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  1. https://www.avmagazine.it/articoli/stampa/4K/1277/first-look-jvc-dla-n7_index.html
  2. wooferocau

    Oppo Uhd 4K Player

  3. wooferocau

    SOLD: FS: Infinity reference kappa 9a speakers

    These are "stunning" speakers BUT ! they require SERIOUS amplification !!!!! Cant stress enough...... unless the amp has serious current capability these will sound anaemic and out of control.. With the right amplification the Kappa 9 will embarrass MANY MANY very high priced speakers.... They truly are an Infinity Classic. I still have 2 pairs of Kappa 9,s in storage.
  4. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Rich , Dave, Great to hear the positive feedback I really do think the N7 will be "The Darling" of the NEW trio...
  5. Supply.......( there are none) Demand ...( still high)
  6. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Done 3 updates over time with my Z1 usual time is 4-5min for the procedure. Quick, simple, painless
  7. wooferocau

    The Expanse

    The EXPANSE 1080P Blu-ray is absolute reference material .....it is some of the best 1080P i have ever seen!! ☺️
  8. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    N7.. measured today by Dylan Seeger. "Here are some out of the box contrast measurements for my RS2000: High Lamp, minimum zoom, iris fully open: 29,400, iris @ - 7: 39,563:1, iris @ -15; 62,100:1 High Lamp, max zoom, iris fully open: 23,450:1, iris @-7: 38,550:1, iris @-15: 50,800:1 Maximum dynamic contrast: 176,850:1, this indicates a 6x contrast multiplier."
  9. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Please dont take offence....... BUT your just not normal!!!!
  10. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    How can you do this !!!! It goes like this... Take box home Frenzy to remove projector Put projector on any half stable surface Insert plug into nearest available socket Aim projector somewhere in vicinity of screen OR wall Turn on with source playing Reach for pre placed napkin to wipe excess DROOL form chin Job done..
  11. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Andrew was at Nigels today..... They looked at the X7900 N7 and NX9 . Apparently he was shocked how much better the N7 and NX9 were than the X7900 Low and behold.....the N7 was a little sharper than the NX9! ! A Pleasant surprise
  12. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Some more from Dylan..... I spent the last two hours watching content with the DI off and contrast performance is still very impressive. I was having too much fun just watching the image this projector produces that I forgot to take more measurements haha. I will do my best to take more measurements later. I'm hoping we see some more pre-orders delivered today so others can corroborate my findings. Those who bought one are in for a treat. I know the term "looking through a window" gets thrown around a lot, but my RS2000 takes things one step closer. The ever-so-slightly more digital look that I used to see on the eshifters vs Sony SXRD is now gone. It really reminds me a lot of what I'm used to seeing from Sony 4K SXRD in this regard. Native motion (no CMD) looks a bit better to my eyes as well.
  13. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Brief observations from the N7 owner Dylan ( Seegs) ....☺️ With all of this said, no, the RS2000 does not have the same black level as the previous 5xx mid-tier units that the RS2000 replaces. I didn't get the chance to measure contrast but I'd have to say, iris wide open, it's probably only around 18000-20000:1. That's just my guess. I will measure tomorrow to get an exact number. I'm even going to attempt an ANSI contrast measurement. I'm still disappointed with the dynamic iris software. It's too aggressive with too many gamma shift and clipped white artifacts. I really, really hope JVC can give us back the software implementation that they used with the eshift models. It is clearly better than this implementation. It doesn't pump, which is good, but there are other distracting artifacts unfortunately. If they can fix this, I will be extremely happy with my purchase. The image quality is easily better than the eshift models. It's plain as day. Especially when I clamp down the iris a bit to get more native contrast.
  14. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Not mine and not a member on AVS.
  15. wooferocau

    2019 projector releases ?

    Inside the projector there are 3 panels.... GREEN , RED, BLUE , when ALL 3 of the panels are aligned perfectly they should produce a clean WHITE .. In the example above , they RED panel is so far out of alignment that you can see it . If the panels are aligned correctly everything in the picture i posted should be WHITE..