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  1. russell66

    My System this morning

    Congratulations, Cute, Beautiful, Wonderful, surely all you could ever ask for, you will get many years of joy i'm sure. Oh and well done on Jay too.
  2. russell66

    My System this morning

    Re setting up the system after clearing out the room to use for our seminar. Still got the electronics in the corner, but the speakers are making their way into the room. I never seem to be able to finish the set up before I find myself sitting down and enjoying the sound. Pink Martini - Sympathique.
  3. russell66

    My System this morning

    You should have a GTG, check with the dog first.
  4. Thanks for the invite, looking forward to finding an excuse to come to SA. Is that Scramble?
  5. russell66

    My System this morning

    I am Listening to the 180g of the Force Awakens I got it free at the Melbourne Hi Fi show. I had been waiting till I hooked up the MC cart before giving it the first play. I could change the arm board or even drop it below the top, I just thought it would be nice to add something like an Acrylic platter, I just saw project offer a nice one, that may work.
  6. russell66

    My System this morning

    Finally got around to modifying my Stanton I have had sitting about for a while, fitted the Hadcock GH228 tonearm and the SoundSmith Ortofon rebuild. Listening to Robert Cray and then Star Wars. Just need to find a way to add height to the platter now.
  7. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    Time for a turntable revamp, the Rotel with the MM B&O cart was nice but I have a couple of Stantons laying around and I had my Ortofon redone by Sound Smith a while ago and I have a Hadcock somewhere I think it is GH228 or something anyway i'm sure it will all go together with a bit of effort. So I needed to remove the old arm and all the connected bits, cut a new arm board and attach it. This will still need some work, I either need to add to the platter height which I would prefer. Any suggestions welcome. Or I will need to drop the arm board below. Ok got it all back together and hooked up, giving it a spin with some Robert Cray and the first spin of the Force Awakens soundtrack I won at the Hi Fi show. Its all sounding really good, obviously helped by the stunning Phono stage fitted to my Supratek pre amp. I like the Stanton it's more solid and easier to work on than the Technics 1200 and easily a sonic match and the 1200 is easily a sonic match for mega dollar decks. I have had a few Sound Smith builds and they compete with more expensive carts, I think this build was about $450 all up with shipping so a good result. All in all a very nice result me thinks. And with a few minor adjustments and some run in time, i'm sure it will improve.
  8. russell66

    My System this morning

    Interesting little set up, you should get a source and some speakers now, come on spill the beans lets see the rest of it please. What are the black things?
  9. russell66

    My Entertainment room

    HI Given you seem to be doing a few tweaks I had to comment. I was at the Hi Fi show and was pretty skeptical about the Les Davis thingy's. I wrote a bit about it in my brief show topic. The thing I wanted to mention is they brought a turntable platter one in made of the same materials. The difference in a brief listen was incredible, not a hang your ear out to tell the difference, but a night and day difference. like spending much more on the turntable. definitely worth a try i think.
  10. Hi if the Seas and Scan speak drivers are still available please let me know. I would like to buy them. Thanks
  11. Item: Jorgen SE 25P Bookshelf speakers Location: Perth Price: $70 Item Condition: Good condition, need the front grills replaced Reason for selling: No longer needed, too many projects, not enough hours in the day. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Good condition drivers. Nice sound, good midrange. The front of the grills need replacing. There is one of the front badges missing. The tweeter is on the same side in both speakers no idea why. Pictures:
  12. russell66

    My System this morning

    After a bit of a wait for me to get to Melbs so I could send them to their new home, my new amps, packed and ready to ship back to Perth. Looking forward to hearing them.
  13. < Göran Niréus of AudioExcite Loudspeaker Design, undoubtedly one of the best loudspeaker designers in the world with some +30 years of experience, became the technical engineering consultant for all of our models. In addition to his profound passion for measurements, he has the talent and experience to bring the best out of each component and together, make them reproduce music as authentically as possible. > Hulgich use mainly SB Acoustics drivers and quality Mundorf caps http://www.sbacoustics.com/ Goran said check out his DIY website, looks good! http://www.audioexcite.com regards Ian Thanks Ian It was the Purasound room I didn't get back to that I needed Info on. I was there the first day and wish I had returned.
  14. The Music Of course the purpose is the Music and a show always throws up a new list to listen to here's what I got... Down in the hole - John Cambell Its only smoke - Jane Monheit Hallelujah - Pentatonix Rapture - Anthony and the Johnsons Nomali - Hugh Masekela Bass and Drums - Nils Lofren Band Flowers in December - Mazzy Star Enter the Sandman - Youn Sun Nah Fever - Micheal Bubble Earned it - The weekend Like a king - Ben Harper Wolfcry - Gregory porter Stones in my passway - Eric Clapton Three o'clock blues - Eric Clapton In the wee wee hours - Junior well and Buddy Guy Many of them are tracks but if you google you will find the album. There was a room for Head Fi people and another beyer dynamics stand. There was a record fair. A room with a miniature Benq projector and a few other rooms with home theater speakers. The main Hi Fi room i don't have was the Krix room with a new horn speaker, I was in there once but didn't get back. Also there was one other room with some silver floor standers the sound was ok but I didn't get back to that either, I should of done as I found in most cases the rooms sounded better the second day. The Bottom line It's a rip off, it's a scam, it's a sham... As I go around the rooms somehow it has become customary to charge $30,000 and up for a flagship model speaker which is absurd. Everyone is entitled to make money for sure but a few years ago there were a handful of people selling speakers above $20k. B&W always offered good value against that company. Now look at what we have an average speaker is $8k, take Monitor Audio as an example there Platinum 2 is $30k the Platinum PL300 from a few years back was $14k ish. I could make similar comparisons from other company's. The Bel Canto black that is $36k would off been about $6k a few years back. They say there is new technology .but that should not be pushing the prices up astronomically. On top of that all manufacturing costs have been slashed, you will struggle to find something that is not manufactured in China. The point is the average Audiophile who enjoys swapping and changing gear every now and then is completely priced out of the market. Forced into 2nd hand purchases. It makes sense that the 2nd hand market is drying up because of this. I think the industry needs to take a good long hard look at who it is supporting and how it will continue. For me there is no way I am spending $20k to get to an acceptable level of sound reproduction. DIY and Chinese copies is the only way forward. With maybe some 2nd hand purchases thrown in. Its a sad situation. There were also so many noticeable absentees from the show who perhaps could try harder. All that said the show was a great experience with plenty to see and hear. Well laid out and friendly and helpful. I would defiantly go back. Great to see so many Australian companies there producing world class equipment. Ok that's it from me hope you enjoy the thread, if you have any other questions I'll do my best to come up with an answer. Cheers