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  1. Great price for a fantastic unit and Sunlight sounds bloody good. Also it works perfectly with a $20 wireless network adapter for those without wired ethernet for Roon/Tidal etc. GLWS
  2. Hello G I'll take them if still available please. Postage to 2066. Let me know the total and your pay Id.
  3. I have a Primare Pre30 in silver with remote and the original packaging that has seen little use. It was also recently serviced by Len Wallis.
  4. I have an 8200CD with an unused remote I can let go for $800. I no longer have the box however. I'm in Sydney as well.
  5. Another endorsement for the sigs. They do have the ability to improve further as the associated components increase in quality. I was somewhat shocked at how much they improved with the addition of a moderately priced amp and pre combo running via HT bypass.
  6. I was thinking it might be the S300 and avr not playing nice together as in grounding issues but it is so loud I thought the amp might be faulty as it is getting on in years but it works and sounds just fine driving my little pmc's in a separate system
  7. Oh and I did let the amps power down fully before plugging/unplugging cconbections as the bel canto's have a noticeable "still powered" lag after switching off the units power switch.
  8. Thanks guys. The avr is a Denon x4000 and the amps are bel canto S300 and S500. The S300 for surround duties is the one giving me headaches. I have tried different rca cables with no change. I have no idea about earthing but the 3 devices are all plugged into the same belkin board. During connection the power amps were powered on last.
  9. Hi all hoping to find possible answers to my issue by tapping the collective experience of the forum. The problem: When connecting and powering up a 2 channel power amp to the rear surround pre out of my avr via RCA I get massive hum/whine through the speakers that makes me fear for their survival. This also happens when I connect it to the main L and R pre out via RCA. However connecting the same amp to a different pre amp via rca does NOT cause any noise and plays without issue. Connecting a different power amp to either of the avr pre outs mentioned above also does NOT
  10. Item:Wilson Sophia,Sabrina,Magico S3 Price Range: Market Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Prefer Sydney but if you have the crates I'm open to freight Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. That's good to know thanks. Mind if I ask how they perform with female vocal like Nora Jones, compared to the pmc's? I only know Marten's by reputation, never heard them but am certainly intrigued.
  12. Are they fussy about placement close to walls? Also where are the ports on these? The Parkers do look impressive but my wife Getz less impressed as the price increases!
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