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  1. Thanks Guys for the info.. not or sure if I want to bother with the 707 in Perth.. although the Dolby unity might be interesting... ive also seen and chatted to the seller in Adelaide who has the Teac plus some others... Too pricy and not sure of its heritage including the heads. The search contiues.
  2. Hi Sam, thanks for for the info. I regret the the day I sold my NM RT707 which I had purchased my self locally and owned for many years... Not sure if I'd go for one again although they look nice... with HT the pricing, yes they can be a bit pricey. Also they are a bit dearer to post. But hey, why do we do some of the things we do?
  3. Very nice indeed. May I ask what machine you use for play back?
  4. Thanks yes that’s possible. That’s why I happy to purchase a machine without Dolby, then experiment later. my hunt for a decent good quality machine cotinues... A wanted ad was put out but nothing definite yet..
  5. Kensell21

    SOLD: FS: Luxman L-507uX Integrated Amplifier

    I only have the 507u but it does sound wonderful with my SHL5Plus’s Would like to buy the 509uxII that’s just been released. But the price! This will be a nice pickup for anyone who wants a great integrated amp.
  6. Hi all, if theres anyone in the region of Launceston who'd be willing to look at a reel to reel deck thats for sale.. please PM if you can help. Ta
  7. I'm just waiting for the wife to change the lock and keep the "only" key!
  8. Ok Mark, it's time! (And you would say about time too) firstly "it's not easy being green" secondly "its better late than never" I can not honestly remember how long I've known Mark for.. I see this thread dates back to 2010, but I believe it's been longer... If you see Marks system now, you would think your seeing and hearing a system of a person who knows what he's always wanted! Well, yes and no. Im not a person who hears minor changes in sound like some can. Put a $50 cable in place of a $500 one and I'd struggle to hear the difference. That being said. When I first met Mark, his speakers were Thiel and he was in a different room and home. Vandersteen speakers must have made a big impact on Mark and a Model 5 speakers entered his home... What a big improvement... Other big changes I've heard, has been his move to his new home and the upgrade to the model 7 in the Vandersteens.. Changes and in my opinion improvements to the sound that Mark has been wanting to achieve.. Remember earlier when I said "well, yes and no"? If you had asked Mark his opinion of vinyl a few years ago, he would have replied "no to all those "pop and crackles"! Well, how things have evolved in Mark's understanding of sound reproduction! Sometimes you can see a sound system and "hear what you see". A nice shiny silver one and expect a bright shiny sound.. "All that glitters is not gold or silver". Another change that Mark made recently was his phono stage. Out with the Ayre, which I always thought was a weak link in his system, in with Audio Research.. Again I don't think the "older" Mark would have ever consider putting valves in his system! What I believe Mark has done is to put colourisation in! But in a good way. His vinyl setup easily beats the CD/SACD/Hi Rez he has. And they are no slouches in their own right.. I'm not going to make remarks like.... great bass, tuneful midrange, sparkling highs.. After previous visits, I've always come home to my own more modest system and said, you know what?, I've very happy with what I have... Well, after my last visit to Mark's, it took me a few days to "re tune" myself to my own system! I think and believe this is a complement 😊, And that is all I need to say. And thankfully I'm still happy with my own system! But, here's the thing.... If you look back on this thread, you'll see a picture, one of many... what picture am I talking about? well the one that's show a lock on the door that leads into the room that has this system in it! Now you have all been told the reason that this is to stop "junior" getting in! Well, I'll let you into a secret... Mark's married 😳.. Yep.. And a great thing marriage is too. Now I wonder and a I speculate... Who has the key to this lock??? 😍.. In the end, I could "wrap lyrical" about Mark's system, but it has been only one of the many different ones I've heard, thanks to being a member of StereoNET.. And I believe this is what my own journey has been about. Knowing that I'm not the only person who had a interest in good sound reproduction.. I've valued Mark's friendship over time as one of many.. Enough said.. "it's not easy being green"? Well we all see, hear and perceive things differently.. I will say this is a good thing. It creates dialogue and conversations about being different... You look at all the audio manufacturers big and small, they all have a philosophy behind their products... Some actually make money doing so too.. I could go on but I won't... But I reserve the right to edit previous comments as I can change my opinions as facts can change.. P.S. Mark you did want me to make some comments! 😁
  9. Kensell21

    SOLD: FS: Apple TV 4K 32Gb

    Gee just bought one And in Adelaide too.. GLWTS
  10. Kensell21

    Denon 103r SUT experiences???

    I’ve been thinking going to a 103 with my next cartridge replacement I’ve heard good reports of the Auditorium A23 SUT which is the one I’ll consider when the time comes. Not sure what price range your looking at.
  11. Err what trinkets?.. [emoji19]
  12. Hi Simon, Err nope. I never really thought about doing this.. I do remember the day you and Andy came over. And yes the room that you see in the pictures was built even then.. But not available as it was occupied by one of my sons. I’m sure Mark will prompt me as he constantly can do. [emoji4]
  13. Privileged to have gone to this concert, hmm great company as well.. all I can say is after seeing Justin Adams... Angus Young, eat your heart out!!
  14. Let us know what you think of the SQ and pressing quality
  15. Kensell21


    Ahh the spirit moves. Nice place to move to, next stop retirement![emoji6] A bit far away, but I’d travel anywhere for a GTG! [emoji106]