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  1. Thanks LFD. Yeah i'm a big fan of his, so was very happy to be asked to play on his album. Michael was there and was loving every second of the process and wanted to be involved. Truth is I haven't had a chance to really listen to it yet! I heard a few things across the room while quickly making dinner, but want to sit down and really listen. I have been firmly detained in musical theatre world lately, and 8 shows a week seriously cuts into listening time
  2. Thanks Viognier. They may have got a bit more than they bargained for on Monday night... Very glad they enjoyed it. Make certain you check out the gig we're doing with James Muller coming up. The music is fantastic. And he is off the charts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Through my work with the group Mir Creation we have started a Pozible campaign to release the beautiful album "Sanctuary" composed by Gary Daley on the PureAudio BluRay format. This means that you can experience the original 192/24 stereo recording or the 96/24 5.0 surround sound version (which we are very proud of) using your BluRay player. This recording was made in a beautiful chapel using the latest cutting edge technology that then enabled us to to do very little to the recording in post-production in terms of artificial reverbs, eq or compression. The surround mix is not an artificial 'showcase' of surround but a facsimile of the the positioning of the musicians within the space. Ed Kramer referred to the surround version of this album as breathtaking. The PureAudio BluRay format is the most effective way to deliver both the stereo and surround versions to you but also it means that anyone with a surround BluRay setup can experience hi-res surround music. Here is our campaign page; http://www.pozible.com/project/199679 We would love for you to have a look at out campaign video as well a great little doco on the making of "Sanctuary". Thanks everyone
  4. I've got to get in on this. I'm a big Mathias Eick fan and his new one again is fantastic. I was sceptical about the violin being the other front line at first but it brings a lovely, delicate folk feel to it.
  5. Hey Alucard. Completely of topic here but! Yeah I was aware of this but had no luck finding the ECM channel on my iPhone or Apple TV. I assumed maybe it wasn't available in Australia? If not how did you find?
  6. Damn... I stream most everything these days for general listening. ECM are of the few labels who keep all their music off streaming services, and it works! They're the only CD's I buy these days.
  7. Just wen't down this path myself. I got an ikea Besta unit; http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/11794/ Bought one of the frosted glass doors that allows remotes to work through them. And cut out sections at the rear for cabling/ventialation. Works a treat and is inexpensive.
  8. I have 2 pairs of Orpheus Aurora 3's and an Orpheus Centaurus centre for a surround setup. I purchased my second set for $500... I think they are superb speakers that walk the great line of compromise perfectly. I am amazed that I still have no desire to upgrade from them even after hearing many speakers. They just always sound 'right' to me. And for the money (especially secondhand) I can't imagine a better solution.
  9. They've done it again. This is a really great album. Marcin Wasilewski Trio with Joakim Milder; Spark Of Life
  10. Some more info from Ross about these; I asked Joe to build power amps with balanced inputs, as I work with professional gear which is all balanced. So I connected the outputs of my preamplifier to the XLR inputs. Balanced inputs have a positive and a negative leg, so Joe fitted RCA inputs in parallel to the XLR for each input leg. Therefore, if connecting an unbalanced input, you can use the red pair of RCAs (positive) or the black pair (negative).
  11. Now a firm $1000. With an understanding of the lack of specifications trial in the home is most definitely on offer, and encouraged The amps are in Annandale, Sydney.
  12. I have spoken to Sennheiser in Sydney (Chatswood) who have said you can purchase the HD650 cable over the counter at their service centre for ~$25. Supposedly that's not a bad cost effective upgrade.
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