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  1. Is there anything out there worth checking out? I need 3 or 4 cameras, but cant run any cabling to them where I will need them, so would need the battery options, with wi-fi recording to a DVR I guess?
  2. When something like this happens, it always reminds me how important the recording is. I could go through long spells watching netflix, thinking my system is just sounding flat and boring, then you hear a great recording of something and realise what is really going on.
  3. Yeah that's what I ended up having to do in order to accommodate the receiver (and as such am no longer going the slim line path). Not a cheap process I must say!
  4. Have heard great things about the evo range, if you can i would try demo both options side by side.
  5. Have you tried Classic hifi in Newtown? Could be wrong but i thought they might do that stuff.
  6. Item: Denon 3500h receiver Price Range: $1400 Item Condition: New Extra Info: Does anyone know a store that might still have any Denon 3500h left? Looking this up recently, seems like they were getting run out around the $1400 mark by some places which seems like a bargain, but this is going to back to December now and cant seem to find any more. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Yeah fair enough. With 3 bookshelves it will probably be alright as you say. If I ever do add surround it would go through heos/wireless anyway. Will have about 10-12cm on each side and above, with an open front and back. Apparently this should be enough even for the Marantz which i have heard can run a little warmer than others.
  8. Wow I wouldnt have considered the 2600h and the sr5014 at entry level. With rrp nearly $2k I would have thought these were mid range?
  9. Well, after all that, turns out I might be able to get a "full size" after all. Im assuming the Denon 2600h and Marantz SR5014 will both beat the pants off any slimline? Interestingly these 2 are over 10cm less deep than the equivalent Yamaha which I probably would have otherwise gone for.
  10. Ive got 2 at the moment, a little nuforce icon at work which has been great (its only a small office). Also have a Pro-ject maia ds2 as my main 2 channel set up at home (again in a small space). That one very initially I was a little disappointed with. I was coming from a big 2 channel cambridge audio amp, and thought it sounded a little "cold" in comparison. I got used to it though, and now cant really pin point what it was that I didnt like about it. It certainly has plenty of power. The original maia is close to your budget https://www.apollohifi.com.au/project-maia-compact-integrated-stereo-amplifier-1826.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw5Ij2BRBdEiwA0Frc9a7NfbLS5m0tIBm9lO41J7c7tbuuG5gdJVQnPUAQOM1Xly-Dv5tWzxoC12YQAvD_BwE
  11. Thank you that is very handy. I'm hoping the marantz will fit as i just think its going to be closer to what I'm used to compared to the heos. Small chance i still might end up with an entertainment unit that fits a traditional avr, but good to know there are viable options if not.
  12. Cheers. I've just bought new speakers so want to go 3.1
  13. So say I am running an Nvidia shield, wouldn't any dolby digital or "higher" source just be downmixed to 2.1 anyway? Edit: I do like the "voice" coming from directly under the TV though, which is why I like 3.1 setup. Edit 2: If I go the 2 channel route, this looks promising https://www.audiotrends.com.au/denon-dra-800h.html
  14. Cheers. The HEOS is also the smallest (depth wise) so I may even end up only having that as an option anyway!
  15. How do they go about processing/passing through from a source unit. This will be nearly exclusively HT and already have the speakers.
  16. Cheers. The Heos is rated: Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.1% 2ch Drive) 50 W Is that extra .02 or .03 of THD anything to be concerned about?
  17. The manual also has this spec. I still dont fully grasp which one is comparable to the Marantz spec
  18. Yeah was just looking at the HEOS actually. Less features but still everything I need. Could be an option.
  19. Potentially, and unfortuantely, might need to be looking at slimline AVRs. Seems like the best are the Yamaha Rx-AS710 and the Marantz NR1710. Seems like the Marantz is newer and a little more future proofed. The Yamaha seems to be beefier though. I dont know if this correct, but from what I can find, the max power cosnumption on the Yamma is 500w, and the Marantz is 250w. Could that be right? Any other thoughts on what would be a better option? I will only be running a 3.1 setup with bookshelf speakers.
  20. Was told by this dealer they don't sell this particular speaker individually, but will ask on that site if anyone does. I think the LS50 are easier to come by as singles.
  21. If anyone in Sydney is keen to split a pair of black q350, I'm hoping the dealer will facilitate. I'm after a matching LCR but they aren't available singularly.
  22. Do you think the front stage seperation would be better in a soundbar?
  23. Yes no doubt and will chat with him when I am further along, was first just hoping for some opinions on people who have tried them out at home, or otherwise just some thoughts on what I can expect. The other thing I was looking at is getting 3 center channel speakers, and essentially lining them up on the console like a soundbar. Not sure if this is better or worse.
  24. Does anyone have any experience with these? Looking at their top model which is around $1200 for a passive LCR. Seems like most sound bars are super thin for wall mounting or what not, but have always found such speakers a little thin sounding in the mid range. These Adelaide speakers soundbars are 20cm deep, and even 30cm deep if you want to sit your TV on top of it. They also have good size drivers, I think maybe 6". The only think Im not sure about is due to the custom nature of it (can be made, within reason, in custom lengths, depths etc), how this might effect it, given that the "big guys" spend so much on R&D with specific drivers for specific cabinet sizes and whatnot. Also I don't think they claim to have any whizbang soundbar trickery that ive read on some other reviews (to eliminate crosstalk and improve imaging or whatever). But surely good drivers and crossovers in good cabinets is usually a winner? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  25. So the Yamaha 2070/2080 and 3070/3080 I have found that spec in the 450-490 range. Would you say this average consumption, rather than max? Edit: scratch that, I just found a max consumption figure for the 3070 stating 1210w!
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