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  1. Kensell21

    Possible Fetch replacement

    I wouldn’t have thought my location would be an issue. A picture of my antennas.. there’s two. Could that be an issue? I notice they are not pointing in the same direction.. Ones suppose to be for a dedicated FM reception.. I’m no tech so I left it to him.. probably about 6 months ago. I’m been out of the country for a bit. I’ve not just had the time to sort this out as I’ve been back at work. Just might have to get up there and remove the FM one and maybe fine tune the direction of the other? Btw don’t honk there’s any damage on a recent look.
  2. Kensell21

    Possible Fetch replacement

    Thanks Al, Already had Jim’s out a while ago and $350 later, a new antenna.. I wasn’t home when he came. I left it to the wife.. although he did reassure me that he’d check the cabling etc.. I assume he did.. it work for months without an issue.. ugh problem solved.. Because all of this is random, it’s hard to pin it down to weather etc. from what I’ve found online, the fetch tuners are more sensitive? A tv in another room connected to the same antenna doesn’t seem to have an issue.. Not an hour ago, I had a frozen picture.. picture ok now with good signal strength..
  3. Kensell21

    Possible Fetch replacement

    Thanks for all the input. Another night to watch tv then this! Not sure if I can blame signal strength? No picture at all. Happens on occasion.. on the other hand, it’s an opportunity to suggest to the wife that a new TV is needed.. [emoji4] I have a Apple TV so I’d be happy just using the TV stand alone without the Fetch. I think mine would be the gen 2, replaced when I exchanged my TiVo with the discounted price with the trade in. not sure s the current version of the model.
  4. Kensell21

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    Thanks Rocky500 I’ve only had a quick look and my preference is for the Panasonic. Would really like to go 75” but there’s a big price increase..
  5. Kensell21

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    And here I was thinking about replacing my Panasonic 55” plasma [emoji4]. Not sure how old it is. I do know it only had an analogue tuner.
  6. Kensell21

    Dr Who New Series

    The Doctor hmm ok. The side kicks? Na. They dropped big time there.
  7. Item: Dual Arm SME 10 mounting plate Location: Adelaide Price: $200 Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Duplicate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit COD Only Extra Info: If you have a SME10 turntable with this mounting plate/armboard you will be able to add a second tone arm for the turntable. Made by the UK company Timestep in consultation with SME. Why am I selling it? Silly me bought one and stored it while I was saving up for the second tone arm and then couldn't find it! so I bought another one only to find the original! installation of the arm board takes about 10 minutes Selling for half the price you could buy it from Timestep. happy to post at buyers expense. As mentioned in the following information. It's a SME base for a 9" arm. M10-DP Dual Arm SME 10 mounting plate The new M10-DP dual tonearm mounting plate is a brilliant example of advancing a high-end high fidelity classic to meet evolving audiophile needs. The continued resurgence of demand for vinyl LPs is bringing with it a renewed appreciation of mono recordings. For serious collectors and music lovers, a dedicated mono cartridge is now becoming almost a necessity, such is the improvement in mono playback with a correctly designed mono cartridge. Which in turn gives rise to the need for either a dual arm turntable or a second turntable and arm altogether. Fortunately, owners of the SME Model 10 precision turntable can now benefit from the former without having to splash out on the latter. The SME Model 10 turntable is built to exacting engineering standards and Timestep’s M10-DP dual tonearm mounting plate is perfectly matched to it. The plate is manufactured from the same material and to the same thickness and profile as SME’s primary arm mounting plate, and is carefully designed not to affect the turntable suspension. The M10-DP dual tonearm mounting plate is fully compliant with all 9" SME tonearms and others with a SME base. It comes with a complete set of tools and easy-to-follow fitting instructions in full colour. The following pictures are from my setup. Pictures:
  8. Kensell21

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    Yes I see that but I looked a bit closer and the Amazon page mentions that it doesn’t work with the iPhone..
  9. Kensell21

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    I’m looking for one that I can use with Apple iPhone or maybe iPad. Anybody use one?
  10. Kensell21

    Netflix currently watching

    I’ll watch it, but by myself.. unfortunately my wife’s brother never returned from that fruitless and unnecessary war.
  11. Kensell21

    Classical currently spinning thread

    A couple of local pickups.
  12. Yes curious as well. My current SHL5+/ Luxman sounds good to me.
  13. Kensell21

    Possible Fetch replacement

    Well, you look forward to catching up on some recorded TV after being away but you get this! When it works, it works great, when it doesn’t, err it doesn’t!!
  14. Kensell21

    Possible Fetch replacement

    Thanks all for your replies. I suppose I could be unlucky as the times it does work, it works well. Even the wife can use it! [emoji6]. I’m still not sure if it’s an antenna issue but I thought that was fixed as I had someone come in to replace it and check the cabling.. Anyway it’s out of warranty unfortunately.. I’ll be probably following up Benje’s offer and look forward to catching up with him..
  15. Kensell21

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Thanks just purchased! Perhaps a first step in looking at upgrades for my 401! Gee I miss Duc at these times. [emoji17]