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  1. You got that one right, Steve. Best game this year. Geelong were gallant. Tigers were brilliant.
  2. @plbm2013 Sorry but, as our guidelines, you need to wait 30 days before relisting.
  3. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  4. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  5. Well the tribunal got it right this evening, confirming Hawkins one match ban. Will be interesting to see how Toby Green goes tomorrow. To me the report seemed to be a square off for the awful decision last week to hit him with only a fine for his brutal attack on Bontempelli.
  6. Sorry, @BigMac but, as per our guidelines, you need to wait 30 days before you can relist your items for sale.
  7. wolster

    The Ashes

    Opening partnership of 18, best of series 🙄
  8. Welcome to the forum, Roger. You are correct in that you need to make a few posts before you get access to the classifieds and that is the only section for sales.
  9. @Mendes Good game and full credit to Geelong for coming back after we looked to be getting control. Agree that the umpiring was ordinary, particularly for a final. The Cat's will sorely miss Hawkins next week.
  10. wolster

    The Ashes

    A good first day result, considering the dropped catches. I liked this video clip from Marsh when he admitted that most of Australia (including @metal beat hates him:
  11. wolster

    The Ashes

    Marsh bowling well. Good swing and he has Stokes.
  12. wolster

    The Ashes

    Well a draw would mean we win the series 🤗 A wicket! Burns gone for 47
  13. wolster

    The Ashes

    Two big mistakes. Warney is correct. We should have batted and should have included Stark for Siddle with Marsh in the side. At this stage, I am hoping for a draw.
  14. wolster

    The Ashes

    Probly we will have one vice captain, Cummins, rather that two.
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