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  1. djb

    Hi from Sydney East.

    Greetings get the hell out of here N O W @wen is deceiving himself. ABSTINENCE IS THE ONlY (partial) solution
  2. djb

    Melb Newbie

    Lots to be learned here
  3. djb

    G’Day from Perth NOR

    @Tats46 greetings watch classifieds ppl regularly sell quality CDPs when they go digital
  4. djb

    Hi from Melbourne

    Greetings Geoff the trick is to convince the rents to upgrade and you take the Krix.
  5. djb

    Hi from perth

    Greetings Mathew
  6. djb

    Hi from Melbourne (another one...)

    Ben another one is fine we got to keep the Vic s on top of the rabble
  7. djb

    Hi from brisbane

    Tom greetings enjoy the site
  8. djb

    Hi from Brisbane

    Greetings ray quality parts and DESIGN are critical
  9. djb

    hi from SYD

    Raif greetings I’d reverse the order ie research first. get a few posts up before you can sell here
  10. djb

    Hello from Perth. (SOR)

    Greetings lots to learn here
  11. djb

    Hi from Darwin

    @KRSDarwin cutting edge tech well beyond me!
  12. djb

    Hi form Melbourne

    @Long B Nguyen greetings enjoy the site
  13. djb


    @Manny Satija greetings enjoy the site