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  1. You'll go around in circles trying to work out whats going on unless you measure them. Without knowing how they are actually wired, it could be an efficiency mis-match with driver selection. 1230 x 3 as bass drivers @ 93dB each to go with 1 x 1130 @ 96dB 1230 is not really a bass driver more mid-bass so is not going to go low maybe explains why you say sounds lean. Edit: I see that Raven Point Source is 90dB so seems drivers are mis-matched.
  2. Can use Poly fill, pillow stuffing.
  3. I don't think you will be able to shift Fsc/Fb with stuffing. The stuffing is meant to fool the driver into thinking its in a larger enclosure. If you model your driver SS 25W 8565-00 ?? it has large Vas, so to lower Fb toward Fs (infinite baffle) requires large box volume change 50+ litres. Also what stuffing are you using? stuffing l use is light can be pulled apart and inserted not able to be cut into circles. I normally use stuffing up to the rear of the driver. Your stuffing maybe too dense as it appears when you add a heap that Fb is moving forward which would indicate box volume dropping. The baffle that Matt has suggested is also worth trying to break up standing waves, your impedance sweep should be smooth except for the driver resonance bump at 600hz.
  4. EBP is a guide to show weather a driver is suited to sealed or ported when considering the drivers low end frequency response. Efficiency Bandwidth Product, eg. value of 50 = more bandwidth less efficiency, 140 = less bandwidth more efficiency Using a midrange driver with EBP of 140 in a sealed enclosure doesn't matter because you may not require the driver to go low but you want reasonable efficiency. Its difficult to offer suggestions on your issue with mids without seeing measurements of each driver and total response.
  5. HI Brian, Been trying to follow where your at the moment, 15" bass driver active + 3way troels (8" SB acoustics?? or Jantzen??) is this correct? So the new inductor 3.9mH with lower DCR is for the 8" to get slightly more output? Re:AT drivers Will you be using the sealed box to act as the high pass (like Troels design) or using a crossover filter? The driver will be different for each, EBP will need to drop so driver pushes lower in sealed box so then you add your crossover filter.
  6. Item: RAAL 70-20XR ribbons (pair) Location: Doncaster East,Vic. Price: $600 can post Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Multiple sets Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Have multiple sets of these tweeters, l replaced these after 6 months use with same model just silver wired version as l was so impressed with them wanted to see how better they would be with amorphous core & silver wire. Not sure if this was really worth it as it's a minor improvement over the standard model. The wider ribbon in this model will allow lower crossover point. Pictures: To be added.
  7. Item: Elektra Theatre HD2 7 Channel amplifier Location: Doncaster East, Vic. Price: $2700 can post Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: Not required gone back to 2 channel setup. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased this amp around Feb this year, used for multi-channel active speakers but have decided to go back to 2 channel. Pictures:
  8. Troels Discovery 18W

    Most glues will not work properly with those plastics as they are resistant to solvents, that's why they are used in chemical drums. The All fix will work, it will form enough bond to hold them and if you ever want to remove can break the bond easily if you don't go overboard with it. The hot glue will also work well.
  9. Troels Discovery 18W

    Silicone is no good on wood, use Selleys All fix. Holds crossover components to wood no problem.
  10. Your Funeral Song

    Down in a hole - Alice In Chains.
  11. Might be good idea when buying drivers to have a know design to fall back on if it doesn't all work out. The 18H is very nice, its as good as Troels says l have the same one running with a RAAL tweeter. I think the 10" that Troels uses in the ATS-4-HE is a copy of the 8" (23) that he used previously as midbass with 92.3dB if you compare parameters except Re is 5.4 on the 10", Re is 10.3 on the 8" I am sure Per could sort out a suitable 8" for what you require maybe with Re 5.4/6. 92dB
  12. Without going through your whole thread l assume you don't want to go active on your lower 15" woofer. At 93dB and with room gain its hard to find suitable midbass and midrange drivers unless you go multiple drivers. Maybe look at PHL drivers also if you have not considered. Going a hypex class D like Troels does on your 15" bass section would be easier. If you do go the AT 8" mid bass you will probably need a midrange to match also. You could also try to find midrange at 89 to 91 dB and go TMM or MTM maybe 2 x AT 18H might get you there.
  13. 3 way classic monitor

    Good driver selection, it should sound very nice when finished. Aim to keep the Raal at ear height if you haven't already considered it has great horizontal off-axis but its a ribbon so vertical needs to be considered.
  14. ME 240 Question

    Would the 100 Ohms like Gat474 has used be ok for ME850 or not ideal? should have the amp been adjusted for the 100 Ohm pre-amp? I used to own an ME850 but had to remove the resistors to match my pre-amp, it was a decent pre-amp but always wondered if the setup was ideal and it would be better with ME pre-amp. Wouldn't mind getting another one as l miss it.
  15. Looking good, nice drivers the SB acoustics, interested to know what change your planning on doing to the drivers to improve them? extra magnet? more weight?