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  1. And a warning status bar!!!!! fairdinkum, someone is taking themselves way too seriously....................
  2. And what happened to my signature!!!
  3. Jeebus!!! Its just like a supermarket, once you get used to where everything is they change the store layout!!! WHY????? spoll chick does not werk anymoore!!! where are the shortcuts. Change for changes sake is nothing more than a waste of time and money!!! If it ain't broke don't fix it! No wonder we are loosing members and some such as myself visit more and more less frequently.
  4. There is way too much levitation contained in this thread!!!!! V'LMFAO!
  5. very Egyptian of you Rantan-man!!!! If you need a fisherman's perspective Ali, just ask. V'Ra
  6. In fact I have come to believe that cable risers are a waste of time!!! Cable Hangers made of basalt are the only way to go...................................... V' inert
  7. Thank for resurrecting this thread JohnA............. Yamaha Man always has a cunning plan!!!! But my plan is to go to the plumbing store and buy 4mtr lengths of ziplok hyperlon tubing and do some blind testing: after a bottle of VSOP, of course!!! I will have to get Kiat over with his testing equipment to verify my thoughts on one of those graphy-thingies!!! V' confused.
  8. Knowing SNA as I do, you will have a Hindu's chance in Heaven trying to sell the lot to one buyer, best off selling them as required and adding something for postage, yes a bit of a hassle but it all depends on how long you want to wait. V'
  9. Now THIS is a good picture!!! Well Done! V'
  10. thank you crazy cat with a gun!!!! V' LMAO!
  11. From my family and Voltaire, I wish all on SNA a very happy 2012, let our ears be the judge!!!! V':party
  12. Chewy is the Black Adder collection the entire series? If so there are MINE, MINE I TELL YOU!!!!! mmmmmwahahahahah! V
  13. I have always held the opinion that a 'tablet' or touch pad PC' is useless until it supersedes the laptop PC. I wont buy one until they do so. I had hoped that the HP touch pad would do all that I need, and it appears that over 6000 Australian customers of Harvey Norman had hoped so too, until......... http://www.theaustralian.com.au/australian-it/exec-tech/hps-touchpad-tablet-killed-in-australia/story-e6frgazf-1226118178681 So far all i can see on today's market are oversized ipods with wi-fi or blue tooth that are able to connect to email, nothing but toys IMHO. When are they going to get it RIGHT!??
  14. "Nigel is an audio god " - MC240 , July28, 2011 "He's just a sh*tstirrer" - Aslan, October, 2009 "Nigel is obsessed with multiple drivers!" - Voltaire, August,2011 Love the signature Nigel!!
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