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  1. George Christensen MP, Member For Dawson

    I'd rather that the Qld education system be properly funded.
  2. George Christensen MP, Member For Dawson

    George doesn't approve of free speech either. I have been banned from his Facebook page, because I was critical of his ideology. Christensen makes me ill. Christensen voters make me feel very depressed. I cannot believe that there are so many stupid people in Queensland.
  3. Overhaul a Revox B750 amp (Brisbane)

    If you were prepared to spend $410.00 for a bunch of stuff that probably won't work, then, presumably, you would be prepared to spend a lot less to have it repaired properly. "Old solder"? Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not. No way of knowing, without measuring and examining the thing. More likely a faulty semiconductor IMO.
  4. Overhaul a Revox B750 amp (Brisbane)

    We techs live by an old adage: 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' That adage can be extended to: 'Find the fault and fix it.' Points: * You need to find the problem and fix the problem, rather than taking a 'scattergun' approach to service. * The cited kit is VERY expensive. You could probably pay a professional a lot less to diagnose and fix the fault. * The cited kit will probably not fix the fault.
  5. Sounds like multipath distortion to me. Check your antenna and/or nearby reflecting metal objects. Perhaps someone has erected some scaffolding nearby?
  6. Akai CS-34D Noisy Motor & Drag

    Oops. Mea culpa. I just checked the service manual for the CS34D. I am in error. I was wrong. Sorry. The motor does not appear to be an AC synchronous type. It appears to be a standard DC motor. This means a couple of things: * You may be able to replace the motor with one from Wagner Electronics. Or not. I fear that the shaft diameter may not be compatible with modern motors. You'll need to check. * The motor is still repairable, since, back in the old days, DC motors were screwed together (today, they are welded). So, you can VERY, VERY carefully dismantle the motor (be very carefully when pulling the armature out, as you can damage the brushes). Then you can clean and re-lube the bearings. I use pipe cleaners. * The motor capstan does have a grub screw according to the service manual.
  7. Akai CS-34D Noisy Motor & Drag

    It's been a very long time since I worked on a CS34, but I think you'll find there is a small grub-screw (sealed with paint) holding the capstan onto the motor shaft. I would remove the belt and use a soldering iron to heat the brass capstan directly. That should allow the paint to soften and thus remove the capstan.
  8. Vintage receivers/amps from USA conversion

    Indeed. I didn't even think about the SRC reference. Silly me. Just a nit: Standard Radio Corporation became MJI (Marantz Japan Inc). And yes, I should not have allowed the argy-bargy to have continued. It was silly.
  9. Beocreate: Make any speakers wireless and active

    I'll take a few at that price. I still reckon, that 189 Bucks, it's fine value for money. Looks like an interesting product.
  10. Vintage receivers/amps from USA conversion

    I can think of two possibilities: * That someone has VERY carefully removed any reference to Japanese manufacture. Could it be Marantz? Yeah, I guess that's possible. * That I have not seen every compliance plate Marantz used back then. I confess that the compliance plates were not something I ever studied in great detail, apart from locating serial number data. That said, I am not wrong about the 2325 being manufactured in Japan. Anything else would be utterly and unthinkably silly.
  11. Beocreate: Make any speakers wireless and active

    Too slow. It's showing $189.00 for me. Still, not bad.
  12. Klipsch Sub Dead in the Water?

    Nope. An SMPS is where a conventional power transformer is replaced by a very small, high frequency transformer and associated driving circuitry. As I stated, the only thing you did wrong was buy a product with no local guarantee. See my previous comments. Unless you are prepared to pay someone to repair it, you will probably have to chuck it out.
  13. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    I haven't watched Altered Carbon yet, but The Expanse is exceptional television.
  14. Akai CS-34D Noisy Motor & Drag

    Geez, it's been a very long time since I've seen one of those. Anyway, the problem lies with the motor bearings. Fortunately, that motor is an AC synchronous type. It's pretty easy to dismantle, clean and re-lube. That's what you need to do. Clean the bearings and re-lube with some light machine oil and you'll be good to go.
  15. Linx Nebula Integrated Amp

    -3dB @ 45Hz and 21dB down at 20Hz is not what I would call a flat, extended bass response. The VAF i93 has what I would call a flat, extended bass response (21Hz ~ 19kHz +/- 1.2dB)