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  1. Further information: JPS Labs need no introduction for those of you familiar with high end interconnects and speaker cables. This is a custom made JPS Labs Superconductor + for use with subwoofers or wherever a single channel feed is required. At 7 metres, it should be good for most rooms, allowing you to position your subwoofer in the optimal position for your room. Photos:
  2. Further information: Even Michael Fremer likes this headamp, especially for its versatility. The Piccolo is an MC headamp that provides a linear pre-gain for your MM phonostage. The active circuitry uses low noise matched discrete JFETs in a no-feedback gain and buffer configuration, offering very low noise and distortion. The sound is extremely neutral leaving no sonic signature. Both loading and gain are adjustable, providing extreme flexibility. (from Hagerman Audio Labs) Specifications 0, 12, 20, 26 dB gain (1kHz) 47, 100, 220, 470, 1k, 47k ohm input im
  3. Further information: This is a 4 channel amplifier that delivers power that few amps can come close to. The FP10000Q”” stands for 10000 watts and it can achieve this with a 32 Amp feed. It's currently fitted with a 32 amp plug (sparkie changed it) and I have run it on a standard outlet too. It runs well on the standard outlet too, obviously with less total power. It's great that each channel has a gain control which is excellent for ensuring sound level matching in room. I am selling as I need to go fanless in the Hi Fi space I have now. I don't have an issue when listening to movie
  4. Further information: This is a classic tonearm that continues to perform as well or better than many contemporary tonearms. It is complete with a genuine Audio Technica phono cable, universal 1/2" tonearm mount headshell and cartridge leads. The EPA-100 tonearm represents several significant advances in tonearm technology. A variable dynamic damping system which permits the user to tune the arm for compatibility with virtually any cartridge now available. An extremely stable 4-point Gimbal suspension employing ruby ball bearings which maintain static friction at 5mg or less for
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