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  1. I bought a 65GZ1000 at the JB Hifi sale. It's my first OLED after years of Samsung LCD/plasmas and most recently a Sony 65 inch 850A series LCD. The picture is gorgeous. Inky blacks. The improvement for me is dramatic. I only bought it for general viewing as I have a JVC 5900 projector for movies. But I find myself mostly watching the OLED now (except for big blockbuster movies with the subs pumping etc). It will be very hard for me to go back to a non-OLED tv now.
  2. Very nice setup. How is the slave circuit setup. Is it through the 12 volt trigger on the amp or do you have another solution?
  3. I would be happy to take all 3 speakers. But not the centre speaker alone unfortunately.
  4. I upgraded my HD1 a couple of weeks ago to a X5900. As a test, I used a scene near the start of Master and Commander where they film below deck on the ship. It is low light and only the brighter areas of each scene is visible on the HD1 (about 1/3 of the screen only). However, on the 5900 so much more detail is obvious (almost all of the scene). Plus the 5900 is a much brighter projector. Definitely a big step up. The minister of war was not keen on the upgrade, she thought the HD1 was fine so I didn't look at the 7900. She also doesn't think there is much improvement 😳 But there is, trust me.
  5. Ajohn99, when I changed the internal 320 Gb drive for a 1 Tb drive, it worked fine for a few months, but once the drive filled up past 500 Gb, Foxtel wouldn't boot (crashed). I took the drive out and reformatted the drive back to 500 Gb and all was good, It's been stable for probably a couple of years. Would love to have the full TB of space though. Maybe the upcoming IQ3 will have a 1 Tb drive.
  6. Filling up the 500 GB is no problem. I originally had if formatted to 1 Tb, but once you get over half full, the hdd fails. So I reformatted it back to 500 Gb and it's fine. I reformatted back to 500 a year or 2 ago and my kids fill it with junk all the time.
  7. I can't comment on the comparison with the Benq. I have an HD1 mounted on the ceiling. Ceiling height is 3.6 metres, so I have a skyhook that drops it down. The projector is mounted 4.4 metres from the screen (which is a 110 inch motorised lp morgan). Picture is excellent. While I upgrade just about everything else every 2 or 3 years, I just haven't felt the need with this projector. the menu rotates so you don't have to read it upside down. Regarding mounting the projector, it would be better to ceiling mount it. 6 metres is a fair way back, and you should have a brighter image if you mount it closer. The HD1 is not a bright projector, so a light controlled room is important.
  8. the cable distance to the second tv is important. I have split the foxtel signal to a second tv in a bedroom. The distance is large, probably 30 metres all up. I used a foxy splitter, to a selby hdmi to ethernet converter, back to hdmi, then to a non powered signal booster (also from foxtail) and then to the TV. worked great for 2 years. Then the signal died. I problem was the splitter, so I bought a new one from foxtail. The new one didn't work, the signal it put out was too low. It was fine getting the signal to the TV in the same room, but not strong enough for the bedroom tv. It turned out that the old splitter was fine, just the power pack was not giving enough volts for the splitter (power light was on but no output). So I put the plug pack from the new splitter onto the old splitter and everything works again. I should have checked the plug pack first. Anyway, splitter output might be important.
  9. I have had a 500 GB HDD in for a couple of years and works fine. Would love a 1TB though.
  10. Sold Regarding the low price, I have bought a quite a few items on this forum at a bargain price, just returning the favour.
  11. For Sale Denon AVR-4310. It comes with 2 remotes (only used to setup the amp), microphone, aerial, power cord and manual. It is in excellent condition. I have replaced it with an AVR X4000 but the differences are minor. Location is central Adelaide. would prefer local pickup but can post in the original packaging at the buyers expense. Price: $580. No offers as my daughter has her eye on it and will give it to her if it doesn't sell.
  12. Finally resolved the issue with a busted 63c7000 almost 2 years ago. bought through Myer with extended warranty. The TV crapped out 13 months after purchase. United warranty arranged to pick it up, said that the TV wasn't repairable and would replace it with a 5 series. Told them to go jump, which they did, (went broke). Then nothing. I thought that would be it but eventually contacted Myer and negotiated a crap settlement $1900. Better than nothing I suppose.
  13. I have a 500 Gb HDD installed into my IQ2 for a year or 2 now, a 1Tb drive crashed the system when greater than 50% full. 500 GB does give you a significant benefit over the 320, but would love a 1TB drive, given the junk that my kids record.
  14. I have a Selby HDMI unit transmitting Foxtel through 2 x 30 metre cat 5e or cat 6 cables to a bedroom at the other end of the house. The only way I could get it to work was to have a 4 x 2 hdmi matrix splitter in front of the transmitting unit and one of those small in-line boosters (non-powered, purchased from Foxtail) after the receiving unit. Without them, I had no signal, and with them, a perfect HD signal. I can't be sure which cables I used and the Selby website is stuffed at the moment so can't check.
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