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  1. I think it dates back to his earlier days when he wouldn't hesitate to call an injury or toilet break when a match wasn't going his way. To his credit, that no longer seems to be part of his game. Only saw the first two sets of the final, then highlights. They were both brilliant.
  2. Onya, Bill. All the best and I'm still enjoying those cables, mate 👍
  3. Agreed. I was at the game. We were slack in defence for once. There again, @Mendes maybe West Coast wanted to keep the Pies in the top two so we can beat them again in the GF 😁
  4. Welcome, Michael. Find your way around and make a few posts and you will then get access to our classified section. (it's our little protection method against scammers
  5. Barty fought to the end but could not find that first serve when she needed it. It would not surprise me to see Riske beat Serena in the quarters.
  6. And, boy, was it good to see Nic Nat back and playing well for us last night 👍
  7. I expected to see @Grumpy here today. Maybe he lost interest
  8. I know Barty played a qualifier last night but she was still impressive. The bigger tests await her in this tournament. How will she go?
  9. Taken from the tele this morning. Thought I would post it for those that missed it. Amazing.
  10. Dunno, Snoopy. She is a talent with great belief. I don't see the comparison with Serena yet and there is nothing wrong with Venus as far as attitude is concerned. She is just feeling her age as she slips from the top top ranked players.
  11. Just found this and thought revisiting this thread to post. The folly in the grounds of Arundel castle in West Sussex on an early morning walk last year.
  12. Head to head they are 3-3 but I suspect that Kygrios does not have the fitness to go with Rafa this time around. There were several times last night that he looked seriously out of breath.
  13. @Snoopy8 He was actually brilliant in the 5th. Claimed that losing the fourth was a tactic. Will certainly be watching when he plays Nadal in the next round.
  14. And now Kyrgios is just giving the fourth set away after going down a break. How could you coach him?
  15. 7 are switching between Kyrgios and Barty. Watching Kyrgios can be entertaining and frustrating point by point. Thompson playing well. Barty not having it all her own way but has the first set.
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