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  1. Yes. I do indeed like my Pass Labs amps. Nothing much here, just a quick comparison of my old x150 vs my (New to me) newer x150.5 Both bought through SNA. Old x150 front and internal side shot. Built 2002 - First sold in 2003 in Hong Kong - Outputs on one side replaced 2006 (supplied by PL) - I bought it in 2012 I then cleaned up the previous repair and did a recap while I was at it. Later ended up replacing the noisy transformer - Possibly damaged when the first owner blew the snot out of it with his idiot 8amp primary fuse - Meant to be 2.5amp. I still have it today, and sorr
  2. I had no idea what a 'Suckface' was before this. An interesting nickname for an interesting unit. I don't want to give it back. Sounds really, really, nice. New recap record - 122 off the buggers :o Resolder where needed, also did a full resolder of main amp and speaker selector boards New speaker selector switches. New speaker terminals. Reset Bias (was very low 8mv vs the correct 14mv). Reset dc offset, now 0.1mv. Not much chit chat this time sorry. Lots of pics though. Enjoy. Next 2 pics show why its nicknamed a 'suckface. When its turned off the right s
  3. Some have asked me for a run down on how to swap out the laser in the Marantz SA-11S1. So here it is. Disclaimer. I will not be responsible if your inability to do this task results in your cat imploding or any other issues. If in doubt, DON'T. Tools needed; Phillips number 1 and 2, Flat blade number 2, Clean rags, Soldering iron - Some solder wick would be good, Lots of undisturbed bench space with good lighting. Parts needed; *Laser assembly, Draw belt (1.2 x 35), Light grease. Polyglide grease and belt from WES components. *Laser assembly. I believe the Marantz way is to repl
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