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  1. I start off good of a morning with heated oats with fruit. Maybe coffee. A couple of boiled eggs as well if I have time. Err just about to have a mug of heated Milo before bed. Which is my normal routine...
  2. Sounds like a good plan Al. We all hear about too much salt, fat and sugar. But not so much about what goes into process food. I suppose fresh is best. My English parents alway had a veggie patch and grew most things. They did without what we now have as normal things in our pantry/ freezer.. back to basics maybe. My down fall is a sweet tooth from time to time. [emoji44]
  3. Hmm the Taphouse sounds good. As long as the food and beverages are, I know the company will be. Interesting that is. [emoji4]
  4. Hi Stump. Hmm not sure yet. Probably by car Wednesday or Thursday depending on who I'm able to visit or other things I might want to see.. Train?? [emoji577] Good on you. Where are you looking at staying this year??
  5. thanks @evil c my friend would be good to catch up with everyone. I enjoy your listening to your "words of wisdom". [emoji16]If [mention=104378]joz[/mention] is follow this. Would love to drop in if there's room. I enjoyed my last visit. His system not half bad too. [emoji6]. ATM I'm looking at staying at the Parkview just around the corner for the show but not settled on that yet. Where's the Saturday dinner going to be? Hopefully somewhere nice and quite!!! [emoji23] the wife's given me permission to stay as long as I need this year Monday or so. Might try to catch up with some visits to any other willing locals.
  6. Looking forward to any dinners and GTGs I can get to. Missed out last year as the wife thought going to America was better than me going to the show!!! I enjoy these as I’m a quiet one and watching everyone else’s antics is better than TV! [emoji16]
  7. Keith and Ant. I can bring across some ABBA if you like???
  8. I used to buy a lot from Elusive Disc but they do now charge that GST which hit my last order from them. I was thinking of buying the Mofi from Music Direct. I think they own Mofi now?
  9. Thanks didn’t think I could order from Mofi direct being overseas. Noticed that there no GST. Is that added on later?
  10. Hugo does a good job too... he slobbers. [emoji16]
  11. Looking forward to coming across this year. Good to see SNA members showing off their talents.
  12. The original pressing is about $200 for a NM one... so this is a no brainer. As far as the lp is concerned. The pressing could be better. My copy is not too bad after several cleans but others have complained.. there’s a lot of music on both side nearly 30 minutes so probably some compression which has an effect on the music quality...
  13. Yep it’s mine. Probably have had longer than Kieth. So could be called Kensell’s 401 now. [emoji4]
  14. Just picked this one up today and gave it a spin. Vinyl is so so.. The music not bad though.
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