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  1. Further information: These are in fair cosmetic condition (hence the price)but are functionally excellent. There are are few scratches on one of the aluminium direction indicators and the Rhodium plating is worn. Obviously the copper remains an excellent connection and the locking mechanism on the RCA plugs works correctly. Very well balanced and full sound. The outer jacket is undamaged. I do not have the original packaging. These are Furutech’s top of the range interconnects. Price is inclusive of express postage within Australia. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Further information: These Evo 3 Optimum cables are in very good condition and are as originally purchased new by me. No repairs or modifications. I do not have the original packaging but they will be very carefully packed if shipping is required. Price is for each cable Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Palexsia is correct. This is an power conditioner and is not a power regenerator like the PS Audio P10 and the like. It can be used in all world markets and does not regulate voltage up or down vs what comes out of the wall be it 240v in Australia or 100v in Japan. If you have a step down transformer for a Japanese sourced component you can of course plug the transformer into the Aquarius as the transformer will accept 240v input. I used one of these and now have the Evo3 Sigmas. The Aquarius works.
  4. I am sure a local acrylic shop could do it but would it be as good as a new one from a specialist manufacturer in Japan and how much would it cost? Not sure. You should ask some acrylic signage companies the question. I did get some 1” acrylic shelves made in Melbourne and they were well accurately cut and finished. This was a long time ago do I cannot recall the Company’s name unfortunately but someone close to you could almost certainly do it or at least give you a quote
  5. You can buy a new one in Japan via Aleado
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