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  1. I must admit to being a bit of a novice when it comes to subwoofers. I was definitely interested to see if adding a subwoofer to the i91s would make a difference, but it was also a bit of an excuse to play with a subwoofer and take advantage of a sale that VAF had on at the time. The results were inconclusive, but that may be due more to my inexperience with setting up a subwoofer. I was already happy with the sound of the i91s, and whatever I did didn't seem to make much difference. That may well be because I didn't calibrate things properly, and also perhaps I wasn't testing with recordings with enough low bass. Bear in mind also that with home theatre you have a dedicated low frequency effects channel which has been mixed to give that wow factor to movie soundtracks (presumably), whereas with stereo you are trying to reproduce low frequency bass that is below the capabilities of your main speakers (as long as it exists in the recording of course). Sorry I can't be of more help. It may well be that a properly calibrated subwoofer will indeed complement a pair of i91s on recordings with very low bass. Perhaps there are some other members on SNA who have successfully integrated a subwoofer with a pair of i91s who can provide some advice (I suspect there might be).
  2. The kid in the video had the right idea when he found the off switch!
  3. I wonder what speakers he had? Pity they are not in the picture.
  4. As I've got older, my musical tastes have certainly expanded to include many types of music I might not have considered in my youth. To be honest though, that has been an ongoing trend for quite a number of years. It seems that the more music I discover, the more I realise there is so much more still to be discovered. I am a lot more open to Country music these days than I used to be, as I realise there are a lot of influences from other styles. Quite a few years ago I started listening to Irish and Scottish music, and something about that sort of music just seemed to connect with me. It then became apparent that this sort of music was a great influence on American Country music, through the various styles of Bluegrass music. It is that sort of connection that I find interesting. If there is one general trend that I have noticed in my musical tastes over the years, its a growing leaning towards various styles of acoustic music. However, there are some genres of music that just don't do it for me. Rap or Hip-hop tops the list in that regard, just can't abide it. Also a lot of electronic music just doesn't work for me.
  5. I could never understand the Ford vs Holden thing, just seemed pointless and boring to me. I much prefer to see greater variety in the competition.
  6. I will admit to Tom Jones, but only his last few recordings (so probably not a real admission).
  7. Really? Did they do an album together maybe? Tijuana Brass wearing flowerpot hats?
  8. I have only one thing to say in response to that link. to the self-styled fashion police! As far as Steve Guttenberg's video is concerned, I pretty well agree, its really just common sense. But have a look at the state of the room he is speaking in though, makes me wonder a bit if he adheres to his own rules. (Actually, looks a bit like my place!)
  9. I've never eaten carpet, don't reckon it would be very palatable (yes, I do know it was a TV program). Have never imbibed the magic fungus either.
  10. A YouTube clip from Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh & Billy Mag Fhloinn. I just discovered she has a new album due for release on 11th March, Thar Toinn/Seaborne. I don't know if this track is on the album, but suspect not as it was released last year.
  11. I just updated my previous post with a brief summary, but the following link from imdb says more about it.. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073812/plotsummary
  12. A bit hard to pic just one favourite, but this would have to be an obvious contender. Well, I think everyone knows the story behind this album, ie: "A psychosomatically deaf, dumb and blind boy becomes a master pinball player and, subsequently, the figurehead of a cult. ... Tommy is blind, deaf and dumb, but there is nothing wrong with him. As a small child, he accidentally witnessed the murder of his father by his stepfather."
  13. I guess the other option is to manually rename the tracks after ripping them. Bit of a pain if you are doing a lot of rips though.
  14. Same here, no permission, just a grumpy face!
  15. My answering machine screens all my incoming calls. I used to get these scam calls quite frequently, sometimes 7 or 8 in a day, but haven't received any for a while now. Some time ago my answering machine got reset during a power outage, and my answer message reverted back to the default robotic sounding American accented voice. I didn't bother recording a new message, as I don't receive many calls on my landline these days. May be coincidence, but the drop off in scam messages seems to coincide roughly with that. Sometimes I will be home when a call comes through, but they hang up when they hear the recorded message. I did once answer a scam call some time ago when I was in a bad mood over something. Somebody rang me from 'Telstra Microsoft' to tell me there was a problem with 'the Microsoft system' on my computer. I held him on the line for a while, and asked him a series of questions, such as: Please tell me the diagnostic message that you are seeing? What is the error code? What diagnostic and monitoring software do you use? How are you able to access my computer? Please give me the time and date when the error occurred? etc, etc, concluding with: How are you able to monitor errors on my computer while it is not running? He of course didn't answer of the questions, just kept saying I have a problem with 'the Microsoft system', so I terminated the call with a fairly curt and direct message (not abusive), and told him not to call again.
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