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  1. Interesting post from AV Science forum. Then i guess you have looked at the chroma pattern like Panasonic ilustrate it, like a zone plate.They claim superior chroma handeling due to multitap processing, the problem is that the processor used have a very very bad chroma loss, Panasonic compensated that with a chroma sharpening/ enhancement, to make the patterns apear more right, but the good eye will notice a agressive chroma ringing introduced by the enhancement/ backdoor processing. You can reduce chroma sharpness to -3 and reduce most of the ringing, but you will loos some high frequence chroma response, the chroma issue apply to all formats. They did also apply sharpness enhancement to the luma channel, except with UHD playback.That makes the Panasonic players apear more vibrant and punchy/ sharper than a reference player, and why the panasonic fainth chroma zone plate looks more detailed, its the chroma overshoot/ peaking, and not how its surposed to look. A lot of people like that kind of look these days, but if your into reference image quality, and care about details/ acurate reproduction and calibration, the Panasonic players are not capable, no matter what model you chose, they all suffer from the same chipset limitation and backdoor processing. If you want chroma multitap processing with no side effects the only solution i seen is the Xbox, it maintain perfect bandwidth respons and no funky enhancement distortion, and upscaling from DVD Blu Ray to 4K is better than all the OPPO, Panasonic, and Pioneer, it just have other shortcommings. I guess that makes the OPPO the best compromise, and then figure out a alternative way to do the tonemapping, or do as many do, realise that it will never be perfect for projection and just use the Blu Ray edition that is mastered perfectly for that aplication.
  2. Afraid not ....read Manni,s reply......still DOES NOT fix the issue! Still internally processed incorrectly .
  3. Dont know ...i dont think JVC know either at this stage or they would of fixed it! JVC are on track to have a projector release with the most firmware revisions ever!! 😮 Could be wrong ( and hope it is wrong) but there are suggestions the issues stem from "Hardware" and the firmwares are "trying" to offer a "Band Aid" fix! Time will tell.
  4. Not just YouTube.... can appear with ANY source..
  5. New 2.07 Firmware does 'NOT" fix the colour space issue OR the Vertical lines( Red/Blue/Green) or the "Yellowing" whites when the DI is enabled!! !! 😟 https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/3038288-official-jvc-rs3000-nx9-jvc-rs2000-nx7-n7-jvc-rs1000-nx5-n5-owners-thread-243.html#post58118306 https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/3038288-official-jvc-rs3000-nx9-jvc-rs2000-nx7-n7-jvc-rs1000-nx5-n5-owners-thread-243.html#post58118906
  6. My opinion is that the whole "New" N/NX series is a complete failure ! The product should never have been released in its unstable state as is at present. People are spending BIG money on these, they "Should" be getting a product that is providing enjoyment and trouble free operation. We all understand as a consumer that products can and do have issues from time to time, BUT in this case its just one fault after the other . I think JVC should go back tot the drawing board and revise/refresh the next release with the priority being on reliable/trouble free use . Id say they have lost a huge number of customers with the latest release..
  7. Now we have "Multi Coloured" Stripes ( N7) ... and so it continues... 😟 https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/3038288-official-jvc-rs3000-nx9-jvc-rs2000-nx7-n7-jvc-rs1000-nx5-n5-owners-thread-236.html#post58097742
  8. Id say that is highly probable ....
  9. I think you have got better odds of winning 'Tatts" than getting one of the new series that is "Trouble Free" ! 😟 Oh how the mighty fall!!
  10. @Sentient Thanks for the kind comments The Sovereigns are truly breathtaking.....still today after all these years. I have stated , but will once again..... i have auditioned speakers costing "Scary" amounts and NONE have ever made me feel i wanted to replace my Sovereigns. Regarding the centre speaker... i have had numerous centres , Matthews, @Javs "Javellin Audio,s" CUSTOM is the first that has complemented the Sovereigns . He is currently building another for a good friend of mine who after hearing mine , just had to have one..
  11. I cant believe projectors are STILL being sold with on going issues like this !!!!! Its not funny anymore... Also know of another N7 here in AUS that has the same issue!!!
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