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  1. I guess this would be End Game area for someone who has decided to stick to those little spinning silver things like me. Anyway GLWTS.
  2. Saxon Hall

    WTB: ME pre amp - must have remote

    Just don't call him Shirley
  3. Saxon Hall

    the Greens go 'green'

    So no Medicare for Smokers who get cancer? Alcoholics who destroy their liver? Marijuana users who go crazy and psychotic? Anyone who buggers up, just gets told, sorry you are on your own? What about Rehabilitation centres for drug addicts? Get rid of them unless people pay top dollar to get in? I have been in quite good health for my 61 years but I don't mind subsidising people who have not been so fortunate. Even irresponsible people who make bad choices Just my 2 Bitcoins worth
  4. Saxon Hall

    Knife sharpening on a 'steel'?

    Here is a video about sharpening using stones. He talks about making knives razor sharp so I will never use it to that extent because I would probably cut myself to pieces. But for those of you confident enough with really sharp knives it may be of some use
  5. Saxon Hall

    Knife sharpening on a 'steel'?

    This is an interesting video. Seems a safe way of doing it.
  6. Saxon Hall

    Knife sharpening on a 'steel'?

    Sharpening Steels should be called Honing Steels because they don't actually sharpen.. By coincidence I put a set of knives up for sale here yesterday which included a sharpening steel and to call it anything else would cause confusion. BTW some people use leather strops attached to a wooden strip to sharpen their knives. Has anyone used this method?
  7. Saxon Hall

    the Greens go 'green'

    I don't have a strong view either way. But it is not going to happen so the point is moot
  8. Saxon Hall

    FS Native American Flute F#

    Wow, what a beautiful piece of workmanship. I hope you find a buyer for this and it gets well used. GLWTS
  9. Item Mundial Knife Set CW Knife Block Location. Epping. Vic. Price. $65. Item Condition. Good. Reason for Selling. Too many knives. Payment Method. Cash on Pick Up. Bank Transfer. Extra Info. There are 5 knives, a Carving Fork and a Sharpening Steel included in the sale. I can throw in a scissors for the scissor slot but it is not a Mundial brand. The knives are made out of forged High Carbon CrMo steel and the handles are held on by 3 rivets. The handles are in excellent condition and are nice and tight. I really don't like razor sharp knives so these would probably benefit from some sharpening. There are some light scuffs on some of the blades from previous sharpening attempts. These sets sell new for between 200 to 250 so I think my price is good value. A bit awkward to post so pick up only for these. https://www.kitchenwarehouse.com.au/Mundial-Bonza-9pc-Knife-Block-Set Set includes: 10cm Paring Knife 15cm Utility Knife 20cm Cooks Knife 20cm Carving Knife 26cm Bread Knife 18cm Carving Fork 26cm Sharpening Steel ( Generic Brand Scissors if required) Wooden Knife Block
  10. Saxon Hall

    The Shape of Water

    Yes I saw that a few years back on SBS
  11. How did you use it on your set up? With a Universal power board? With a US to AU adapter? Other?
  12. Saxon Hall

    Is it true that we are headed for doomsday?

    The biggest danger to the Earths continuing existence for the foreseeable future is the Human Race. If somehow Humans became extinct the danger would pass.
  13. Saxon Hall

    Is it true that we are headed for doomsday?

    Yes. The Earth will be destroyed by the decaying Sun
  14. Saxon Hall

    FS: Tannoy Precision 6.1

    Nice set up. BTW you can easily edit the original listing to correct the description of the stands GLWTS