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  1. Still the most pure expression of sound out there, brilliant for classical music. Good luck with the sale.
  2. I can vouch for the Audia Flight phono pre-amp. It is the best phono pre-amp I've ever owned. Only sold when I exited vinyl. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Welcome. I've had many Electrostatics over the years (including Quad 57s stacked, with Super Tweeters and subs) and still have Quad ESL2905s and some Martin Logan Renaissance speakers. I'm sure you'll find some useful info here.
  4. Welcome, Jaylon, I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestions, and find something good in the classifieds as well!
  5. Hi Wingo, welcome, it would be great to hear a bit more about what is of interest to you.
  6. Beautiful! I heard these at Audio Connection. Best speakers I have ever heard. GLWTS.
  7. Welcome, Len. What do you have now, & what are you thinking about?
  8. iPhone 7. I am now using my Teac UD501, connected to my MacBook Air, but using the headphone jack (ie wired). Compared to going direct from the MacBook through the headphone jack on the Mac, there is much less difference than either of these compared to wireless from the iPhone. I use Tidal premium. I could live with the MacBook Air with the headphone jack. There is cleaner and better bass and a bit more definition with the Teac, but it is essentially similar in character, whereas wireless through the iPhone is a bit crap. I did wonder whether
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