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  1. wolster


    @Max123 Do you want to add a few more details? Make and model, for instance?
  2. wolster

    FS: Thorens TD160 Turntable

    @johnwmclean For approval, could you please format your ad as per our guidelines. Thanks.
  3. wolster

    SOLD: FS: Apple Airport Time Capsule

    @Gremrock Please mark your item as sold. Thanks.
  4. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  5. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  6. I reckon a PC complicates the idea. Why not a streamer with a portable hard drive attached? Not sure what might fit the price range.
  7. wolster

    FS: Onkyo DX-C110

    @DrMoShen As per our guidelines, could you please add a price. Thanks.
  8. wolster

    Inline ads in a thread?

    Guys, I have reported this to Marc and will move this thread to the appropriate area.
  9. @peterr When you relist items, can you please not mark them as sold. Simply hit the report function at the top of the thread and report items as relisted. Thanks.
  10. wolster

    Hello from Perth

    Welcome RD. What Dave said. Those Tannoys look to be a bargain. I also had a 540R for a good while and enjoyed it until I succumbed to the general knowledge here that a dedicated integrated stereo amp is better for music listening. You might want to look at that as another step when funds allow - unless of course that you use the 540R more for movies and TV.
  11. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  12. wolster

    FS: B&W 805 Nautilus (Black) with B&W stands

    @Sonicy To clarify from our guidelines: "EMAIL ADDRESSES and PHONE NUMBERS are not permitted to be posted in threads. All discussions shall take place either in the forums themselves or via Private Messages. Private contact details will be removed to ensure privacy."
  13. wolster

    FS: B&W 805 Nautilus (Black) with B&W stands

    @Davey Willo I have deleted your personal contact details from this ad. Not good to post on a public forum and against our guidelines.