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  1. wooferocau

    Pioneer UHD players ?

    al No, not sure. I am just hoping that they continue with the same design and quality of the LX88, IF they apply that to the New player i am sure it will be a stunner. As i have said from the word go, my LX88 is still superior in image quality than either the Oppo 203 or the UB900 when it comes to DVD and BlyRay playback.....
  2. wooferocau

    FS: Gigawatt - Power Cable LC-1 MK3

    Did this sell ?
  3. 60"....PHHHHHH!! Like looking at a "Postage Stamp" 😀 140" plus is where its at....😁
  4. Manley Labs, absolutely beautiful l gear! I "still" miss my 250 Neo Classics..😭
  5. JVC X5900 IMO is unbeatable for its price and performance...Cant go wrong! ☺️
  6. Yep!! and thats why it weighs in at around 30KG.... Esoteric produces impeccably built gear ! ☺️
  7. I always like to look inside...? Couple of pics of the internals of my Esoteric K-03x and an old favourite a SONY ES- XA50ES...
  8. wooferocau

    Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    100% agreed.?
  9. wooferocau

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Christ, that brings back memories.... I used to use FFDshow many moons ago way back when the "Zoomplayer" front end was in Beta. I had a HTPC running RDRAM with modded Clock Gens for 533mhz (1066mhz), combined with an Engineering Sample CPU ... ....OH memories! ☺️ @Satanica in reference to your question...No my projectors have not been professionally calibrated.
  10. wooferocau

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Now.... i remember why the old DTV forums were sometimes so "Pointless"!!
  11. wooferocau

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Mate i have been using various HTPC ,s for MANY MANY years... Overclocking and PC,s were one of my BIG addictions early on.. Go to "Overclockers Australia" and search for the username "woofer". You will see that i used to run some VERY impressive Phase Change cooled and overclocked PC,s My current HTPC is top spec, and i run Mad VR ...so YES i have seen what Upscaled 1080P looks like. I have compared 1080P to 4K UHD on quite a few projectors.... JVC X5000/X7000/X7500/X9500/X9900 E -Shift projectors ...and on JVC Z1 , Sony 760ES "Native" 4K projectors. 100% of all people who have also viewed the comparisons acknowledged that there "IS" a "Noticeable" difference.
  12. wooferocau

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    No, definitely not. And i will say once again... If you can not see a "Noticeable" difference between even the best up scaled 1080P and "True" 4k UHD material on a "Native" 4K projector....... then something is VERY wrong with your setup. 1080P Blu-Ray does look fabulous, but it cannot compete with true UHD 4K material on a 4K display.
  13. wooferocau

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Yep... If you cant see a difference between 1080P ( up scaled or not) and UHD 4K on a "Native " 4k projector...something is very wrong!
  14. wooferocau

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    @Owen Have you actually viewed any 4K UHD,s on a NATIVE 4K projector?