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  1. Vintage Ladies watches are much harder to sell than Men's. With all due respect I would have a crack at taking some better photos. Anyway , GLWTS
  2. My 63 year old ears actually prefer those little shiny round things now.The big old black round things mainly sit in their covers but I could never bear to part with them. My partner and I like to press buttons and see trays slide in and out and put things onto them. In my vintage Pioneer shiny little disc player you actually put the disc in upside down and that stumps most people. And I still have a Cassette Player. Anyway I digress , go ahead and enjoy your records and I might even dust off a few of mine. I have an LP of DSOTM in Quadraphonic and no Quadraphonic Player, Yikes
  3. I actually expected this response so here is my response. In a Good Old Fashioned Bricks and Mortar store I can look at the record, check its condition and see if it is warped , scratched etc. If it is I can request to see another one or just walk away. A lot less hassle than going through the rigmarole of charge-backs , refunds , returns. Most of my record buying days were in the 1970s and 1980s and this what I did and expected. Obviously we live in a different day and age where Online purchasing is the norm. I do a lot of online purchasing but I don't for records. Anyway that is just my
  4. The issues highlighted above is the reason I only buy records in a good old fashioned Bricks and Mortar store. Obviously the range is more limited than online but I hear too many horror stories about buying records online. Is there a common consumer item which is more likely to be damaged in transit than a thin piece of 12 Inch Diameter Hard Vinyl ?
  5. It is too hard to predict with any certainty. But here goes. In Victoria we have endured more than 100 days of lockdown and Premier Andrews is slowly drip feeding a relaxation of restrictions. I fear that the general populace will be so eager to get out and about that precautions will be thrown to the wind. Coupled with warmer weather this will inevitably lead to a spike in Positive Cases. It has happened in the UK , Italy and Spain and lockdowns have had to be re-introduced. I don't see Australia being any different. In regards to International Travel , some senior Federal Govt memb
  6. Try looking for Speaker Jumper Cables or Bars. https://www.jdaudioonline.com.au/product-category/loudspeaker-cable/speaker-jumper-cables/
  7. Multi talented too. Used to be on the old Mission Impossible TV Series.
  8. Very nice gear and an even better listing. This is my favourite bit "I was using it for my TV system but it is just such overkill. "
  9. I like Crystal Glasses and fortunately they are readily available at Op Shops for next to nothing. The 2 shown here are sherry and port glasses. The one on the left is Edinburgh Crystal and the one on the right is Stuart England. I actually drink Cab Sav and Shiraz from them because they are small. Too much Red Wine gives me headaches so I can still have 2 glasses worth. Yay!
  10. Yes I found a stash of them and sold them all here. I'm glad that they went to good homes. Long Live Gough. (Metaphorically speaking of course)
  11. Joke? It was a genuine question. I simply asked whether they were Men's or Women's. The OP has now answered my question.
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