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  1. russell66

    FS. Target Hi Fi Rack

    Item: Target Hi Fi rack Location: Perth Price: 175 but really not sure and open to offers. You wont offend. Item Condition: Pretty good. Few marks on shelf and needs a polish. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Good solid rack. 166mm between each shelf. Pictures:
  2. russell66

    TerryO’s Set Up.

    Oh I see, now you say that, yes I think it was obvious. Somehow reading it the first time I though that was a pic of your old house. And i didn't even notice the amp sitting there. Thanks for putting that all together for me.
  3. russell66

    TerryO’s Set Up.

    Ok nice system, read it three times and still haven't worked it out, so gotta ask. "look at my lovely system the Prima Luna is the amplifier" Nek Minute " the time machine got some new valves" Eh??!! What the? Where did that spring from, did you forget to post some changes? Did you wake up one morning the Prima had Morphed into the Time Machine? Is the Time Machine a real time machine and we have gone back or forward in time to another system? Who knows hopefully these questions will be answered in a future instalment.
  4. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    True - Heating costs in the Winter will go down, cooling in the Summer has gone up. I got them coz I liked the idea that the Bias is on the outside and you can use 6550, KT120 the KT88 thats in them and one other tube can't remember which. Then I looked at the cost of changing all 16 valve's and it wouldn't surprise me if these are the only ones it ever see's, unless I win the lottery. Still it looks pretty at night and sounds sublime.
  5. russell66

    My System this morning

    They are up and running, They haven't settled yet, you can come anytime but I would probably give it another week or so, just give me a call though whenever your around. Cheers Russell
  6. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    It never rains but it pours. No sooner have i got my speakers up and running, the next day i get an email, my amps are finally repaired. And now a plan i put into action around three years ago has eventuated. Still breaking the speakers in, hundreds of small 1 to 2 mm movements to tune them into the room, which is tough because they are so heavy I can only move them sitting on the floor using my legs. Now i have an amp that I really don't know what it's capable of. So i feel there will be a lot of subtle movement and tuning over the next few weeks. My son just came out of his bedroom and said "wow dad you can feel the bass in my room. Maybe i'll end up listening in there.
  7. russell66

    My System this morning

    Hi it's illegal to put up part of a system and not include the speakers. I can't stand not knowing. Please rectify thank you.
  8. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    Well they are playing. It's been a long time since I've evaluated a speaker rather than just listen to it. They have been running for about an hour. I ran through a few familiar disc's to get an idea of what they sound like. Obviously they need to be run in, even so they are doing some things very nicely indeed. It's interesting just leaving them playing now as they keep settling down and loosening up. One thing is for sure, there really is a lot of detail, breaths, breathing and the noise of the valves opening on the Saxophone to point out a few things.
  9. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    Look at them so cute and beautiful, a joy to wake up to in the morning. Oh look you can see my daughters as well, I never noticed them at first. Speakers have made it to the house, i should have them playing by this afternoon hopefully. Pretty happy with the way the crossover looks, it's really only following along the same as Lego but it turned out well. They are reasonably large!, did anyone else think that?
  10. russell66

    My System this morning

    Not quite playing music yet, but i think they will be in about 4 hrs if all goes well
  11. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    Getting close. Building the cross over and a few more cuts to do.
  12. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    So I don't want to bore you with all the technical information. As I am often told my knowledge and expertise is too much for the average person. So a brief explanation for the average person as I understand it... It's very important to keep the insides of your speakers warm and cosy, apparently they will get upset if they are cold and will sound really bad as a way of getting their own back. This also doubles as cutting down warn up time when you first fire up your system, you know, the expression, "it needs time to warm up" My speaker will be warm already.
  13. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    Ok don't get excited there is still a lot to do before they get fired up. Whats that "your not getting excited" I wasn't talking to you, i was talking to me!!! If you're wondering about the small hole on the MId section, that was a router mistake, not a big deal, I'll be able to fill it.
  14. These are fine speakers, i heard them at last years Hi Fi show. Im pretty mush against the whole Active speaker thing, but these really work. Reading your post, I'm thinking how nice it is to be over east, you get to try more stuff. Then wow your in Perth!! How did you get to try speakers in Perth, I didn't think there were any decent Hi Fi shops left in Perth. Oh I see you work at Frank Prowse, now it's making sense. I haven't been there for years, i will have to pop in again. Back to the point the Kii are really great speakers.
  15. russell66

    Russell Hi Fi corner

    Coming together now a little more. The beginning of the Transmission line started.