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  1. Is there anyone going or considering going. I haven't bought a ticket yet but very interested in attending, so if anyone else is looking for someone to see the show with send me a PM. Mick.
  2. t_mike

    NBN recommendation

    Achilles Jones is your man.
  3. t_mike

    Can't post or reply in the classifieds?

    I think some correction is required of this correction. You can want too in some instances, if I said I want icecream, another could exclaim "that is what I want too". A third could say "icecream, I want to too". Of cause this brings about the situation where we are using two tos, one being a too. Clear now?
  4. t_mike

    new member introduction

    I was in Albuquerque in '14 when I did a Rt. 66 trip. Went up Sandia Peak on the cable car, sunny when we left, snowing on arrival 15 minutes later. I did see a guy wearing a revolver in a McDonald's in Amarillo, so must just be a high country thing. Coincidentally, this is on the shirt I'm wearing now. Great milkshakes.
  5. Are the Bluenotes recent reissues?
  6. t_mike

    Music vs Audio?

    I'm lucky to be in a position to do both, collect music and try different pieces of equipment. The day will come when this won't be so, at that point music will win out. One day I hope to reach retirement and everything in life will downsize. It's at this point I may commit blasphemy and go pure digital desktop and portable. It's all horses for courses and I will listen to music in the way I like as I can. The delivery will vary, but the music will always be there.
  7. t_mike

    Currently Spinning

    @mrbuzzardstubble I have one in EX condition.
  8. t_mike

    Currently Spinning

    Knuckles on a 10 incher. Yes, that's right, an original 10" pressing of Knuckles O'Toole on his honky tonk piano.
  9. Just arrived in Adelaide last night. The excitement is building. Time for me to start plotting my timetable and working out where to be and when. The app is very good for this, with alerts to help remind. Anyone there who hasn't used the app should try it.
  10. t_mike

    Anyone driving SYD-ADL soon?

    If you were a day earlier I could have helped you, just arrived in Adelaide last night. Have a look through the Womadelaide thread to see if anyone has indicated they may be coming from NSW.
  11. t_mike

    ECM currently spinning

    A little EW to soften up the Hay Plains.