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  1. Well I was lucky enough to head to Chanh's today to have a listen to his set up. It was a bit of an eye opener. There is a fair amount of dollars invested here, but i have heard plenty of systems over the years that have similar or higher value gear. I find too many systems happen behind the speaker for me, what i loved here was the way the sound extended into the room engulfing me in the sound whilst not taking my attention away from the singer and the instruments. Listening to Patricia Barber Companion, there is a part where a door closes at the back of the venue, I ac
  2. Thats great it's sounding better, i will come over, i'll drop you a text.😀
  3. I understand the journey started with the problem with the attenuation of the Audio Note. But other than the fact of that playing on your mind, the AN really was a very good Pre. I know you haven't had heaps of time with this new one, are you experiencing a noticeable improvement in the quality and enjoyment of the sound? Even the Sonic Frontiers was very good. So how is this one stacking up.
  4. Scary times ahead, We have decided to move the lounge room around which means moving the speakers. I haven't even taken the big ones away yet because the Book shelfs are sounding so good. They must be the amongst the very best book shelfs I have heard, perhaps comparable with the WAR audio Diannes. I hate moving it when it sounds so right, but its really only a mirror image where they go to and it will look better for the room. So heres hoping it sounds as good. Fingers crossed.
  5. Thats a good idea, i don't have anything under my centre speaker. I won't have room for a platform but i can get some feet under it, so i'll give it a go later.
  6. I don't actually have the CNO speakers, i have the Jentzen Seas ER, I think they are called. Which would be a driver level down from these. Using a bigger cabinet and larger bass driver. I can upgrade to these drivers later if I wish. So I can't help with the sound of these, only to say my speakers are amazing, i would happily compare them to anything at any price and know i would still be happy with mine. He calls himself DIY but he is not really, you have to think driver companies get him to build speakers for them so they can show there drivers off at shows. They would not do that
  7. No they don't. They are happy to sell just the crossover. All the prices are listed separately so you can see exactly what they will cost They even seperate it for level one, two and three builds if available and then will well you just the upgrade parts later.
  8. Sounds great, PM sent, looking forward to checking it out. Thank you
  9. HI, Sorry couldn't read back through the whole thread, hoping you can save me some time. I 'm using my PC at the moment with normal USB out, which i am pretty happy with. You just got a new usb out sound card to try? But I think they are around 800 euro? On your exploration are you aware of anything between about $100 and $200 that would make a decent enough upgrade on a standard usb out. Thanks
  10. I think i saw your for sale ad now you mention it. The PP's are good. I have sold a lot of my other stuff off over time because i really like the sound of my DIY ones from Jarrah and Bunnings vibration pads. I am planing to do a bit of work on them when I can get down the shed and give them a better finish and a bit more style. I am also going to use a similar method to make some speaker cable stands. I saw some other types of isolation the other day and will probably try them as well. Let me know how you get on with your new ones, i have found that isolation works and there is a sig
  11. @Interface The Elektra could work well. Shame I am not in NSW i could bring it over, i am sure there is somewhere in NSW that would be up for it. I really feel there should be a Supra Tek club, we our kinda like proud parents who want to show off their new babies. Of course not everyone is as excited as us with our baby, but no matter. Decent quality products are essential and synergy is also important. I find that I am either getting luckier these days with matching or system set up, cable choice and speaker placement or even speaker choice plays a big
  12. Yes it will be interesting, i have heard @SteveM pre which is a superior and upgraded version of the Cortese but only in his system so it's not possible to compare, only to know that it sounds really good. It's amazing how much I enjoy the sound of what I have and the fact there are a few things I can still do that could improve the quality of the sound even more is exciting, It's not going to be easy to fix something that is not broken, but at some point curiosity will get the better of me. There is at least a 3 month wait anyway. So at some point I will take the plunge and lo
  13. Hi I have the Halcro MC50 but i am only using 2 channels at the moment, i may end up Bi Amping with it later. It's going to be interesting because when i first got it i felt it was better than anything I had owned before, but for the last few months after loaning it out, i have had several different amps in the system and some of them really impressed me too. Soon the Halcro will go back in, and i am excited to see what I think of it. Will it still be as good as I remember it? I will keep you posted. As for the Pre Amp, I am in the Supra Tek club
  14. Thats a really nice looking Pre. One of those proud to own designs.
  15. Well i have probably had these for a few weeks now and i am enjoying them much more than I thought I would. They are a very high quality bookshelf, although i am not sure bookshelf paints the full picture, as you can see compared to my other already large speakers they are a reasonable size. I just love the timber design and the external crossover way of doing things, they don't feel built down to a budget that is for sure. As for the quality of the sound they are really good, they throw a great sound stage and that (would you call it a horn loaded tweeter?)
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