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  1. Oh thats hilarious, as aspire to have pockets that are as small as yours, it would still be a sizeable increase. By your measurements mine must be tincy, wincy, tiny winey. And you're the engineer so you must know how to accuratly measure.
  2. Had the good fortune to pay Terry a visit a few months ago. I had read some of his previous posts but I was not ready for what was i store. The ATC's were not set up at the time, instead it was the smaller Fynes with The Prima Luna and the PS Audio gear. I was so impressed with all three systems (large Fynes, Small Fynes and Kii's) even though Terry complained that they were not all optimally set up at the time, the sound was still exceptional. I could easily and happily live with any one of these set up's. Terry's comments about the big Fynes ar
  3. Yep evening works for me, the early in the evening the better, but whatever works for you.
  4. Hey mate, you got any time tomorrow i'll come and grab a few bits if thats ok. So generous.
  5. I'm not native Australian but I have been here a while now and picked up on some of the lingo, whats the purpose of putting your amp between two toilets?
  6. Thank you for those tips, all those points are implemented on a regular basis. That post was the overdue follow up from when i first moved the system which is now six months ago. I will continue to update back to present time over the next few weeks. But to cut a long story short, the system is now sounding as good as i have ever heard anywhere, and with very basic moderately priced gear. As I have small kids and limited listening opportunities it is hard to have people round, but if anyone is interested they should message me and call by to have a listen.
  7. I have a pair of Seas 27TDFC tweeters that were damaged when a pre malfunctioned. It looks like a pair of replacements would be around $140. It would seem to me that any repair on the tweeters would have to cost at least that, so I may as well buy new ones. What do you think? Should I try to find a repairer in Perth or is it unlikely that they can be repaired cheaper than replacement cost. Thanks
  8. Well where does time go, last time I updated the post was over six months ago. There is a few reasons for that, first I was away for almost two months, but the real reason is because if you read my previous post you will see I was moving the system. All the magic I had attained, either with the bookshelfs or the floor standers just disappeared, same gear, even same room, but no matter how I moved them, in, out, together, apart, I just could not get it sounding right. It was Ok just lacking the magic I had achieved in the other position. So that
  9. No way, that was so lucky, lucky you didn't put your hand through a driver as well. So is this happening like now ish are we up to date?
  10. Hey Andy Just reading the thread, whats happening with the Turntable, it's a striped back Linn? With a skeleton plinth someone has made? Whats the idea behind this? Is it sounding as good as the normal Linn? Just thinking I have a Thorens I could apply the same theory to if it works. Thanks for any advice. Russell
  11. I'm very happy to be starting this journey with you, but like all my journeys patience is the problem. "Are we there yet?" So when is the first system from? Because you have a lot of posts, but the Bluesound is not that old is it? Maybe you could give us a rough time frame to the pictures. Looking forward to following the thread.
  12. Spent a few hours at Dave's place the other day. This was before the turntable started singing, it was still sounding good even then. Guess I will have to go back now? This system is stunning, it really digs deep to get that last bit of detail from the music. The Bluesound/Geek works so well together. This has redefined what I think is possible at this price point, how does Dave get so much from the Musical Fidelity, I have no idea. I have heard a lot of hi fi in my years. I'm not saying it is good for money spent either, I am just saying it is good.
  13. Thats sounding great even through you tube. Tubes and Sonus Faber, but it sounds very lively and engaging. Does it sound like that in the room. Gonna get that album, i liked it.
  14. What do you reckon to this Troells speaker? Have you heard much to compare it to?
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