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  1. vivianbl

    LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Thanks Rodders3 Stack Audio has a new website that describes all the products in detail and published some testimonials. Also spoke to Decibel who said they were very well constructed components and looked good. He had a Very positive response from a customer who he installed it for. https://stackaudio.co.uk/ I was looking for some “ independent” feedback from any users on this forum. Maybe too soon at this stage.
  2. Really interesting question that has made me think back to when I was experimenting with different cables and thinking through the process at the time. I have not made changes in IC or speaker cable for a long time! (8-10yrs now). Yes I still have a collection of Blue Jeans , Belden and Canare IC and speaker cables still in the cupboard; and a range of standard Naim and Flashback cables (Naim, Quad, Leak) which I use in my system in the study. In main listening room system I use WSS Kable platin Line ICs and tonearm cable. Chord Epic Twin 5mt pair (12-14 yrs). My general conclusions are, not in any priority order: * having good connectors are really important and I have WBT and Eichmann on the cables I use in my main listening room system. *the cables are only one part of a system that ends in the sound produced by the speakers and its interaction with the room environment. So not only cables have to be taken into account, but also placement of speaker, adjustments to component placement and isolation and adjustment of room treatments to get the “sound” you like and want. So not about whether one cable is better than another but what matches ( and what adjustments you can make) with the other components in the chain for the end result you want to enjoy.
  3. vivianbl

    LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Wondering if anyone has tried these, now called, Stack Audio LP components? And any thoughts about the result. They have sub chassis/ arm boards, top plate, base board and crossbar for the LP 12 at much more reasonable prices. [/https://stackaudio.co.uk/serene/ URL]
  4. Ummm, that was interesting! The first impressions of the Analogue Production version was the “smoothness” of the sound, lower noise flow- blacker background, wider soundstage and the backing instrument much clearer and brought more forward. The voice was very close, clean and intimate. Maybe it was the “ samy..ness”, but I got bored with it and ended up putting another record on after hearing the first disc. I found the original mono more musically engaging and listened through the whole album. I was reflecting this morning whether listening to the New pressing second could have been the cause, but there was a gap of about 2hrs between playing the original and the new release while I had my dinner and watched the news etc. I also noticed that the original release conveyed the Dean Martin “swagger” much better. Maybe the new release has been cleaned up too much to make it “Audiophile” quality! I’ll reverse the order of listening at some stage this week and see how it goes.[emoji2]
  5. Yes the original recording/ release appears to be 1964, but the release I’ve got is a 1966 mono Australian pressing.
  6. I’m using a XX2Mk11 with a Linn Ekos arm with LP 12 Cirkus upgrade. Very detailed and clean, good tight bass. Haven’t tried Krystal, but used a Linn Troika prior to the XXmk2
  7. Just listening to side 1 of Dean Martin “Dream with Dean”. This is the Old Mono Reprise release- 1966 Australian pressing! The first time I have played it since the 1980s I think. No cleaning or rituals just put it on the deck and put the stylus on the first track. Sounds great!![emoji3] Yesterday I picked up the recent Analogue Production remastered version that I had lashed out and ordered In October after hearing it at a number of rooms at the HIFi shows. Will put that on later and hear how they compare!
  8. vivianbl

    Power cable - impressions

    Would be really interested in your impressions after you have used it in your system- good bad or indifferent.
  9. Been noting that mains voltage range has increased over the last month with upper limits going to 252v, but a lot of the time in the high 240s. We finally got the approval from Ausnet for a 5kw Inverter but have to implement a grid output control to limit grid export to 3.5kw! Been reading reviews of both inverters- SolarEdge and Fronius. Also exploring the SolarIQ
  10. vivianbl

    $10K!!!!! Speaker Cables

    Obviously Copper is very expensive[emoji15]
  11. Over the winter months the daily voltage ranged from 225v to 245v. When I checked over the past few days the readings during the day varied from 236v to 252v. But observe that it is mostly now in the high 240s. I’m getting solar system installed next week. Concerned about the system shutting down if if voltage goes higher and also damage to equipment not just audio.
  12. vivianbl

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Sad to heard about the disillusionment. I listen to both CD and vinyl extensively and don’t have a problem with either. Enjoy both formats. I have a reasonably large LP collection and just put them on the turntable and play. I do clean the stylus with Last cleaner when I change the record. A lot of LPs are from the 1960s/ 70s with their price labels still on the covers! Years ago I used to go through a cleaning rigmarole before playing each record - that impressed all my friends- but now don’t bother. Don’t have problems with pops and clicks. There is some on some LPs, but very minor. Most are completely silent. Have never washed any record or put them through a cleaning machine. Too chicken to do that!! I Listen to music on the system most days, actively listen and enjoy the music and the experience [emoji2].
  13. vivianbl

    Vinyl disillusionment

    They are called Agora Acoustic Magichexa. You can look them up on the internet. Decibel Hi fi in QLD and Krispy Audio in NSW supply them. The Auralex Gramma platforms for TT and Speakers are from Manny’s ( mannys.com.au) Cheers
  14. vivianbl

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Yes, isolation of speaker could also help. Those Auralex speaker platforms I mentioned in earlier post were intended to be used under speakers for stage performances.
  15. vivianbl

    Vinyl disillusionment

    If you were playing loud, then most likely it was causing mega vibration through floor and cabinet impacting on TT. I found positioning on side wall, better than between the speakers. I used an Auralex speaker isolation platform $109.00 to isolate my Linn Sondek. An IKEA bamboo butchers block ($19.00) with 3* megahexa dampers ($14.00) was also effective. On the other hand you could spend thousand on High End Isolation stuff[emoji6] Like those horns![emoji2]