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  1. Its a good idea for us not to do high frequency tests on speakers so we don't damage the tweeters. Its an even better idea not to do loud headphone high frequency tests at all so we don't damage our remaining cilia in the inner ear. It might be worth doing a careful lower volume upper frequency test, if you use computer audio, in order to set a low pass filter and cut out those useless high frequencies you cant hear anyway.
  2. Musical instruments fundamentals are mostly under 8,000Hz. Over 8,,000Hz its mostly just harmonics and theres really only one octave up there. So its a waste of time testing over 10,000Hz.
  3. If only there was a breakthrough treatment for tinnitus. Unfortunately this tinnitus research appears to have issues: 1. some research authors work for the company selling the patented device for 2,500eur raising concerns of commercial bias 2. there's no placebo arm 3. wheres the peer review A sceptic might say the study looks like it was created by chance or by design to produce the right result for commercial success. A better designed trial with a placebo or wait listed control group could sink the products viability. As usual we need to talk
  4. The "refurbished" status might be more of a maybe. If your going to be using the headphones for outdoor work the previous model could be OK?
  5. Sony WH1000XM4B appreciable noise reduction gives much higher SNR and quality sound when working this allows it to out perform higher specced wired headphones in the real world noise reduction also allows lower listening volume to save your ears no cable getting in the way when working and you don't have to carry your DAP
  6. A codec developed with "noble intentions" like flac is 1. free 2. no DRM 3. actually adds a useful function 4. doesn't waste audiophiles time 5. lossless 6. honest I dont know the intentions behind creating MQA but to me its a festering blight. Its wasted my time. Time I wont get back. Time I could have been enjoying listening to music.
  7. Nice DAC! https://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=97 Looks like even the DAC boards can be rolled. Has anyone heard the Sabre vs the AKM? Is the Sabre too sharp?
  8. optical TOSLINK digital connection will provide electrical isolation https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-WBA31-Wireless-Wi-Fi-Bluetooth-Audio-Receiver-with-IR-Remote-300-597
  9. In terms of file choices, sampling theory predicts that 1. PCM eg 44.1/16 can sound better then compressed files like Spotify or MQA. If testing this out be aware to level the volume as MQA can up the volume, which is a great way to sound better. Im not suggesting MQA do that to cheat. If you cant hear a difference be happy, get your ears cleaned or listen to a mates system. 2. PCM 44.1/16 encodes more then humans need. So "high res" like 24 bit or 96 kHz is only indicated for blue whales or bats. If testing this out be aware some high res files are better engine
  10. Ali Farka Touré performed ‘Savane’ live at Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels in January 2005. The show was among the very last performances of Ali's touring career. Ali was accompanied by ngoni masters Bassekou Kouyate and Mama Sissoko, both of whom featured on the studio album 'Savane'.
  11. https://ballake.bandcamp.com/album/djourou
  12. @proftournesol Im glad to see your planning for evacuation with smart remote home defence, instead of the stay and get PTSD option. Did you get under eave sprinkler placement like below? It looks like the way to cool the walls and wet a verandah in a fire storm. Ive only seen roof top ridge sprinklers installed, which might be OK in a slow burn but in a fire storm the hurricane force winds would likely just blow ridge mounted sprinkler spay clean away? This house amazingly survived the 2020 fires despite being built with external kindling and the forest be
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