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  1. Hi Dave, Well 9 months on, I still have the 509X and to me it is sounding better than ever! Yes I used a MC with the Luxman and while the sound was good it was not properly loaded. It needed from 400 Ohms to 800 Ohms to sound its best and the Luxman is 100 Ohms only. Many MC's will sound perfect at 100 Ohm I think but I did not have one on hand. I have since gone to a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Vinyl phono stage and this has multiple loading options for both mm and mc and yes it is clearly superior to the Luxman inbuilt phono stage but it should be at the price. The MF Vinyl really only started to obviously outshine the Luxman phono stage though when I got some second had balanced Audioquest WEL Signature interconnects from the Vinyl to the Luxman 509X. This was the greatest single improvement I have had with my system outside a major equipment upgrade but then the new price of these cables is more than the Vinyl phono stage itself. I am now waiting on an Audioquest Wild LP phono cable to arrive and I hope that will also be a step forward when I attach it to my EPA100. I must repeat though that the phono stage in the Luxman 509X is excellent and super quiet but as I run two TT's currently (had 3 before)it was a real pain having to constantly change the phono cable which was the real motivator for me to get the MF Vinyl. I tried the new Graham Slee phono some time ago which had great reviews but I preferred the Luxman in-built! As Hydrology mentioned, you save on the cables too with the Luxman in-built and reduce signal degradation. I will try the new Wild LP when I get it with the Luxman in built and report back
  2. Andy, that could well be the case. With the Triplanar, I am sure it was put on as an afterthought to appease some potential owners who were wedded to damping per se rather than a fix for an identified weakness. The sound was absolutely better without the damping as was the case with the SME.
  3. Hi, I put one of those on my 3009 when I had a Linn many, many years ago and a V15/3. Took it off after a little while I thought it deadened the music. I had a similar trough on a Triplanar I had much later. The trough deadened the music so I took it off and put it in the box! Guess I don’t like damping troughs. Puttingthe money towards a better cartridge might be a better bet IMO
  4. I have had three Mint LP’s over the years and agree they are the most accurate way to align your cartridges exactly but the key for using any protractor for me has been top quality magnification. I don’t think USB scopes are necessary but for the life of me I cannot use that loupe! I bought a small 6x monocular some time ago. It has a short enough focal length to allow you to get close to the TT. I strapped it atop a tripod and this allows me to get a great and steady view of the stylus tip so that it can be placed in the centre of the line and also allows you to ensure the cantilever is perfectly aligned. Now I use a simple Ortofon Baerwald cardboard protractor. Perfectly aligned it matched the Mint exactly as I guess it should. The Ortofon works well but as the lines are so thick compared with the Mint you must have good magnification to get the stylus tip in the centre of the cross hairs. For me I don’t feel the need for anything else. I do now use the black portion of the loupe to check headshell alignment and azimuth of the headshell. I double check the azimuth on an old Mint with the mirrored sections
  5. I was fortunate to listen to Hugo's system with the Luxman EQ500 and Accuphase C-37 phono stages. It should be noted, however, that the pre amplifiers were different in the two systems. The Luxman was mated to the Accuphase pre and the C-37 was mated to an Audio Research pre which was pretty new and not fully run in. The Luxman had been used more than the C-37 at the times of listening (so I guess was closer to fully run in) and I do not know if the power cords and interconnects were the same but Hugo may like to verify that information. For me, the Luxman sounded more musically satisfying than the C-37 and more organic if you like. The sound via the C-37 did in fact sound a bit hard but I did not hear the darkness that Hugo mentions and it was very revealing. He has listened significantly more than I did during my short listening session and his tastes are different. Drawing on my experience with break in of new equipment, I put the hardness down to low operating hours and/or a loading issue on the C-37, cable break in and the pre amplifier which was very new and significantly different to the Accuphase. I have in the past found that it can take many, many hours for equipment and cables to give their best. For instance, I invested a significant amount in my Furutech Nanoflux NCF power cables. I was well and truly underwhelmed for the first few months and rather disappointed given the cost but I persisted. When they eventually came on song the soundstage bloomed. It was a night and day comparison and lifted my system to level I had not previously experienced. These cables took hundreds of hours to settle. I hear the same thing with every change of component but not all take this extended time to sound their best and some products can impress right out of the box. This does not mean though that products which do not immediately impress can do so with an extended break in period. With so many components in a system it is not surprising that it does take a long time for everything to gel. Even a simple re-connection can alter the sound until it settles back down in my experience . I have had Accuphase gear in the past and cannot say I have ever heard it sound hard. It is beautifully made equipment with very high levels of performance. I think Metal Beat has tried a great number of phono stages and he went through a very long break in period with his C-37 and finds it ideal for him. Hugo has a highly resolving system so all the issues I have mentioned above re cables and components will be very noticeable. Synergy, as others have suggested is a very important issue and a bit like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates! Hugo, I hope you find a phono stage that gives you what you are seeking.
  6. Corey, thanks or the kind words but more especially for the comparative review of these three Luxman integrated amps. Very interesting reading. I am not sure how long you have had the 509x but if you have less than 200 hours playing time on it you will like it even more with extended use. I am changed quite a lot in my system since I did the initial review but I won't be changing the 509X. I think the phono stage in the Luxman is excellent but the Nu Vista Vinyl is a step or two up as it should be of course. I only went for this over the Luxman EQ500 because of the price differential. There are some very nice integrated amps out there but I agree with your call that at its price point it is hard to think of what would be as good let alone better than the 509X. Some very nice audio gear is available in Bangkok. I bought my Isotek Sigmas Evo3 in Bangkok when I lived in Phnom Penh.
  7. I had a good look at this at the Show but as you know it was on static display along with a GT2000 from the 1980’s. The staff really did not know much about it or analogue. As Metal Beat has said there is no offset but I think they just put in a SME head shell for the show. The cheaper Yamaha tables outside the room had offset! It is made in China so it is well finished. I would imagine it is belt drive to save money. It is probably a reasonable sounding, we’ll finished TT. Maybe aimed at the same market niche as the Luxman PD171.
  8. Item: dCS Puccini & U Clock in Silver 230V Location:Melbourne Price: $8750 + shipping Item Condition: Very Good(See Photos). Operationally Perfect Reason for selling: Funding Luxman PD444 TT Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the second owner and I purchased this system from the UK last year. Everything operates perfectly and I have the original packaging for both units. The clock locks on very quickly and makes a substantial difference. Comes with all the original cables etc. with most unused and it has been uploaded with the latest firmware. The original very solid remote is in excellent condition. The U Clock is equipped with an asynchronous USB DAC input but I have never used this! Please note the small mark on the front panel of the player unit and a small scratch on the rear of the clock I only noticed in the photo. Pictures:
  9. I am with rossb on this. While clearly it would appear to be system dependent by the sounds of others who have posted here, in the various tables I have owned and certainly for the ones I own now, I prefer the sonic picture the TT presents without the clamp. It sounds more open and more natural without any loss of drive or dynamics. I also prefer the sound without anti-skate but then my cartridges run at a minimum of 2g. Again greater levels of realism and greater air for me though I realise this is off subject!
  10. Item: SILTECH Classic Anniversary Phono Cables RCA-RCA 1m Location:Melbourne Price: $1200 including postage within Australia Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling: Sold Turntable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are genuine, they were purchased locally and have the original packaging. Less than a year old but probably only just run in. Beautifully made, super quiet and offering a very balanced and spacious presentation. I found them particularly good with piano but really no weaknesses I could detect. No scratches or abrasions anywhere other than slight marks on the ground pins. Pictures:
  11. Well Green and Red those two are very interesting options but unfortunately do not have either as yet!
  12. Item: Brinkmann Bardo/Brinkmann 12.1 Combination with upgraded SS power supply and VDH MC D 502 Phono Cable Location: Melbourne Price: REDUCED $9,750 + shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Expanding Classic TT hobby! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the first owner, and I bought it locally just over 1 year ago. It is in unmarked condition including the power supply which is the upgraded SS PS(from the Balance). It comes with the VDH MC D 502 Phono Cable with Furutech RCA's, Mint LP Protractor for the 12.1 arm, all tools/accessories/manual and original packaging. A stunning, highly refined performer. Only selling to progress my interest in classic 1980's Japanese DD turntables. Pictures:
  13. Sonicy, I think that what you say seems logical. There really would seem to be no reason why it should be the case that one particular musical style would be presented in a "better" way than another genre. I can see, however an argument that a listener may have specific aspects of musical presentation that they find appealing and on which they place greater weight. It then could be that one style of amp presents these acoustic cues in a "better" way to that user and these cues may be more obvious in a particularly genre than in another. This is what I took from the Audiodrom reviewer's comments.
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