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  1. @proftournesol Im glad to see your planning for evacuation with smart remote home defence, instead of the stay and get PTSD option. Did you get under eave sprinkler placement like below? It looks like the way to cool the walls and wet a verandah in a fire storm. Ive only seen roof top ridge sprinklers installed, which might be OK in a slow burn but in a fire storm the hurricane force winds would likely just blow ridge mounted sprinkler spay clean away? This house amazingly survived the 2020 fires despite being built with external kindling and the forest be
  2. I did some crude modelling for the Gradient "sub" and although the driver used is pretty good for OB it exceeded its Xmax displacement limit under 60Hz at half maximum power. That could cause massive distortion with harmonics contaminating both bass and lower mids. On the other hand it could be the Quad amp losing grip. Its only rated for 100W at 8-ohm whereas the drivers can soak up 220W at 8-ohm and there's two a side. If you Gradient is wired in series that will be a 16-ohm load so the Quad will be stymied at 50W. To test this Id suggest wiring the Gradients in paral
  3. Lithium 12v supplies like will need regulation to put out a steady 12.0V. Switching regulators can be small, efficient and cool for DC/DC voltage regulation. So the idea a lithium 12v battery pack yields clean battery power at 12.0V without switching noise might be a false assumption. Depends on the quality of the electronics. As long as it sounds good...
  4. For a phono amp clean regulated power is indicated that has regulated 12V DC, not over-voltage from a "12V" lead battery no switch noise as from a lithium "battery" no recharging hassles eg TeraDak 12V power - search on ebay Internals: https://www.teradak.com/products/89.html
  5. Is it your Quad amp that is the actual problem? Could it be the sub? Your Gradient SW 63 is an open baffle design. Usual recommendations for subwoofer amps may not fit at all well. Open baffles let the woofer oscillate relatively freely and reach the maximum displacement at low frequencies with relatively low watts. The issue you have may not be with your Quad amp power but be with the open baffle sub. Solutions 1. limit low frequencies if you use computer audio and a DAC eg- cut steeply below 40Hz then try 50Hz 2. Borrow a high power amp to tes
  6. With your Sony headphones running on bluetooth you will get inferior sound from most stand alone bluetooth units. The best sound with those headphones is via LDAC. For that you want an Android 8.0 plus device that has LDAC enabled and the app set for high quality. Its all detailed in the specs.
  7. 1. the best sound with those headphones is via LDAC for bluetooth needing an Android 8.0 plus source and the app set for high quality. A high quality DAC as source is irrelevant. 2. stick with the long cable
  8. What exactly are you missing? In order to dial in the sound you like its vital to clarify that. Some find noise modulating DA processes like the Chord lack a sense of impact or dynamic grip and then find some R2R based DAC that satisfies. Others find without tubes there's a lack of body or grip in the timbre. Others find all DAC's sound the same and rely on lab measurements. Maybe what matters is what you have experienced and identify what you want?
  9. Sensational project. What would you suggest for a complete budget to replicate your dedicated build, with all equipment and full install all done professionally?
  10. Im an IT idiot but I read there is no such thing as bit stripping: Digital volume attenuation does not change bit depth. If its a 24 bit PCM code and the volume is attenuated by 60 dB the PCM is still 24 bit encoded. No bits are stripped. The problem is the DAC SNR output will be compromised as the low signal sinks into the noise floor. If the DAC has a base 120dB SNR with a 0dB digital input and the digital stream is put through digital volume control at say -60dB the SNR (depending on the DAC architecture) will sink to only 60dB. Gain matching is vital using digital vo
  11. For your speakers to do DSP any analogue input will need go to an ADC.
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