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  1. Lovely amp! I have a McIntosh MC275 Mk 4, and it is a very willing and musical amp. I agree about the McIntosh sound. This one looks great.
  2. I used them for music as they are very musical and blend brilliantly with Fast speakers, including ESLs. I haven’t tried them in a home theatre setting, here is the freq response curve; http://www.tbisound.com/brochures/MAGELLAN VIII xu curves.pdf
  3. Item: TBI Magellan VIII XU subs x 2 Location: Sydney CBD Price: $1300 for the two; work best as a pair (PRICED TO SELL!) Item Condition: Very little use, scuffs and scratches as per photos, one more than the other, and primarily where I think they have been slid into position in the corner of my room (ie, on one of the sides only), where they have been stored. Reason for selling: Have not used them for years - do not need subs for the music I listen to with the gear I am using Payment Method: Pickup - cash, direct deposit. Local pick up preferred, and preference given to anyone who can pick up, but can send via pack and send, at buyer's expense (including packing cost) Extra Info: These subs are very fast and very musical. A review is attached here: https://www.dagogo.com/tbi-audio-systems-magellan-viii-xu-subwoofer-and-mgd-200-subwoofer-amplifier-review/ I should add that you would need to provide your own amplification. To import yourself, the cost is $2,700US, plus $335US freight, plus GST, and import duty; http://www.tbisound.com/dsp_products_subwmagviiixu.asp At current exchange rate, the cost would be close to $5,000, landed. If you would like two sub amplifiers which I purchased with them, the TBI 200 SU, I will add them for $300 for the two; they are in good working order, except that the little red on lights don't work, because I disconnected them when I manually switched the amps to 240v from 110. They can be reconnected, if you open them up, I think. They are $450US, each sold separately, a bit less if you buy them as part of a package of 2 subs plus amps. Otherwise, supply your own amplification. Photos are not to flatter but to show the sides which have an issue. Sides not shown are sound. Sub 2 (the last picture) is the one which has significant scratches. I have the spikes which come with them; with the spikes, they look like the last photo I have included (which is a stock photo). Or else you can use them on their side, as I have (hence the scratches!). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. SUB 1 (BELOW) SUB 2 (PHOTO 1) SUB 2 (PHOTO 2) VERY NICE LOOKING ON THEIR SPIKES!
  4. Hi mate, good luck with the sale, what are the consequences of it resetting itself? What happens? cheers Orp.
  5. Won’t blow a fuse though. And with my various amps all rated 240v, I think it is fine.
  6. An update; I've had the amplifier back for about 2 weeks, and it has not blown another fuse. I have tested our mains power. I bought a great little unit, primarily intended to measure energy usage of appliances, but an accurate measurer of voltage and hertz as well. What I like about it is that you just plug it in to the mains. It is called a Powermate Lite 10, can be purchased for $130 from reduction revolution. Voltage has measured consistently as between about 245 to 248V. Herz is consistently 50 or 50.1 (ie, 50!). This would not cause a fuse to blow. The device looks like this, reassuringly old school:
  7. Eddie at Ryde is pretty good. He used to service Audio Research amps for the distributor. He works out of his garage, and he’s honest, straightforward, and quick. I can give you his number if you PM me.
  8. Hi Snapper, I have one of these and find it has more than enough power to drive my Audio Physic Avantera speakers. It is a very nice sounding amp.
  9. This is all dealt with in the thread.
  10. Southside Electronics have tested the amp with a load for about a week and can't replicate the fault. Bryston will not allow a larger fuse to be substituted, despite their own schematic saying that if the voltage drops, it is permissible to install a 4 amp fuse. Bryston stay instal one of their power conditioners. Out of the question; it would probably blow a fuse :)! Bryston, the distributor, and the retailer (Kevin, from Class A Audio) all say that as there is "nothing wrong with it", I cannot return it. This despite the fact that it blew the fuse it was supplied with on start up, and blew a further, correctly rated fuse, within a week. And no other piece of audio equipment in my house, from Audio Research Ref 250 mono blocks, to Plinius SA102 and preamp, to Rotel, to McIntosh MC275, etc, etc, has ever experienced this problem. That's customer service for you. I will pick the amp up. Don't have any affection for it as a result of this experience.
  11. You would think increased voltage would increase the chance of a fuse going, but my understanding is that the opposite is true, Quark.
  12. Many years ago, I had a Dunlop Max 200G tennis racquet. After several years, it cracked when I hit the court surface taking a ball on the half volley. I rang Dunlop and told them what happened. They said “bring it in”. I brought it in, they had a look, and they replaced it with the then current version on the spot. Didn’t mind where I’d bought it from. Didn’t care how long I’d owned it for. I’ve never forgotten it. I still use Dunlop balls, and I still use that as my example of good customer service.
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