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  1. FS: Balanced Audio Technology VK500

    @tcliffo1 As per our guidelines, please include a price in your ad. Thanks.
  2. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  3. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  4. kef ls 50 F/S

    @jeffpr I have edited your ad to remove your mobile phone number. We discourage the sharing of personal info on a public forum for your own protection.
  5. Hello i am new here.

    Welcome, Remy. You join many NZ members. Enjoy your time and the upgrade. Great pic, by the way
  6. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  7. MM cartridge

  8. Classifieds Poll - Have Your Say

    Got a chance, I reckon, TDD
  9. @Citroen We have a record fair coming up in Perth. Looking to sell a few crates but will be keeping some favourites cause you never know what your future holds... [emoji6]
  10. Classifieds Poll - Have Your Say

    Well the classifieds here are certainly busier than they’d have ever been. After giving this some thought, my ideal would be much the same as @generichs. One section for all stereo equipment and one section for home theatre, including AV receivers, speaker packages and singular speakers used for home theatre. The separate section for software (CDs, vinyl, bluray etc) is a good initiative and I would like to see it retained. As far as sponsor ads are concerned, , why not let them decide? They pay to be here (thankfully) and should be able to choose whether to advertise in their own forum or in the two main sections.
  11. Wow! A good-natured vinyl/digital thread
  12. SOLD: Jazz CD job lot

    Price drop. Now $50 plus postage for the lot. Some great music here folks