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  1. I've bought a number of CDs through bandcamp, and a few downloads. A number of the CD purchases also include the album as a download, in a choice of formats. I have downloaded albums in WAV and FLAC formats from Bandcamp, and never had any problems. (I refuse to buy mp3, for the same reasons mentioned by aechmea.)
  2. Those scooters are the most annoying things. People leave them in the most inconvenient places (such as my bus stop), and the things shout at you and make annoying dalek-like noises if you try to move them. I don't care, I'll move the damn things if they are in my way, and they can squawk as much as they like!
  3. I also have a pair of the same model DC-7s that I bought as a kit around the same time. I still have the instructions, have attached a scan of the spec sheet.
  4. Now that would have been something to see!
  5. Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia - Friday Night in San Fancisco I was a bit undecided whether to post this in the Jazz or World Music currently spinning threads, as I think it fits quite comfortably in either. But since I am viewing the World Music thread at the moment, it might as well go here. This is a classic album that many here will be familiar with. Recorded live in 1980, and released in 1981, this is a 1997 20 bit remastered CD release. It has been quite a long time since I last played this, and I'd almost forgotten how good this album is. Three superb musicians who gel together brilliantly in a wonderful performance, in front of a very enthusiast and appreciative audience. The interplay between the musicians is just superb, and there are some wonderful moments of good humour. The feedback from the audience just adds to the atmosphere, and I'm sure the musicians were feeding off that and giving back their best. Sound quality is very good too, the remaster appears to have been done very well. I do wonder though if there is a bit more where this came from that we haven't heard yet. Adding up the timings for the tracks (omitting the last track, which was a 1981 studio recording in New York), I get an approximate total of around 37 minutes. That seems a bit short for a concert of this calibre, and makes me wonder what additional gems may be sitting on the original tapes and have never been released. I guess the playing time of the original album was probably dictated by what can comfortably sit on two sides of an LP, but it would be great to see a new full length release of this recording (but only if my assumptions are correct, of course).
  6. I picked up my copy in a CD sale somewhere. Think I paid $5, but could be less.
  7. Yes, I noticed that. He released an album of church organ music in 2018 on ECM. Was checking out some clips on YouTube, interesting.
  8. Aidan O'Rourke with Kit Downes 365: Volume 2 The latest release in Aidan O'Rourke's 365 series (I missed volume 1 unfortunately). Its a double CD, containing a total of 25 tunes. Quite nicely packaged in a glossy fold out cover in 'triptych' fashion. The middle panel holds a 24 page booklet, with the CDs located in the side panels. The CDs, incidentally, are actually produced as CD-Rs (not the first time I've encountered this). The booklet contains the stories by James Robertson that were the inspiration for each of the tunes on this recording. At first I thought the tune titles seemed a bit odd, until I realised that they are formed from the opening lines of each story. There are some notes on the inside cover written by Aidan O'Rourke explaining how this recording came about. Scottish author James Robertson wrote a story every day for a year, each one being exactly 365 words long. Aidan O'Rourke then decided to try the same idea with musical composition, so he wrote a tune every day for a year. Kit Downes plays piano and harmonium, which works very well with Aidan O'Rourke's fiddle playing. There is a very good interaction between the two musicians throughout. Some tracks have Kit Downes taking the lead with Aidan's fiddle playing in support, and vice versa. Nicely played and recorded, with sufficient variety in the tunes and arrangements to keep one's interest. The whole thing has a rather nice baroque feel to it with some jazz influences, but is also very much in the Scottish tradition. Incidentally, one review I read mentioned that all the recordings will be released as a 30 disc box set some time in 2020, although I haven't seen that mentioned on Aidan O'Rourke's website. I might also check out some of Kit Downes' recordings, as he is new to me. Some clips.
  9. ADSL 2 here, 2.7mbs with frequent dropouts. NBN FTTC due Apr-Jun 2020, allegedly! Adelaide NE suburbs. Friends of mine barely 2-3 kms away got FTTP a long time ago, different exchange though. There have been some rumoured sightings of portable barriers sporting NBN logos in my local area in recent times. A very elusive species though, appears very infrequently in random locations and in very small numbers, then disappears again almost as soon as it is spotted. There are very long intervals between sightings, and none have yet been spotted in my street. One can only hope that sightings become more frequent over the next few months.
  10. Ziggy Marley has now been added to the program, I'm quite keen to see him. There are a number of acts that I'm interested in seeing, but as always it is a bit of a mixed bag. Its impossible for everyone to enjoy absolutely everything (eg: I will give a miss to anything DJ or hip-hop), but there is enough to keep me going for yet another year. (To be honest, I think living in Adelaide makes the decision quite easy, with no travel or accommodation costs to worry about.)
  11. Aidan O'Rourke - Sirius Having just placed an order for Aidan O'Rourke's 365: Volume 2, I thought it was time to give this one another listen while I'm waiting. This was one of quite a few CDs I bought from Compass Records when they had one of their semi-regular sales (and when the Australian dollar was a bit more favourable against the US dollar!). This is a 2008 recording, with all original compositions by Aidan O'Rourke. There are quite a lot of musicians on this album, with no less than 4 fiddlers (one being Aidan O'Rourke). There are also a couple of saxophonists, a trumpet player, melodeon player, guitarist, piano player and drummer. Ewen Vernal plays double bass, and Brian Finnegan (of Flook) plays flutes and whistles. Not everyone plays on all the tracks. I was a bit undecided about this album when I first played it, so it sat on the shelf for a quite long while. After playing it again this evening, I have to say that I am now decided - I like it, very much. Some of the saxophone and trumpet parts seem a bit unexpected at first, but it all works together quite well, and Aidan O'Rourke's fiddle playing is excellent. Here are a couple of tracks from the album. Some definite jazz influences in places, mostly in the second track (which contains a number of short solo parts by several of the musicians). PS: I notice that Aidan O'Rourke teamed up with Brian Finnegan again in 2012 (I think) in a band called Kan and produced an album called Sleeper. I've listened to a few samples, and it sounds quite good to me. A bit Flook like, which is not a bad thing. Doesn't seem to be readily available at sensible prices though (damn, why does that always happen!)
  12. Just looking at the availability of electric vehicle charging stations here in Adelaide for the moment. I know there are a few in the CBD (definitely near the Central Bus Station), and maybe the odd one here and there in the inner suburbs. I've not spotted any in my general area yet (north eastern suburbs). I also read that Westfield are introducing EV charging stations in some of their shopping centre car parks, but that only appears to be in the eastern states so far. I have no doubt that electric vehicles are the way of the future, and will eventually become commonplace. Adequate supporting infrastructure is not really there at the moment though, certainly not for high volumes of vehicles. There only appears to be enough for a very small number of vehicles at any one time. I also have no doubt this will improve over time, and will also create new problems which will need to be overcome (everything new results in new problems to be solved). It will also be interesting to see how the shift to EV will affect other types of vehicles, eg: motorbikes, buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles such as mobile cranes, earth moving equipment etc. Also tractors, harvesters.... the list goes on. I won't speculate on how long it might take to get there (my crystal ball needs recharging ). Not buying into any arguments either (differences of opinion are welcome though, of course). Just musing really.
  13. Placed an order for this last night. 365: volume 2 A double CD from Scottish fiddler Aidan O'Rourke. In 2014 he set out to write 365 fiddle tunes, one for each day of the year, which have now all been recorded. Unfortunately I only recently became aware of this, so missed out on volume 1. It was a limited release of 1000 copies. I might be tempted to sign up for the free daily story and tune offer for 2020. Described here. http://www.aidanorourke.net/About/ABOUT-HOTLINE
  14. I just check my image usage. 'You have used 30.57 MB of your 488.28 MB attachment limit.' Seems I haven't posted as many images as I thought I had, or else the ones I have posted are quite small.
  15. Lists of 'best' albums? Who decides what is 'best', and by what criteria? None of this takes musical tastes into account, nor can it. As far as I am concerned, lists of 'best' albums are irrelevant and unimportant. They are probably just attempts to drum up sales.
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