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  1. Welcome, Stephen. Can't answer your question but hope you enjoy our forum.
  2. Welcome, Paul. Enjoy your time here 👍
  3. Welcome Tony. Lots of members here to help you on your journey. Just watch your wallet 😉
  4. @damohpi Ad approved but we need pics for authenticity. Please add ASAP or your ad will be hidden. Thanks
  5. Welcome, @Tassie HiFi Why don't you introduce yourself in our new members section? Cheers
  6. Hi Dalton Welcome to the forum 👍 Just letting you know that you will need to make a few posts in the forum before you get access to our classifieds. Cheers
  7. Welcome, Kroeger. I hope you enjoy our forum. You will find that you need to make a few posts before getting access to our classified section. The Beginners and Purchasing Advice section might be a good place to start. Cheers
  8. Welcome, Max. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. Welcome Dalton. Enjoy. You will need to make a few posts as you find your way around before you find you have access to the classifieds.
  10. Welcome, Michael. Learn and enjoy 👍
  11. @AnthonyTee Your ad has been approved but your images are not showing. We need pics for authenticity. Thanks!
  12. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  13. @JoshH I have approved your ad but please ad pics of the actual unit for authenticity. Thanks!
  14. Welcome, Anthony. Hope you enjoy our unique mix of knowledge and humour.
  15. Will he get a holiday for that one, Caddi? Don't think he has ever been suspended before.
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