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  1. Ahh... At that rate you have A LOT of years left on that bulb.. I have already clocked 650hrs on my Z1 and its only a "youngster"
  2. Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    That sometime happens.. Set INPUT level to SUPERWHITE. You WILL NEED to set your white level to 235 as SUPERWHITE will push it all the way to 255. if you use SUPERWHITE and set your level to clip at 235 you WILL NOT lose any brightness as compared to using INPUT STANDARD.
  3. Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    If you are using the HDR Off/BT2020 on the Oppo you will want to select a Gamma of 2.4 on the X9500 ........NOT HDR ST.2020 Gamma.. INPUT LEVEL... Standard..
  4. Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    :) al :) al Do me a favour, try Mode 3 400 or 500...you have more than enough light output....300 nits and below does tend to "wash " out the image.. Is your DI on Auto 1 or 2 ? remember it will now work ( unlike Gamma D) because the PJ doesn't know its getting HDR . :) al
  5. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Yeah , i am hearing many users are having issues with the "Official" firmware release!!!! For the time being i am sticking to the "Beta" ....havnt had any issues at all with it !!
  6. Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    :) al Your supposed to use the same light output as per HDR ...ie 30fl + The MORE light you can throw, the better it will work. Try Mode 3 and 400nits .. with around 35fl light output OR if you have it, 40fl
  7. Oppo 203 HDR Tone Mapping.

    @:) al You definitely want to give the tone mapping a look ... cant believe you are still actually using "Gamma D"
  8. The view from my chair.

    AHH...... That in itself will make the room SOOOOO enjoyable..
  9. The view from my chair.

    What speakers and amps?
  10. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/1465053-blacker-theater-better-image-84.html#post54904902
  11. Better projector or better screen

    Your most welcome if you decide to come up sometime. As well as the E-Shift PJ,s you can have a look at my JVC Z1/RS4500 ........... my screen is one of Richards "Oz Theatre Screens" also... so it would be a good opportunity to see how the Oz Theatre Screen looks with all of the PJ,s... It looks brilliant actually!!!
  12. Better projector or better screen

    @Reverbs Where about,s in Vic are you? If you were prepared to travel ( East Gippsland) i can show you an X5000 ( older version of the X5900) / X7500 and X9900 on an 143" Scope screen. You will see the X5000 holds up VERY well compared to the other 2 PJ,s..
  13. Better projector or better screen

    DONT buy a cheap screen....... The screen is what you see the image on.......dont skimp. As others have said , talk to Richard on a package deal....... also DONT write off the X5900....its a superb PJ..