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  1. Yes, the later PSE ones I’ve got look better in the flesh than any of the photos I’ve taken. Would have preferred the gold or coppery finish plates though! Good luck with the sale!
  2. Cammyboy, I’ve now used the Foilflex/ Spiroground Tonearm cable for about 60hrs. I was advised that the cable would take about 80hrs to reach its best. Unfortunately, I installed the Kiseki Purple Heart (100hrs for optimal) and the tonearm cable at the same time. I had previously installed the speaker cable, then an RCA interconnect and after that a Din to RCA interconnect. So by the time I got to the doing the cartridge and Tonearm cable I had burn in fatigue and decided to put both in at the same time.🙁 Hence, its hard to attribute specific changes to the cable itself. My previous tonearm cable was a WSS Kabel Platin line ( silver conductors) with Eichmann RCA connectors and good quality SME right angle Din connect at Tonearm. The Cartridge was a Dynavector XX Mk2. I was quite happy with both of those. The combined result of the new set up has been significant lowering of noise floor and very noticeable improvement in transparency. The other significant improvement was in the detail/ musical detail across the frequency spectrum, but particularly the upper end which I attribute to the cartridge. It’s great to hear the triangles and other “tinkles “ in orchestral works. Vocal stuff is just amazing! What is also superb is that the high frequencies are presented with such clarity and without any hint of harshness which is similar to the impact of the speaker and IC cables. So I attribute that feature to the cable. its often hard to describe the changes, but I concur fully with your description of the impact of the cables that you provided in your post. That has been my experience too. 😃
  3. Whatever was there originally! I haven’t looked at them specifically. I read somewhere what they were,but will have to look it up,
  4. Seeking information/ advice on the following. 1. I have changed my moving coil cartridge and now need to have a different phono load impedance to what I had previously. The recommendation is for 400 Ohm (manufacturer), but some reviewers suggest 800- 900 Ohm. Currently I have the dip switch option of these settings: resistors arranged in parallel. 100 Ohm, 2.74k Ohm, 3.92k Ohm, 5.11k Ohm and 10k Ohm as shown in photo. I have used a formula using different combinations of the dip switch resistor values, but cannot achieve the recommended values. I have used the 100 Ohm option for the present. I am considering replacing two of the dip switch options with a 400 Ohm and 900 Ohm Resistors. Q. a. Would the type/ brand of resistors have an impact on the sound quality at that function level? Q b.What type/brand of resistors would be best for that function? Q.c. Which of the current dip switch options should I choose to replace ? 2. Coupling Caps on the Phono stage. Thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade the coupling capacitors. Reviews have suggested Teflon types (eg V-cap), Dueland, Mundorf, auricap, DRT, Jupiter etc. Q. What are the likely sonic signatures of the different types/ brands of capacitors for the coupling capacitor function? Information and advice would be greatly appreciated.! [emoji2]
  5. Well the Tonearm cable has been in use for about 40hrs now and very pleased with the outcome! 😃 I don’t have the details of the construction, but as I recall, it has the same Foilflex copper wire, but uses a spiral ground wire technique to reduce potential noise. I think he calls it Spiroground. My one has a SME Din connection for the Linn Ekos1 tonearm on the Lp 12 and KLEI copper harmony RCA to the VTL Ultimate phono stage. (And earth lead.) Listening now.... Earl Klugh has never sounded better!!
  6. Just a Linn Sondek LP12 with an Ekos1 arm. But it’s been mine since 1989! Along the way it had a Cirkus Kit Transplant and a Trampolin 2 added, but the motor is still going strong! It’s been adorned with a Linn Troika and a Dynavector XXMk2 over the years and a WSS Kabel Platin Line (Silver)Tonearm cable. Two new adornments have just been installed- a Lenehan Audio Foilflex/ Spiroground tonearm cable and a Kiseki cartridge. My ears have been burning in for about 35 hrs and my brain is now processing a sense of joy! [emoji2]
  7. I didn’t realise that the your ICs were not shielded. Did not even think to ask as I’ve always had shielded and that was the norm! I have been using the internet search today to get a better understanding of shielded vs unshielded. Wow, found out this was another cable related debate with many audiophiles having polar opposite views on many forums Eg: “There is no (sane) reason to choose unshielded interconnect cables.” “In ALL cases, unshielded interconnects should NOT be used for audio systems.” “Never, EVER try to use unshielded interconnects with phono cables. The result will always be tears.” I don’t want to start another cable war here, but I have inadvertently done a completely blind test!🤣
  8. I was so pleased with the SQ improvement on inclusion of the Foilflex RCA - RCA interconnect between the phono stage and amplifier- to complement the Foilflex speaker cable- that I took the plunge and asked Mike to construct a 1.5mt Din to RCA interconnect for my Naim CDS3 to Amplifier. Just superb! Hard to find the words to describe the presentation, but the sheer musicality, subtlety of detail, transparency and precise imaging was astounding. The emotionally and soul of the music was really engaging. The words “joy” and “beautiful” kept coming into my head!! I know the SQ that comes is a result of the whole system and its interaction with the room acoustics, but the impact of the combined Foilflex “loom” was significant! So much so that I spoke to Mike about the possibility of constructing a tonearm to phonostage to complete the Foilflex loom for my vinyl playback. I use an Linn Ekos 1 tonearm on a Linn Sondek lp12. I have just got it installed!
  9. Great active Naim System! Wondering what the main reason for not using that Naim system and what your main system components are? Regards
  10. Wow, the Naim Nac 12s preamp and Naim Nap 160 were the combination I started off with in the 1970s. They sounded excellent and only traded them in for 32.5/ 250 in the 1980s, because I needed better capacity to drive Linn Isobariks. Many are still using them and have a following. Have you got the Interconnect leads for them?The 12s derives it’s power from the 160. Flashback Sales have got all the Naim type leads you might need to connect to other equipment. Perhaps you could let us know what source and speaker you intend to use and what queries you may have. You could also have it checked and serviced to make sure it is operating optimally. Enjoy
  11. Great to get a list of people in Victoria who can repair/ service QUAD 11s. I’ve got two pairs in very good condition that are still going strong. I assume those with knowledge and skills with older valves should also be okay with other amps - I’ve got two Leak Stereo 20s! I use a VTL Ultimate preamplifier- the phono stage- in my main listening system and looking for someone who could upgrade the coupling caps.
  12. Not sure what you mean by “followers”, but I have gathered quite a few Naim boxes over the years and use a Naim CDS3/ XPS2 in my main system. Now trying to consolidate and set up an active system with a pair of Chrome bumper Naim NAP 135s, and 250s, and Olive NAC 72/ Hicap /Naxo, CDS/CDPS. Just need to get more lines of speaker cable! Intend to use it with a pair of Linn Isobariks. I’m in Victoria!
  13. Oh yes, I hadn’t noticed that as the power cable is behind the curtains! Will readjust to give more seperation. I was trying to layout the near side speaker cable to avoid forming a coil!
  14. Decided to give my QUAD ESL 2057s ( modernised 57s) an Aussie present! 😁 With ribbons😃. I’ve had to run the speaker cable in front of the near speaker, because my components are on the side wall. Needed a slightly longer cable. Decided after 12 years with Chord Epic Twin to try something different a ribbon type cable from Australia - Lenehan Audio Foilflex SC with KLIE Copper Harmony bananas and ETI Copper spades. They sound absolutely superb! ps. Note my high end cable lifters!😳
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