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  1. No chance on that one. If it's not at the MCG, then they will give it to an AFL state, SA or WA, both with 50K plus stadiums
  2. Well 6 of them are, Tele. I reckon their supporters are hoping they will do better than the two WA teams in the QLD hub at present 🙄
  3. Hi Frank Unless you would welcome a high volume of spam emails, I suggest that you change your user name. Welcome to the forum, by the way
  4. @Mos Welcome to the forum. Just letting you know that I have edited your post. You need to make a few posts around the forum before getting access to the classifieds, including the 'wanted to buy' section.
  5. @Choki Welcome to the forum. Just letting you know that I have edited your post. You need to make a few posts around the forum before getting access to the classified and 'wanted to buy section.
  6. @Lachy Welcome to the forum 👍 Just letting you know that I have edited details from your post. Once you have made a few posts around the forum, you will have access to the classified section, which includes a 'wanted to buy' forum.
  7. @Grumpy Bit surprised you haven't been here to gloat yet 😑
  8. Absolutely agree. So much more enjoyable than round 1.
  9. @Grumpy Has your Fremantle living daughter become a Dockers fan, yet? With Port playing them today, I just wondered if she is now with the other port team
  10. So I have changed the year in the title. Let's get talking footy again. Big upset last night with the Tigers going down to the Hawks. My team (West Coast) had a shocking re-start last week. Hoping for better performance tomorrow. So what do we think of the restart with the canned crowd noise?
  11. My (and many members here) absolute go-to for lossless casual listening with no ads - and the features just keep improving. This is the email I received today. I post it here because they deserve our support: 2020 has been filled with many changes, but one thing remains the same: Radio Paradise is still dedicated to providing you with a high quality hand-crafted musical soundtrack, without any advertising of any kind. Ever. Currently, less than 10% of our listeners are regular supporters. If you can afford to join them, please take 60 seconds to do that right now: https://support.radioparadise.com As always, we understand that sending financial support may not be an option, particularly during these turbulent times. That's fine. We hope that you'll continue to make RP a part of your life. We won’t restrict your enjoyment in any way. If you haven't listened recently, we'd love to have you join us at https://radioparadise.com, or grab our app for iPhone, Android, AppleTV, Roku, or FireTV. Or tell your smart speaker to play us, either directly or via TuneIn. If you appreciate high fidelity audio, we offer lossless streaming via our web player, phone & TV apps, Sonos, Bluesound, Naim, Roon, and JRiver. We also now have a lossless stream URL you can add to WiFi receivers, etc. Our web player and most apps offer the ability to skip songs, alternate music mixes, our thematic slideshow, and much more. Thanks for being a part of the RP family! Your grateful hosts, Bill & Rebecca
  12. As a long time Chrome user, I wondered what others think of the upgrade. It certainly seems faster than the previous version.
  13. Try 'Auberge' from album of the same name by Chris Rea. It has some excellent sound effects at the beginning before becoming an excellent track.
  14. I'm guessing that your previous activity here was in the classified section. Those posts do not count. Explore and post in other areas and all will open up
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