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  1. Yes I do. In fact I found another of their albums in the stash. Every time I give it a listen it reminds me of Mi Sueño, an album of boleros by BVSC member Ibrahim Ferrer.
  2. A squash ball cut in half and one of those big syringes thay use to feed animals. I'm sure you can work out the rest.
  3. I'd be too worried about tripping over the cables and pulling gear off the rack. That won't improve SQ.
  4. I may be heading down to Melbourne in a couple of weeks, if that makes it easier to transport to Adelaide.
  5. Duntech did a lot of custom orders, they weren't actually small enough to fit in the majority of hifi shops.
  6. High end speakers anyone? GRYPHON ATLANTIS, Ultra High-End, 3-way Speakers, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/speakers/gryphon-atlantis-ultra-high-end-3-way-speakers/1218793917?utm
  7. Not sure of the specs on this, but if it is anything like the EL30 it will have 5 - 10 watts of Class A. At this price it's a no brainer, these are a very competant amp with build quality and performance that will eclipse many "preferred import" brands. These are a high current design with plenty of power for difficult to drive speakers.
  8. Run in time for an amp, IMO, is less than a few hours. Speakers on the other hand, are an electromechanical device, and WILL need running in. The run in time will vary greatly with the music you listen to, low volume chamber music won't work the drivers like loud thrash metal will. Another thing to consider with respect to the difference in highs between the two speakers is the aim of the high frequency drivers in reference to your ears in your seating position. High frequency drivers seem to have a smaller sweet spot, make sure they're aimed well, both vertical and horizontal planes are important.
  9. Make sure it's a bright LED. Be prepared not just for dirt and dust, but also physical damage. That includes new vinyl.
  10. Who is setting up the cart? Is it the same person with all setups? I think it's crap vinyl, being exacerbated by incorrect azimuth or VTA.
  11. These things can be converted into a great door bell for a federation home.
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