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  1. Aldi bargain.....60" 4K

    A friend of mine mentioned these to me yesterday. Can't find many reviews of BAUHN TVs online. The ones I've found so far are mostly anecdotal, and give very mixed opinions.
  2. Aussie Politics

    Silly tribal mentality is not restricted to team sports, its the very foundation of party politics.
  3. Good points. I guess he's been an influence on a number of other writers, and Lovecraft himself was greatly influenced by Edgar Allen Poe. He certainly had a vivid imagination, but I also think he got rather carried away with some of his stories, for example "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath", which I found a bit of a chore to read. Interesting that Lovecraft himself was actually rather critical of some of his own stories. However, stories such as "At The Mountains Of Madness", "The Call of Cthulhu" and "The Dunwich Horror" (one of my favourites) might lend themselves to a screen adaptation. They are short stories, but could easily form the basis for something greater.
  4. I noticed while reading through the discussion about 'The Shape Of Water' that somebody made a reference to H.P. Lovecraft. That got me wondering, why are there so few movie adaptations of his stories? I remember reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft in my teens and early twenties, and found his style of fantasy/horror quite enthralling (despite some of it going a bit over the top). It seems to me that there is a great wealth of material there just begging to be made into a decent movie, but for some strange reason he just seems to have been largely overlooked. Yes, I know there have been a few adaptations of his stories here and there over the years, but most of them appear to be rather loose, deviating a lot from the original writing. I have only ever seen the occasional low budget adaptation of some of his short stories, and maybe that is the reason, the fact that most of his writings were short stories. Here is a list of wikipedia entries of movie adaptations, and maybe there is something worthwhile there, but a lot it looks rather uninspiring. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Films_based_on_works_by_H._P._Lovecraft Here is a list of his stories. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._P._Lovecraft_bibliography Anyway, just musing. Would be interested to hear what others think.
  5. Aussie Politics

    And speaking of authoritarianism, this is the man to watch, with some concern! http://www.news.com.au/national/politics/peter-dutton-cant-stop-stepping-on-other-ministers-toes/news-story/ceafb9fcb72226c6eb30534ef573f189
  6. World Music: Currently Spinning

    The Gloaming Live at the NCH The Gloaming, recorded live at Dublin's National Concert Hall. My CD copy arrived a few days ago, and I've just had a first listen. In a word, superb! Only six tracks on the album, but total playing time is fairly generous as some tracks are quite long ("The Sailor's Bonnet" and "Fainleog" are around 13m and 18m respectively). Beautifully played in front of a very receptive audience who are respectfully quiet while they are playing, with enthusiastic applause at the end of each track. This is a very well recorded album, and is a joy to listen to. I imagine the concert hall acoustics contribute a great deal to the sound of this album. Their studio albums are great, but I think this is The Gloaming at their best, performing live in a concert hall to an appreciative audience. This is a 'must have' for anyone who enjoys either of their two previous albums.
  7. Regarding Thundercat, I assume that was a 6 string bass guitar he was playing? I have seen 5 string bass guitars, but its the first time I've seen a 6 string (displaying my lack of knowledge a bit here). I also noticed the boys from Elephant Sessions in the crowd just in front of me at Thundercat. Seemed to be enjoying themselves, taking in the vibes.
  8. Thundercat was amazing, and fast! Great jazz fusion funk, however you categorise it. Can't say that Thievery Corporation did much for me though, seemed a bit so-so after Thundercat. Just not my thing I guess. The final performance of Gratte Ciel 'Place des Anges' was a fitting and spectacular finale. I love the way the performers mixed in with the crowd at the end. Then they formed a conga line and headed up to the main stage where they continued dancing and all took a bow to the crowd. (I'm still finding feathers in strange places this morning.)
  9. A quick summary of some personal highlights, so far. Anoushka Shankar on Friday evening. I wasn't so keen on the early part of her performance, a bit too much electronics for my liking, but after that I really enjoyed it. That led very nicely into the spectacular high wire performance of Gratte Ciel's "Place des Anges". Yes, I was expecting feathers. What I wasn't expecting was the absolute deluge that followed! I was standing right next to one of the 'feather cannons' (for wont of a better term) without realising what it was. Took me totally by surprise, but what a blast (literally). Loved every moment of it. Rodrigo y Gabriela were good, but I don't understand why they played the long intro music before walking on stage. They struck me as possibly being a bit under prepared, but it was an enjoyable performance. I really enjoyed Elephant Sessions on Saturday, and caught the second part of their set on Sunday. Five Scottish lads on their first visit to Australia, and they played up a storm. Also enjoyed the performance of Cuban singer Dayme Arocena on stage 3. She has a powerful voice, and very good interaction with the audience too. Then there was DustyEsky (probably an appropriate name, given the dry, dusty and feathery condition of Botanic Park at the moment). Totally non-authentic 'Russians' from Mullumgrad. They were a lot of fun, and actually sang quite well. Yesterday got to see Noura Mint Seymali, Tinariwen and La Vent du Nord from Quebec. Really enjoyed their performance, hope to catch them again today. Also saw the Manganiyar Seduction, which was excellent. On the way out, after Elephant Sessions, caught a bit of Havana Meets Kingston, which was quite good from what I saw. I was fading a bit at this stage though, so it was time to head home.
  10. Dangers of cycling

    Some kiddies will never grow up.

    Sad news indeed. I well remember him from the early 70s. RIP Jeff.
  12. When I first discovered this forum I had a bit of a look around, checked a few of the threads, then joined. I have been logging on every time since then. I don't see a problem with doing that.
  13. People playing lawn sprinkler music (or is it steam engine sound effects) on their mobile phones through earbuds on the bus every morning. 'tic tic a tic tic a tic tic tic chugga chugga chugga tic tic tic ...... '
  14. Bye Bye Barnaby

    Why did Barnaby even bother to mention his paternity doubts? He could quite easily have kept that private. Presumably he wants the media to know, but why? But then, he is a politician, and all politicians crave publicity. Probably just can't help himself.