had this for a little while now and love it's dead quiet operation and extremely flexible nature, plus the inbuilt phono is incredible (I may even prefer it to the more costly Graham Slee combo I have, it's certainly comparable). But another beauty has caught my attention, as they do..... I have all the original packing plus the aftermarket remote, some pics plus more detailed description are in the linked ad. One of the feet is generic rather than the original fitted unit, which is how it was when I purchased it. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Thanks Mick, I’ll keep it in mind. Coming for Womad again? If you have time hit us up for a catch up/listen/feed!
  10. I absolutely love that Ortofon chose to make something that could easily be referred to as MC Hammer.
  11. I'm seriously considering buying a turntable for my daughter which is in Castlemaine Vic. If anyone nearby would be possibly willing to pick it up it would certainly give me food for thought.
  12. It may also be that someone has bypassed those controls in the past as well.
  13. Yes, yes I do. And though I’m not currently preamp hunting....... (rubs chin thoughtfully).....
  14. 15 inch discs?? Heavens!
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