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  1. livinit73

    SOLD: FS: ME25 Pre with MC Phono

    All the best with your pup
  2. livinit73


    I have two of these at home and never knew what brand they were. Glad i came across this cheers.
  3. livinit73

    E.O.I. W.A.R. Audio Reference One

    These particular drivers have never been used by Wilson Audio or in Utopia by Focal. But they are fine drivers none the less.
  4. Oh Richard, if i wasn't putting my cash elswhere i would be all over this to match the wonderful 845s that i got from you and enjoy so much.
  5. livinit73

    SOLD: FS: Opera Consonance Cyber 845 S

    I have a pair of these amazing amps running my modded Usher Audio mini dancer 2 dmd speakers. Worth every cent.
  6. Amazing speaker's , love mine. Even better with some cap upgrades.
  7. Yea it is funny they call them mini, they are quite large but are very nice to look at.
  8. Awesome price, love my Mini Dancer 2 dmd's. Even for $5k rrp they are hard to beat. Good luck
  9. livinit73

    SOLD: FS: Power amp (no name)

    How dare you all just assume its male or female,, It shall be known as the "Gender Fluidity" .
  10. livinit73

    FS: sonique sav-4 Speakers

    It can 👍
  11. livinit73

    FS: sonique sav-4 Speakers

    Great for the price. Dustcaps cannbe popped out with a bit of patience, sticky and a hairdryer 👍
  12. livinit73

    Magenpan .7 amp matching

    I have a bryston 3bst that pairs awesome with magnepans. Used to use it on 1.6's i had a few years ago. I'd be willing to sell it. Just ket me know. Cheers
  13. livinit73

    Budget Floorstander/large bookshel ideas?

    The monitor audio will be fine that distance from the wall and are hard to beat for that price. You can always stuff the port lightly it is too bass heavy.
  14. livinit73

    SOLD: FS: Duntech Opal loudspeakers

    The opals are stunning. Great sound and looks. Glwts