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  1. Never been bound by tradition/exact replication with hifi so ive accepted the offer of a somewhat radical experiment in the inner north next Monday morning on my T1D’s. As yet I haven’t added true ribbons to my system. Onday we trial them with ANT AIR MOTION TWEETERS. WILL THEY Have what it takes? will I be expelled from the Flat Panel Society ? @gonefishing999 @andyr @Point source @jamesg11 @buddyev @Telecine @ghost4man @addictedtomusic

    Get thee behind me Satan. Someone buy this jewel
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    @Telecine don’t give me a wimpy like this isn’t sugar flavoured Facebook POST
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    GO! ... run now .... you can’t afford this hobby children with no food on the table listening rooms where aged men come to give advice over red (communion) wine Divorces are common We have a chaplain You’re fiancé or is the financier is already worrying about her shoe allowance. AND .......ou don’t even have a turntable yet an addicted member admitted recently to owning 26 of the damn things @Luc @Telecine see Lee we gave you a @gurnsey
  8. Powerboard extension lead.

    Now we are down the the nitty gritty "agitated atoms.." Steven Hawkins is turning in his grave.
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