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  1. vivianbl

    Hello from Melbourne

    Great to share information with another Audion Silver Night user. May not be many of us around in OZ! The two small valves in front on my model( 2012 build) are the same type (6H23N-EB). They appear to have a logo but no brand name-could be ones specially made for Audion. Each valve came with instructions on which one to put into specified left or right channel mono block and what socket - left or right - viewed from front. I wondered whether they were matched to particular circuitry! Read a lot on the net about 300B valves. Confusing and often contradictory views, but interesting nevertheless. In the end it’s about matching room, amplifier, other equipment being used in the system and what your particular listening tastes are. Will look up the Psavane 300B Tii. The new 300B valves on mine are the Shuguang 300B Black Treasure- so no glow here either![emoji853]
  2. vivianbl

    Hello from Melbourne

    Hi Ooogh, I was fortunate in my search as I got my pair second hand, but with brand new 300B valves. Took the valves quite a while to open up though! The Silver Night PSE sound is as you described, but in my room and system set up, the image is a metre behind the line of the speakers and extends behind from there. The speakers are placed close to the side walls, so I can look at the stage and see the performance! I am used to a transparent and dynamic presentation and was initially wondering if I had made the right decision to go with the PSE! The transparency, dynamics and bass punch was missing at the start, but as the valves opened up and some tinkering with the acoustic treatment in the room I’m now getting very deep and tight bass- probably not as “ punchy”, as you say- the dynamics now are quite good, but with a sense of ease and detail. Orchestral works and opera have that weight and scale presented with such ease. Very captivating [emoji2] However, Not having heard the push pull version of these, I probably don’t know what I’m missing! [emoji6]
  3. vivianbl

    Hello from Melbourne

    I haven’t tried the VTL Ultimate line stage into the Audions. I had the interconnects on the record out when I was using the MC phono stage into a dual line autoformer as a switch and volume control into my -Leak Stereo 20 -and kept it there when I changed over. But the line stage was excellent when I used it as a pre with the Leak recently and some time back with another amplifier. Not sure my dynavector mc cartridge will have sufficient gain, but will give it a try some time. BTW, I did see the VTL Ultimate in the classified. What Audions are you using now?
  4. vivianbl

    Hello from Melbourne

    Thanks Ooogh, the Audions are the later black and chrome ones. I like the older ones too, but they are harder to come by now! I only use the phono stage of the VTL Ultimate pre when I use turntable as the Audions have their own volume control. I now plug the CD player directly into the Audions when playing CDs
  5. Been a member for many years, but first time poster! Have a bit more time now to search and read various topics. Currently experimenting with the room acoustic in a new music/ listening room. Surprising how much small changes in placement of polyester batts made to the music reproduction. In March, installed base Michael Green “room tune” products, but still mucking around with a few of the batts. I had different systems in various rooms in previous home. These included Linn/ Naim systems with Isobariks, Quad ESL 57s with Leak St20, Quad 11s, Melody, Naim 250. Only one system currently set up in new place - Linn LP 12, Naim CDS3/ XP2, and McIntosh Tuner as sources: Passive Pre using Dave Slagle autoformers, VTL Ultimate Preamplifier for phono stage, Audion Silver Night SET 300B Monoblocks and Quad ESL 2057 ( “modernised” 57s!😃) speakers. Enjoying the Music! Thanks