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  1. vivianbl

    Linn LP12 owners - what cart say you?

    I have been using a dynavector XXMk2 with Linn LP12 /Ekos mk1 and find it detailed, well balanced and musical on my system
  2. vivianbl

    Show us your tubes

    Saw some posts on 300B amps earlier in the thread, and decided to take the opportunity to flash mine last night, but didn’t come out that well. ☹️ so decided to post the day time pics. These are the Audion Silver Night Anniversary PSE 300B 18wpc Mono Blocks that I use in my main listening system to make my QUAD ESL 2057s sing![emoji2] The output valves are Shuguang 300B -Z black Treasures and driver tubes 6H23N-EB. I have these amps on the side wall and use HerbiesLab titanium C rings on the valves. Improved vibration isolation of the amps also made significant improvement in SQ. QUAD and SET magic indeed! [emoji15][emoji2]
  3. vivianbl

    Annoying Pictures in Classifieds

    I get the same duplication of image on my IPhone as well!
  4. vivianbl

    Annoying Pictures in Classifieds

  5. vivianbl

    Furutech Demagnetiser

    I still have an Akai demagnetiser from the 70s/80s. I could zap my CDs with that. [emoji2] Do you reckon it would work? Might get it out and give it a try anyway. Do you think I should do a DBT on this? [emoji848]Just to make sure.
  6. I heard it at the Show in October as well, that’s why I thought I would get the copy. It is outstanding in terms of the of the clarity of the close miked voice, the low noise floor etc. just as described by Fremer in his review of the new release and great for showing off the Hifi. It is gobsmacking to listen to in that sense, but after 2 or three tracks... I want to listen to something else or ... However, when I listen to the old mono recording you realise what has been “filtered” out. Btw the imaging on the mono is not to bad- narrower, but more integrated/ coherent with the voice.
  7. The supplier attends to the lines and adjusts the transformer. Beware, so mesuppliers can charge for a “ false” call out.
  8. Well I’ve had a chance to hear the two recordings in reverse order and then each one on seperate days. My initial impressions were confirmed. Just listened to the 1966 mono recording again just now. It was very engaging, tuneful, melodious, musical etc. It conveyed the colour, emotion and meaning of the songs through variation of pace, inflections and the coherence with the backing band. Really enjoyed it! I just wonder if in the mastering process of the new release they cleaned up too much to make it “audiophile” quality and lost some of the essence of the “music” that was in the performance. The “sameness” of all the tracks tended to be somewhat boring☹️. It did feel rather ponderous, in slow motion. Yes I did play it at the 45rpm speed! Must see if I can get some info on the process they used in the production of the new release. Would be interesting to hear from others who may have both copies.
  9. Have now had the roof Solar system installed with a Fronius inverter and fronius smart meter to control the grid output and reporting. I have not found any SQ change that could be attributed to the installation of the solar system. I have been using a power regenerator for the audio equipment for a while now so would have been surprised if there was significant change. [emoji2] We get no shading on our roof so went for the Fronius inverter. The only regret possibly was not putting the second string on the west facing roof to get more later afternoon/ early evening sun in summer.
  10. Our mains power had increased from 224– 246v in winter to 238- 254v over September/ October (at the power point). We had our 6.6kw solar panels installed recently and I mentioned this to the installers. They realised that the mains coming in was about 260- 265v and was concerned the inverter would shut down. Apparently if it is over 253v for 10mts it would shut down. SPAusnet came down very quickly and adjusted the transformer taps - 2 taps down they said. Now I’m getting between 230- 240v at the audio power point. They said that they might have to readjust it up before winter.
  11. vivianbl

    LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Thanks Rodders3 Stack Audio has a new website that describes all the products in detail and published some testimonials. Also spoke to Decibel who said they were very well constructed components and looked good. He had a Very positive response from a customer who he installed it for. https://stackaudio.co.uk/ I was looking for some “ independent” feedback from any users on this forum. Maybe too soon at this stage.
  12. Really interesting question that has made me think back to when I was experimenting with different cables and thinking through the process at the time. I have not made changes in IC or speaker cable for a long time! (8-10yrs now). Yes I still have a collection of Blue Jeans , Belden and Canare IC and speaker cables still in the cupboard; and a range of standard Naim and Flashback cables (Naim, Quad, Leak) which I use in my system in the study. In main listening room system I use WSS Kable platin Line ICs and tonearm cable. Chord Epic Twin 5mt pair (12-14 yrs). My general conclusions are, not in any priority order: * having good connectors are really important and I have WBT and Eichmann on the cables I use in my main listening room system. *the cables are only one part of a system that ends in the sound produced by the speakers and its interaction with the room environment. So not only cables have to be taken into account, but also placement of speaker, adjustments to component placement and isolation and adjustment of room treatments to get the “sound” you like and want. So not about whether one cable is better than another but what matches ( and what adjustments you can make) with the other components in the chain for the end result you want to enjoy.
  13. vivianbl

    LP12 Upgrades - Where to start?

    Wondering if anyone has tried these, now called, Stack Audio LP components? And any thoughts about the result. They have sub chassis/ arm boards, top plate, base board and crossbar for the LP 12 at much more reasonable prices. [/https://stackaudio.co.uk/serene/ URL]
  14. Ummm, that was interesting! The first impressions of the Analogue Production version was the “smoothness” of the sound, lower noise flow- blacker background, wider soundstage and the backing instrument much clearer and brought more forward. The voice was very close, clean and intimate. Maybe it was the “ samy..ness”, but I got bored with it and ended up putting another record on after hearing the first disc. I found the original mono more musically engaging and listened through the whole album. I was reflecting this morning whether listening to the New pressing second could have been the cause, but there was a gap of about 2hrs between playing the original and the new release while I had my dinner and watched the news etc. I also noticed that the original release conveyed the Dean Martin “swagger” much better. Maybe the new release has been cleaned up too much to make it “Audiophile” quality! I’ll reverse the order of listening at some stage this week and see how it goes.[emoji2]
  15. Yes the original recording/ release appears to be 1964, but the release I’ve got is a 1966 mono Australian pressing.