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  1. There can be more than one set of prototypes, before a design is finalised. Geez they look nice. May I see a photo of the rear.
  2. I only have one box, but fark me, is it overkill for my HT room. Never heard bass like it. And all it is doing, is LFE duty. Boom farken snap boom.
  3. Yes,,, that's right, the builder of the box, said it was a W design [emoji106],, but different to those in your pic.
  4. Inspired by the great sound achieved on the bedroom system for the oldest son, I went about assembling my own bedroom system, with nothing but economical gear I am happy with the result, don't know why I didn't do it years ago,,,, oh that's right, my wife at the time would never have allowed it. Sounds nice.
  5. Yeah, looks similar, without the centre horn section.
  6. I didn't build it, and can't quote the design.I bought it already made, by a local speaker builder. It is a quasi bandpass design. The box has side vents, letting out bass from the rear of the drivers. Internally within the box, are 2 x 18's that fire at each other towards the middle,, where there is a straight horn section pushing the bass out the front. I'll take the grill off, and see if I can get some internal photos. It's powerful sh1!t, designed to throw deep bass. Freakin shakes the room.
  7. Hey Joz, my goal was to have independent full range channels, to minimise the information being passed into the LFE (subsequently being mashed together). While not theoretically necessary to have that, given deep bass is omni directional, the purist streak in me just wanted to do it. For example, if there is 30hz info in the right rear channel, it should eminate from the right rear part of the room. My rear sound stage also has sgr corner subs, paired up with actives. Previously paired with 3XCB's,,, recently I determined that those beautiful sgr speakers are being wasted in that spot. They should be put to better use. So I have installed a rear soundstage of 4 x Mackies. In this photo, the SGR's are unplugged. The 2 middle Mackie's are plugged into the HP outputs of the middle velodyne sub. All 4 rear channels are independently set to Full on the XMC-1, and are independently eq'd to go as deep as they can. The velodyne eq's to about 27,.and rolls away. The corner subs get to 20.
  8. The blue line is the in-room response before EQ, it isnt that flat. The green line is a theoretical line, after the dirac eq filters have been applied. It isnt a measured response. haha,, I replaced my broken sealed sub, with a larger dual 18" subwoofer, which after installing it, is overkill for my room and does all those things. In fact, the wall vibrations have become a distraction, and adversely affect my listening pleasure. *shrugs This sealed sub with Mach 5 driver, is now surplus to requirements, may list it in the classifieds shortly. Sure, will take a pic of the sealed sub. The dual 18 replacement, is pictured here...... My new sub
  9. I had a sealed box built for an 18" driver, sitting around not being used (due to a failed driver). So, I grabbed one of these Mach 5 drivers from that seller on gumtree. Whacked it in, and connected the dual voice coils in series, to present a 4ohm load to the amp (p7000s rated at 1100w). Attached is the measured FR response. Blue line is natural response, and green line is with dirac eq applied. I reckon that is a pretty good result, all things considered. Thanks for the tip, on that listing. Now what to do with this sub? Note: the measurements were taken from various seating positions and subject to room response, they are not nearfield measurements.
  10. Been running in the new Dayton caps for the last 2 days, there is a marked improvement. Summarising the changes to these ATS-3's (from stock).... * Replaced both tweeters with SB's mentioned above. * Replaced both caps in each crossover, with Dayton's. * changed the value of the cap in the tweeter section to 10uf (to match the 4ohm tweeter) * Coated the insides of the cabinets with 3 layers of bitumen rubber. Running them full range with no sub support, the honky mid-bass resonance at high levels is gone. They sound very easy to listen to.
  11. The rack and system is all together. But I may pull it apart and drill those holes anyway. No reason not to, apart from the time taken to do it. The power cables are neatly hanging down one side,,, but I will mull on it.
  12. Good suggestions, thanks. Just to clarify, for option 2, do you mean drilling holes into the shelves?
  13. Like the power rail, it didn't quite fit. For this one, I had to get the hack saw out, and cut some of the teeth off. Then I mounted it from the inside.
  14. Cable management rail arrived. Before and after shots
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