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  1. The upcoming hifi show would be a great way to discover new products you aren't aware of right now, maybe take a day to wander around and see what you find!
  2. If you decide to replace it I may be keen to take on the CAL challenge
  3. Not til October 17th. Surely they'd hold it for a short while?
  4. Steve if you can wait I'm happy to bring it back with me in October
  5. Nice! I'm going to be testing a locally made SET amp very soon on these exact speakers. I'll report back if you like with the findings.
  6. You know correctly- the CEO has decreed that savings are paramount, much to my dismay.
  7. No packing sadly, that would have made things far easier!!
  8. I can't say for certain that the linked parts will suit your unit, though it seems likely. If it was me I'd start with laser first, then consider full assembly if that didn't rectify the problem. When changing a laser you generally don't need to do any soldering as, normally, you can dismantle and remove the laser head mechanically and simply unplug the lead(s). The replacement should have a blob on it (usually stands out pretty well) to short out static which can kill the laser. You simply use a little of the solder wick material to draw it away from the board after installation but before reassembling the player. I reckon @rockeater will have more knowledge in this area.
  9. If you can open the unit up easily, and it looks like you have, then replacing a laser is generally pretty straightforward. You must remember to desolder the shorting blob before reassembly otherwise it simply won't work.
  10. Item: Yamaha B-1 and UC-1 controller, both totally restored Location: Adelaide Hills Price: 4500 Now 3750 DEPOSIT TAKEN Item Condition: Cosmetically excellent, electrically better than new. Reason for selling: Need the funds elsewhere (sad face) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Another sale I never anticipated.... This is a factory 240v unit that was given a ground up restoration last year by a highly experienced vfet enthusiast. All 18 vfet devices are original and unchanged, all resistors, capacitors (including a new design power capacitor board), diodes, relays and other transistors were replaced along with cleaning every switch, pot and contact point. LEDs were installed in the VU meters as well as new thermal paste for the giant 2SK77 Vfet outputs. Critical resistors were installed raised from the supporting board to ensure adequate heat dissipation (a known trouble spot for these amps). Finally 5 new sets of binding posts were installed to replace the original bare wire terminals. The B-1 was Yamahas foray into cost-no-object concept building and remains the most powerful Vfet amp commercially made. Rated at 160 watts per channel but independently tested in the 70s by Bascom King to deliver somewhere near 220. Considering this is a solid state triode amp, thats some mean feat! Comes with the small face plate for "basic" operation as well, meaning only one set of output terminals are active rather than the 5 you get with the UC-1 controller in play. Inbuilt defeatable rumble filter as well which may be a handy feature. Also supplied with a very quiet computer cooling fan which was recommended to keep the driver boards running a little cooler- this baby runs quite warm. I have a strong crate set aside and mountains of packing materials for safe freight if needed. I'll also be heading to Melbourne mid October and am quite happy to deliver/meet up for exchange.
  11. Item- as above Location- Adelaide Hills Price- 1600 Condition- Excellent Reason- Floorboards, plus too many TTs Payment- EFT, Cash, Paypal More- Very clean with an almost flawless plinth. Some minor marks on the dustcover and the trim strip is lifting slightly at one end. Arm is fitted with a Mission 773 MC cartridge which sadly has no cantilever any longer (long story), might be worth professional attention as it suits the arm perfectly. From what I can gather it's around 1979 vintage and not modified at all. Also fitted with a UK plug, I used it with an adaptor but it could be just as easily rewired. I'll be driving over to Melbourne mid October, so for any interested parties there that would be a far better, cheaper and safer freight option.
  12. RB only with these. But they do it REALLY well.
  13. Grab yourself an Ikea "Lack" table.
  14. How did you get your tonearm to change sides like that?
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