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  1. I have got 2 of them I have been meaning to put up for sale. Perfect condition, with everything including boxes. Near new Used for one movie, but didn't blend well with my system. I am in Melbourne west. Was looking for 250-275 each, PM me if interested
  2. On the look out too...or an XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro kit. Actually both probably.
  3. Call me stupid, but I only see 2 input channels?
  4. HI, Is that $900 for the 2 or each...just to confirm. I am very interested if it is as I presume for both. What condition are they in, any marks, scratches or damage? As I am in Vic where would the pickup point be? Cheers, Shane
  5. Dam it missed this and not open Sunday....no new Marantz for me then
  6. Item: Marantz sr7010 or sr7011 Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a 9.2 atmos receiver ready to go that can cover me until hdmi 2.1 receivers come out. Will consider other brands/models if price is right. Haven't seen one hoping someone may be thinking of an upgrade Melbourne or Vic easier so I can pickup but flexible on this.
  7. Price and Postage info may be handy Crystara 🙂
  8. Is there one or two for sale? And if two is the price for both or each?
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