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  1. Kensell21

    Classical currently spinning thread

    Err this reminds me I must play mine. I’ve had it a while. Hmm 6months or more!! [emoji44]
  2. Kensell21

    Antelope Zodiac Platinum DAC+ Atomic Clock+ PS

    A piece of beauty...
  3. Kensell21

    FS: Sony WH-1000XM2

    Did these sell in the end? Looking for a set for overseas travel
  4. Kensell21

    FS: Quad ii Eighty Monoblock amplifiers

    I’d second that.. I’d liked to hear what my Harbeths sound like with valves.. regardless what Alan thinks... [emoji4]
  5. I’d just buy them for the cover art! The music would be a bonus. [emoji4]
  6. Kensell21

    Bathurst 2018

    I am not happy not going... I’m now officially sulking!!!! [emoji21]
  7. Kensell21

    My System this morning

    Nice [email protected] It’s time for me to pay another visit.
  8. Kensell21

    Currently Purchasing

    The audio is first class too.
  9. Kensell21

    Light suggestions

    Ending getting this https://www.knog.com.au/bike-lights/hi-power-bike-lights/pwr-trail.html Interesting idea of having a separate head and power bank. Apparently Australian too. Oh and it was the only one of a higher Lumen that the local bike store had.. [emoji4] This will be in addition to my existing 450 Lumen light.
  10. Kensell21

    Light suggestions

    Photo doesn’t quite show up the damage Front forks stuffed, frame bent to top it off.
  11. Kensell21

    Light suggestions

    Hi Al, I’m all good after a week off work. Bikes a right off and has been replaced but I can’t be! [emoji4]
  12. Kensell21

    SOLD: FS: QUAD 34 Pre-Amp & QUAD 306 Amplifier

    Wow, I wonder how these would go with my Harbeths...
  13. Kensell21

    FS: Harbeth SHL5+ (Eucalyptus) & Skylan Stands

    Nice pictures. Nice speakers. Not selling mine... well unless a 40.2 or Anniversary comes up at a give away price..[emoji6]
  14. Kensell21

    Bathurst 2018

    I was hoping to boost the SA numbers by going this year. Unfortunately I’ll be [email protected] will have to show the flag. Not sure if that’s a good thing but... [emoji4]
  15. Nice colours, great photos