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  1. That sucks. I have two Harmony remotes. They will keep on working of course, but it will be damn annoying if I'm not able to add or change the devices they control any more.
  2. Steeleye Span - False Knight on the Road
  3. Fleetwood Mac - Man Of The World
  4. Deep Purple - Chasing Shadows
  5. Jeff Beck - Rock My Plimsoul (2005 Remaster). With vocals by Rod Stewart (before he became boring).
  6. Tom Petty - Wildflowers (Home Recording)
  7. Indeed she is, I put an order in for a few more of her recordings this morning. And thanks for the heads up about Spell Songs II, will keep an eye out for that.
  8. Deep Purple - Black Night (Roger Glover Remix)
  9. Took a drive to Semaphore this afternoon and popped into Mr V for a browse. Picked up a CD by British folk singer Jackie Oates called Hyperboreans (2009). Have to admit I'm not familiar with her, but after having a quick look at the liner notes figured it was worth taking a chance. Have just had a listen, and I am definitely not disappointed, its a pretty good album. Jackie Oates has quite a good voice, and also plays a number of instruments including viola, violin, shruti and cello. There are quite a few supporting musicians (none of whom I am familiar with), including The Stringb
  10. You can probably get these at Bunnings.
  11. I like the comment that somebody posted with this. "Sorta like bending over and looking in the mirror. Only worse." Yeah, right!
  12. Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes (New Blood)
  13. I personally don't find that NAD look to be ugly, utilitarian perhaps, but I don't own any NAD gear. Bet they made good tractors in Minsk though (not NAD that is).
  14. I certainly agree about Musical Fidelity remotes. They make good products (I have 3 of their amps), but their remotes have a cheap plasticy feel to them, certainly not up to the standard one would expect.
  15. I think this brand has already been mentioned (Linkwitz?). This just looks like somebody left the lid up. Would have to be very careful with placement, not too close to the bathroom.
  16. Couldn't really call this hi-fi, but it does have twin giga-tubes! Probably a transformer robot in ghetto blaster mode. There are cars that look like this (must be a button somewhere.)
  17. So its only a CD player? I thought it was their take on a mini-system.
  18. Golden Earring - Radar Love Snap! We must have posted at the same time (might as well leave it there).
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