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  1. Thanks. I'm after the 2nd gen. GLWS!
  2. Hi, is this the 2nd gen? Do you know how old is it? cheers
  3. yelodoggy

    SOLD: FS: ZMF Eikon in Padauk

    What is the brand of headphone stand in the photo? Thanks!
  4. Amazing value! Cant go wrong with Elacs. GLWS
  5. yelodoggy

    FS: Symposium Rollerblock Jr

    I’ll take it thanks, if you post to Sydney.
  6. Is the fostex Mk1 or Mk2? cheers
  7. Hi, would you sell the isoacoustic stands separately?
  8. yelodoggy

    SOLD: SAP Relaxa 1 Isolation Platform

    Thanks. So to level the equipment, can you adjust the feet under the black base component of this platform?
  9. yelodoggy

    SOLD: SAP Relaxa 1 Isolation Platform

    Will this self-level if the centre of gravity of the equipment is not in the center?
  10. yelodoggy

    FS: cable sales

    what's the length of the tara labs?
  11. Thank you, however the shelf size is too small for my needs. GLWS :o)
  12. Thanks, but i'm after MK2. Cheers