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  1. This arrived on Friday. A great British band from the early 70s that I somehow managed to completely miss at the time (although some of their album covers do look a bit familiar). Patto - Hold Your Fire This is their second album from 1971, released by Cherry Red on 2 CDs (24 bit digitally remastered of course). Disc one is the original album plus 2 bonus tracks. Disc 2 contains BBC radio performances of some of the tracks, plus alternative versions of a couple of tracks. Patto were an interesting band. They took their name from the lead singer
  2. I'm not familiar with MQA, so just reading up about it a bit. Hmm, a lossy compressed audio format that can be carried by lossless compressed formats such as FLAC. Can be played back as is, but needs a player with an MQA decoder to 'reinstate' the higher frequencies for supposedly lossless playback. I don't pretend to understand the rationale behind this but, really? Add extra complexity to degrade a lossless format and make it lossy unless you have some extra decoding capability? What is the point, and where is the sonic advantage? The cynic in me thinks th
  3. Jeff Beck & Imelda May's tribute to Les Paul - How High The Moon
  4. The dynamic range on this recording is superb. Just need to be a bit careful with the volume level.
  5. I certainly don't like those awful cardboard slip covers, especially the ones where you have to try and pry the disc out from the centre. I quite like the digipacks, that is until the prongs get broken or the plastic piece cracks and separates from the backing (eg: in transit, especially when the postie tries to cram the package into the letterbox when it is a fraction too wide). At least the jewel cases are easy to replace (and I scored quite a few spare cases when we moved office which would otherwise have been destined for the rubbish bin). I do have a few cardboard covers where the bottom
  6. Nothing daggy about that. I frequently read the booklet notes and lyrics while I am playing CDs, especially with a new purchase. Not included with all albums of course, but most of what I buy does have them. I don't do that on google, closest I come is displaying the album cover and track listing from Gracenote on my OPPO 103 BD player, which I use as a CD transport. (Curious that the background image on the OPPO display is a tonearm tracking a vinyl record. The photo appears to have been taken on a multi-changer, as there are quite obviously several records stacked on the platter
  7. Eric Burden and The Animals - When I Was Young
  8. Cat Stevens - Blackness Of The Night
  9. I never bought pre-recorded cassettes, the ones I have heard generally all had pretty ordinary sound quality. In the days before CD, I used to buy blank cassettes and often made recordings of some of my LP records (or others I had borrowed). Would often play the cassette copy instead of the original LP, and sound quality was certainly better to my ears than pre-recorded cassettes of the same titles. Still have all my cassettes buried away in the back of a cupboard. Also have a few home made cassettes of family conversations. I also have a bootleg
  10. Because people are willing to pay the prices? I just look at some of the prices being asked and think they've got to be joking.
  11. I have a similar problem, but in my case it is the left channel where the left front pre-out from the AVR feeds into a stereo amp. Only happens intermittently. After the usual process of elimination, I am suspecting a bad contact or dry joint in the LF pre-out of the AVR in my case.
  12. How about a steam powered turntable? Ok, maybe not so ugly, but ok for playing steam engine sound recordings.
  13. I'm not even sure what these are. Monoblocks?
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