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  1. iPhone 7. I am now using my Teac UD501, connected to my MacBook Air, but using the headphone jack (ie wired). Compared to going direct from the MacBook through the headphone jack on the Mac, there is much less difference than either of these compared to wireless from the iPhone. I use Tidal premium. I could live with the MacBook Air with the headphone jack. There is cleaner and better bass and a bit more definition with the Teac, but it is essentially similar in character, whereas wireless through the iPhone is a bit crap. I did wonder whether wireless through the MacBook Air would be better than through the iPhone, but I can't seem to get the AirBook to see the Sony, perhaps they are not compatible?
  2. Nick, you'll have to get them out and take a photo if you want the ad approved. Cheers, Orp.
  3. I'd already bought the Sony by the time you posted, Marc, and I suffered serious buyer's remorse, as I couldn't engage with the sound at all using Bluetooth. I then tried them using the headphone jack on my Apple MacBook Air, which requires strategic placement of the computer to allow me to use the exercise bike. The sound is much, much better, which leads me to wonder whether there are inherent limitations with the Bluetooth protocol, or whether it is possible to do it significantly better. I might now try to set up a DAC next to the bike, as this might improve the sound even further. The noise cancellation is pretty effective, and the trademark noise cancellation hiss is evident when nothing else is happening, but not a problem when the music is playing. I have to batten down the hatches, as barristers are self-employed, and in current circumstances, that means self-unemployed, but I may see myself clear, when the dust has settled a bit, to try the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC. To summarise; good headphones, with good noise cancellation, but let down by the sound quality of the Bluetooth. @Marc, do the Beyerdynamic Lagoon headphones overcome the problems with Bluetooth?
  4. Thanks, A to M and Dr SK, I think I will just go with the Sony and be done with it; good, reasonably priced, and easily sourced.
  5. Thanks, TDX, will be violating the "listen before you buy" rule, so any observations about how they sound?
  6. Long time no post, but the times require hoarding to get through the corona isolation. I am asking for thoughts about the best over-ear (I think this is the term) noise cancelling headphones, to use on my exercise bike (so with an iPhone or iPad; exercise bike is the chain driven, air resistance type, easily the most enjoyable, but not quiet). I think I can buy covers for the headphones to deal with the sweat, so that isn't a problem. I listen to a wide range of music, from classical to alt country, folk, indie, etc. I want a balanced sound, and do not want mid-bass heavy, which is a common problem, designed (I think) to conceal the lack of bass extension. I am looking at the ff; Sony WH-1000XM3 Sennheiser Momentum 3 B&W PX7 Any thoughts, or other suggestions? In current climate, I will just purchase and be damned, I'm not going out of the house, it's dangerous out there! Cheers, Orp/Cameron
  7. I have removed a few posts. If anyone is feeling offended or upset by another member, sleep on it before replying. In the mean-time, this thread will be under close watch.
  8. Kevin, could you please post your ads in the correct sub-forum (ie, the Commercial members for sale section)? Cheers, Orp/Cameron
  9. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  10. This could interest somebody; https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/crows-nest/stereo-systems/thorens-td-184-turntable-with-built-in-ange-valve-amp-and-speaker/1221785166
  11. They put in a slow blow fuse. I had already tried this, but maybe there was something wrong with the fuse I tried. There have been no further dramas, it is working as it should.
  12. Great looking speakers. Those who know this speaker range will know which model this is, but perhaps you could include details of the model to help those who do not know. GLWTS.
  13. Not doing many repairs these days, Simo. He is doing some, I know that for a fact. He is certainly not looking for business.
  14. Item: TBI Magellan VIII XU subs x 2 Location: Sydney CBD Price: $1300 for the two; work best as a pair (PRICED TO SELL!) Item Condition: Very little use, scuffs and scratches as per photos, one more than the other, and primarily where I think they have been slid into position in the corner of my room (ie, on one of the sides only), where they have been stored. Reason for selling: Have not used them for years - do not need subs for the music I listen to with the gear I am using Payment Method: Pickup - cash, direct deposit. Local pick up preferred, and preference given to anyone who can pick up, but can send via pack and send, at buyer's expense (including packing cost) Extra Info: These subs are very fast and very musical. A review is attached here: https://www.dagogo.com/tbi-audio-systems-magellan-viii-xu-subwoofer-and-mgd-200-subwoofer-amplifier-review/ I should add that you would need to provide your own amplification. To import yourself, the cost is $2,700US, plus $335US freight, plus GST, and import duty; http://www.tbisound.com/dsp_products_subwmagviiixu.asp At current exchange rate, the cost would be close to $5,000, landed. If you would like two sub amplifiers which I purchased with them, the TBI 200 SU, I will add them for $300 for the two; they are in good working order, except that the little red on lights don't work, because I disconnected them when I manually switched the amps to 240v from 110. They can be reconnected, if you open them up, I think. They are $450US, each sold separately, a bit less if you buy them as part of a package of 2 subs plus amps. Otherwise, supply your own amplification. Photos are not to flatter but to show the sides which have an issue. Sides not shown are sound. Sub 2 (the last picture) is the one which has significant scratches. I have the spikes which come with them; with the spikes, they look like the last photo I have included (which is a stock photo). Or else you can use them on their side, as I have (hence the scratches!). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. SUB 1 (BELOW) SUB 2 (PHOTO 1) SUB 2 (PHOTO 2) VERY NICE LOOKING ON THEIR SPIKES!
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