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  1. Had a listen to this new release from Monk. A previously unreleased recording of a live set at Palo Alto High School. It's obvious that this was never recorded with the intention of release, the SQ is average at best, and I swear that the piano sounds quite out of tune on a number of occasions. The musicianship is exemplary, but the overall sound has me thinking I'll give it a miss as far as purchasing goes.
  2. I think you should consider keeping this. Vac drying your records is the best method after US cleaning. I would never leave records to air dry due to air borne particles. It's a bit like washing your car then not drying with a chamois.
  3. I think the electro-swing might win that battle for me.
  4. A budget of $400ish will probably get you a pair of Sennheiser HD 700, a big leap up from the HD 6xx, and probably taking the Burson to its limits. The HD 700 is probably the best bang for buck cans on the used market these days.
  5. Currently working my way through a five LP box set of Cuban jam sessions. This is the closest I've heard on a commercial release as to what it sounded like hearing live music being played in bars and restaurants in Cuba during my stay. Great pressing and SQ also.
  6. Speaking of slavery, I was in a position to see places of slave auctions in the eastern USA. It was quite disturbing, but somehow felt necessary to experience a place with such a dark past, if for no other reason to offer respect to those who had such an awful life.
  7. Sorry if I appeared to be somewhat of a pedant, but in this instance, I think it's an important distinction.
  8. An interesting collective of composers to select covers from. Please, give your impressions.
  9. Working my way through the four sides of this, Snarky Puppy in a live set. So far it's an enjoyable ride, with elements of jazz, world, and funk. Some of the melodies have a distinctly Celtic feel, others appear to be more Afrocentric, think Rythmic Altered States or similar. I'll return to this post for a final impression when I've made my way through the complete set. EDIT: After a full listening, here are my impressions. Firstly, I think it would be prudent to admit that I am a Snarky Puppy newby, and that this album was purchased on recommendation from a friend. I had only heard snippets on Tidal previous to this. What I was unprepared for was the variation in styles and genres presented in what is really a fantastic live performance. Think jazz, funk, world music of various styles. Slow melodious moments woven between pacey power packed tracks, with splashes of avan-guard, and some spectacular vocals. Special mention here goes out to African superstar Salif Keita, and Peruvian diva Susana Baca, who both put in guest appearances and added their own touches of their respective ethno-brilliance. To truely sum this release up, a step by step, track by track assessment would be required. This would take numerous listens, and more space than I should use here. However I will say this, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I would recommend anyone with a musically open mind to seek out at least a listen. Use a streaming service, borrow a copy, whatever, but be prepared to put your hand in your pocket, you may just like it enough to make it a necessary buy.
  10. I take it you mean whirring sound, and not something to do with a wire?
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