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  1. Ok I’ve finally got my tv, a 65” Sony X90f mounted on the wall cabled with good quality 4K hdmi cable to a Denon avr x4400. Plugged in the Apple TV and 4K was detected and asked to change to 4K Dolby vision. Unfortunately the tv shows a green tinge .. the A.V. has beeen set to do no processing.. what have I done wrong??? I have it set to the hdmi input 1 in the TV. Would that make a difference? Current setting is 1080p Dolby vision which is fine.
  2. Kensell21

    Classical currently spinning thread

    Looks and must sound fantastic... My recent play.
  3. What’s the age of the unit and are you willing to post?
  4. Yep great bargain. Lusted after the 753s. Ended up with the 752s and still use them for my AV setup. I’d grab the speakers in a flash if they were local.. pity.
  5. Kensell21

    SOLD: FS: Mission 754F (freedom) Speakers

    I still use my original 752s and matching centre channel for AV.
  6. Kensell21

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    I have a Audite pressing of his Beethoven 9th which I found to be very good
  7. Kensell21

    FS: Classical LP Box Sets

    It’s a good set. I enjoy mine
  8. Kensell21

    Classical currently spinning thread

    A nice Cisco pressing.
  9. Kensell21

    Sony TV opinions

    Mine was so old that it only came with an analogue tuner. [emoji4] Atm the plasma is the one. But I do expect (hope) that this will change.
  10. Kensell21

    Sony TV opinions

    Yippee it’s arrived.. on a temporary stand waiting for a wall install.. Just need to bed the picture in. I’m thinking I’ll eventually get it calibrated.. My old Pana plasma is now seeing duties in the kitchen/family room where everybody now can see the scores! Finally... The picture is still Great on the plasma
  11. Kensell21

    Supercar racing

    Hmm nope err maybe. [emoji4]. Wish I could still watch it from time to time. Not sure if anybody has the rights here.
  12. Kensell21

    SOLD: FS: Benz Micro Ace SL MC - $420

    I have the mono version of this and does the job very well
  13. Kensell21

    Tv installer Adelaide

    Err yep sorry Darren busy busy for two months. [emoji44]
  14. I’m not sure what was roasted more. The coffee or the cable!! [emoji4]
  15. Kensell21

    Post some pics thread...

    All of the photos I take at concerts with my iPhone are cr*p. Great photo.