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  1. Great to see another Oppo 205 offered for sale at a VERY "fair" price.. 😊 .GLWTS..
  2. I think people "VASTLY" underestimate the Importance / Value of a High Quality Video Processor such as the Envy or Lumagen. Every PJ i have used with either Envy or the Lumagen has had substantial improvement...not just with DTM either. I could NOT fathom using my Z1 without either the Envy or Lumagen or madVR (HTPC) . A video procesor is also a Long Term investment......and you can use it with ANY display . The Envy is the definition of "Simplicity" in relation to setup......honestley Mathias ( madshi/madVR) has done an increadible job in this respect......i cant stress enough just how easy it is to setup and use! Once setup , you basically just ignore it from that point on ...just a matter of turning it on/off along with the rest of your AV gear. A good friend of mine who loves the results that madVR produces , but hates with a passion the idea of the HTPC took one look at the Envy and said " Iwant one" 😊
  3. Envy is 3d capable... Does NOT run on a "Bloated" OS... Envy is Silent, Heat output is trivial ...takes all of 5min to set up/install.... Envy is FAR FAR more capable of just DTM!!
  4. I have madVR HTPC, Envy Extreme and a Lumagen 4242 ........i cant say much in regards to the Envy ( NDA ) BUT i can say that its "Ridiculously " Easy to set up ...then its truly "Forget" ..😊 Once again...anyone who thinks that there is little difference from the JVC DTM to the DTM of the Envy or the Lumagen is really kidding themselves !
  5. Shitty phone pic, ( will update latter) Pic of my rack with the madVR Envy and the Denon AVP A1HDA that i recentley aquired.......picked up a 2nd AVP-A1HDA off a member here on SNA for a spare...😊
  6. See here Re....... 205.........
  7. Managed to track down a MINT barely used Oppo 205 as a backup UHD player to my Oppo 203 for use with my madVR Envy Video Processor. When looking for a used 205 , i found many 205,s for sale BUT the owners seemed to think they had GOLD and priced them accordinaly! I persevered and found a MINT 205 that has had very little use, the seller was extremely fair and honest and i picked it up for $2300 . He even went to the trouble to double box it for posting so the original Oppo box didnt get damaged!! 😊
  8. Just wanted to follow this up. There are still good, non selfish people in the world....... 😊 managed to purchase a MINT Oppo 205 with all original accessories and packaging for $2300 ... 😊
  9. Hi Terry, Yeah i fitted the Oppomod Linear ( SE Version) Power Supply to my 203 to which i have and still use.... I dont use the 203 for anything bar HT, so dont really know if there is any benfit in regards to Audio. After fitting the power supply i did notice a "slightly" cleaner video image..😊
  10. Some people seem to think they have GOLD and price it accordingly!! No worries... I am going the way of the Pioneer BDP LX800....😊
  11. No Sorry... but youre missing a VERY important point ..there are ONLY '2" players capable of outputting "PURE" Video and with correct Chroma Processing......Oppo and Pioneer... Video is feeding a madVR Envy and a Lumagen....
  12. Will most problably grab a Pioneer BDP-LX800 to pair with my madVR Envy and Lumagen.. My Old Pioneer LX88 was actually superior to the Oppo in regards to bluray playback .
  13. Players like the Panasonic are useless if using an External Video processor...they have undefeatable "Enhancements" and cannot output "Pure" video ( chroma conversion) ... Only 2 players can...Oppo and Pioneer..
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