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  1. I never liked the Police Academy movies anyway
  2. Very nice. Could do with a few more knobs, sliders and buttons😀
  3. Not a problem. They can go sell Monster Cables somewhere
  4. No offence taken. I just needed an excuse to post up something about Ren and Stimpy 😀
  5. No Bose hate here. Just a bit of fun. Their Noise Cancelling headphones are hard to top.
  6. Welcome. You will learn lots here from some very knowledgeable people
  7. Surprised about Coles in Melbourne and Sydney. I wonder why it would rate so high?
  8. Very nice. Have you tested the depth rating yet ? 😀
  9. One of my all time favourite TV shows (The Honeymooners) was basically about a belligerent large fat man threatening to send his wife "To the Moon" (presumably beat her up). However the wife was by far the stronger and more intelligent personality who always had the last laugh. I guess it is all about historical context.
  10. The Best of Chad Morgan. Highly entertaining and amusing if somewhat un PC
  11. The days of Diesel enginedl Cars would be numbered IMO.
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