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  1. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  2. Yes, Darren. The SQ is a step up from the Node 2 - which is a very good streamer in it's own right. I know this is the dubious WhatHiFi but the writer explains it well: Between these two multi-room generations, the company had created the NAD Masters M50.2 BluOS network streamer, and the Node 2i’s upgrades begin with trickle-down high-end circuit design and architecture. The layout has been optimised to accommodate its new chassis, and further isolation put in between audio and wi-fi frequencies. The new, smaller wi-fi chipset has granted Bluesound the freedom to play with the circuit layout – though the company has admitted to being surprised by how much this has affected the Node 2i’s audio performance. Bluesound has also added some bonus features to its streamer, including that dual-band wi-fi and two-way Bluetooth, as well as a faster processor for an all-round more intuitive user experience. The 32-bit/192kHz DAC remains, as does its long list of connections, including RCA, coaxial, optical and subwoofer outputs, with physical inputs for optical, analogue and USB-A alongside wi-fi, Bluetooth aptX 4.1 and AirPlay 2. Wiring it into our reference system, it is clear that this is a different animal altogether to its predecessor. While its richness across the frequencies is retained, the soundstage appears more open, with even more granular detail fed in. What’s most striking is the improvement in this streamer’s organisation, timing and dynamic expression. There is greater life to the performance as well; the Node 2i shows not only an increased level of expression but also enthusiasm. Its considerable bass weight, while always supporting an equally full-bodied midrange, is commissioned now to add kick and drive forward proceedings.
  3. wolster

    Tennis Talk

    Some predictable results on day one. Barty took a set to get going. Serena impressive. Stosur out in round one again (I feel for her somehow. Maybe it's time to stick with doubles). Coco beats Venus again. In the mens, Roger sails through with a smile, while Djokovic is currently stumbling after winning the first two sets against Struff. Lots of rain and postponed matches.
  4. wolster

    Tennis Talk

    Happy to Keith. Had problems with the title when I first started it but will rename it simply 'Tennis Talk' That should cover it 👍
  5. wolster

    Tennis Talk

    Not a good start to the Aus open yesterday with officials allowing play on day one of qualifying on a day when the EPA advised people to stay indoors and avoid exercise. Storms forecasted for later this afternoon. Let's hope that clears the smoke.
  6. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  7. Well it took me a while. Upgraded for Christmas. It's true. The 2i is a significant improvement as a streamer. Far better than I expected.
  8. @Mendes No need for mods when you explain it so well 👍
  9. @Dizzymikey I have removed your mobile number for privacy reasons. Our guidelines discourage sharing any personal information.
  10. wolster

    Tennis Talk

    Agreed that the ATP Cup was really competed for, Keith. And you are probably right about the Hopman Cup becoming a little stale. I went several times in the early years but relied on the TV for watching in later years. It was the fact that it was a mixed event that made it so unique, with great camaraderie between teams.
  11. wolster

    Tennis Talk

    So was the ATP Cup a success? There was certainly some good tennis played but, being parochial, I sort of missed the mix of good tennis and fun that was The Hopman Cup.
  12. After 15 pages of opinions and theories, has anybody bought one of these yet? I see they are readily available and that a MQA version is next cab off the rank. Would be interested in impressions of owners.
  13. wolster

    Tennis Talk

    I know, another thread title change ..and a little late for this comp. Loved the way the Aussies beat UK in the quarters and De Minour tonight, against Nadal is playing out of his skin. Won the first set 6-4. Let's hope he can keep it going. Agut for Spain has been sensational.
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