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  1. Dam it missed this and not open Sunday....no new Marantz for me then
  2. judge25

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    Price and Postage info may be handy Crystara 🙂
  3. judge25

    SOLD: FS: X2 Platform Subwoofer

    Is there one or two for sale? And if two is the price for both or each?
  4. I am guessing you wont post at this stage?
  5. judge25

    SOLD: FS: sold

    PM Sent
  6. Hi, Can you advise if these are the Android model or not? Also in the last photo it looks like the seem may have come apart a little on the top of the right cup. I know this is probably just the camera angle etc but best to check Thanx
  7. judge25

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    Yep probably. But this thread just got moved to a different section
  8. judge25

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    Hey where is the 4K/UHD trade thread??? Anyone know?
  9. Truth be told I don't really like the flop down front either. Reminds me of many previous first gen players from many manufacturers, be it DVD or Blu. Seems this flop down front is always popular, particularly with Panasonic. But as you say it make for a nice clean facia. Display would be nice even though I always turn my off or to pure direct mode. Still nice to see what's happening initially though
  10. New update for player. First Asia Pacific U[pdate. Not a lot in it. Updates UBP-X800 firmware to version M32.R.0175 and provides the following benefits: Resolve possible playback symptoms Improve intense color quality on HDR playback Improve compatibility with OLED TVs of other brands
  11. Ruth, now that you have it running as you would want, your impressions of the unit? For me one of the biggest surprises was the build quality and finish. I heard it had a good build quality but the finish looks much much better in person than in photos (at least to my eyes). I can say it didn't grab me looking at the photos but now I quite like it, looks polished and clean. Love that it's not plastic and stays cool on top so you could stack the unit if you wish. Seems quiet and smooth tray loading too. Oh and I really love the Blue tooth implementation . The profile allows pairing headphones unlike my sony tv and it's fast. Can hardly detect any lag from the picture with speech and it sounds surprising;y very good. Very handy now I can watch when wifey is asleep. Built n Chromescast would be good for many but my TV already has it. Multi channel SACD sets it apart fro all but the oppo which make it a extra good deal for me at the price albeit .no analog outs for it. This doesn't worry me any more.
  12. Agghhh yes it will be HDMI 1.3 issue. Missed this earlier knowing it was not hdmi 2 I naturally assumed it was 1.4 .
  13. Glad to see you have resolved this, sort of
  14. Should work so long as you have Systems Settings./ Hdmi Audio Output set to HDMI 2 and the hdmi channel on amp set to that input and the HDMI 1 port on the player direct to TV or Projector. Least ways works fine on mine. To test if you are getting a HDMI connection on this HDMI port, you can set you amp to this port as you would to get sound, but also put your tv on the amp in port (not the sony player port). Although you dont get the video, you do get a message on the screen say something like audio only is output to this port. The other thing to watch and this has caught me twice, is that the ports are quite snug fitting which I like. I had the same problem and checked the cable and although it appeared in a little push to check it clicked in a little more and all was good.