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  1. Actually geek moves to the UK next week. Zero work in hospitality here. so he’s keen to see me well set up before he leaves😎.... there’s a new Dsp device to slot into my system before I let him depart!
  2. What’s a key board my geek has retrained me Apple Watch does it all.
  3. Greetings level 4 made me invest in new gear and drink cheaper wine. Take this as a warning leave now.
  4. Hi am a complete Newby when it comes to streaming in fact I’ve been forced to take action by my geek Who insists I need something simpler to access music in my old age. Given that I am already ancient I suppose there is a compliment in there somewhere. Context Nearly 2 years ago the geek gave me An Amazon Alexa.I fiddled with it for a few weeks but only ever used the provided speaker and never inserted in my main system. Are we could go aboard unemployed geek decided we should integrate it into the main system. We used a cheapie 2 to 1 cable we had lying around. Lo and behold it now sounds very nice not up to my main systems but worth pursuing the notion of streaming hardware. Yesterday I took the one month trial of Amazon prime so I’m in a steep learning curve.prime is incredibly cheap my initial conclusions are positive. Geeksuggests that as we are an entirely Apple house hold we should consider a home pod. [entirely means I tap purchases with my Apple Watch Has anybody here trialed the HomePod? I should add that the other home management applications are unlikely to be vary relevant in a bluestone house built in 1880.
  5. not for a nonogenarian with a bottle of cheap whisky a day habit and 40 senior service gaspers before lunch. Towing that oxygen bottle is almost beyond me.
  6. Lol l never was this well coordinated
  7. That’s a low blow Pulinap as a nonagenarian I handed in myLisence 20 years ago. If I knew a mod I’d Dob you in
  8. While I am earnest where BUNBARY is concerned. it’s rather too distant a train journey for a nonagenarian even if I had a Gladston bag.
  9. At PULINAP NEVER HAD ONEOF THESE IN MY STABLEenjoy the holiday season
  11. All I really seemed to be there for was to entertain the dog by throwing balls? The sound was sharper/crisper than when last I heard it.as the foil loosens a little the bass will sound even better < no buyer bias here. take care of yourself next week Andy.
  12. Tele you have widely gone to the main man Just pay him and listen to the music. what is your main phono these days? the guys will want photos
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