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  1. Interesting experiences with the loading for the Kiseki Purple Heart. I use a SUT ( into MM phono) so only have the 1:10 option (470 Ohm). Have tried up to 1k Ohm with my VTL Ultimate Pre, but preferred the 400-500 Ohm levels. Have you got any thoughts as to why shifting the PS Audio Stellar to top of cabinet made an improvement?
  2. I too still use the Dekstand under my LP12. I vividly remember “George” from The Soundcraftsman extolling its virtues. Think I paid $150 for it -late 70s/early 80s. I used it on a wall shelf until 2012 and on a Lack table after that. Never had any footfall problems with either set up. Not sure if it really helps SQ, but it’s instituted as a habit now!?
  3. I find it difficult to relate to the list of characteristics outlined as I listen to the music presentation as a whole. By this I mean the amount of musical and ambient detail reproduced together with the ability to convey the intent of the music/ performer and the sense of “believability”/ “palpability” are paramount. Recently, comparing a couple of high quality phono pre/SUT components with great specifications , it became really easy for me to decide. Playing a classical orchestral piece, one set up conveyed the “menace” and “scale” and “weight”of the piece. The other had a si
  4. Great to hear that you are happy with the Kiseki PH. It is very sensitive to proper set up, especially VTA and VTF. What tracking force was it set at? Mark set mine at 2.3, that is at the lower end of the recommended range (2.3-2.6). Works really well with Audio Origami PU7TI. Mark took away my Ekos1 Tonearm , repaired the stuck VTF dial and made sure everything was okay with the arm. Got it back last weekend. In a nice Linn box now! Not sure what exactly you mean by “centre” stage, as my speakers produce a large soundstage, behind and “independent” of the speakers. It is a
  5. Great to hear, that you now have the new Linn LP12 set up. Had mine set up by Mark Dohrmann in November when he installed the Audio Origami PU7Ti and Stack Audio Subchassis and armboard. Did your LP12 Klimax come with the Ekos SE and Keel Subchassis/ armboard? What baseboard and Tonearm cable did you install on the TT. Trust you are enjoying the Kiseki PH on the new system. It will continue to get better, particularly in the conveying an extra sense of body, bass weight and scale which came in about the 90 -100 hrs on mine. looks like you got great service from you
  6. I’ve had the electronic components in my main listening system on the side wall for decades as it sounded better that way. I also like to see the stage and performance visually un-interrupted!! This has necessitated cables from 5m to 9m in length to the speakers. I’ve used Naim Naca 5, Chord Epic and a few others . Currently use 6m lengths of Lenehan Foilflex ribbon speaker cables from PSE valve amplifiers to Quad ESL 57s that have a complex impedance character. Mike Lenehan recommended that I keep the double ribbons on each length close together to minimise capacitance.
  7. Hi Markus, apologies for late response. I just picked up your post. That was exactly the issue, I agonised over and left the decision to the last minute! My view was that the least number of connections the better. Consulted with a few Linn people in the UK who recommended the seperate Din cable connect for the Linn. I think it was to do with the suspension, but also flexibility to use different Tonearm cables. Then spoke with John Neilson himself, who gave me the impression that a continuous run would be the best, but the difference was marginal as the Cardas Din plug was very good a
  8. Two questions; How old is the unit? Does it need a seperate psu? thanks
  9. “What is subjectively perceived is the truth. Science try’s to explain it, not deny it.” Confucius...just saying!?
  10. That’s interesting info. I haven’t heard that. Don’t know about the third party products, but I heard there was no problem other than the size of the hole on the early Valhalla. Will check out further. Thanks
  11. The decision the go with the Stack Audio stuff was made long before the decision to indulge in the PU7Ti. Discussed it with a few people in the UK who had the PU7 and they also had the Serene Subchassis and Armboard, so didn’t think there would be a problem. I think I discussed that with AO (Johnny Neilson). The Armboard was cut out for my Linn Ekos. didn’t consider the Audion Innovation one
  12. I changed from a thick Linn felt mat to a thin Collaro mat, didn’t like the much thinner and brighter presentation. Had the arm lowered a fraction to get parallel. Voila! Much better tonal balance and body. ???‍♂️ Maybe some cartridges are more sensitive to SRA/ VTA.?
  13. The culprit was me!? The issue was the optimum VTF level on the same cartridge. I happened to mention that when I got my turntable back from the service technician, the VTF was set at a much lower level 1.9g rather than the 2.3-2.6 recommended.( I had it at 2.5g). When I phoned back the service guy, he said that he used the rake angle (SRA) as the primary focus for the setting. When I recently had anew Tonearm installed a couple of weeks ago, the new person setting up put the VTF at 2.3g. I hadn’t intended getting into a technical discussion about the process of choosing the best car
  14. Yes, at those levels they are really good. You are listening to difference in presentation within your own system and listening environment and personal preferences in what you like in music. Running the Audion Select MC1 through the VTL Ultimate MM and rec out to power amps gave vocal renditions that were exquisite - gave me goosebumps and shivers, but didn’t have as much scale and dynamic as the Audion Premier MM. Would have been quite happy with that( Ultimate MM/ Select MC1 combination and will try it again after I have run in the Audion Premier (60 hrs)a bit more.
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