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  1. You do have some buried treasures my friend. Just don’t tell the wife 😁 But just don’t neglect the main system.
  2. hi all, ive got the Chromecast Audio setup and feeding into the DACs of my OPPO. All going well. thanks for everyones help.
  3. thanks for your help... do you know what sort of cable ill need to use the Dacs of the OPPO.. is it an optical one?? id rather use the Dacs on the Oppo than just RCA in
  4. Thanks. Have ordered the chromecast so we'll see what happens.
  5. Hmm not sure. That’s the screen that comes up when you select input on the remote. Unless it’s in setup somewhere. I’ll check tonight when I’m home from work.
  6. Thanks my friend. Didn’t know Dick’s was still in business. I might take the plunge and see.
  7. Hi Andrew. It’s really only Spotify at this stage. If only I could get a Chromecast audio, I think that would be ideal. If I can use the DACs on the oppo that would indeed be the way I’d want to go.
  8. Hi. Yes I have access to the screen menu. The idea from the link given to me was that you can use any USB input not just the USB audio one. Its just that none of the other USB ports show up on the menu. I’m not sure how you can use them if you can’t select them as an input.
  9. I bought the camera connection and USB cable. But I find no where I can select the USB as an input on my oppo 105 unless it's the USB audio input.. anybody have any ideas? The link supplied by @Snoopy8 mentions using any of the USB inputs.
  10. you mean the USB3 connector?? sounds like it might be one to try.. I do have an older iPad with the older connector that I could use.. But I do have a small computer monitor already connected to the OPPO that works as a display. it'll be a pity not to use the OPPO as much as I can. It'll be interesting how it might sound. thanks for the suggestion. And thanks all for the other input. The Node might be a goer one day..
  11. thanks all so far. I wasn't sure if there was a way tio use the OPPO Dacs etc
  12. Just need some advice as to what to do. My only front end Digital device is a OPPO 105 as my main source is vinyl. Unfortunately it only allows Tidal as an option. Which I have used from time to time when they have sales on subscriptions I wanting to know the best way to stream Spotify. I have this as I get free data when on the move. Amazon Music as I have Prime membership.. I have an Imac in the room and use an iPhone. Anyway I can use the OPPO or would I be better off with another option? Im not wanting to spend too much at this stage as this is a trial.
  13. Sad indeed but is understandable. Was hoping of catching up with members over there too. Would have been great to see you over there @Lazz Hopefully I can get to the July one next year. Mhmm July in Melbourne??? Bring on the winter woollies!!! ❄️ ⛄️ 😊
  14. Obviously someone is bored or board or has bad eye sight or a neglected family or too much money or someone else has done this or.........
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