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  1. Great post, @Tony M 👍 I quoted the section above because the thought occurred to me that new members join here everyday and would not have had the benefit of your earlier wisdom. That's why the odd repetition of a learned gem can still add good value to the forum.
  2. Well Marc did get rid of the political thread. That reduced the moderation load by about 70% As far as the other off topic threads are concerned, some are quite popular and a lighthearted distraction from audio and home theatre.
  3. wolster

    Bluesound Node 2

    I’m told this has the same DAC as the latest version. Worth this money just for the quality of the DAC.
  4. wolster

    Bluesound Node 2i

    As I posted in the Tidal/Bluesound thread, all is now working perfectly again after reporting the problem to Tidal last week. I have painfully slow broadband but that doesn’t seem to be a problem, apart from the initial wait when you first press play.
  5. wolster

    Tidal / blue sound

    How is this going for everyone else? I tested mobile and desktop application, as requested by Tidal, without problems. Now back playing through Bluesound and all good so far.
  6. wolster

    Tidal / blue sound

    Well at least Tidal are responding: Hello, Thank you for reaching out. Can you please confirm if the firmware for your device is up to date? Also, are you able to stream using the TIDAL desktop application, mobile application or web player without any issues? Thank you for looking into this on your end. Best Regards, Ashely Technical Support Specialist
  7. @Simon1916 Your pics might need a bit of work
  8. wolster

    Tidal / blue sound

    We shouldn’t have to change router settings. It is clearly a Tidal issue. They should fix it.
  9. wolster

    Bluesound Node 2i

    I'm also getting a few dropouts on Tidal on my Bluesound Node 2. Tidal seems to be the culprit as Spotify is streaming without problems.
  10. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  11. wolster

    No more riding for me

    @Marc Just found the track where you hurt yourself. No wonder 😮
  12. wolster

    Trade: Weston Topaz for 45 or 2A3 Amp

    @nzlowie Could you please add a price to your ad. I understand that you are looking for a swap/trade but adding a price will not only give others an idea of the value of a trade but will also comply with our guidelines. Thanks!
  13. Just a gentle reminder to all. If two items are included in an ad and one sells, you still need to wait 30 days from the original listing before you can relist the unsold item. @rossb When the speakers are payed for, I suggest a heavy edit on this ad to highlight the stands. Cheers
  14. Welcome, Jo. Lots of good and helpful knowledge here, Enjoy!
  15. @vietthang Your message does nothing for others reading this thread and is against our guidelines. Please be more specific in future. Thanks.