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  1. ooh good one, was wondering if this was any good. Will definitely have to check it out.
  2. I have found mixed reviews, generally the consensus seems to be you can get better performance and a cheaper price from a bigger unit, but of course the price premium is in the size. For the size, as you said, its likely to be the best option i am finding. All the hifi dealers seem to recommend them, not sure if that is a good or bad thing 😂
  3. I did see that, unfortunately still too deep at nearly 42cm, need it in the low 30s max (the xqe10 is around 29cm i believe).
  4. Thank you. Yes for the same price as the XTEQ10 I could get the SVS SB3000 which would be ideal, unfortunately that is at least as big as the sub I already have, and need to physically downsize. The sunfire does claim really huge peak power. Not sure how accurate it is, but it should at least be fairly powerful. Good to know with the right power and excursion it is at least possible that it does what it claims!
  5. After researching the above, I think I still want to go with a 10 inch minimum. Anyone have any experience with the sunfire HRS-12 vs the XTEQ10?
  6. If space is a premium, maybe active bookshelves along the lines of an audio engine or better (depending on budget) might suit. The HD3 wireless seem decent.
  7. Now i know there is no replacement for displacement, but unfortunately I need a smaller sub (and my current one is only a 40cm cube approx - the Aslan CW12. I am looking at something closer to 30cm cube. The best sub I can find in that range is the Sunfire xteq10 https://www.apollohifi.com.au/sunfire-xteq10-2700w-twin-10-inch-active-subwoofer.html Its a tiny 10 inch active + 10 inch passive radiator coming in around 28cm cubed. Are there any better options worth considering? This option is already top of my price range though.
  8. I have this tiny alcove / desk setup which was giving me nightmares with bass bloom from my old PMC speakers (which at my old place were unbelievably good). In the end a sealed box was the best option for me. Ended up with the Spendor A1 as I have always liked that sound (the tweeters in particular, looking for something with no sibilance).
  9. Item: "green" power strip with slave connection Price Range: ? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: These seemed to be common for a time but have mostly been discontinued. Looking for a power strip, ideally a slim / single row style, that allows a "master" electronic to be plugged in, and then some sockets that only turn on when the master is drawing power (it is to run some fans connected to my AVR) Im in Inner west Sydney but would of course also be happy to pay for postage on top of the item.
  10. Further information: Just upgraded. In reasonably decent condition cosmetically but a few little bumps and bruises that does not impact audio performance. Money back guarantee. Cost me $1600 and frankly my new kef 350 setup is not any better, but they do fit my space better. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of
  11. Ok this is really odd. Netflix now coming up with the 5.1 option and showing up as DD, while Stan is taking the full pcm stream and displaying multi channel in. I am 99% sure i haven't done anything differently from yesterday though!
  12. I tested on titles that should have it, but couldn't actually find 5.1 written anywhere. Was working with my old AVR fine im pretty sure
  13. I finally replaced my 11 year old AVR with a ex-demo Denon 3500h (bought it 6 months ago but only installed it yesterday). When watching Netflix or Stan, I seem to only be receiving 2 channels of audio, so my decode options are things like Dolby Surround or DTS Neural X or Virtual X. When watching Prime, it is showing up as receiving a full multi channel stream (Multi Channel In). I have a 3.1 setup which hopefully the AVR does a good job of downmixing to. I am still running an old PS3 (original large unit) which is sending LPCM. Is there any way to get Netflix and Stan to play a nati
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