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  1. Where are some AE speakers for audition?

    David, I'm using TD18H and I'm in Melbourne so send me a PM and let me know when you will be in town
  2. Spending 10k - integrated or separates?

    If it's pre and power amp you want and you want change from 10K and to buy new gear with excellent dynamic sound then I recommend the Elektra gear. It's what I have. [emoji38] I think for the type of speakers you have the extra power typically found in separates is very important no matter what you decide on. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. Elektra Reference HD

    I have upgraded to the reference HD. Even better signal to noise ratio. The lower noise floor makes it great with my high efficiency speakers. The recent showcase with Krix tells the story better than me [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  4. 21 days to buy gear from the UK

    It's from July 1 2018 that it affects goods purchased. Only digital transactions are affected in 2017. Eg Netflix Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. Item: Planar XScreen 80” projector screen with stand on castors Location: Melbourne (3030) Price: $500 all included (over $4000 at the time of purchase) Item Condition: very good, very few marks what so ever. Still has plastic lining the picture frame Reason for selling: Getting a larger screen in the new house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ fees), bank transfer, COD Only Extra Info: This was the Rolls Royce screen at the time I bought it. Suitable for low medium light as well as a dark cinema room, it uses Daytime Screen Technology and displays well even with the lights on. It has a 4mm layer of hardened glass behind the screen surface and provides an absolutely flat screen, appearing like a plasma or other flat screen TV. I have had a movable stand made for it, which I am including, but you can also mount it to the wall. Lots of options given its strength and rigidity. I have the original box for it but given its size this is a pick up item only. From SoundandVision 2007: "At the core of the Xscreen is a high-gain, but highly directional, silvery screen. The point of this is to reflect as much light as possible from the projector but not the ambient room light (like a regular screen). To test this, I set up the Xscreen in our lab in front of our regular screen. Then, obviously, I projected an image on it. Just by dropping the Xscreen, I could see what the same-size image looked like on our normal 1.0-gain screen. Most readily apparent is the increase in brightness. The Xscreen was roughly three times brighter than our normal 1.0-gain screen. With the projector we were using, this resulted in around 94 foot-Lamberts versus 31 ft-L with the 1.0-gain screen. With the lights off, the black level was also about three times higher. With the lights on, however, an interesting thing happened. With a white field, the brightness on the Xscreen stayed almost the same, but, on the regular screen, it came up a little less than 10 percent (which, in this case, isn’t good, as it’s just reflected room light). With a 0-IRE black field, it was far more interesting. The black field on the Xscreen was actually 20 percent darker than it was on the 1.0-gain screen. It was doing just as it was advertised: It was blocking more of the ambient light than a regular screen. What this means is that the contrast ratio, on the 1.0-gain screen and the lights on, was a measly 57:1. On the Xscreen with the lights on, it was a far more watchable 194:1. With the lights off, this same projector measured over 8000:1, so the Xscreen can't work miracles, but it's doing quite a lot to make the image watchable in direct light."
  6. With the NS1000s having sealed bass and dropping off from 50Hz, then it is only room gain that is delivering more bass. That would be a challenge to say it is controlled at the lower frequencies. NS5000 is ported and going lower. So, for any given room, the NS5000 has more bass. Hence, why I say the NS1000 should have a subwoofer. Any room makes a difference and I acknowledge that so it's great you have a room that suits your NS1000s
  7. I had the pleasure of listening to the NS-5000s today at Big Picture People Knox Ozone. Driven by the A-S3000 integrated delivering 150 watts per channel into 6 ohms, and a CD-S1000 CD/SACD player. I was very impressed! Having heard the NS-1000s not so long ago I can say that to me they are a lot better, especially with respect to bass. I listened to two tracks, Keith Jarret live and a track from the recent Ben Harper album. Great midrange and treble with excellent midbass punch and bottom end! I know it's not a cheap speaker but it definitely outperforms many speakers I have heard and does so without the need for a subwoofer (essential with the NS-1000). As well, they also look great! Ps. I understand that BPP Knox is the only place that has a demo pair in Victoria
  8. Jaki Liebezeit RIP

    Sad to hear! I met him over a decade ago and he was a humble guy who only wanted to play drums. Could still play like a metronome for hours! Amazing to see. RIP
  9. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Thanks Matt! The good news is there won't ever be a buzzing problem with this isolation transformer Meanwhile, let's get back to Anthony's mega build
  10. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Yes, it's essential that it conforms to Australian Standards. The transformer does indeed conform. Safety first [emoji4]
  11. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    That's cool Matt. I welcome your expertise. It isn't set up as floating but instead will have its own earth .
  12. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Yes, just under 50kg. Yes again, it uses a separate earth stake. You can run on a dedicated line if you like and feed everything off the transformer. The iso is balanced & uses +/- 5 volt steps .
  13. Deep End DIY - My first speaker project

    Just thought it would be good to add a pic. 5kW transformer is big, heavy and incredibly powerful