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  1. emesbee

    Eurovision 2019 - Kate Miller-Heidke

    I haven't watched Eurovision since Finnish band Lordi won it in 2006. That was fun.
  2. Most of my gear is black or dark grey, so generally prefer to match with similar, if possible. Its only a small preference though, I'm quite happy to mix with silver or whatever, if that is what is available. Quite happy to have a mixture of brands in my system, and do. Appearance is secondary to performance in my opinion.
  3. emesbee

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    Sort of 'currently spinning', if you include playing of YouTube clips. I just discovered that Rodrigo y Gabriela are releasing a new album called Mettavolution on 26th April 2019 (US presumably). Contains 6 new tracks, plus a full length cover of Pink Floyd's 'Echoes', which is also up on YouTube. I just skipped through and played a few quick samples of it. Sounds quite good to me, but I need to have a proper listen. http://www.rodgab.com/mettavolution/
  4. emesbee

    Currently Purchasing

    The Gloaming are releasing a new album on February 22, 'The Gloaming 3'. Available as digital download, CD or double vinyl (2 tracks available now). http://www.thegloaming.net/ https://thegloaming.bandcamp.com/album/the-gloaming-3-2 I've just pre-ordered the CD version from bandcamp. Love the cover art.
  5. emesbee

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    Same here, generally. So far I have only purchased 2 download albums because they were not available on CD. (But will not purchase mp3 on principle.) Some CD purchases I've made also include the album as a download, usually in a choice of formats (I have downloaded WAV and FLAC.) And since this is a world music thread, those two downloads are. SOLAS - All These Years (I believe there was a limited CD release, but I could only find it as a download) Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh with Pádraig Rynne (as Aeons) - FIS (a somewhat experimental album featuring possibly my favourite Irish female singer). Might say a bit more about this one later.
  6. I don't see this as any sort of exercise in futility at all. I don't think the purpose of the thread was to pick a single 'winner'. By all means give examples of solos that have been influential, but at the very least this thread might might make some people aware of recordings they didn't know about, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  7. emesbee

    The wonderful NBN.

    I have no trust in the connection dates stated on the NBN website, it has already been pushed back in my area. Wouldn't be surprised if it gets pushed back again as the 2020 'date' (actually 6 month period) gets closer.
  8. I've always loved Jan Akkerman's guitar playing in this. There is excellent guitar work throughout, particularly around the 2-3 minutes mark in this clip, and he really hits his stride around the 8 minute mark. Best to play the whole thing though.
  9. emesbee

    The wonderful NBN.

    Yes, its quite possible that there are valid reasons for the delay. It seems to me though that there is often a huge gap between what has been promised and what is being delivered, with inadequate explanations to people as to why that is. Expectations start to turn to cynicism when no explanations are offered at all. My street has coax cable running down it, and the NBN website initially showed my address as being scheduled for HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coax) in 2019. That plan was presumably changed due to technical reasons (possibly because they wouldn't be able to guarantee that those already on coax would continue to get the level of service they are used to). Meanwhile, some friends of mine who live just a few streets away were fortunate enough to get fibre to the home early on, before politics intervened. So, I while am cautiously hopeful that things will turn out well, I have tempered my expectations considerably. They have already delayed the delivery date and changed the delivery method, and I still have not received ANY direct correspondence about what they are planning to do and when they will do it, other than what I can see on their website.
  10. emesbee

    The wonderful NBN.

    Still waiting for any sign of the NBN where I am. NBN website says Jan-Jun 2020 and FTTC. No correspondence or notification of any kind received yet. Speed check this morning says 3.52Mbps. Woohoo, that's the fastest its been for a while!
  11. emesbee

    I think I’m becoming a hoarder.

    Too selective a collection to be a hoarder. More an avid collector.
  12. I also came across The Hu when I was browsing on youtube recently. Kind of fun, although my tastes tend rather more towards the traditional. Chinese/Inner Mongolian band Hanggai seem to be trending in a similar direction to some degree, although I don't think I could describe them as heavy metal. I saw them at Womadelaide a while back, and they were a lot of fun. I just found this clip on youtube. Seems to be a sort of Chinese/Mongolian version of 'The Voice'. Starts out fairly acoustic, then gets a bit heavier later on.
  13. emesbee

    What to do with old CDs?

    Who cares? I didn't know we were debating.
  14. emesbee

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    Haven't had a recent close call, thank goodness. One of the most stupid things I saw a few years ago was when I was driving back to Adelaide from a visit to Kapunda. I was driving along a fairly open section of road, in a bit of a dip with a hill a short distance behind me and another one not too far ahead, but very little traffic around. I happened to glance in the rear view mirror just in time to see a car come over the hill behind me at great speed on the wrong side of the road. There were no vehicles heading past me in the other direction at that time on that fairly short stretch of road, and that car flew straight past me and drove over the next hill, at great speed. All of this on the wrong side of the road, he was not overtaking and made no apparent attempt to slow down. There is no way he could have known if there were any other vehicles heading towards him as he crested those hills. I fully expected to come across the scene of a massive head-on a bit further down the road, but fortunately didn't. Where do they breed idiots like that!
  15. I only came across this thread in the last couple of days, but being the owner of an OPPO 103, and a (fairly small) number of SACDs, was curious to give it a try. The word document referenced in the link in post 1 describes the setup process very well, and is very easy to follow. I followed the steps, and it worked first time. ie: disabled autoplay on the OPPO (not essential, but recommended) . setup a USB stick with the AutoScript files as described, plugged it into the OPPO, and the tray opened right on cue . downloaded ISO2DSD to the root directory of an external USB drive on my PC (I chose to do this rather than use the C drive) . took note of the OPPO's IP address . popped an SACD into the OPPO and closed the tray . ran iso2dsd_gui.exe on the external drive, set it to server input, entered the IP address, set dual mode and Sony DSF format, pressed execute, and voila! Ran perfectly, status information appears in the bottom pane, and the process is remarkably quick. Much quicker than ripping ordinary CDs on my PC's DVD-ROM drive using EAC. After completing my first rip, I disconnected the hard drive from my PC and plugged it into the OPPO to see what it would do if I tried playing the ripped files through it. I found that it converts them to PCM format at 88.2 khz on playback (according to the display on my CA Dacmagic). (Playing the original SACD disc in the OPPO uses its internal DAC, and only outputs analog, ie: nothing through its coax or optical outputs). I've also noticed something a bit similar with some 96khz audio recordings on a couple of DVDs I have. When I play the discs through the OPPO, in that case it does send output through the spdif ports, but down converts it to 48khz. When I ripped those audio tracks to a hard drive, then connected the drive to the OPPO and played them, it outputs the full 96khz without any down conversion. Anyway, just playing around, but I'm quite pleased with how well this process works.