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  1. Done just putting it out here incase somebody is interested
  2. 835mm high 650mm wide 380mm deep bottom shelf 350mm deep 325mm high top shelf 350mm deep 280mm to top with 310mm behind
  3. Yeah sorry I should have stated I measured it and LPs fit aswell
  4. Item: antique record cupboard Location: faulconbridge NSW Price: $150 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: this was my parents and full of 78s circa 1940 I think will hold 33s Pictures:
  5. I had the 919 a very underrated reciever for HT work better performer than the equivalent YAMAHA and I am a huge YAMAHA fan. GLWS
  6. Pretty sure the concept was to just sit them on top. Never owned any but recall the time when they were pushing them
  7. Is this the needle you recommend?http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JICO-ELLIPTICAL-stylus-N95ED-Japan-made-for-SHURE-M-95ED-Official-New-F-S-/121851162823
  8. Thanks Al will do. Looking at the 5000 for budget and WAF as not sure the black I'll cut it in middle of the room.
  9. Guys (sorry General Morrison) will the 5/7000 update itself over network? Or does it require the said cable? I'll look back through but is it a special jvc cable?
  10. Great thread, just returned from Japan. Didn't look around much as only had Thursday afternoon and being such a great day I spent it in the imperial palace gardens cause there awesome. Interesting on the news on Wednesday night they are having a lot of trouble with some Chinese tourist groups with people disappearing whilst visiting basically skipping their visa?
  11. Thanks again everybody. So the history my dad bought this in the mid 70's I thought new but it may have been a trade too? It's pretty much original except for the CEC headshell and somebody has put rca terminals to the rear without an earth point! I have since earthed it but it's not right through . There's definetly something interfering in the arm /connector. I have purchased the ortofon headshell cause it came with bolts and leads. I have a spare M 95 ED cart as well so will set that up with a new stylus. I am going to rewire the tonearm and put new RCA leads through the back (with earth) try and get the strobe light going (globe is faint) oil the motor then use it again. My preamp is a rotel 990 with ability to do MM or MC It's a little bit labour of love because it was dads and I used to love playing with it as a kid and being told "to be careful" might lare it up a bit with a technics skip mat lol
  12. Thanks all. currently in Japan and going to pick up some wires this afternoon. The only headshell they had was the ortofon 4 which looks nice but I don't think it will be as good as my CEC as its a cast shell although if the plug is dodgy. Million needles to choose from. Might weight and go to another store in Tokyo.
  13. Saw this is in a shop in Japan yesterday. Looks reasonable quality and pricing?
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