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  1. Surprised about Coles in Melbourne and Sydney. I wonder why it would rate so high?
  2. Very nice. Have you tested the depth rating yet ? 😀
  3. One of my all time favourite TV shows (The Honeymooners) was basically about a belligerent large fat man threatening to send his wife "To the Moon" (presumably beat her up). However the wife was by far the stronger and more intelligent personality who always had the last laugh. I guess it is all about historical context.
  4. The Best of Chad Morgan. Highly entertaining and amusing if somewhat un PC
  5. The days of Diesel enginedl Cars would be numbered IMO.
  6. Hopper and Heimlich from A Bug's Life which was a very obvious homage to "Seven Samurai"
  7. You should go to the Classifieds section and read up on the correct procedure for selling items here. You would get more interest and you would keep the Mods happy. GLWTS
  8. No. The 45 day limit is ancient history. The buyer now has a whopping ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DAYS in which to lodge a claim. Great for the buyer, bad news for the seller.
  9. Item: Sir William McMahon Location: Epping Vic Price: $19.72 OBRO add $8.50 if you want Sir Billy delivered but he may melt under pressure. Caveat Emptor Item Condition: As good as could be expected for someone his age Reason for selling: Prefer Gough Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Sir Billy is seen here at his pugnacious best wearing boxing gloves the size of which are commensurate with the size of his ears. He is seen uncharacteristically leaning to the left in the first couple of photos. He seems to be in a pensive rather forlorn mood as if he is foreseeing the outcome of the 1972 election. Pose 3 shows him turning his back on his multitude of critics however it surely invites the same treatment as that received by Julius Caesar. Pose 4 sees him staring bleakly into the distance.No 5 sees him seemingly showing his 2 faces. No 6 shows him knocked out after the 1972 Election. No 7 shows off his 2 most prominent physical features. Sir Billy stands an impressive 15 Cms tall not including his wick The Hidden Easter egg is shown in the background in a couple of the photos. It is where he ended up when he lost the election BTW. Sir Billy is a rather old candle. I have 3 more along the same lines featuring R.J.Hawke as a Hawk, Sir John Grey Gorton either imitating a Garden Gnome or Santa and finally that great Victorian Statesman Sir Henry Bolte doing an imitation of the 3 Wise Monkeys. If there is any interest in Sir Billy I will list those also. Pictures:
  10. Item: Michael Jackson Collectable Action Figure By Crazy Toys. Billie Jean Outfit Location: Epping Price: $25 (Add $8.50 Delivery anywhere in Australia if required} Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Thinning the herd Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: This is a figurine of Michael wearing his famous outfit from the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever concert from 1983. That night he performed Billie Jean and did his Moonwalk in public for the very first time. The figurine is in excellent condition and comes complete with removable Fedora Hat and Interchangeable hands , 3 without gloves and one wearing his famous silver glove. It was issued by Crazy Toys and it is extremely hard to find this smaller version of the more common larger version. Everything that is for sale is shown in the photos. Pictures:
  11. A very good looking watch. Thermocompensated quartz watches are not that common ATM. Have you done an accuracy check on yours recently? GLWTS.
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