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  1. A friend and I bottled 155 bottles of the best beer Ive tasted on Tuesday. It's called Nelson Savin and Billabong Brewery does it as part of their huge range of make it yourself beers. For those who havnt done the micro-brewery thing you book an hour at a kettle (mashtun) and choose a beer to make. Most MBs have popular beer equivalents if you dont feel adventurous. They guide you through the brewing and then it is chilled filtered and kegged. The keg sits in a temp controlled environment for 2 weeks or until you can go to bottle it. You book a day and hour and either take your own bottles or buy theirs and stand at a sink and the cold filtered and carbonated beer is piped straight to the bottling station. An hour and a half later you are on your way. Yeee Ha! Nelson Savin is a very strong hop grown in NZ and it has a strong flavour of apricots/peaches or passionfruit depending on who you talk to. It is a triple hopped beer and just beaut 4.5%
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