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  1. Newby

    @Max054 is back to greeting!
  2. Greetings have fun here
  3. Greetings from Coffs Harbour

    @cheekyboy your branching out Used to be you only welcomed those from Newcastle
  4. @Batty errr does that mean lead contamination of the vineyard?
  5. Washed: 1 short 15 sec sink soak with clean warm water 2 soap+water on sink bench with firm bristle shoe brush 3 back into sink wash off with different firm Bristle paint brush 4 on to oki noki RCM soap+water and a strong alcohol scrub with firm bristle shoe brush 5 flush with warm record vacuum 6 ok its its official I'm anal
  6. Ahh my Enders just arrived wash later and report back
  7. Andy is the above applicable to my "Muse"? A few db increase in gain might go well with my new #9 speed controller soooon to be installed? @ericd
  8. Stereonet Newby

    Greetings agree those speakers have to go lots to choose from many better than the Yamahas and lots of sellers in WA moving gear on haunt our classifieds
  9. Back to vinyl

    Oh dear this is gunna cost $$$$$$$ greetings to you , the bank manager and the WAF
  10. Greetings from Adelaide

    Greetings enjoy the site
  11. Geetings from Auburn SA

    Kent greetings enjoy the ride
  12. There's a bug in my amp.

    Greetings great first post errr I'd ship it to skippy
  13. Newby

    Greetings don't hurry get it right first time