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  1. The NEW ( Beta at present) firmware has "Transformed" the Lumagen...... VERY VERY impressed with what Jim has achieved here !!! 😊
  2. I am guessing within a couple of weeks. I am due for another Beta Revision in a few days time..😊
  3. No sorry , i am on the 3rd revision.....still some work being done on the 4K apsect. ( Sharpening ) Its VERY good! 😊
  4. Many may not be aware but Jim Peterson ( Lumagen) has been working on a NEW update for the Lumagen Radiance Pro series VP,s. that incorporates a NEW UP-Scaling Algo AND!!!!! for the first time a "Sharpening" function for both UP-Scaling and 4K material. The DARBEE feature is still available , which is more of a contrast enhancer than a sharpener. This can be used in conjunction with the new sharpening feature OR either can be used individually. I have spent all day with a PRE Release Beta Firmware and i will just say that Lumagen Radiance Pro owners will be VERY happy once this is avialble officially...😊 Its great to see product continually evolving... 😊
  5. Its "Private" between about 8 individuals including myself. Dylan had the Lumagen for his review and the option to purchase it VERY VERY cheaply. Subsequently after some more test/comparisons he did personally , he decided to pass on the Lumagen and continue with his madVR HTPC due to it producing superior results. I am waiting for my comparison as Jim Peterson is forwarding me a PRE Release firmware ( very shortly) for the Lumagen that will have an updated Up-Scaling Algo AND for the first time on a Lumagen .......Sharpening Filters for both Up_scaling and native 4K!!!!
  6. @Marc You will find that Dylan has since had an about face on a lot of what he posted in that review . That particular test that he made reference to is now acknowledged to be null and void as the Envy used in the test had a VERY early Beta firmware with none of the current Algo,s. I was privileged to first hand details of that actual test! 😊
  7. Yes correct, its actually a "Little " cheaper than the Lumagen 4242 with 18ghz cards.. The Envy PRO at present is literally running identical Ago,s as the Envy Extreme. 😊
  8. The ENVY PRO is actually "less" than the Lumagen!
  9. Setting up to shortly do a comparison between my Lumagen 4242 , Envy Extreme and Envy Pro with my Z1/RS4500. Just a few pics of the Lumagen and Envy to show the 2 very different "Packages" in relation to size...
  10. Aussie Distributor ( info forthcoming 🙂 ) will probably announce that shortly..
  11. madVR Labs Announces madVR Envy Video Processor MSRP and Updates Processing Power Envy RRP Update..pdf
  12. Kris Deerings, review of the NEW JVC (upcoming) DTM update to JVC NX series projectors.... A small improvement for existing JVC users ( and NOT "set and forget" ) and still not offering what is achievable via madVR /Envy or Lumagen..... ( but its FREE! 😊) https://www.soundandvision.com/content/hands-jvc-s-new-theater-optimizer-function
  13. Thats the whole point i have been trying to get across from the word go..........what the Lumagen , madVr and JVC are doing at this present time are literally "as good as it gets" in relation to HDR and projectors. What SONY "appears" to be doing is more akin to what WE were doing initially with STATIC curves and GAMMA manipulation. You could succeed in getting good results with a certain range or content BUT overall you ended up with either Crushed/Dark images OR blown out highlights and clipped detail , it was ALWAYS a compromise in some area! .............you NEVER had fully DYNAMIC Tone Mapped image over the whole range in real time. madVR is a "little" better than Lumagen in regards to DTM and both madVR and Lumagen are better than JVC,s effort.......... BUT i think in time , ALL will end up at the same destination......... at the moment i think SONY is heading in the WRONG direction!
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