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  1. @wolster fibs he’s desperate to be in Melbourne for the grand final. every item he sells gets him closer. I hear he’s couch surfing with @caddisgeek @Telecine even though @buddyev lives within the roar of the MCG crowd he won’t let him stay cos Richmond lost oh GLWTS GOTTA BE CAREFUL HES A MOD i could be nabbed for white anting. nice pen
  2. djb

    Hi from Darwin

    @Anthony Hornby Maggie’s appear on SNA clAssifieds fairly regularly. Usually the 1.7 for $2Kish. In Melbourne there are 5 or 6 members with Maggie’s .if you venture this far you can listen to some older rebuilt models from 1960s tymphony 1D s -Tymphany 4 s
  3. Greetings enjoy the music
  4. djb

    Lost at sea

    Greetings suspect pops sorted you out
  5. djb

    New from Brisbane

    @Doug^3T1 greetings hope you got the Tuner sorted
  6. djb

    New memeber from Melbourne

    Greetings space is a problem many people moving to head phones for 2 channel
  7. djb

    Hi from Darwin

    @wen didn’t know you were a Territorian!
  8. djb

    Hi from Darwin

    Greetings your not alone in the move back to 2 channel
  9. Not good it may turn out ok yet. I thought I’d paid for an item only to find I hadn’t completed the transaction . All turned out OK. Fingers crossed. ppl are pretty frantic work wise on Friday What is his post count? never trust members with false/artificially inflated post counts
  10. djb

    Another Brisneylander

    @jwalker it’s a good move to upgrade. vintage systems cost less and you learn lots fiddling with them there are positive improvements that aren’t necessarily hugely expensive available in our classifieds that are only a few years old.
  11. djb

    Another Brisbanite

    @Israel Uriondo greetings have fun here learn lots
  12. @JoeZ13 greetings glad we got what you need.
  13. djb

    Another Melbournian

    Greetings it’s preferable to not let the magic smoke escape from the box.
  14. djb

    Hi all from Sydney.

    Greetings enjoy the show