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  1. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Sometimes i dont know why we bother to post on forums like this when we have such great experienced experts such as yourself @Owen !! You havnt seen one,let alone ALL of the F****ing projectors here yet you will lecture me on what the outcome is!! For F**k Sake!!!😠
  2. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    NX9 Auto Tone Mapping..☺️ https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/2996950-new-jvc-rs3000-nx9-rs2000-n7-rs1000-n5-native-4k-projectors-anticipation-thread-223.html#post57252896
  3. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    The E-shift projectors put out stunning images...so you should be rapt in your X9900 .. Until you actually put some of these high end projectors together to compare , you wouldn't be aware of some of the differences.. but they ALL produce wonderful images.
  4. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    X9900 versus NX9 Spent most of this weekend doing comparisons of the X9900 and the NX9. In total 12 persons other than myself came to view.....some being HT enthusiasts such as myself, and some just curious. NX9 and X9900 are at 20ft throw. I did take CONTRAST readings for both projectors... NOTE!!! The readings are an indication ONLY! I have no way of verifying their accuracy...but they give an idea of the 2 projectors.. Used Iris positions...."0" "-7" "-15" X9900 Iris.. (0) 35850:1 ( -7) 60526:1 ( -15) 149180:1 NX9 Iris.. (0) 20200:1) ( -7) 38300:1 ( -15) 92.665:1 At 20ft throw onto my 143" scope with BT2020 iris fully open.. X9900 298 Lux NX9 305 Lux Contrast...... you can debate "till the cows come home " about the NX9 being "inferior" contrast wise .....in real viewing its only on a VERY small amount of content you see any deficiency compared to the X9900.. Resolution / Sharpness / Detail.... Anyone debating that there is "Very little" OR "No difference" between the E-shift 1080P and the "Native 4K / 8K E-shift" really needs their eyes checked!! Simple as that ...there is a noticeable difference. Link to some images i took ...ignore colour/tone ...just look at resolution please... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c6f6fzbda...2M5u4cLSa?dl=0 The shot from Interstellar X9900-NX9 Tiff is a shot with the NX9 displaying the image ......half of the X9900 lens is covered, half exposed so half is the black floor of the X9900 ( left side) the other is the NX9 ( right side) .....the pic doesn't show it 100% as in real viewing you CAN see the slight advantage of the X9900....but its not huge! Of the 12 persons that viewed the 2 projectors 10 preferred the NX9 by a margin due to its detail and sharpness...... 2 thought they were both good! Nobody noticed any "major" contrast differences. Hope its of interest to some..
  5. wooferocau

    SOLD: FS: Hdfury Linker

    Is this still available? PM sent..
  6. wooferocau

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    He went from the X9900 to the 570/695ES https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/3020036-official-sony-vpl-vw695es-owners-thread-2.html#post57168788 https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/3020036-official-sony-vpl-vw695es-owners-thread-2.html#post57200990 https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/3020036-official-sony-vpl-vw695es-owners-thread-3.html#post57231354
  7. wooferocau

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    Regarding the 570ES... User in the US i correspond with had a"Golden Sample" X9900...he sold it just recently. He intended to purchase the NX9, but wasn't prepared to wait. He went and viewed the SONY 570ES and was "Stunned" .... He prefers it to his previous X9900 by a large margin. He has now purchased the Sony 570ES ... His feedback has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the 570ES ..
  8. wooferocau

    Sony VPL-VW570ES

    Rich, Looking forward to your impression...
  9. Al , looking forward to your direct comparison to the Oppo .( Image Quality wise)
  10. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    In my opinion the YES the Z1 is a superior projector.... BUT it should be, its costs a hell of alot more than the NX9. The NX9 is a gem..... it provides a fair proportion of the Z1,s performance at alot less cost. The Laser Dimming i think is the most underestimated feature of the Z1, it levels the playing field contrast wise even though the "Native" isnt as high as some other projectors. Also, as you would expect ......the Z1 has reserves of brightness that the NX9 just hasnt got. Yes, once you have had a Laser light source, its VERY hard to overlook it. As stated, if i didnt have the Z1....the NX9 would be a permanent fixture in my theatre room....if that is not a compliment to it then i dont know what is!
  11. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Never clocked up so many projector hours in such a short time... Put just over 40hrs on the NX9 since its been here..😀 If i didn't already have my Z1, i could certainly see the NX9 becoming a permanent resident in my theatre room..
  12. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    No hoax i am afraid.😟
  13. No one knows yet... all speculation. The NX9 i have here has been glitch free...no issues.
  14. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    If they ever do a Laser version, trust me i will not be in the same chassis as the current NX9! Half the Z1 is the Laser Light source and cooling.
  15. VERY keen to hear your thoughts..