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  1. Any one heard from @ThirdDrawerDown recently he isn’t answering PMs @Telecine
  2. djb

    Hi Everyone

    Greetings pm me when you have a Lexicon CX 7 come your way I have a need of one
  3. djb

    Hello from Adelaide

    Greetings ask questions enjoy the site
  4. djb

    FS: Tannoy 607 standmount speakers

    I’m not familiar with this model . How old are they? specs?
  5. djb

    Hello from Melbourne

    Ooh some very nice gear there greetings
  6. djb

    Hello from Ballarat

    Greetings carefull research and cunning buying will give you a good system over time. enjoy
  7. djb

    Hello from Brisbane

    Greetings you seem to be adapting very well
  8. djb

    Hello from Sydney

    Greetings what has stayed the same?
  9. djb

    Hi from Brisbane

    Greetings share your knowledge plz
  10. djb

    Hi from brisbane

    If your happy leave now! the journey becomes complex other wise is the amp is integratedie has multiple plugs for additional components adding a tuner and CD player is simple both tuners and cdp are inexpensive as most ppl have moved to digital/computer based systems Place an add in our want to buy clSsifieds someone local may have something in the shed for almost free.
  11. djb

    Hello from Surry Hills

    Greetings share your knowledge
  12. djb

    Hello from Melbourne

    Greetings share your knowledge
  13. djb

    FS: ELAC FS68

    @jamesg11 rears!
  14. Wonder when @ThirdDrawerDown is next working in Perth? Even flat panels use "thingies"