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  1. I know this was for Lyle, but anyway I have a mate with a 110 and a 200 - he stills uses the 110 for everything as I believe there are still some teething issues with the 200 firmware. I think it will get there and has the capability to be a great machine, but it certainly still seems to be in a "bleeding edge" phase at the moment...
  2. My $0.02 I have to say that although I have stuffed around with the media playing side of the PS3, it's not it's strength. Games : great. Bluray : great. Media player : not so great. In all honesty - if you want to play media, get a media player. I have a PS3 and a Popcorn Hour and they both server there purpose really well. The PCH has played every video I've thrown at it, and the PS3 has played every game I've thrown at it ! I think we're not quite there with a device that does it all (well, without throwing a PC into the mix, which some people understandably shy away from).
  3. Excellent - thanks for the clarification. In my mind, I had it as an easy/quick swapover, so I was just surpisrised by the comment...Cheers.
  4. Hi All, Might be a silly question. I've just organised to have our IQ box replaced with a shiny new IQ2 box. The guy at Foxtel started going on about having to run new cable from the street to the IQ2 box. When I asked "are you sure about that?", he thought about it, changed his mind and said I was right, it wasn't required. So, what's with that? Are there any circumstances where a new cable is required going from IQ -> IQ2 ? G
  5. ecogamer is good for keeping track of promotions/pricing/catalogs/etc..
  6. Burnout Paradise is an absolute must get. I think it has gone platinum, so should be around $50
  7. I really feel for you Treblid. Must have been a horrible experience. I think my attitiude to security of any kind is that all you need to do is make your property/belongings marginally harder to steal than the next guys. I mean, if you have a street full of houses and one looks like they might be even slightly better defended than the others (via alarm), then which house will the burglar skip ? It's all about peace of mind too.. I can't imagine what it would be like to be burgled, but I could imagine that I'd be wanting to spend whatever it takes to feel safe again....
  8. +1 for Renura. I ordered one (A110) from medianow a week or two ago and turned up in a couple of days - an easy transaction. Communication was excellent and emails promptly returned. Looking at the prices murryt has quoted, the two i checked didn't have postage included - whereas the medianow price did. I'm sure that not mentioning this was a simple oversight by Murry.
  9. no, it has the capacity to install a drive, but doesn't come standard with one.
  10. Hi There - I'm assuming you've considered this, but if it's just a remote you're after, what about a Harmony or other multi-brand remote ?
  11. At the risk of being accused of taking the moral high ground, I have a problem with all this. The "contract", regardless of if it can be produced, was entered into in good faith. The OP was happy with the product at the time and happy enough to pay the first few bills. Foxtel only didn't bother with fighting it due to the relatively small amount involved - try doing the same thing with something of greater value, like a car or a house and I think you would have a different experience.
  12. Wow, you turned this into a bash Pioneer thread. Who'd have thunk it.
  13. Another (simpler) explanation could be that the reviewer perceived a differnence that wasn't there. Wouldn't be the first time someone convinced themselves they could detect a variance between two identical items. I'm not slagging off the reviewer, but the mind can play tricks..
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure how they would handle an irrepairable TV. You would doubt very much they would hang on to stock though. Surely this has happened with other manfacturers and it sorted itself out ?...In any case, there's not much I can do about it and hopefully my LX509 will give me many more years of good service
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