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    It's a TV
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  4. Nice. I used to play snooker very regularly and where I played used 3/4 size and full size Harry Evans tables and they were a quality piece of work. GLWTS.
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  9. Item. As above. Location. Epping Vic Price. $50 Item Condition. Needs plenty of work which is beyond my ability. As you can see from the photos this would be a project for someone who has the time,patience and skills to resurrect this nice old Japanese guitar Reason for selling. See above Payment Method Cash on Pick Up. A donation will be made to Stereonet if this sells Extra Info. AFAIK this guitar dates from the early 1960's and was made for a small father son operation in Melbourne who operated under the Wayne Music Co name. Takamine were not that well known then and would often make guitars for other companies. I recently took it down to a well known music shop in the northern suburbs of Melbourne for an opinion. They looked it over and described it as a "Graveyard Guitar" meaning it would cost to much for them to fix it up. About 300 to 400 bucks worth and then it would ONLY be worth 600 to 700 bucks. So this would be for someone who wants to fix it up for themselves rather than flipping. They told me it was made of mahogany laminate on the back and sides and spruce laminate on the front. What I know about guitars would fit on the head of a pin so i took their word for it. If no one wants to take it on I will probably just hang the old thing on the wall, it will look good there (if no one looks too closely) Inspections are welcome if you want to come around and have a look. .
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