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  1. Hi all. Mods, if this is inappropriate please delete of move. I currently have no access to my email or phone. NBN has become available recently, and roughly two weeks ago I decide to swap over. I'm with Telstra, (mobiles, internet, web hosting etc) and am staying with Telstra (not so sure now) Short story, I went through their online processes changing from adsl to nbn, new bundles for the phones etc. They promptly stopped all my services at the end of the pay cycle (14th) but failed to supply the new stuff, my order was lost in the system. Anyway, I should be up and running again in a few days and will hopefully be able to recover emails and voicemail. To any customers trying to contact me, asked a couple waiting for their amplifiers, I'll email asap. Cheers, Earle.
  2. Keep an eye out for Western Electric valves. 300B, 274, 350B Rare as hens teeth, but worth a small fortune. I helped a guy out locally with a box of valves and there was a 300B, and a 274. I tested and sold them for him for over $2000.00 ten years ago. BTW, that is the only time I have come across WE tubes of value and I've sorted through maybe 10000 tubes over the years. On the flip side, I recently sold over 500 new in box valves on ebay for $195.00 Best bet is to post up some clear pictures and the stereonet collective can give you a rough idea on value. Cheers, Earle.
  3. Yes, it is current spec with modified Pi wound transformers, Panasonic cathode caps and paper in oil coupling caps. Still has warranty on all parts and labour except tubes until the end of Feb 2020. Cheers, Earle.
  4. A good DIY option is the Dallas 2 back load horns with Fostex FE205 driver. Not super expensive, but pretty difficult to build. They go very loud with a 1.8 watt per channel amp. I had a pair years ago, my average listening level was 60 milliwatts. That left plenty of headroom running flea powered amps. Bass was okay, much deeper than the Lowthers I had and in my opinion deeper and better than the Zu speakers of the time. (10 years ago)
  5. Nah, the lower the ohms generally indicates a more difficult load. the speaker impedance (AC resistance) varies with frequency response. Some 8 ohm speakers may dip as low as 2 ohms at certain frequencies. For an easy load, it would be best if the speaker "impedance plot" stayed above 6 ohms and it has a "good" phase response.
  6. Basically you want a pair of speakers that are an easy load. Efficiency isn't really a good indicator, though having 91db plus will be a bonus. Triode mode will have the best damping (speaker control) followed by UL, and then Pentode. I wouldn't recommend using Pentode mode unless using single driver speakers. Pentode mode has extremely poor damping. Don't be put off by the low wattage output. Sound pressure isn't linear so whilst 8W doesn't sound like much, it is still roughly half as loud as 80watts. If you're not in a hurry to pick up some speakers, and don't wish to invest too much money. Keep an eye out for some of the older Wharfedale E (high efficiency) speakers E50, E70 etc. Also their "Mach" range were pretty valve friendly. They come up from time to time on ebay.
  7. Hi David Try swapping you speaker cables from left to right at the rear of the amp. If the unbalance stays in the same channel, then the issue will be with your speakers or room. If the unbalance changes with the cable swap, then the issue is with your electronics, somewhere. Cheers, Earle.
  8. All good then. If it had been EL35 it would explain the harsh sound as they would be running a bit too hot.
  9. Can you confirm that you are running EL35 output tubes and not EL34?@daveyonthecoast
  10. Class A could be a "winter warmer" option. 24 x KT120's per channel will do it. Idle power a miserly 3.3KW per channel.
  11. Do you want the truth? Because calling it a CV181 means they can charge more $$ for it.
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