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  1. Another option would be to buy a cheaper AVR and add a stereo integrated amplifier with home theatre by-pass, all within the same budget. You might be surprised at how better the music sounds.
  2. @vong Pics please for approval. Thanks.
  3. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  4. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  5. A great example of members giving good advice to someone putting their hand up for help 👍
  6. Welcome to the forum, Richard. The more WA members the better 👍
  7. @real I'll let this go but, as per our guidelines, you need to make a few posts around the forum before you get access to our classified section, where you will find a 'Wanted to buy' thread. Welcome and enjoy.
  8. @sleach ..to clarify, as Rantan said, the offending message means nothing and could actually deter others from making an enquiry on the same item. We encourage you to elaborate e.g. 'Message sent with intention to buy', 'message sent with offer' or simply send the message to to the seller without mentioning it, again as @rantan again has suggested. Cheers
  9. Another generous give-away has found a home.
  10. @JOEMT While you are new here, please respect fellow members, their opinions and choices, as per our guidelines. Thanks!
  11. @Eagleeyes Your ad has been approved but could you please add prices to items 16 -19. As per our guidelines, EOI items still need to include a price. Thanks!
  12. @amajzoub Please note that, as per our guidelines, I have removed your mobile number. Cheers
  13. @jonmcmill Welcome to the forum 👍 Just letting you know that I have removed your mobile number for privacy and scamming reasons, as per our guidelines. You will find lots of like-minded metal fans here. There is even a metal music thread here. Cheers
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