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  1. What a well written article. I never knew Josef but now I feel like I do.
  2. This is a tricky subject. on one hand it is good PR for the store to"take a hit" and accept a return., On the other hand this leaves the store vulnerable with the type of person who buys multiple items purely to give the items a "Test Run" at home. Then they return the ones which do not suit their requirements.
  3. I am guessing that the Yamaha's have a higher W.A.F. ?
  4. Very nice. I would be keen but unfortunately it is outside my 5 KM lockdown radius. Maybe when then lock-down ends ?
  5. A lot of interesting reading in this thread. Unfortunately quite a bit of it is not only misleading it could also be dangerous if "Taken as Gospel" by an overly Enthusiastic Amateur.
  6. A couple of terrific songs from Toots and the Maytals on one of my favourite Movie Soundtrack albums. "Pressure Drop" and "Sweet and Dandy"
  7. Its great to see a Quality Power Cord with a REAL Australian plug
  8. The $1000 threshold was abolished by the Federal Government after intense lobbying by Local Retailers. Since then I have not bought anything from overseas so I have no idea how , when or even if they collect the GST.
  9. I would have preferred it went to a state where the premier football competition is Australian Rules. It seems that the AFL has rewarded Queensland for being more accommodating to the AFL's needs.
  10. That is an absolute beauty. It could do with a few more knobs , buttons and toggle switches . 😀 GLWTS
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