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  1. Very Nice. Refreshing to see a Breitling with such a clear easy to read dial. GLWTS.
  2. Its a really great site. Its free to use Its very expensive to run. If you sell something you can make a small donation if you would like too. To make use of the classifieds you are just asked to post in the the discussion threads beforehand. It all sounds quite reasonable to me because EBay does not ask if you would like to make a small donation, they just charge an 11 % commission.
  3. Purely for clarification , are they fitted with Isotek AU plugs. I think so from the photos but its a bit hard to see.
  4. Noice. I have another version with the upside down tray and its very well made GLWTS.
  5. Is anyone still making them ? If not, you can expect the price to go up.
  6. The uppers are in Very Good Condition with just some minor wear to the Leather Soles. These Australian Made Boots for Kids feature 1 Piece Leather Uppers and Leather Soles The Insoles features a Poron Insert making them easy on your feet . They feature Elastic Sides and a Stitched Welted construction to the soles meaning that replacing the soles is easily done if required.This feature is only found on higher quality footwear. They are in very rare Childrens sizing so if you are after a quality AUSTRALIAN MADE boot in this size it would be worth considering as the Ian Harold factory has now been moved to Vietnam and all their new products are made there. Please Note. Ian Harold the Bootman products are the equal of R.M. Williams products. You can look up the reviews. As I mentioned above they are now made in Vietnam but they are still sold at a very high price. I can send them within Australia for $12.50 Pick Up IS NOT available until further notice
  7. Nice Poster but The Astor did not close. I have been there many times in the last 15 years. GLWTS
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