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  1. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Yeah Mate, the more and more i watch the Z1 , the more i realise just how much of a HUGE step up it is from my previous PJ,s......couldn't be happier..
  2. Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    Seen this today.... I am a long term Star Wars fan...but for me this one was very disappointing.. They have just tried to do to much and some aspects are just to "silly" The "Feeling" and "Atmosphere " just didn't seem to be there.. Pity..
  3. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    The Great Wall........The Revenant .......Alien Covenant.......Prometheus .....
  4. HMMM , sad to see But that X9900 sample looks worse than the previous one!! So glad i got out of the "Lottery"
  5. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Last night i settled on 39 Foot lamberts using a 4000 Nit Gamma.. High Laser / Iris -5 for 4K UHD HDR The Z1 has been a very very big surprise...not only in the attributes of the superb image...but the excess in brightness that i now have.I am still very distracted at the present by the "WOW" factor when viewing movies...i am constantly noticing things in the image that were just not conveyed by the X9500, Clarity/Colour Definition/Shadow detail....the image is "oh so" much more "Dimensional" Once i come down from this, it will be good to "Just" watch movies again..
  6. Absolute Rubbish!!!! Have "YOU" seen the Z1 AND the X9500 or X9900 on the same screen ??? I have all "3" and the Z1,s image is "substantially " better than the other 2 E-Shift PJ,s! The difference between the resolution with E-Shift and the native 4K of the Z1 is pronounced!! OH!!!! and the contrast is a hell of alot closer than you would think...."Rregardless" of Spec,s..
  7. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    A few pics......as always the camera does not capture and portray the image that you see on screen....but may give some idea.. Screen is a 143" Scope
  8. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    The fact that i consider the perceived contrast on the same level as the X9500/X9900 is one hell of compliment to the Z1. As far as the rest of the image ...i can confidently tell you its not even remotely comparable !! The Z1 is really on a whole new level. The more i watch the more i am astonished at just how much better the overall image is from the Z1 vs the X9500/X9900......there is NO WAY i could ever go back to the E-Shift PJ,s now... My opinion.....the Z1 is "easily" worth "4" times the cost of the X9500 or X9900.
  9. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    HMMM ......people seem to regard the price of the Z1 with some angst.. On the other hand, a lot of "Audiophiles" dont think twice about laying down the equivalent ...OR way more in cash on a set of "Speakers" .. and this is more acceptable??
  10. Superb price for a Brand New Unit!!! Someone will be very happy when they purchase this!!.
  11. Projector suggestion please

    Yep.... and as i said above, a NEW X5900 is insane value for the image it produces..
  12. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Had my friend who owns the X9500 we used in the X9900/X9500 comparison around today . Spent the morning watching many of the various video sections from the many films we used in the review. We then watched a couple of films full length. Before getting the Z1 i had real fears i would miss the absolute contrast of my X9500...i voiced this to my friend many times. he was also worried the contrast "loss" of the Z1 would be very noticeable. Well after today, as well as myself, my friend stated that "to hell with numbers/specifications" Because the Z1 provided the BEST picture he has ever experienced by a mile"!! Movies that he and myself are very familiar with just take on a whole new look....;.i am honestly still coming to terms on just how sharp and detailed the image is. The image really is a HUGE step up from the E-shift series. My biggest fear of the "lesser" native contrast of the Z1 is a complete NON issue as it turns out. In nearly all cases it somehow appears to match the X9500 , and in some cases exceed it!! Sometimes measurements mean very little.. So , i have absolutely no regrets on laying down the large amount of funds for the Z1...to me its worth every dollar, its way larger upgrade than i had anticipated..:)
  13. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    143" Scope