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  1. Interesting that you mention the occasional freeze. My 103 does that too from time to time. The machine isn't completely frozen though, the front display lights up to tell me it receives the signal from the remote, but the only command it acts on is the power reset! Mostly seems to happen when I'm searching on a USB attached hard drive, so maybe some communications problem there. Not a big deal though.
  2. I've never thought of metal as scary at all, more a kind of theatre really.
  3. emesbee

    Currently Spinning

    I've recently managed to pick up a number of 2nd hand CDs by various female singers who I've not known about before. So far I've only had a very quick listen to them before I bought them to see if I liked them. One of them is this album by a Danish singer named Sinne Eeg, called 'The Beauty Of Sadness'. I've only had a quick listen so far, but I like the clarity of her voice, and I particularly like her version of U2's 'With Or Without You'. U2 are a band that I really don't care for much, and the original version of the song does nothing for me, but I find Sinne Eeg's cover quite refreshing. Puts the song in a whole different light for me.
  4. Hmm, pity they don't sell any!
  5. Yes, just saw this on the ABC. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-31/amazon-to-block-us-site-in-australia/9820224 the company said from July 1 it would redirect Australian shoppers from its international sites to amazon.com.au where products sold by Amazon US will be available on the new global store But wait on, does this mean that we will be redirected from all Amazon overseas sites, and only US items will be made available locally? What about amazon.co.uk? Most items that I've bought from amazon have been from the UK site, often because the price is typically better than on the US site, but also because the UK site sells region B blu-rays! Time to look elsewhere I reckon.
  6. emesbee

    Dangers of cycling

    No I didn't, unfortunately. Its almost a regular occurrence at this particular intersection though. Its the last set of traffic lights before the buses take a right turn into a large parking zone (not really a depot) at the end of their run. Some of them seem to be so focused on finishing their run that either they try to run the amber light, and end up running the red instead, or perhaps they are just being inattentive. Very dangerous, especially during rush hour. I've got into the habit of never trusting all the traffic to stop when the light turns red these days. Working in the Adelaide CBD, I see all manner of vehicles running red lights. Cars, buses, trucks, trams, and yes even the occasional cyclist.
  7. emesbee

    Dangers of cycling

    Yes, its tiresome to see any road users completely ignoring red traffic signals, especially the bus that ran a red light as I was crossing the road on the green walk signal this evening!
  8. emesbee

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    A classic album from 1968.
  9. emesbee

    Phil Emmanuel - RIP.

    I only just heard about this. An asthma attack at 65. Sad news. RIP Phil
  10. Had quite a good meal at an Indian restaurant last night with a friend who was desperately trying to escape his partner's Royal Wedding party. The restaurant was playing a Bollywood movie on their TV When I got home the TV wedding coverage was in full swing, on far too many channels. I played some music instead.
  11. Glad I missed it (deliberately).
  12. emesbee

    Upmix stereo to multi-channel?

    I played around with Dolby Pro-Logic II on my AVR when I first bought it, quite a few years ago. It was a bit of fun for a while, but the results were not very satisfying. There were some odd effects where sounds would sometimes move from the front to the rear channels and back again. If the music is mixed in 2 channel, then that is the way it sounds best. About the only stereo recording that seemed to work ok through Pro-Logic II was Mike Oldfield's "The Songs Of Distant Earth" for some reason. I did enjoy listening to it in multi-channel, but I still prefer the stereo version.
  13. emesbee

    'New Content' not working

    But yes, it does seem to be working ok now. I've tried clicking on 'unread content' 365 days several times now and it returns within a couple of seconds. I guess the discussion about streams is a bit of an aside, but at least I'm getting a better understanding of how it works.
  14. emesbee

    'New Content' not working

    Wait. Have you checked if it's working now? Well, its working the way I described it, as long as I click on the custom stream name I selected on the LHS. The RHS always reverts back to 365 days. If that is how its meant to work, then no problem. Just a matter of understanding the behaviour.
  15. emesbee

    'New Content' not working

    I've been trying to get my head around how this thing behaves, because I'm seeing exactly the same behaviour Kaynin describes. Whatever you set as your default, the Unread Content at the top or bottom right always reverts back to 365 days. What I think you need to do is create a new custom stream using the Activity button at the top left, and make sure you give it a different name. If you select that as the default it appears on the left side, which is what Marc shows in his post. Just make sure you always select the stream name on the left. Perhaps the confusion is that the same name 'unread content' may be appearing on both the top left and right, but they may not be the same stream, but two different streams with the same name. At least, that is how it appears to me.