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  1. The Cal will be hard to beat. Have you tried cleaning the laser? Getting it serviced is a good plan. A replacement needs a similar Burr Brown DAC and good error correction which narrows choices down: https://www.stereophile.com/content/primare-cd32-cd-player-measurements
  2. https://store.realworld.co.uk/product/real-world/1-cd/caoimhin-o-raghallaigh-thomas-bartlett-cd/
  3. Talking about recharging options and thinking of CO2, is there any workable way to do significant recharging off solar panel derived power in Australia?
  4. Would it be worthwhile trying higher crossover points with gentle slopes too? It looks like an easy free experiment which might give interesting results with mid-bass rich music, like acoustic bass in jazz. Is there a current photo of your room and system to get an appreciation of what your doing?
  5. Thats an unusual issue. I have no idea but it seems like when warming up there's an issue. Maybe a poor connection with thermal expansion? Is it worth checking the solder joints or cleaning the tube socket contacts just to ensure its not something simple?
  6. The Kii-3 have a brilliant design in so many ways. One DAC and one amp per driver is so sensible. One query I have is how do you tune the sound signature beyond equaliser setting? So many audiophiles need vinyl or valves to enjoy their music. Are there DSP settings that can take the hard edge off some early CD's or tame that brittle sound some modern DACs and Class D do?
  7. Why dont you PM Jazzman directly about your math queries? He's super helpful and uses this forum. The usual Ripole design with the magnets sticking out will allow nice air cooling. With your plan to use shallow mount drivers and box them in will you need an air gap behind the magnet for convection cooling? Is there room? Construction wise there might be a case for using threaded rod and nuts to tie the side walls and drivers directly together.
  8. TotalDAC has a " -non-oversampling DAC compensation filter activated or disactivated by remote control " that when activated over compensates for NOS droop. Ive never heard a TotalDAC but if the compensation is turned on and the treble sounds hot it seems easy to turn it off. I prefer NOS DACs to be fed sample rates over 88.2 which is easily done using computer as source. That will fix the NOS droop and can sound better regardless of NOS droop. Or not ...
  9. The TotalDAC is a NOS DAC with an odd filter that overcompensates for NOS droop. No need to worry. Just use computer audio to do the upsampling like the Phasure DAC does.
  10. Your certainly not alone. Sabre DAC's well implemented should sound fantastic but ......
  11. Finally. Someone who understands wave theory. Hallelujah. Also someone smart enough not to respond to trolling. Nigel, that seems correct on first glance but for a panel to do that it has to be modelled as having multiple point sources that are discrete and so far separated in space that they operate independently and so cause timing differences and so phase issues. This can happen with multi-driver speakers of course but any well designed panel is sufficiently uniform that modelling it like that is wrong. A panel as Grantn described acts as a whole and sends off a uniform wave. To back up the physics of wave mechanics as applied to finite unified line sources are panel impulse response measurements that show at a glance well designed panels have clean impulse with no blurred or sequential timing issues. Im not exactly sure how you configured your speakers but the idea of a pressure wave running up the panel might be another worrying idea with no basis. If the woofer is sealed it puts out monopole waves at low frequencies that spread to the back as well as the front. If the woofer is aligned with the panel with an air gap then both sides of the panel will be pretty much in the same pressure and immune. If the woofer is OB dipole then the panel can placed be in the null. Those two lines are contradictory. If your panels image precisely they must have excellent time difference = phase coherence. Your ears and brain say the idea panels scramble phase is erroneous. I hope you dont mind me responding. I just dont want a fellow music lover to have his enjoyment ruined by bad science. On that point theres a very weird post somewhere that panels have comb filtering from timing differences. Thats just more nonsense and not even worth responding to. Enjoy your music.
  12. There doesnt appear to be any connection between the Lipshitz theory, which addresses frequency distance changes in near field studio monitoring settings and the odd ideas of a9x about phase changes Your post includes a quote on line sources that is completely out of context with this threads DIY ESL design and similar size panels in the home setting. How about we leave it to a9x to try and defend his "simple physics" ?
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