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  1. I think they say this now so that people waiting for it stop waiting and go and buy a current TV. Then in 3 years it will be where OLED is now.
  2. These are quite interesting, though they seem quite light, is that still something worth considering when trying to determine if a sub is "quality"? My 12" sealed sub must weigh 30-40kgs, whereas this is coming in at 13kg. Does that mean anything?
  3. No of course technology and quality plays a part. Maybe its just mental, but I just dont see any 6.5" sub being fulfilling enough for my HT duties, like it would have to be more than a revolutionary product.
  4. I mean with subs, usually bigger = better, yes. Not saying all big subwoofers are better than all small subwoofers, of course quality (and therefore cost) plays a part, but just compare any subs in the same line, like this Kef62 compared to the kef92, and bigger = better.
  5. Dont know if I could buy a sub with drivers barely bigger than my bookshelves. The KF92 seems great, still pretty small drivers at 9", but also its out of my budget. I think I will just wait to find a great deal on the XTEQ10, which has 10" drivers, and is the smallest of the bunch (other than this new KEF62)
  6. Hi all, I could be wrong, but pretty sure my subwoofer spikes dont come off, they appear to be pretty solidly integrated in to the structure of the sub. I have them on a hard wood floor, with a mat underneath, and the spikes sitting on the little metal discs that came with them. Its just a pain if I need to move it around, as positioning the discs is difficult, but without them it would damage the floor (when I originally purchased it, I was living somewhere with carpet). Question is, is there a inexpensive product or bunnings DIY option that I could use to put over the spikes and not hav
  7. ooh good one, was wondering if this was any good. Will definitely have to check it out.
  8. I have found mixed reviews, generally the consensus seems to be you can get better performance and a cheaper price from a bigger unit, but of course the price premium is in the size. For the size, as you said, its likely to be the best option i am finding. All the hifi dealers seem to recommend them, not sure if that is a good or bad thing 😂
  9. I did see that, unfortunately still too deep at nearly 42cm, need it in the low 30s max (the xqe10 is around 29cm i believe).
  10. Thank you. Yes for the same price as the XTEQ10 I could get the SVS SB3000 which would be ideal, unfortunately that is at least as big as the sub I already have, and need to physically downsize. The sunfire does claim really huge peak power. Not sure how accurate it is, but it should at least be fairly powerful. Good to know with the right power and excursion it is at least possible that it does what it claims!
  11. After researching the above, I think I still want to go with a 10 inch minimum. Anyone have any experience with the sunfire HRS-12 vs the XTEQ10?
  12. If space is a premium, maybe active bookshelves along the lines of an audio engine or better (depending on budget) might suit. The HD3 wireless seem decent.
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