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  1. Then the best connection is a captive power lead. It's what is used on the amp I use.
  2. Yes, you can accomplish this by simply connecting the TAPE OUT from your phono equipped amplifier to the AUX in. Tone controls on the phono equipped amplifier will not function when so connected.
  3. I've already acknowledged that IEC leads are ubiquitous. Doesn't make them the best choice. Just the cheapest, easily available one. As for availability, here's what I found after 30 seconds of searching: https://au.element14.com/neutrik/nkpf-sr-a-5/pwr-cord-main-skt-schuko-plug/dp/2543797?MER=bn_level5_5NP_EngagementRecSingleItem_1 https://au.element14.com/neutrik/nkfca-15-0/lead-powercon-1-5m/dp/3886232?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2Irauaeu4AIVlg4rCh3t_wDpEAQYASABEgL2ufD_BwE&gross_price=true&mckv=snkbgIbge_dc|pcrid|59148083448|pkw||pmt||slid||product|3886232|pgrid|12550800888|ptaid|aud-112905144048:pla-295294719026|&CMP=KNC-GOO-SHOPPING-3886232 https://djcity.com.au/product/pcl2m-powercon-lead-2m/ How many times do _I_ unplug IEC connectors? Not relevant, but it is in the thousands of times per year. And there's the rub: I have worn out IEC connectors. Some listeners plug and unplug frequently. In some cases, to the point where the connector is arcing. And yes, I have seen that. The tension on the female connector operates on a 'wing and a prayer' (regardless of price). It cannot occur with Neutrik Powercon™ connectors as they are true wiping contacts. It's a fabulous design, that has been very well engineered. The IEC connector, like the RCA connector has low cost as the prime driving factor behind it's design. Fair enough. I've found quite a few failures over the years. Neutrik Powercon™ connectors don't fail. Simple. And, like the RCA connector (which has significant drawbacks, as you have stated correctly) it is time the industry moved away from the IEC connector to something of superior quality. Silver is the best conductor. It is used extensively in professional power applications. For good reason. That said, I remind you that some of the VERY expensive "audiophile foo" IEC connectors (some of which can cost orders of magnitude more than the Neutrik Powercon™) are gold plated! As you are no doubt well aware, gold is a vastly inferior conductor to silver and more seriously, is very soft and is plated very thinly, compared to the much superior and less expensive silver. Those Neutik engineers know EXACTLY what they're doing. Right materials for the job. I agree that placing a Neutrik Powercon™ and lead on a (say) $1,000.00 product is likely to raise it's cost by, perhaps, $100.00 or so. On a high grade audio product, the difference will be far less significant and demonstrates a desire by the manufacturer to supply the best connectors available. The Neutrik Powercon™ is already the power connector of choice for professional and scientific applications. It is just a matter of time that it, like the XLR connector, becomes the de-facto standard for high quality audio equipment. Of that you can be assured.
  4. The Neutrik Powercon™ is far from non-standard. They are used in a vast array of professional and scientific equipment, because they are high quality and completely and properly specified. IEC connectors and not. Well, not quite. Since the Neutrik Powercon™ uses wiping contacts and constant pressure, it's longevity and contact reliability, accompanied by full specifications on insertions, it is a superior choice to IEC connectors over the long term. That said, IF the IEC connector is never or rarely unplugged, then it will likely be a reasonable choice. Sound-wise, a new IEC connector will not sound different to a Neutrik Powercon™. As the connectors age and with repeated insertions, however, the IEC connector will degrade. Possibly to the point where some sonic degradation is noted. Well, so does the RCA connector, but, like the RCA connector, there are better, more reliable choices. Let me be very clear: The Neutrik Powercon™ is not "audiophile foo". It is a modestly priced (far, far less expensive than some of the silly IEC connectors available), reliable and is THE choice for professional and scientific applications. In (very) small quantities, the Neutrik Powercon™ can be purchased for less than $20.00 per pair. That is a minuscule price to pay for a high quality, properly specified connector.
  5. Another amplifier was promoted in this group at about the same time as yours. It uses the vastly superior Neutrik Powercon™ mains connector. I mistakenly thought it was your product. I am sorry for the confusion. If you wish to know why the Powercon™ is superior to all IEC connectors, examine the specs: https://www.neutrik.com/en/products/audio/powercon As to what is horrible about IEC connectors, well, pretty much everything. They are not locking. They are not wiping contacts. They are not fully and completely specified (such as insertion numbers). They are not available (AFAIK) in silver plated contact variants. They require a non-round hole to be fabricated. And, of course, none of this reflects on the quality of the product, just the mains connector used. And yes, I understand that many companies use the sub-standard, IEC mains connector. Doesn't make it the right choice, just the popular one.
  6. Oops. You are correct. I was thinking of those Herschel Audio amps.
  7. The ONLY way to service an amp like that is to: * Obtain a service manual, or schematic. * Using the usual suite of test equipment (multimeters, signal generator, oscilloscope, etc) trace the fault to the faulty component/s and replace them. It is impossible to advise you further, with much more data. Photos are not that useful. I believe Biema are distributed by Altronics. That should be your first phone call on Monday.
  8. This kind of mechanism can be a bugger to work on. I can't provide specific advice, because I really need to have it in front of me (as would most techs). Suffice to say there is either an 'assist' motor, or the mech is driven from the main flywheel. You need to obtain a service manual and sit down and examine how the mech operates. Then it will become clear how to fix it. Sorry it's a vague answer, but it's the best I can do.
  9. Wow! Very impressive. Also, kudos on avoiding those horrible IEC mains connectors.
  10. The Model 500 pre-dates Marantz cassette decks. So, probably none. I used mine with a Marantz SD9000 and, after that, a Nakamichi 1000ZXL.
  11. Good quality = Good current ability and load invariance. An example might be: 100 Watts @ 8 Ohms 170 Watts @ 4 Ohms 250 Watts @ 2 Ohms Provided you have the requisite test equipment and knowledge to re-design your speakers, yes. The Behringer is a reasonable, low cost solution.
  12. The real key is to use an electronic crossover, in order to reduce the demands on your amplifier. It's not 'power' per se that is your problem, it is all about Voltage. Your suggested method will not achieve much. Unless you happen to be using poor quality amplifiers. If that is the case, then a small improvement may be noted.
  13. I have been involved in and conducted a number of DBTs. I can attest to the fact that your conclusion is incorrect. I have NEVER said such a thing.
  14. Ho hum. Great little amp. One of my all-time favourites. Very reliable and tough as boots. I'm surprised that yours has a fault. Meh. Very nice. Drop dead gorgeous to boot. The 5220 was released at roughly the same time as your 1070 and 104. A huge deck though. Much wider than the 104 and 1070. Built like a brick outhouse. I do have a collection of sorts, but my main focus is on vintage test equipment. I do have a Marantz Model 500 though. I've knocked back a few significant offers on the amp over the years. Only 300 in existence. https://audio-database.com/MARANTZ/amp/model500-e.html
  15. You can bet your house on one thing: Under a properly conducted double blind test, using certified USB cables, that you will never reliably pick one cable from another. Not ever. Bet your house on it.
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