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  1. Cheers all. Im not talking too high end if I go that anyway, something in the Sennheiser 6xx range maybe
  2. Hi all, I know its difficult to judge with this limited info, but I have pro-ject maia DS2 which has its own seperate headphone stage. Does it seem like it would be decent enough not to have to add a seperate headphone amp. I dont listen on the cans all that much, but if i do start to a little more and upgrade headphones, would want it to do them justice. The only tech specs I have on it are: Headphone output 6.3mm jack (16 - 600 ohms) Headphone output power 430mW / 33Ohm
  3. Size aside, I was thinking it might make for a more precise or responsive system if the light doesnt have to travel from the edge, but I will freely admit I dont know enough about the tech side to know if that even makes sense.
  4. Not sure how much it matters given the other tech in it, which creates millions of dimming zones, but I saw that it was still an edge lit panel. I wonder if they will release a backlit panel, and if that would have any advantages in this particular set.
  5. The hisense dual cell looks to have finally been released. https://hisense.com.au/product/65-dual-cell-series-sx/
  6. I looked a little while ago and couldnt find one (was over a year ago though, probably more). Hopefully they are around now.
  7. The CXA60 does not have USB input, but it has a DAC, so receives the optical signal from the computer and converts it.
  8. Honestly it gets to a stage where you should probably just buy something so you can stop worrying about it, whether or not it actually makes a difference. You aren't talking crazy huge money relative to your gear anyway. I went through the same thing with a USB cable from my PC to DAC. Ended up getting a Supra cable (they also do optical). Wasn't overly expensive, seems well made and better insulated than the standard printer cables, so ehh, I just got it.
  9. ah huh yep had it mixed up, thought it seemed too good to be true.
  10. Have just seen an ad on facebook about the new TCL range, including a QLED-microled. I wonder how they stack up.
  11. Does anyone have experience with this sub. Looks good for a compact 12" + 2 passive 10" radiators. Priced between the SVS SB2000 & 3000 which I was also looking at (space limitations so the ported designs not an option. Does it stack up against the subwoofer brands?
  12. I think this might just the called the Centrix? I have the KDX which is a smaller model (wanted this one though)!
  13. Oh right factoring in price, but if they were the same price you think the SB2000 would edge it out?
  14. Is this truly the case? Would you say sits between the SB2000 and SB3000? In my mind I just always thought REL would be more expensive for comparable units.
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