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  1. Interesting..... Since the Envy PRO comes in at $14K , that will put the Envy EXTREME in the vicinity of $22-23k !!
  2. Further information: Esoteric SACD Player in absolute MINT / AS New condition.. Superb player of both Redbook CD and SACD. Weighing in at around 30KG its a beautiful piece of Japanese Engineering. Only parting with this as my Tinnitus has worsened so my emphasis is now Home Theatre. Freight is included to anywhere in Oz. It will be shipped in the original Esoteric "Triple" Box packaging. ###### PRICE DROP #######.....NOW $5K Including Freight to anywhere in Aus. Photos:
  3. I auditioned the Marantz 8805 and the Denon X8500 ☹️ ...................... ...tried the NAD M17 V2 ...... and thats is what i chose......😊
  4. Also remember .... "Lamp Strikes" have a more detrimental effect on bulb life than actual hours of use...
  5. Further information: madVR Labs "ENVY PRO" Video Processor. I purchased this unit along with an Envy Extreme..... This unit was to be used for an evaluation and then on sold to a close friend . Situations have changed, so it is now up for sale. The unit is AS NEW condition with only a few hours use. These sell for USD $7K plus shipping and import fees. Price drop........ and includes freight to anywhere in Aus... Info....https://madvrenvy.com Photos:
  6. Thanks.....these are "awesome amps" , i used to run KT77,s in mine...🙂
  7. From "thrang" over on AVS.... Mirrors my findings... 😊 thrang Premium Member Joined Jun 10, 2005 7,454 Posts #10,977 • 10 h ago
  8. Not Dumb at all...🙂 My Z1/RS4500 is a $40K projector and is the best i have viewed ( and i have viewed most below th e$100K price point......BUT !!! i would not be happy using it without the Lumagen ....its that much difference!! DTM ( Dynamic Tone Mapping ) of HDR and the superb up scaling of content to 4K... Variable aspect ratio control..... and much much more...
  9. The 5348 ? ............. "Video Processor" 😊 Radiance Pro 5348 Introduction.pdf
  10. Just some follow up on the New .Radiance 5348. Starting to put quite a bit of time behind my New 5348 now, so this weekend i set up a little comparison with my Radiance 4242 . Each Radiance is fed from a separate Oppo 203 , Each gets power from the Uptone Audio JS2 LPS......Each goes to Input 1 and Input 2 respectively on my Z1/RS4500. Audio from each of the Radiance Pro,s is to my NAD M17 V2 Processor. Main Amp for the Wilson speakers is an Esoteric S-1 Grandioso. I will start with VIDEO as that is the utmost importance to "me" . Is there a "big" difference in Video performance
  11. Yes they did, and QUALITY went down the "Sh"tube" The 8500 is the first Denon i auditioned ( i have owned all Denon,s flagship AVR/AVP,s) that i returned very quickly! ☹️ The "Quality" of the last Denon true Flagship AVR/AVP,s, such as the one for sale here wont be matched again!
  12. To be truthful, i actually haven't taken any notice of this aspect.. Will get back to you...
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