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  1. 30th August release date. Mix - Tool - I N V I N C I B L E: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akeCFH7YybM&list=RDakeCFH7YybM
  2. I've found most night time scenes in game of thrones have been difficult to see, and then they do the big battle at night😤
  3. To bad it ended short, was a good presentation.
  4. The drivers in your version seem better than the newer one. The XLS drivers at the floor are sub drivers not woofers. Have you measured your xo changes at all? 72 dB slope seems steep when your blending a midrange to a side mounted sub. Steep crossover slopes l have found allows you to pick out individual drivers easier.
  5. If your speakers are still like the picture on their website, the position of the bass driver is close to the floor. l assume to remove issue of floor bounce. On website also mentions crossover to midrange at 200hz. Is the crossover to mid at 150hz/72db standard or your own crossover setup?
  6. I really thought she was going to bring him undone. He is a very different person, obviously can shut down any emotion. The climb of El Capitan he did was the craziest thing l've ever seen a human do, next level.
  7. 21"cone machined from 30kg block of aluminum 😲
  8. I reckon it will be released this year. They must get sick of being asked but l think they created it themselves.
  9. Yeah they normally go with the screw flip lid socket to get the IP66 rating, not really needed.
  10. Good way of doing it, very industrial. Will have to update your sockets now to suit the plugs.
  11. What other drivers are you trying to match up to with this bass section? Will your whole system or bass section be passive or active? The larger the driver generally higher efficiency so shouldn't need to double up 2 x 15" on each side, but this would depend on what your trying to match up with Mids/High If going sealed passive AE SBP would be the best driver, Audiotechnology is the only other driver company l know of that will do custom drivers to suit sealed.
  12. I have never heard kick drum bass sound as good as live as l always figured a kick drum at live concerts is direct mic'd and mixed to sound that way. The recording in the studio generally doesn't overemphersize the kick drum so no amount of 15's will get you that same sound as everything else will be louder also.
  13. Running them in a confined space like a caravan on gas is more of a concern.
  14. Quietest would be an absorption chiller, like used in a caravan. It uses heater element (240V or 12 V) or gas burner (3 way) to heat ammonia. No compressor used, they are used in caravan due to no noise when trying to sleep. Wouldn't be the most efficient but would be the quietest option.
  15. Maybe only you, sounds like you barrack for Richmond. Was a good game can't see how either was not deserving to be there.
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