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  1. Beautiful speakers. Did you brought them direct from Italy?
  2. May I ask what exactly was replaced with the rebuilt? GLWTS.
  3. These are the same model as silver Apex aren't they?
  4. WoW! I want one of these 845 for my Horn but out of reach even adding in my Lamm ML2.1! You could go with ML 2.2 may be?
  5. Item: Ikea large shelve Location: Marsfield, NSW Price: free Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: I have an Ikea shelve which is in perfect working condition and needs a new home. Great for use in kids room or in storage area. I will dissemble before pick up. Please contact if you are interested. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. May I ask where did you buy them from?
  7. Great buy! These can perform much better then you though but can't be use for bed room system. GLWTS
  8. To follow up, Thomas is indeed very helpful and already shipping next day!
  9. Thanks. I shall do that👍
  10. Great set up! Wonder how does it sounded in the the room? And GLWTS.
  11. Hi, I would like to ask if any one knows where can I buy those lubrication oil from TW acuostic turn tables?
  12. No.... too late! Just paid for Tablette Sig. $3000!! Someone grab this bargain.!
  13. Not only perth, I had the same problem in Sydney. Have to lower the bias of my Lamm ML2.1 a little to make sure it would be safe.
  14. 6)Anja Lechner and Pablo Marquez playing "Franz Schubert's Die Nacht" ECM CD $12
  15. 1) Best Audiophile Voices V1 XRCD2 $20 2) Sarah Brightman Symphony in Vienna XRCD2 $25 pls
  16. Amanda McBroom Carole King Tapestry Gordon Lightfoot Sundown Pls can I have these.
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