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  1. Yes. Found out when I asked for leave so the original date must have been in October sometime. Well will now need to do some scheming to get the change of dates. Hope I can still make it.
  2. Ok. Interesting news. Is the date the same as the early date listed for a show in 2020? I’d already booked my leave dates for the original date.
  3. My new ride. Well didn’t pay new price for which for me was a significant saving. Men's Turbo Levo FSR Expert Carbon 6Fattie/29
  4. I had to do a double take the other day.. I saw a Jaguar EV400 glide past me the other day in a southern suburb of Adelaide.. At a glance it did look nice but don’t know much about it or pricing.
  5. I’ve always liked Bill’s articles.
  6. A Sunday morning wake up music. First Lp out of this Speakers Corner Box.
  7. I have Simon’s machine for a year or so and it replaced a AudioDesk machine which was unreliable to say the least. I’ve Simon’s details if anybody wants it. He’s a busy man.
  8. Yes well I just looked and yes in the past. Pity. Ultra expensive to get it from overseas!
  9. Darthlaker I believe has it as well. I believe he says it’s a bit expensive. But I’ve not looked for it yet. Hope I don’t have to be sitting down when I see how much. [emoji4]
  10. Nitin being interviewed on the ABC music show https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/musicshow/nitin-sawhney-beyond-skin-brexit/11607956
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