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  1. If the speakers have enough space behind them (and around), some PMC bookshelves could be amazing. I moved from somewhere where they had room to breathe, to somewhere where they were quite enclosed, and had to get rid of them. In the first spot though, they were my favourite speakers ive owned or spent any decent amount of time listening to.
  2. Moving from bluetooth to a Laptop > Dac > Amp setup will certainly help. Even something like a Dacmagic 100 or the Schiit modi (which is probably better) plugged in via usb from your laptop would be a big step up from bluetooth.
  3. Put a wanted ad up on the forum with your location, I bet there would be a few people looking to offload a sub.
  4. This is just an F.Y.I post. Thought this was a neat solution from Krix, for scenarios like wanting Atmos in ceiling but not having the space or inclination for multiple speakers up there. https://www.krix.com.au/hemispherix-sps/
  5. That's a pretty healthy budget. What about something like the Marantz 7013. Retail is over $5k but street price would be around 4?
  6. Progress, digged up some old info and it is indeed the CW12. Now just need to find info about the LFE input.
  7. Iook up dolby guides about where to place them. Personally i would set it up with the main listener (I'm assuming you) will be most of the time, and make that the sweet spot.
  8. The surround speakers and the new rear speakers will output different sounds in a true 7 channel soundtrack, so you will need both rows of seats to hear each of them.
  9. I dont think it has a model number on the plate amp, I know its either a CW-10 or CW-12. I haven't checked underneath the sub yet as its a bit of a pain to do so.
  10. Driver is covered in material and doesnt look like an easy way to remove it.
  11. I have had this amazing Aslan sub for a little while now, but seem to have forgotten some of the details! Its a sealed sub, approximately a 40cm cube, and must weigh 35-40 kilos at a guess. Would this be the 10 inch or 12 inch version? I also have it connected with a 1 to 2 RCA. Its a short cable though, and soon it needs to move. Is a 1 to 2 ideal, or should I just get a single RCA to RCA. I dont think that the left or right input is marked LFE, so would either input be better than the other? Appreciate any advice
  12. Could you just unplug them at the amp, or otherwise just choose stereo playback?
  13. Have been impressed with the image on my brothers older mid range hisense
  14. Ended up finding an ex-demo denon 3500h - should do the job nicely. Comes with full 2 year warranty + 1 more year when you register with the importer.
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