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  1. Lumagen 4242 and Oppo 203 and LPS ....Front and centre.......( madVR Envy gone ) JVC Z1 hiding in the rear... 😊 143" Scope Screen Mask for 16:9 in these pics....
  2. I "think" they are referring to using a "Manual" setting of +1 in the JVC DTM interface INSTEAD of using the TO ( Theatre Optimiser) NOT the Iris...😊 https://www.avsforum.com/threads/official-jvc-rs3000-nx9-jvc-rs2000-nx7-n7-jvc-rs1000-nx5-n5-owners-thread.3038288/post-60262547
  3. The Iris range is 0 to -15 you CAN NOT move it "Above" "0"
  4. If the Iris is still audibly making a "clicking" sound i am afraid you will need to send it in for a fix!!! Eventually it will completely fail and if at that time if your out of warranty it would be a VERY costly fix! ☹️ RE...New 3:50 Firmware......much talk off the forums.....quite a few issues with it!!! ☹️
  5. CAUTION......New JVC Firmware 3:50 Update.. Posted by Kris Deering.... https://www.avsforum.com/threads/official-jvc-rs3000-nx9-jvc-rs2000-nx7-n7-jvc-rs1000-nx5-n5-owners-thread.3038288/post-60261335 Kris Deering Premium Member Joined Oct 5, 2002 11,561 Posts #33,366 • 3 h ago Had a few issues yesterday while calibrating two different NX9's with the latest firmwar
  6. @cindernat @Hansel One thing you can try.... Switch the PJ to "Natural" mode.....then set the iris to MANUAL....then using the remote cycle the IRIS between 0 and -15 SEVERAL times.. Set iris to 0 and Auto 1 or 2. Power OFF the PJ. Power ON the PJ.....re select your desired PIC mode and then re select Set iris to 0 and Auto 1 or 2. Run some content ( Bright/ Dark scenes ) and LISTEN to the iris operation ..... Sometimes the iris mach/position can be put out of range due to stopping /starting the
  7. Yes..... it can "Bind" ( Clicking) or complete failure and "Stick" in one position!
  8. I know its a PITA ...but definatley get it repaired as you are loosing to much capability of the projector. There are MANY documented cases of "Iris Mech" failure on the US forums ... JVC are well aware of this and you "Should" have no issues with a warranty repair ... 😊
  9. You are then relying on the "Native Contrast" of the projector........ you loose "Dynamic Contrast" capability! Depending on your setup......... Native might will be in the vicinity of 20K:1 to 30K:1 ...."Dynamic will be in the vicinity of 100K:1 to 200K:1.. So you are potentially missing out on a lot!!
  10. "For immediate release: Rockville, Maryland, October 29, 2020 – madVR Labs, LLC today announced that its revolutionary plug-and-play madVR Envy Extreme video processor has won the highly coveted CEDIA 2020 Best New Hardware Product Award. “We are extremely humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award, especially as a start-up with our first product, and among a very competitive field”, said madVR Labs Co-founder and CEO Richard T. Litofsky. “We would like to thank our dealers, distributors, partners, and most importantly, our customers worldwide for playing such a pivotal ro
  11. Further information: madVR Envy Extreme Video processor. I purchased this unit directly from madVR Labs and participated as an active Beta tester. The unit is in MINT condition . I already have a very high end HTPC and a Lumagen Radiance Pro. I currently am not using the madVR Envy. Current price is USD $ 12,000 plus freight, Customs and import fees. My asking price is LESS than the unit cost me as part of the Beta testing program. It comes with original packaging and spare remote. Photos:
  12. My Telos Audio 4mtr Power cable arrived .... this is used with the Up-Tone Audio JS-2 PSU feeding the Lumagen..... "Loving" the results of this combo .....😊
  13. Hi Mark, Initial impressions are very positive! 😊 Audio......a definite improvement in dynamics . Video..... the already "clean" image from the Lumagen is improved a step further......cleaner image with improvements to fine detail. There will be many sceptics that will dismiss the idea of a Linear PSU bringing any improvements , but i DO NOT care .........i am very very happy with the outlay/results on the Linear PSU... For interest sake...... Jim Peterson himself acknowledged the "Possible" benefits of an "Analogue" ( Linear) PSU when
  14. My JS-2 Linear PSU for my Lumagen from "Up-Tone Audio" arrived today........ 😁
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