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  1. Really struggling today, who can relate. Over 6 hours of PGA golf on Kayo, with some good music playing through the speakers. Which one do i mute, listen to this song or this commentary? Sometimes life through up such stressful problems it's hard to know whats right. And then my wife brings me French toast, Banana's and coconut yogurt. What a tough start to the day.
  2. Had the pleasure of meeting Dave @Pops110 the other day. Always happy to meet other Perth audiophiles. He is selling this Audio Note pre amplifier modified by Clifford of Audio Synergy. It is a very impressive pre, i loved the sound, i have taken it back just now but i'm not convinced i won't buy it. It gave me the chance to hear Daves system which is beautifully set up. No mess or clutter not something I enjoy very often, and as you can see from the pictures my room is also shared with the kids and the rest of the family. The Audio Physics speakers he has are really good, he played a few tracks with decent bass and i have to say i don't think i have ever heard bass like it. So clean and tight, there was something different and very magical about it, couple that with the clarity and clean sound and it really got me thinking about different benefits of different speakers. I wouldn't say it was necessarily better than my sound or others I have heard, but just really good and impressive. with what is at the end of the day modestly priced equipment. The point is it changed my point of view on what can be achieved with different equipment no matter what the cost, for example the quality of the Musical Fidelity power amp in the system was outstanding, an amp i would of normally not considered capable of high end. It rekindled my passion to try more speakers and equipment in my room, which after all these years in Hi FI, it's nice to hear something that changes my mind and points me in other directions. So Thanks Dave.
  3. You say a beginner question but in reality this is the same problem we all tend to have for years, hear something somewhere, take it home and it sounds different, how do i get it back to what i heard before? can't do it, it must be the equipment, spend more, change it, upgrade etc etc. Heres a few things... First of all when building a system, these days we have an advantage, CD players use to be hit and miss and i have seldom heard any that sound Audiophile under $1500, so for me thats where it starts. Turntables are even harder to get right as a source, but now heres the good news Use a PC almost any PC the quieter the better but seldom are they noisy enough to hear and ruin musical enjoyment. Get a Topping TD10 it is cheap and exceptional. PC to Topping, Topping to Amp. Spotify works and is cheap, Tidal is much better and a 3 month trial is about $4 at the moment, Roon is good but to me Audirvana is cheaper and sounds better. You'll need this to start to insure you have Audiophile level sound out put. All free trials so thats good. Now you have a front end that will compete with pretty much anything, at any price. So that eliminates one issue, the troublesome front end, i have never heard a system this did not match. Someone may argue with me, but the truth is this is what i use and my system sounds as good as any 100K system. The major point here is even if you want to argue the semantics of how good it is, and what is better, it is still way good enough to know this is not the problem. So buy the topping, find a laptop or cheap PC and you are sorted at the front end level, later you can experiment and try different things, this is better that is better etc, but you'll be hanging your ear out to hear a difference, so whats the point? Then all the other advice is relevant. Position is everything, micro movements of speakers and patients over time, trial and error, very frustrating, but if you have heard and enjoyed the tone of the speakers you are ahead of the game. If could be synergy between speaker and amp as well, beg steel and borrow to experiment and save money where you can. Find my system thread and scroll through to find my cheap isolation solution for you amp and possibly use the pads you see there under the speakers as well, i promise you these are as good as the stupid priced isolation you see. Magic - With HI FI you have to believe in magic, over the years as you experiment more you will get better at making the system sound better. I do what seems to be the same thing i did 10 years ago, but somehow it seems to sound better. Maybe my hearing skill has got better maybe it's a micro change who knows, the point is here I think all Audiophiles have experienced this at some level, thats partly why there is so much debate in HI FI. This is what i call Magic and is a term audiophiles need to adopt. Next every rule I have ever created in HI FI over the years, I have seen broken somewhere else, at another time, try everything no matter what anyone says, you'll hit the spot. So Topping Tidal $4 trial, Audirvana free Trial to start. Hope that helps, Have a Great Day
  4. Further information: Tannoy HTS 301 Home theatre speaker package. An outstanding set of speakers, The bass is phenomenal, i have a 15inch sub and have had so many others but the performance from this one is IMO next level in my room. The system consist of the four identical towers which really helps to fill the room with great sound steering effects and filling in space. Details is also excellent. The finish is good with some marks and i think i saw a small chip and a scuff to one of the grills. In place they look great and none of this is noticeable, given they are shinny piano black though marks are imperfections are noticeable when you look closely, not bad just trying to give an accurate impression. They were reviewed by what Hi Fi as the smaller bookshelf type package and received 5 stars and the Best package Award for 2011 up to 700 pounds. The retail on this package was around $2000 or perhaps 1000 pounds. Price is negotiable, i don't understand the phrase low ball so go for your life, you will not offend. The following is part of the What Hi Fi review and some information from the net if you would like to read more. P hotos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Round at Steves today, this set up with the WAR audio speakers and the Bakoon Pre, Power is one of the best set ups I have ever heard. The Bakoon is outstanding on its own and it just love the speakers. Now the wiggly sticks seem to be taking the imaging depth and substance to a whole new level, i immediately felt like they were creating a significant improvement to the sound and the listening experience. Now the cost is apparently high, but how do you put a value on them. At this level we are spending at least 10k to get even micro improvements, and then sometimes you're hanging your ear out to struggle to hear a noticeable difference. Well my gut instinct immediately told me I want to try these wiggly sticks out in my house. Very nice, although they are probably worth it i can't see me reaching into my pocket to find $2k+ but i'll definitely be looking for an elephant to kill and getting my router out. Or am I getting my Ebony and Ivory mixed up?
  6. I heard the Roon a while back in LA through some Vandersteen speakers, it was in conjunction with a device that I think was by Musical Fidelity, that was only $500 to $1000. Not sure exactly what it did but the guy went on about resolution. Do you know what i am talking about? Also did you do the comparison talked about Itunes, Pure Music vs Roon.
  7. Hi Good job on the speaker build, perhaps you could post some finished pictures, or maybe you have a thread in the my system pages. You mention the subs and the MSO, but don't seem to give details, what subs do you have and what is the software
  8. Never really been a Sonus Faber lover, and when i first got these they were very frustrating. A reasonable amount of moving them around and finally they are sounding pretty good. Bit chilli these days in Perth so I like to keep the TV warm.
  9. If i am understanding you correctly, you need this one.
  10. Further information: Nelson Pass F3 DIY stereo amplifier. Great amplifier hard to get these days. The sound is sweet and clear. I think the amp is 15w all class A. The amp runs hot so needs plenty of air and space around it. The case is no looker but it does the job. It is a very high quality design that Nelson makes available to the DIY community. I have priced it for what i believe is reasonable price, but happy to receive offers. ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Further information: Project RPM 1.3 Turntable and Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge Excellent turntable, very good condition, If you're going to produce turntables at a good price as project do, then you need a good design, leave out what you don't need and focus on the parts that matter, and in my opinion Project do that great. Very few hours on the cart. The Deck is designed to have a round belt (about $25 to replace) Currently running it with a flat belt which works fine. The cartridge is the Ortofon 2M Red MM, a really great cartridge. The whole package sounds very good, the turntable itself would suit further upgrades to the cartridge, despite the hype around spending more on an arm or turntable. I have the original box so postage should not be too difficult, it will be at your cost and risk. I would prefer local pick up for obvious reasons. A personal opinion: I have had and compared many, many turntables over the years and in my experience the matching of the cartridge and phono stage is by far the most important part of getting a good sound. The arm comes next. The actual turntable is the least important part. I could offer so many examples of this. We likely would never put an expensive arm and cart on this deck because we would tell ourself that the price of the deck does not warrant it. If you did though the difference between this and something more expensive would be minimal. It's a turntable and by nature of the vinyl you put on it they are musical. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. One of these is going to have to move temporarily to make room for something else I been working on over the Easter (don't go away, stay at home) weekend.
  13. Beautiful My system today is basically @BugleBoy played through my mac. It sounds better than my system anyway. So in future when i want to listen i'll get you to stream it for me, i'll send you through a list of what i want to listen to. Hopefully that won't be too inconvenient for you. Thanks
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