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  1. These are quite a lot of speaker for the money. GLWTS.
  2. @Dave O))) it's a shame you're not coming down, that gig looks like a winner.
  3. Some new wheels, headlight covers and a pergola should do the trick.
  4. No problem. I'll give you a call later or in the morning.
  5. ... and life. We buy a car and go about changing wheels, fitting headlight covers and tinting windows. We buy a perfectly good house and spend a heap on renovations just so we can put our own stamp on it. It's simply being human.
  6. Item: Transport Price Range: Free Item Condition: N/A Extra Info: Anyone needing items or themself taken to Melbourne tomorrow from the above locations, get back to me asap.
  7. Try it out on a trashed record you can't clean any other way. It may be a god send or the most destructive thing you've ever done. Only one way to find out...
  8. @soundfan This sounds like a great book. I really like the write up in All About Jazz. Could be in the shopping cart I think. With regard to the gig mentioned above, I'll be buying my ticket on Monday. If anyone wants to join me, just PM me some contact details and we can go from there.
  9. TD 800. If you look closely the motor screws are all loose, so I think this is a project. I've messaged the seller, no reply as yet. This may be a better deal. THORENS TD800 Turntable, REGA RB303 Tonearm, BENZ MICRO Glider L2 Cart, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mascot/stereo-systems/thorens-td800-turntable-rega-rb303-tonearm-benz-micro-glider-l2-cart/1238984102?utm
  10. The single screw idea might not be such a bad idea if you had a perspex place make a disc the same as the record only slightly larger to allow some foam or similar to act as a seal against whatever you screw it to. A gold plated screw would dress it up.
  11. I think this needs to be pinned @Marc so we don't lose it in the depths of this popular forum. Great gesture by Radiance AV.
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