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  1. Something very special [emoji2] The SOTAs a good turntable, but time to move it on, and as the wife wanted, quickly.
  2. Item: SOTA Sapphire Turntable (no arm or cartridge), includes upgraded armboard, record clamp and cover (refer pictures). Location: Bankstown area, Sydney (local sale and pickup only) Price: $400 (negotiable) Item Condition: Used but still in good working condition. Reason for selling: Upgraded to another turntable and not using the SOTA. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Cosmetically very good condition. Checked speed with RPM app and still running well. Pictures:
  3. I have an A810 myself. Lovely machine. I had it serviced in Canada. All the caps, rollers etc. What a sound. Beautiful with the right tapes.
  4. A little bit of everything. 70's Rock/pop, Jazz and classical. Acoustic guitar and piano sound great on the Atria's. At the moment I'm going through a record collection a friend donated and enjoying some LP's I haven't heard for ages. Procol Harum Live, Linda Ronstadt, Gerry Rafferty, ELP etc.
  5. Hi SdP, The Rockports are wonderful speaker,s crafted by Andy Payor and have a similar sound to their larger brother, the Avior. Speakers have personality, and the engineer behind them designs them to express their musical philosophy (within marketing and monetary limits). It's quite amazing how the same recording can sound different on other audio systems. Andy used to use Gryphon amps to voice his speakers, and they do sound good together. The Diablo300 sounds particularly good with the Atria's. The bass is excellent, layered, fast and punchy (as Jeff notes). The Atria's Mid is very detailed, and transitions from bass to mid are seamless. Top end is silky smooth, and I mean silky. No nasty shrillness, harshness or edginess. Soundstage is big, for such a small speaker, and driving them louder opens the sound up further. I have included a link to the Jeff Fritz review in the January 2014 UltraAudio. Build quality is excellent. I think Jeff's appraisal is quite accurate and can't speak highly enough of them. Of course thats based on my limited experience, but I do love them and would recommend an audition. http://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/twbas-menu/434-when-the-stars-align-rockport-technologies-atria-loudspeakers
  6. I have had the Diablo 300 in my system since around September last year (Rockport speakers, Avid Acutus TT etc). It replaced the earlier Gryphon Diablo, which was an excellent amplifier. Previously I've had, Threshold, Classe, Pass and various other pre and power combinations. The Gryphon Diablo was the last in a long line of amp's, speakers and various other equipment I have tried. The Diablo was my favourite amp, and news of an upgraded Diablo piqued my interest. I read the publicity on the 300, and decided that it would be an easy upgrade, and probably offer a reasonable improvement. I really didn't expect it to be so good. It's more than an upgrade, it's almost a new product and sound. From the first listening session, the bass was beautifully shaped, extended and dense with detail. It was such an improvement. Nothing lost, but the impact of the music I was listening to was instantly improved. Mid range and highs gained detail, voices were reproduced with uncanny reality. Detail, overtones, timbre of instruments was taken to a new level. I had an old Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers record (not a particularly good recording), I have played on and off for years. Put this on and wow.... bass was wonderful, drums kicked and the pace and rhythm seemed to improve. Everything I played through the amp, from Reel to reel tapes, Hi-res digital or cd, without exception, sounded much better. I could crank up the volume, and there is no graininess or compression of the sound, it's still smooth and effortless. Is it good- I think so. Is it for everyone, probably not. I would love to audition the Antileon Evo, but on the other hand, maybe I shouldn't.
  7. It's been some time and no one has been posting here. I'm enjoying the master tapes I've bought... I know its expensive, and it's old technology etc etc, but they do sound good I came across some new master tapes to add to the collection. At the moment I have 8 tapes and am enjoying these immensely. A range of classical to Jazz, from UltraAnalogue and International Phonograph Inc. The new label is from Italy and I ordered the Enrico Dindo tape. Quite expensive Euro245. ENRICO DINDO CONCERTOS A. L. Vivaldi Jacopo di Tonno I Solisti di Pavia I haven't received the tape yet but have heard very good reports about the recordings from an overseas friend. I'll let everyone know how well it sounds. http://www.openreelrecords.com
  8. Along with the Oscar Peterson box tapes Lutz Precision have released some other tapes: http://analog-audio.eu/en/master_tapes There's also an Oscar Peterson 6LP box set with a special promotion EP (not available for individual sale) in it, which is limited to the first 250 LP sets.
  9. Yeah, I think it's a Studer-Revox. A Studer model would be my choice. An all new model with the Studer mechanics and outboard electronics [emoji2]
  10. Maybe a new Studer, Nagra, Stellavox!! Famous Swiss Tape Recorder Brand To Re-introduce Reel-to-Reel Analog Recorder! By Michael Fremer • Posted: May 16, 2014 Not allowed to divulge the brand name but a famous Swiss company renowned for its pro audio and semi-pro reel to reel tape decks will begin again next year manufacturing a reel-to-reel tape deck! As unlikely as has been the vinyl resurgence, this news is even more unlikely, yet it is happening.Why? Because of increased demand for reel-to-reel playback and the willingness of record labels to license titles for reissue on 15IPS 1/2 track 10" reel tape. These tape sets are very expensive yet the demand grows. The tapes shown here are the Oscar Peterson set also reissued on a six LP set mastered from analog tape by the appropriately named AAA label in Germany. The recordings were originally produced by the well-regarded MPS label that recorded many jazz greats during the 1960s and beyond. A spokesperson at the booth selling the sets (or at this point taking orders) said the demand has far exceeded the company's expectations and based upon it, it expects to dig deeply into the MPS catalog for future tape releases. Getting raw tape is "no problem" he told me, because someone had bought BASF's tape manufacturing equipment in the "unlikely" event what has happened might happen.
  11. Great to hear DV. You are ahead of me... Must discuss the masters with you sometime. I'm really enjoying the masters I have. Next step is to upgrade the Studer.
  12. Warren YS has a brilliant system. Resolving, but not bright or thin sounding. Certainly the improvements over the last 6 months have been dramatic. DV thanks for your comments. If I can grab an Archon I will. By the way how's your tape deck going?
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