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  1. Kensell21

    One sub or two.

  2. Kensell21

    Marantz SR7012

    I would have grabbed it unfortunately I’ve recently purchased Hope it sells, great price.
  3. Kensell21

    One sub or two.

    And I wish[mention=112239]Red Spade Audio[/mention] did home calls to Adelaide.... [emoji6]
  4. It’s all in the mind!!! Your mind that is... [emoji4]
  5. Kensell21

    Sony Boxing Day Sale

    I think that’s the OLED?? Hmm the 65” is still a bit dear for me unfortunately.. currently looking at the X90f..
  6. Kensell21

    Classical currently spinning thread

    Had a rather Loud afternoon!!
  7. Kensell21

    Sony Boxing Day Sale

    Most stores have told me that they get the prices from the manufactures/distributor, sometimes daily. Its not their fault, they say.. atm I could have purchased cheaper before Christmas.. Just wondering if this is a new tactic.. customers thinking the prices will be cheaper with the sales after Christmas.. People see the discounted price tags and think they’re cheaper but not really. Although below the RRP, there’s a profit margin in there somewhere for everyone
  8. Kensell21

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    I liked it. [emoji44] I don’t believe it’s an expensive album.
  9. Kensell21

    Sony Boxing Day Sale

    The pricing is all over the place. I’m well aware of TVs in general, Sony models specifically on special, discounted, really the price hasn’t moved. I think a well known marketing tool. I suppose their only doing their job. Might visit a local JB store to negotiate directly maybe tomorrow.. Seemed to work before Christmas but silly me didn’t take the offers..
  10. Kensell21

    FS: Esoteric k05 Reference SACD player + DAC

    If I had a need for a player this would do nicely.
  11. Kensell21

    Sony Boxing Day Sale

    Thanks Benje keeping an eye on things.
  12. Kensell21

    My System this morning

    That TT looks the part. I want one! Err I don’t need one though! [emoji4]
  13. Yes be like me and build your own external listening room!! [emoji4]
  14. Well show the family who’s the Boss!! Who’s in charge!!
  15. Kensell21

    My System this morning

    Nice view!! But could be distracting! [emoji16]