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  1. emesbee

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    I learnt to drive in an FB Holden wagon. (this is not the actual car, but it was the same colour as this, minus the venetians) I passed my driving test in an RAA Holden Kingswood in 1972 when I was 16. (not sure if this is the exact model, but it was this body style, used by the RAA so painted yellow) And the first car I owned was a 1961 Vauxhall Victor! (this is obviously not the actual car, but it is the same model. Mine was two tone blue)
  2. I was a Yes fan in my high school years, but to be honest its only about three of their albums that really work for me, 'The Yes Album', 'Fragile' and 'Close To The Edge'. For some reason, 'Tales from Topographic Oceans' didn't quite work for me, and my interest in them started to wane after that. I still have a soft spot for those three earlier albums though. I've tried listening to Radiohead a few times, but I'm afraid they just don't work for me.
  3. I grew up with Yes. I'm not a fan of Radiohead. I don't see any sort of natural progression there. (I didn't vote by the way. Don't agree with either choice.)
  4. I have, several times. (Lent them to people who never returned them.)
  5. He does rap, so everything he does is about him. (I don't find him interesting.)
  6. emesbee

    Musical Fidelity SOLD

    They already have!
  7. emesbee

    Great Opening Tracks

    Baba O'Riley - The Who, Who's Next Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 2 Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin 3 20th Century Man - The Kinks, Muswell Hillbillies
  8. Those are fair comments, sufficient to make me rethink my views somewhat. If you find value in what people post, regardless of whether or not they say anything about the music they are playing, then that is good enough. For my part, I only really feel the urge to post when I want to express my opinions about an artist or a particular recording. The downside is that it takes a fair bit of time and effort to formulate what I want to say, so its not something I do all that frequently. Once I get started though, I seem to get on a bit of a roll with it and often end up posting rather more than I originally intended (which probably runs the risk of boring people). I also very much enjoy reading the comments that other people post about the music they listen to. So, perhaps I was letting my particular prejudices cloud my view a bit. In the end though, it is all about sharing information in one form or another, so it is all good. I agree with your suggestion "make an effort when you can".
  9. While I'm certainly no expert, I think I've learnt enough about hi-fi over the years to be wary about paying for advice. How would you know if the advice was worth the money, and not just someone trying to sell you a particular product?
  10. Incidentally, if you zoom in on the first photo the serial number becomes readable (just).
  11. I bought the 3 CD version last week, and played it last night. Personally, I think Giles Martin has done quite a good job with the remix, although I do think that some tracks fare better than others. The sound is more detailed throughout, and there is more bass, although that is not overdone. What really surprises, and pleases me, is that the vocals seem to have more clarity in this new mix. In my opinion, this seems to favour the more acoustic tracks. Blackbird, Mother Nature's Son and Martha My Dear sound terrific. Perhaps Back In The USSR, Yer Blues, and Helter Skelter don't benefit quite as much from the remix, but they still sound pretty good. On the whole, I think Giles got it right. He has managed to bring out a bit more in the recordings, but with respect to the originals. The third disc contains the Esher demo recordings. I admit that I was unaware of the existence of these before, but they are definitely a worthwhile addition. Sound quality is surprisingly good for demo recordings, and the stereo mix has been done well. Yes, there is a fair bit of tape hiss in places, but one can forgive that on demo recordings. It is great to hear The Beatles working together as a band on these, their sense of humour certainly comes through. The demos are largely acoustic, and some of the songs almost seem to be close to their finished form. Blackbird and Mother Nature's Son, for example. It is interesting to hear John Lennon's Child Of Nature, which was shelved, until he picked up the tune later on, wrote new lyrics and recorded it as Jealous Guy on the Imagine album. (I reckon it works much better as Jealous Guy.) There were also demos of Mean Mr Mustard and Polythene Pam, which of course appeared later in the side 2 medley on the Abbey Road album. There are also a few George Harrison compositions, which George dusted off later and re-used. The demos finish off with What's The New Mary Jane (which The Beatles were wise to shelve, in my humble opinion). So, those are my thoughts on the Giles Martin remix. I haven't heard the vinyl version, so can't comment on that, but I'm quite pleased with the sound of the CD version. I have to give credit to Giles Martin. I think he's done a fine job here, as he also did with the Sgt Pepper album. His remixes seem to bring out a bit more in the recordings, but he has respect for what The Beatles, and indeed his father George Martin did, and that is good to see.
  12. My thoughts exactly. To me, posting pictures of album covers with no comments about the music being played has very little value. All it says is 'I played this, then I played this, then I played this, then I played..... yawn'. Its good to share thoughts and information about music though, so comments and opinions about what is being played are always welcome.
  13. I started out on a diet of late 60s and early 70s rock music, in its various forms. While I still have a soft spot for the music of my youth (don't we all?), my musical horizons have expanded in many directions since then. Classical, jazz, folk, country and many of the various and different forms of music that are loosely lumped together categorised as 'world'. (No hip-hop though, just does nothing for me.) I have never fallen into the trap of only listening to audiophile recordings. First of all, you have to like the music in order to enjoy it, and it doesn't have to be an 'audiophile' recording for that to be the case (but bonus if it is).
  14. Most C & W ? A long time ago I would have said the same thing, but not now. Country music is a lot more than 'achy breaky heart' and boot scootin! (Can't stand that stuff myself either.) You need to delve a bit deeper.
  15. Talking Heads are one of those bands where I like a few of their songs a lot, but the rest of their material doesn't do much for me.