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  1. t_mike

    Electronic currently spinning

    No idea Mick, but thats a good question. I remember reading something ages ago, but that may have been referenced to Bugge being the son of jazz guitarist Erik Wesseltoft.
  2. t_mike

    Electronic currently spinning

    @Dave O))) Do you know if he's any relation to Bugge?
  3. @Marshall_SLX I'm doing a trip up to Brissy next weekend if that helps. Plenty of room in the wagon.
  4. t_mike

    MM Vs MC

    Anyway, back OT... I prefer MC carts because they're more expensive and give me greater bragging rights and are better show off fodder. Yes the above is intended as a joke, but I think to a large degree we all know this to be true in many cases. I generally find that MC give greater fine detail and presentation, whereas MM seems to be a meatier delivery. BOTH have their place and are to some degree suited to different music. FWIW the best cart I have in a MC Goldbug Mr Brier, it's rebuilt and well over 20 years old. It uses a tapered aluminium cantilever, none of this unobtanium or fragile, difficult to work with stuff. It's by far the best MC I've ever listened to. However, there are some records I still prefer a MM as the engine. Go figure.
  5. #013 touched down in sunny Goulburn at about the same time. Exemplary build quality on these.
  6. t_mike

    Looking for Avantgarde speakers

    They would definitely need the original crates and packing for that trip.
  7. t_mike

    How old, and how long?

    I don't like to think of myself as an audiophile, more a musicologist type. For me it's all about the music, I just like to listen to it cleanly and accurately reproduced. So in that ideal... 57, 57.
  8. I ended up getting the kid an AU3900 which is by all reports a lower powered replica of the 4900. Same deal, warranted and serviced, but saved him some coin. It will be in his bedroom powering a pair of early Orpheus Aurora 3, which are reasonably efficient, so I don't see lack of volume being an issue.
  9. I honestly couldn't answer that, but there are a LOT of people on SNA that have them and swear by them. Apparently they punch well above their weight. I'm sure others will chime in.
  10. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    This is the cheapest ebay seller (with postage). Use the code MAGIC10 until 31/5/18 and with 10% off it's almost the same price. I did! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tony-Allen-The-Source-Vinyl-LP-2-Blue-Note-NEW/162969286338?epid=239062324&hash=item25f1b9f6c2:g:36MAAOSwMk1au6Ug
  11. t_mike

    First post! 1970's Legend Disco Mixer info

    Hi Benjamin, welcome to the forums. That's an interesting piece of history you have there, a simplistic forerunner to what became one of the greatest upheavals to music as we know it. Hopefully somebody here will be able to help you with some info. In the meantime, please make your way to the new members forum and introduce yourself. It would be great to hear more of your, and your father's past experiences in this crazy hobby.
  12. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    I was going off the listing information of ebay sellers, it appears some of them don't know where their stock comes from. ImportCDs is one that shows errors in some of their listings. However on checking with Discogs it appears you are correct MB, so I stand corrected (and confused by the efforts of some ebay listers). Next time I'll stick with the ever reliable Discogs for info.
  13. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    It appears not all of these are Optimal. Some are Canadian, and here's one from the US. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F182809028199 It pays to be vigilant and ask questions. I'll definitely hunt down a German pressing.
  14. t_mike

    MM Vs MC

    ABX is the correct way to double blind test, and troll or no troll, with this I have to agree with the poster.