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  1. Greetings mmm don’t confuse tbe a Garrard Turn tables in radiograms with the 3 or high end TT decks Garrard made
  2. Certainly some nice gear
  3. Phil greetings lots of teachers here
  4. Greetings an interesting read
  5. Greetings plz contribute your knowledge where you can
  6. I doubt the TT nostalgia aside is worth the effort..1 bought 1 on eBay for $23 took it to my tech for evaluation. He took it and me out the back and placed it gently in his dump bin. Hes a big man the inference seemed to be that if I bought a TT without asking his opinion first next time I’d be placed in the bin
  7. Greetings learn then ask specific questions here before you buy ANYTHING HERE OR ELSEWHERE
  8. Greetings hope you can sell those here
  9. djb


    Greetings you’ll get more precise advice if you ask again in the relevant sub forum
  10. greetings enjoy the site ask again in our head fi forum
  11. Greetings There’s nothing on Zavala’s worth bothering with listen to music
  12. Greetings Mike you after more cans or a move to boxes.?
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