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  1. Item: Dynaudio 17W75 Concave Version , and Dynaudio 15W75 Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Chasing...................... 17W75 Concave Version and.................... Dynaudio 15W75 drivers for a DIY project..... Thanks..
  2. From my time ( ownership) with both the 4242 and now my 5248 i can tell you whole heartedly that the 5348 is a VERY noticeable improvement in BOTH Audio and video.......its an awesome product!! 😊
  3. New 5348 versus 4xxx series...
  4. Well i am a new Apple TV user, BUT but!!! i have just purchased the 1080P ver#5 model.... Just using Netflix for content.... I live in a remote area and my ONLY access to the web is via Satellite.........bandwidth and speed limit,s my options. My max down speed is 26mbps so 1080p is no problem but 4K just wouldn't be viable. ( i only have 230GB of data anyway) The 1080p output from the Apple TV into my Lumagen 5348 and then up-scaled is very very good...... 😊 Very happy with the little black box..... 😊
  5. Another Lumagen user that upgraded from his 4242 to the 5348 and is over the moon... ? mb3195 Distinguished Member Yesterday at 5:13 PM New Add bookmark #874 I’ve now had a chance to do some testing with the new lumagen. Firstly, massive thanks to @Gordon @ Convergent AV as per usual, great service!! Ok, being honest I was pretty sceptical about the differences between the 4242 and the 5348. I thoug
  6. That is why i made the above comment. ANY repairs at a board level will prove very costly... ☹️
  7. The repair will likely cost more than the PJ is worth. ☹️
  8. Yeah, I have a horrible feeling that, that issue is terminal !! ☹️
  9. Yep !! BTW... i would be offloading any of the "N" series BEFORE the 3 yr period is up !! ?
  10. I am afraid its VERY common with the JVC "N" series.......the ONLY fix is to send the PJ in for repair and replacement of the DD ( Digital Drive ) mainboard.. Yes it will re occur again....more and more frequent as time goes on.. ☹️
  11. Wonderful Wonderful amps still my all time favourite !!.......i would still have mine if i hadn't made "Home Theatre " my priority !! .............. Unfortunately "20" beautifully glowing KT77,s do not bode well in a blacked out theatre room. GLWTS........
  12. I am a long term Krell lover and Owner ....BUT i will tell you one of the most disappointing amps i tried with Sovereigns was the FB600 ! All the power in the world , but little else in its favour!
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