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  1. Call me stupid, but I only see 2 input channels?
  2. HI, Is that $900 for the 2 or each...just to confirm. I am very interested if it is as I presume for both. What condition are they in, any marks, scratches or damage? As I am in Vic where would the pickup point be? Cheers, Shane
  3. Dam it missed this and not open Sunday....no new Marantz for me then
  4. Price and Postage info may be handy Crystara 🙂
  5. Is there one or two for sale? And if two is the price for both or each?
  6. Hi, Can you advise if these are the Android model or not? Also in the last photo it looks like the seem may have come apart a little on the top of the right cup. I know this is probably just the camera angle etc but best to check Thanx
  7. Yep probably. But this thread just got moved to a different section
  8. Hey where is the 4K/UHD trade thread??? Anyone know?
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