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  1. Thanks to @rowbo for posting the MQA response. I actually found it plausible and it backed up my listening experience. However, my initial comparisons of MQA tracks on Tidal with hi-rez files on Qobuz have me leaning strongly towards Qobuz. Is it because of the strong views expressed here influencing my listening? I don't know. Will compare further. I (think) I have the full MQA unfolding through my KEF LS50 Wireless ll enabling a fair comparison and have @Ozcall coming around this arvo. Will be interested in his thoughts while he sips his white wine.
  2. Thank again for the generosity of members. Thread closed.
  3. Some posts hidden as I'm sure the OP would rather we discuss MQA...
  4. It weren't me that moved the thread -but I agree that this is where it belongs. I watched the video yesterday when posted elsewherez. Really intetesting but would love to see some balance in this thread. Are there any similar vids that pose the argument for MQA?
  5. Interesting thread. Qobuz trial subscription started. The comparison with Tidal fun begins
  6. @Snoopy8 This thread seems to be a discussion on connection and component options. No need to divert to yet another discussion on the merits or otherwise of MQA.
  7. Further information: Photos: Crazy price drop for a very good DAC A dual AK4495 DAC from Stars Audio, recommended to me by @Ozcall four years ago. He also got me to order replacement opamps from Burson for him to fit to the DAC. Input Support: Coaxial: 44.1K-192K 24BIT Fiber(Optical): 44.1K-192K 24BIT USB (XMOS XU208 card): 44.1K-384K 32BIT / DSD64, DSD128 It has a selection of filters (see pics) It has given me great enjoyment over that time and I am only selling it due to a complete change of direction. While I have had this DAC, it has easily bett
  8. Thanks guys. I think I and many others have made our points on this topic, as well as the thread going in all sorts of tangents. At the request of the O.P. this thread is now closed
  9. Further information: I used these for running, as well as Zoom meetings at work. As well as good sound, they enable you to hear what's happening around you as they do not go right into the ear. Take phone calls while running or just listening to music. A great all-rounder. Price is firm. Photos:
  10. @Hookey I have deleted the rest of your post as this is not the classified section.
  11. Certainly not intended to be a whinge, Dave. More an observation.
  12. I know it's not a new trend but, IMHO, it's getting worse. Having totally changed my system recently, I have had a few items for sale. That's when it started. The first two items sold quite quickly. Good communication from buyers, items posted promptly. I wait for confirmation of safe arrival.........nothing. Then I get queries on other items by PM. Questions answered promptly. No 'thanks, mate'. no 'thumbs up', just silence. One member even asked politely if I could lift the lid of a DAC for sale and take some pics. I obliged and sent him three pics. Response? Zilch. No 't
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