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  1. All I really seemed to be there for was to entertain the dog by throwing balls? The sound was sharper/crisper than when last I heard it.as the foil loosens a little the bass will sound even better < no buyer bias here. take care of yourself next week Andy.
  2. Tele you have widely gone to the main man Just pay him and listen to the music. what is your main phono these days? the guys will want photos
  3. Greetings I left the desert state a lifetime ago but as you see ^^^ we have avid members there
  4. Greetings enjoy the site post your views make a few replies in this forum and you’ll be able to post
  5. @wen a fanboy is is an irrational rabid supporter of a product undeserving of their support. members of the flat panel society do NOT fit this description. we are a knowledgeable elite with better ears than any fan boy
  6. Greetings enjoy the site post your views there are several active threads on Maggie’s here i have refurbished Timphany 1 Ds
  7. Greetings enjoy the site post your views reply to a few posts in this thread and you will soon have the number of posts necessary to sell
  8. Greetings enjoy the site post your views
  9. Greetings enjoy the site post your views
  10. Greetings you’ll need a few posts before you can sell here
  11. Greetings is it hard to walk Marg ?
  12. Greetings enjoy the site
  13. Greetings have fun here learn lots
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