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  1. They dont have one. But,,, they do. Going back a step. I wanted a hifi rack with adjustable shelves, and more than 4 (7 to 8 preferred). I'll be stuffed if I could find an affordable one for a half reasonable price. I only wanted it for the bedroom,,, looks were *not* paramount. Function over form. Also, I just dont have the wood working skills, some of you true DIY folk have. Screwing stuff together, is about the limit my skills take me. So, I scoured the Ikea website, looking for a solution. In the end, I had to improvise.
  2. Hey guys, for years now I've been a little frustrated with the technical limitations of SACD players, mainly due to the copy protection mechanisms implemented around the SACD format. I've wanted to do 2 things; 1) Connect the digital output of my sacd player to a generic 2ch dac, and feed it into my 2ch rig. 2) Make hi-res digital backups of my sacd's, in the event the sacd is damaged or lost. In recent years things have been evolving, where some universal players supported dsd or pcm streaming over hdmi, to a compatible home theatre receiver. This setup works, as there is a handsh
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