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  1. With WYWH I think the multichannel mix reveals a lack of content to the music. I listened right through the first time and it sounded fine, but I also was expecting to hear a bit more. I haven't really felt like listening to the whole disc right through since. I tend to pick out 1 or 2 tracks then move on to something else. The odd thing is I loved WYWH when I was a teenager.
  2. I've been purchasing sacd's from Acoustic Sounds on a regular basis since 2005. I've found the service to be excellent. I used to get orders delivered by Airmail, but Fed Ex Economy (4-7 days) is cheaper and the order arrives in about a week. I usually order 4-6 discs at a time and the freight fee is usually around $26-28. The lowest freight was $22 (but that was for a 13 disc purchase). I do agree it would be ideal to know how much the freight is going to be when the order is made. My last order was only a week ago (WYWH, Tea for the Tillerman, Caravanserai and Love Devotion Surrender (having a bit of trouble getting my head around the last one!) Freight $27. I think Tea for the Tillerman is probably the pick of the 4. I am a big fan of Pink Floyd (by the way my sacd of DSOTM, purchased at JB Hi-Fi many years ago, was made in the EU and doesn't sound bright at all) but WYWH is probably not their best work (the sound quality of the sacd is great though)
  3. I agree, great piece of gear (especially if using the balanced connections) for the money.
  4. Valvelover I am using a Denon SACD player, DCD-2000AE If playing a SACD, only the analog outputs emit a signal if you have selected "stereo" with the SACD setup button (ie playing the stereo SACD tracks). If you have selected "cd" with the SACD setup button then the analog outputs will emit analog sound from the cd layer, and the optical and coaxial digital outputs will send a digital signal of the cd layer - this is assuming the digital outputs haven't been turned off with the pure direct button. If you are playing a cd then it doesn't matter what the settings are (again unless you have the pure direct function ON, disabling the digital outputs) signals should be emitted from analog and both digital outputs all at the same time. If you bought the Denon from Ipswich Hi-Fi (where I bought mine) they should be able to help.
  5. There is a Denon DCD 2000AE on E-bay at the moment. I have been using one of these for a few years. Paid around $3000 new. I am very pleased with it as a SACD player. Most sacd's sound far superior to cd's on this machine. I listen to sacd all the time. Worth considering. Tony
  6. I agree with Burningpanda - DVD-A's can be "backed up". The problem I have found is that the backups will only play on certain machines. I have a Denon DVD-A11 and the music tracks will only play for 20-30sec then suddenly stop. Something to do with watermarking? Doesn't seem to matter how many conversions you do the watermarking remains.
  7. I have been experimenting making 24/88 4.0 DVD-A from CD's and the results have been mixed. I actully purchased the software to convert FLAC files downloaded from HD Tracks to DVD-A, but the software can also upsample to create many combinations of channel numbers and resolutions. Pink Floyd WYWH sounds great. Classical pieces with massed strings seem to benefit as well. I have tried it with some of the beatles albums - will probably stick with the original 2 channel. I am used to listening to multichannel SACD (and it does take a while to get used to sound coming from behind you).
  8. The glue between the SACD layer and the CD layer is also one of my concerns with hybrid SACD's.
  9. I am at one of those frustrating crossroads where I’m not sure which way to go with the source of my music (i.e. CD? SACD? Vinyl? Download? Music Server? Etc) I have been a big fan of SACD since around 2004 – both stereo and multichannel, and my equipment acquisitions have been based around this. I have a moderate collection of SACD’s, DVD-A’s and CD’s. I prefer to buy SACD but it is getting very hard – costs of OOP titles and lack of artists that I really want to listen to. New DVD-A’s are almost non existent. I have tried to avoid vinyl – but that may have to change! Today I made my first music downloaded. The album Raising Sand (Alison Krauss and Robert Plant). 24/96 PCM compressed into the FLAC format. I only recently discovered it is possible to download with HDTracks from Australia, but only if you select the PayPal payment option? It took quite a few hours over ADSL but everything went OK. I downloaded Cirlinca’s HD-Audio Solo Ultra to convert the FLAC tracks to DVD-A to play on my Denon DVD-A11. I had already purchased the CD of Raising Sand about 6 months ago (and I can’t say I was particularly impressed with the sound of the recording) Today’s DVD-A from high res PCM was quite a lot better sounding (much warmer sound in general, clearer more articulate base and it doesn’t have that hollow sound the CD has). But the main reason I’m writing is to talk about one of the other features of the software I was not aware of until today. It is able to create 5.1 DVD-A’s from plain old vanilla 16/44 PCM on CD. There probably are other programs that do this as well. Anyway I made 2x multichannel DVD-A’s today. 1/ Pink Floyd - WYWH – 4.1 surround sound. Front left and right channels in upsampled 24/96 and the rears and LFE in upsampled 24/48. 2/ Rodrigo – Fantasia para un gentilhombre (Pepe Romero) and Concierto de Aranjuez (John Williams). 4.0 surround sound in upsampled 24/88. There are multiple options within the software but sampling bandwidth has to be within the DVD-A limit. I deliberately avoided creating a centre channel as this is the weakest link in my system. Both DVD-A’s were amazing!! The music opens up really well. On WYWH I heard sounds I was not aware of before. There must be a lot of spatial and directional information embedded in the original recording and it comes out in all its glory on the DVD-A. The Rodrigo DVD-A just envelops you in rich music and you can hear individual sections of the orchestra much more easily. I was really amazed. The effect is more dramatic than using Dolby Prologic 2. I’m sure the effect is due to the surround effects rather than the upsampling. I did download a trial version of this software when I first started looking at some download sites 6-12 months ago and I made a few 24/176 upsampled stereo DVD-A’s from ripped 16/44 PCM from CD and didn’t hear any great improvement. So sort of by accident I have found a way to keep my interest going in CD by converting them to DVD-A. I have plenty more I would like to try. Anyone bemoaning the fact there is no WYWH in multichannel SACD can try doing the above. (There are some surround torrents available of WYWH but they are just home grown DVD-A’s from CD or vinyl as well) The call of the dark side will just have to wait – for the moment anyway! PS I have no links at all with any software company + I'm not sure if doing what I'm suggesting is actually legal - is it any different to ripping a CD to an IPOD or server etc ) Tony.
  10. I find if (I) can buy something I'm after 2nd hand then I can tell the other half how much money (WE) have actually saved!!
  11. Tdunster There is a 2 channel high res track on The Beatles love BUT you have to change the settings on your player to access it. Change your player mode (in the setup settings) from DVD-audio to DVD - Video and you can access it. Its odd this in not mentioned in the packaging. It is a 24/96 LPCM track, I think? BTW I agree with you on the BIA sacd. I do listen to it but it doesn't really highlight what SACD is capable of. A 16 bit master tape may have been the source but Avalon was the same (i think) and it sounds pretty darn good on SACD. Honkey Chateau is my favourite Elton John SACD (mainly becuase I love Rocket Man) Tony
  12. JohnA I have sent you a PM (I think?) Tony
  13. Hi JohnA I am interested in the RSP 1098 but I live in Brisbane. I do have a few questions. Do you know if your unit has true analog bypass on the 6 channel inputs? Does this model have at least 3 component inputs? I assume there is no HDMI with this model? Is the LCD screen usable on multiple video input sources? Your unit looks like it is in excellent condition Thankyou Tony
  14. Rantan I'm not familiar with the Primare i30 but I have been using a Primare Pre 30 for around 12 months. When I first got the preamp the sound of my system changed quite alot. I wondered where has all the bass gone? What happened I think was I was now listening to better bass - much clearer, tighter and punchier (much less coloration?). I use a Rotel RB1090 power amp and I feel the two units work well together giving quite a natural sound. I don't think I've ever had the volume control above 45 on the Pre 30 and I regularly listen at sound levels of 75-80 (cheap sound meter used to measure this). I sit roughly 3.5m from my speakers (Krix Esoterix Mark 2) and they have a reasonable sensitivity of around 87. I suppose what I'm suggesting is that if the Primare i30 has pre-outs maybe you could try a power amp and see if you are happier with the quality and loudness of your system. From general magazine reviews I believe the primare power amps can sound a bit on the lean side. Benalaur_1
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