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  1. Mica and grease is still in use today. Like petrol, theres a reason its still used Remove and clean the old mica insulators. Grease can dry out, so a small 3 gram squeeze tube will be tons. RS, E14, WES, Wagners, DigeyKey, Mouser, Altronics (their in WA) Heck even PC shops will have little syringes of 'Goop'. Do NOT use things like arctic silver as they are electrically conductive. Thats the opposite of what you want
  2. Massive subject. Ranging from hard anodized aluminium plates. Beryllium oxide washers. Graphene pads. etc and so on. The original Mica and grease is really good. Otherwise grab some 'Keratherm' pads from diyaudio store. EDIT, yeah no they only have them to suit flat packs. But I'm not sure if they have them as TO-3. Without spending Big bucks, I'd clean and reuse the mica's with some new grease.
  3. We all have to start somewhere. And we all learn as we go. First pair of speakers I built, I knew I wouldnt be able to cut the timber straight so asked the mdf supplier if they could. Yeah. I've seen straighter bananas. If your happy with how they sound and look, thats what matters Personally, they look ok to me. Nothing better than the feeling of making something from scratch and having it work first time Love the artwork. Congrats.
  4. Oh sure, like we all have tractors just lying around........ Goddam show offs
  5. Thats probably cause as we all know english cars spend more time rusting than running
  6. He had a gtg a few months ago. A few changes have happened since then, for the better last I heard heard. You need to join QAC to save missing out on little secrets like this
  7. Oh i remember that episode. And i really must stop inviting you around to my all nude volley ball days. I am very interested in seeing more pics of this unit. and your opinion about how well it works etc very hard to find an extractor that flows well without sounding like a damn rocket ship or something that wants to vibrate the ceiling into the shower with you. yeah i was concerned about the smoke sitting up the back, but im not sure ih didnt turn the fan off before then. i suspect marine smoke would be way denser than water laden air so i dont know how that would effect its job of safety smoke vs damp air. other thing to wonder is, like a car, air in air out. hows it perform when the door is shut thus starving it of a fresh incoming source of replacement air. ?????????
  8. Oh im not judging, just wondering if i can borrow his bath for an orgy im planning.....
  9. Do you often set off marine flares in your bathroom ? Just how big is your bath ?
  10. Or if you work for the gubbermint. Be alarmed, but not alert....................
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