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  1. The Foilflex 1.5mt RCA interconnects have now had about 45 hrs of use between the moving coil phono stage of a VTL Ultimate preamp and Audion 300B PSE Silver Anniversary Mono Blocks. The Foilflex speaker cables are connected to a pair of Quad ESL 2057s (“modernised” 57s) - One of the four that John Hall built. These have an extended bass and treble frequency response, wider treble dispersion and can be used with higher power amps and played louder. The set up in the room with acoustic treatment gave a good balanced and dynamic response and good imaging with the previous cables -Chord Epic Twin SC and WSS Kabel Platin line ICs with WBT Nextgen connectors. The source used so far has been vinyl. The Foilflex combination lowered the noise floor and expanded the sound stage- width and depth. The lower details and timbre of instruments were exquisite, especially with classical music and opera. The ambience and placement of instruments in the orchestra front to back was amazing. High frequency detail was presented without any “tizz”, edge or harshness. Very natural. The other noticeable feature was the spaciousness and ease of the presentation, particularly of complex and dynamic components of the music. Very musical. And The PRAT was there too!😃 Vocals/ voice across a range from -voice and guitar, to opera - just sounded superb. It seems like the cables have gotten out of the way of the system! Very pleased with results and really enjoying the music.
  2. That’s interesting, I found the SC wider than they looked in the photos And much better cosmetically! The Foilflex “Ribbon” is somewhat “see through”, holding them up to the light, but could not see any wire in them. Mike assured me there was!😉 Don’t know the theory behind the construction, but very pleased with the SQ outcome. I have spade termination at the amplifier end and Lenehan banana at the speaker. I toyed with using the WBT Nextgen Banana that I had, but in the end decided to go with with the Lenehan banana. 075Congo your feedback on how these compare with your previous speaker cable will be interesting. I had been using a set of Chord Epic Twin for about 12 years and had been quite happy with them. I hadn’t contemplated replacing them, but after reading the type of SQ feedback on SN and discussing with Mike, took the plunge!😉 Have now decided to tryout an IC as well- should be arriving this week. 😳
  3. Yep, I got a set of Foilflex speaker cables 3 weeks ago! [emoji4] About 50hrs run time since connecting up.
  4. Tubes have been used with ESL 57s from its inception - Quad 11s were used as were Leak Stereo 20s. Push pull designs were the traditional recommendation There was more debate about the suitability of SET/ PSE amplifiers for the 57s in particular due to impedance related issues. These Audions are 300B PSE and a conservative 18wpc. They have no problem with the 57s. John Hall came over just before Xmas, to have a listen and commented that was the best he has heard from 57s. So even SET/PSE valve amplifiers shouldn’t be discounted for Quad ESL 57s.
  5. Yes, I’ve ordered what I want from them as the don’t seem to stock as wide a range now. I have had more success with Readings, Discrepancy Records and even JB Hifi.
  6. I use bare wire at the amplifier end- because I can! [emoji2] I use WBT banana plugs at the speaker end- because I can’t use bare wire there☹️
  7. I have been using a dynavector XXMk2 with Linn LP12 /Ekos mk1 and find it detailed, well balanced and musical on my system
  8. Saw some posts on 300B amps earlier in the thread, and decided to take the opportunity to flash mine last night, but didn’t come out that well. ☹️ so decided to post the day time pics. These are the Audion Silver Night Anniversary PSE 300B 18wpc Mono Blocks that I use in my main listening system to make my QUAD ESL 2057s sing![emoji2] The output valves are Shuguang 300B -Z black Treasures and driver tubes 6H23N-EB. I have these amps on the side wall and use HerbiesLab titanium C rings on the valves. Improved vibration isolation of the amps also made significant improvement in SQ. QUAD and SET magic indeed! [emoji15][emoji2]
  9. I get the same duplication of image on my IPhone as well!
  10. I still have an Akai demagnetiser from the 70s/80s. I could zap my CDs with that. [emoji2] Do you reckon it would work? Might get it out and give it a try anyway. Do you think I should do a DBT on this? [emoji848]Just to make sure.
  11. I heard it at the Show in October as well, that’s why I thought I would get the copy. It is outstanding in terms of the of the clarity of the close miked voice, the low noise floor etc. just as described by Fremer in his review of the new release and great for showing off the Hifi. It is gobsmacking to listen to in that sense, but after 2 or three tracks... I want to listen to something else or ... However, when I listen to the old mono recording you realise what has been “filtered” out. Btw the imaging on the mono is not to bad- narrower, but more integrated/ coherent with the voice.
  12. The supplier attends to the lines and adjusts the transformer. Beware, so mesuppliers can charge for a “ false” call out.
  13. Well I’ve had a chance to hear the two recordings in reverse order and then each one on seperate days. My initial impressions were confirmed. Just listened to the 1966 mono recording again just now. It was very engaging, tuneful, melodious, musical etc. It conveyed the colour, emotion and meaning of the songs through variation of pace, inflections and the coherence with the backing band. Really enjoyed it! I just wonder if in the mastering process of the new release they cleaned up too much to make it “audiophile” quality and lost some of the essence of the “music” that was in the performance. The “sameness” of all the tracks tended to be somewhat boring☹️. It did feel rather ponderous, in slow motion. Yes I did play it at the 45rpm speed! Must see if I can get some info on the process they used in the production of the new release. Would be interesting to hear from others who may have both copies.
  14. Have now had the roof Solar system installed with a Fronius inverter and fronius smart meter to control the grid output and reporting. I have not found any SQ change that could be attributed to the installation of the solar system. I have been using a power regenerator for the audio equipment for a while now so would have been surprised if there was significant change. [emoji2] We get no shading on our roof so went for the Fronius inverter. The only regret possibly was not putting the second string on the west facing roof to get more later afternoon/ early evening sun in summer.
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