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  1. I saw the title of this thread and thought it was a statement about vinyl!
  2. Youn Sun Nah - Enter Sandman. Be prepared for some vocal gymnastics about half way through.
  3. King Biscuit Boy. Its been a long time since I heard any of his stuff. Hey, he was pretty good, and his band was too. Not his birthday though.
  4. I probably should cull some of my collection, but I would still have a storage problem. If I did have any Prince or Madonna CDs they would be the first to go, maybe donate to April Snow. I'm not sure what most people would think of my music collection though (they would have to like Irish and Scottish music a lot).
  5. As far as CD cases go, I don't mind the Digi Pack type too much, although they are a bit of pain if they break. The ones I don't like are the cardboard slip covers, especially the ones where you have to slide the disc out from the centre of the pack. They can be almost impossible to get out without bending and damaging the cheap and nasty cardboard covers.
  6. My collection of silver discs is now in excess of 3000, edging closer to the 4000 mark, and storage has become something of a problem (I guess that is what happens after 35 years!). That number also includes DVDs and Blu-Rays by the way. The storage of those is not too much of a problem. All the music related DVDs and Blu-Rays are stored in a pine bookcase which I bought and stained myself some years ago, stored in alphabetical order of artist and in chronological order within that. The non-music discs are stored in a couple of flat pack self-assemble storage racks I bought from so
  7. I think the splitting of the threads has quite a bit of value, as long as it doesn't go too far. Its not too bad as it is at the moment, but would get a bit silly if the musical genres get sliced and diced too much.
  8. My view is certainly different to that. The music is, and always will be, the most important thing to me. It doesn't matter how good a recording sounds if you don't like the music.
  9. Maybe, will think about that. I'm the other way around, in that I play mostly CDs, some downloads and LPs only rarely. I generally only tend to post when there is something about the music that I really like, and which I feel some others may find interesting, so we are probably similar in that regard. Likewise, I am fairly selective about what I post. My posts do take some time to put together (they seem to grow more than I expect when I start out), so I only post about a fraction of what I play.
  10. Some time after I posted that clip of 'Needed Time' by Eric Bibb, I couldn't help feeling the song was familiar, and knew I must have heard it before but just couldn't quite place it. The credits say it is traditional, arranged by E. Bibb and S. Cissokho, so that is entirely possible. Well, it just came to me, this is it. Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch, Fats Kaplin - I Can't Wait, from the album Lost John Dean (2006). Different lyrics, but same tune. Credited to Kieran Kane, Sean Locke and Claudia Scott on this album. Another excellent album by the way, well
  11. Snap! I think we both posted at the same time.
  12. Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now (Live, 1970)
  13. I was in the Adelaide CBD yesterday, down the east end of Rundle St, so took the opportunity to pop in to Streetlight Music for a browse. Tucked away down Vaughan Place, they sell books, CDs, DVDs and vinyl. A good place for a browse, although I don't get to do that very often. Ended up buying a couple of titles, including this one. Eric Bibb - Global Griot (2018) Played this last night, and have to say I am very impressed. There are 24 tracks, spread across 2 CDs, labelled as ACT ONE and ACT TWO on the cover. Its a collaboration with a fairly diverse group of musicia
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