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  1. I used to find that CDs were nearly always cheaper from Amazon's UK site than the US site. Postage from Amazon's sites (especially US) has always seemed a bit mysterious to me, and often appears to be heavily inflated (even before they slammed the gate on Australian customers). Its not only price though, availability is a big issue with the Australian site. The range of available titles is just not good enough. I will still browse the Amazon Aus site, and haven't completely ruled out buying from them, but I am casting the net a lot wider now. There are other options out there.
  2. Actually, I'm quite happy with my OPPO 103. I certainly do have a rat's nest of cables though, and could probably look at upgrading my AVR, but to be honest that's not really a priority at the moment. Too many other things going on at the moment.
  3. Just means I would have to replace my pre-hdmi Marantz AVR if I bought one of these!
  4. I see there are no 5.1/7.1 analog audio outputs, so no on board surround decoding.
  5. emesbee

    Vinyl romance?

    I don't think the article says anything that we didn't already know. Full of spelling errors too.
  6. I see that Gryphon have lost none of their sense of humour. Check out the biographies on their website! http://www.thegryphonpages.com/personnel.html That's one thing I always liked about the band. Great musicians, great music, but never took themselves too seriously.
  7. Great news indeed! Have just ordered a copy of 'Reinvention' (from Burning Shed) and also 'Raindances' (from Amazon, shows as 'out of stock' on Burning Shed). They are also planning a DVD release (would prefer blu-ray, but about time, I say). http://www.thegryphonpages.com/ And don't forget these two albums either (BBC live recordings). Must haves for any Gryphon fan. One can never have too much Gryphon. (One could also say there has not been nearly enough Gryphon.) Must be time for a change of avatar too.
  8. emesbee

    Peter Dutton is going, going,...

    I think this more or less sums up the public mood. https://www.news.com.au/national/politics/opinion-this-latest-nonsense-in-canberra-is-exactly-why-australians-hate-politics/news-story/f380bf30cffc50152a01d58b6945ed85 Politicians live in an alternative universe of their own making.
  9. emesbee

    The evil man who saved a life.

    Evil man? I don't like Tony Abbott as a politician, and disagree with most of his views, but I've never thought of him as evil outside of politics. There is no way of knowing if the story mentioned is true, but it is well known that he is a volunteer firefighter and surf lifesaver, so good on him for doing that.
  10. Basic touchscreen functions? Sounds like none of those functions are actually involved in driving the car, so you could always pull over to use it.. I do think that touchscreens can be problematic though. It does seem rather curious to me that using the touchscreen on a mobile phone while driving is such a no-no, while using the dashboard touchscreen while driving is not. Surely they both exhibit the same sort of problems when it comes to distraction.
  11. emesbee

    The Song Game Mk III

    Youn Sun Nah - Down By Love
  12. emesbee

    Slow NBN

    NBN is depressing? Right at the moment I'm getting 2.7mpbs over ADSL2 (and that is slightly better than what I normally get). Friends of mine just 2 or 3 kms away on a different exchange to me are getting good speeds with NBN fibre to the home, and yet there will be no NBN where I am until 2020. Go figure! That is depressing.