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  1. t_mike

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Any movement through the horizontal plane will cause serious belt tension issues with the Aura.
  2. If these will sit on stands, floorstanders shouldn't take up any more space. What amp you use will certainly be a consideration as well.
  3. t_mike

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    I'd still like to know what the original spikes looked like on my Barons.
  4. t_mike

    Kostas Metaxas lives on!

    The images of the turntable in the link are nothing new. I think it was @mrbuzzardstubble who posted the same image on the turntable thread a year or two ago.
  5. I know Boobooks is closing down due to owner retirement, but I wasn't aware they sold records.
  6. t_mike

    FS: Gallo TR-3D Sub-woofers x 2

    Is the price $450 for both, or each? Whoever ends up with these, I'd be interested in 1 if that suits.
  7. For rocky jazz, don't forget the fusion boys. Try John McLaughlin/Mahavishnu Orchestra, or Brand X. Some great drumming in that lot too.
  8. t_mike

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    A bit of Dub on tortoise shell vinyl.
  9. t_mike

    Do we need a new ADA code?

    This from 2017. Yes, it has the AAA marking. This vinyl release is by far my best sounding recording from that year, even compared to audiophile CDs.
  10. The Residents - Eskimo
  11. t_mike

    Don't doubt the Planar One

    I don't doubt that.
  12. t_mike

    What to do with old CDs?

    Just like bulk records, line them up and photo the spines. This will show what they are, people can make up their minds up as to what they like. Sell them in bundles if it's easier.
  13. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Not not getting to listen to much music of late due to work, so I'm trying to keep the bar high when I do. Something gentle over dinner.
  14. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Just loving Dinah's voice here.