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  1. Defining "Sound Quality"

    @mwhouston tripath mono blocks mmm intrigues me. tripath must have developed hugely since I played with them a little 20 years ago
  2. Greetings great first post you are correct re discipline i found if I decided a direction ie analytical rather than warm it was easier to control myself. Avoid the "change of direction" dilemma at all costs. OF COURSE YOU GET THE TT UP AND RUNNING! Get thee to the storage facility T O D A Y Sheesh all these years and he can't even get the basics in order.
  3. Defining "Sound Quality"

    You and @caddisgeek will enjoy the comparison
  4. another newbie from melbourne

    Greetings but would you want to be a member of an organisation with aged has been's like me in attendance ?
  5. I don't think I've never seen a phono stage with a volume control
  6. Excellent to see you host a gtg. More ppl will see it in the gtg page which can be found near the bottom of the list of forums,
  7. Almost newbie

    Greetings enjoy the site and your music
  8. Defining "Sound Quality"

    Sound quality is, I think, best observed - no heard- in a comparison to live music. We must not stop going to concerts. We need to remember what instruments sound like.
  9. G'day from Melbourne

    Tank that's enough the missus will get mad addiction lies ahead
  10. Orthy you are well and truly hooked enjoy
  11. Another newbie

    Greetings enjoy the site
  12. Newbie

  13. What do I need...??

    @Red MacKay I think you got what this guy needs