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  1. Some great hard bop/modal piano playing here.
  2. I'm pretty sure they are all made by the same guy (Michael Brown?). He actually lives in Gunning, about an hour out of Canberra.
  3. Start building nuclear power stations to supply the Tesla chargers and you have nuclear powered cars.
  4. As the album title states, this is a selection of takes from an actual jam session. No singing either! Charlie Shavers - tr, Herbie Heymer - ts, Nat King Cole - p, John Simmons - b, Buddy Rich - d.
  5. Another of those great releases on the Italian lable Soul Note.
  6. Getting all Christmassy here. Larry Carlton - We Three Kings.
  7. When I obtained this US pressing it was looking much like a fruit bowl. After three runs through the vinyl flat it is left with only minimal warp and sounding excellent.
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