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  1. I do have a spot ear-marked for that. Essentially the 2 back speakers would be right next to each other though, a little off center of directly behind the lounge. Not sure if this is better or worse than 3.1 (assuming I can even get it past the inspector).
  2. I was looking at that refurb 2085 as well. Do you think that over the Denon 3500h?
  3. Mostly movies, when I do use it for music it will not be critical listening. I did see somewhere has a run out Denon 3500h for $1450. This seems like a bargain. It is 7.2 compared to the 9.2 of the 3600h. Otherwise it seems to have pretty similar features.
  4. Spotify over wifi, return arc over HDMI, and probably HDR10 (look I dont even know what this is, but if its a feature for improved picture that a future new TV has, then I would like to have it). Speakers are largish bookshelves, either something like the new Wharfdale evo 4.2 or potentially the VAF i91MII. Currently have Krix KDX,
  5. So there arent any specific brands that do higher-end 5.1-7.2 AVRs it seems like? Looking to spend under $2k. The Yamaha RXV 1800b has been good to me, but lacks new features. I spent a little under $2k on that, and its 7.1 I believe, so I dont want to go backwards in terms of power by spending the same amount on an 11.2 AVR
  6. I guess I am looking at a brand that does a "beefy" 5.1 - 7.2, while still doing the latest tricks like wifi and arc over hdmi. Seems like most brands in the 5.1-7.2 have this as their entry level, and you need to go up to the 9.2-11.2 to see a better amp stage. I am looking for that 11.2 amp power concentrated in to lesser channels.
  7. Once I finally upgrade my receiver it will be for the sake of bells and whistles (streaming wifi or bluetooth for spotify etc), Arc on the hdmi, HDR, 4K etc. Unfortunately I will still be limited to 3.1 Does that effect what brands I should be looking at? It seems like the better the bells and whistles or the amp stage, it invariably also comes with up to 11.2 channels, which I do not need. Are there any beefy amps out there with all the modern processing capabilities that still sit at 5.1 - 7.2?
  8. Is the Netflix / Stan software etc easy to use and reliable on the Pana players. Compared to those inbuilt on Tvs?
  9. When I posted this I thought my Plasma had to go, but after some quick research on the pink banding issue, I ended up fixing it by opening up the back and turning something clockwise (Vs, voltage, i dont know exactly....) Not sure if that is a long term fix or if the panel age will mean it just comes back sooner than later. I did see that about the Samsungs, that is a shame.
  10. Most places seem to be having a sale on the QLED range. I am looking at a 65" q75R, which is around $2195 at the moment. Should I be looking at something else? Hisense OLED maybe? The room it is in has quite a bit of ambient light, and for now I plan to use the built in apps like Netflix or whatever (So i can get rid of the PS3)
  11. Hopefully my PS3 will last until the ps5 is viable!
  12. Cheers. Contemplating one day having to replace the plasma and PS3, not sure how the in built apps on smart TVS perform, but from my limited experience, they have generally not been great. Was hoping a good disc player would be the solution!
  13. Another question with these players, do they also double as "smart" units or whatever, ie for Netflix and whatnot.
  14. My RXV-1800 (so one model down and one year older than the 3900) is still going strong. The 3900 will have more power, probably equivalent power to current yamaha $2K models. I would go for that if you are happy with condition. It might need new caps at some stage if they have never been replaced (mine needed doing about 5 years ago, have owned it for around 10 years total).
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