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  1. Item: Osborn EOS REFERENCE SPEAKERS Location: Truganina 3029 Price: 2200 Item Condition:as new Reason for selling:overseas trip august Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,COD bank deposit Extra Info: These were purchased New by me in feb 2017.These are the reference version same tweeter as in grand monuments,lead lined cabinets and cardas binding posts.Also have 2.5 meter osborn speaker cable for an extra $120. paid $3200 for speakers and $220 for cables Pictures:
  2. Item: Luxman L590ax intergrated amp Location:Truganina 3029 Price: 3700 Item Condition:9.8/10 Reason for selling:overseas trip in august Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD bank deposit Extra Info: These are a very well regarded amp 30 watt class A and around 100 watt class AB.Inbuilt phono for mm/ mc.VU meters back light can be turned off.Bought of sna member Jan 2017 for $4600.Amp is in same condition as when I got it,no box or manual came with it.I would recommend pick up as amp is rather heavy however shipping is possible via pack and send or the like at buyers cost. Pictures:
  3. Sorry mate just about to report it sold cheers kev
  4. Just wondering why this post isn't approved as yet cheers
  5. Item: project record clamp Location:hoppers crossing 3029 Price: 50 Item Condition:8.5/10 Reason for selling:nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info:no box can post at buyers cost.Rated at 8.5 as used and no box 2 very tiny marks that are barely visible without very close inspection Pictures:
  6. If I had 2k ATM there is a sl1210 modified in the classifieds it's a bit over the budget you mentioned tho.My personal experience with the Rega you really need the ttpsu approx 250-300 that brings you closer to the price of the technics I mentioned. good luck with the journey
  7. Good deck if you get the ttpsu to go with it better speed control/accuracy.Didnt have feedback problems had mine on something that resembles a chopping block
  8. Thanks ev I have since spoken with Trevor at rage audio I reckon it's worth having it looked at cheers kev
  9. I really like the vu hence my main amp is L590ax. thanks for your input cheers kev
  10. Just after advice weather my old technics amp is worth repair .The amp started out by the left hand vu meter dimming and static from left channel ,turn amp off then back on all was good for maybe 10 mins.The next time I turned on all sound on the left ceased vu stopped no longer intermittent.The amp is probably late 90's early 20000's I have this amp easy 10 years.Dr google this fault some found the culprit was fuses mounted under a circuit board near power supply where some kind of plastic fuse holder falls apart there suggested fix is metal fuseholders.This is a second system not my main amp.
  11. There's a 1973 explorer 2 google clockmaker he is in Sydney has some vintage subs aswell the explorer is mint hence almost 30k
  12. Item: project box. E Location:hoppers crossing 3029 Price: $30 donation Item Condition:excellent no box no books 10 mth old bought at CAV Reason for selling:donation for our community Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  13. I've had quite a few different consonance products and they never fail too punch well above there price tag.I had dealt with greg for atleast ten years now even ran. Consonance r1.1pre with my audio aero Capitol power amp and it just floored me how good there gear is
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