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  1. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Just as well, otherwise it would have been "close, but no cigar."
  2. Let me know if you want me to pick it up on my way home from Brisbane. I can hold it till I come down in August.
  3. t_mike

    Currently Spinning

    Some acoustic guitar and fretless bass from Larry Coryell and Philip Catherine.
  4. t_mike

    Currently Spinning

    Driving up the coast in an overnight trip, I came so close to putting this on my playlist in the car. Oh well, kicking the new day off with Johnny Depp's band, P
  5. Moving away from Arabic themes but sticking with Spanish composers- Naves Sin Puertos - Silvania. Produced by Silvania on the elefant lable.
  6. Next up on the roster of relaxation, dies irae is an album by Spanish duo Francisco and Nacho Sotomayor. Ambient electonics with downbeat drum and bass supported by Arabesque chants in Spanish.
  7. Just heading off on my northbound road trip, thought I would kick things off with a few ambient albums. First off, Jon Hassell - Maarifa Street.
  8. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    An unusual blend of trad jazz with vibes.
  9. t_mike

    The Song Game Mk III

    Midnight Drive - Scott Doram & Casper John V. Kedros
  10. t_mike


    Refugee > Nauru > Pacific island > Figi > Kamahl > why are people so unkind > Rumjacks - Blows And Unkind Words.
  11. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Pure Monk. Just as the title would suggest, a double LP of Monk unaccompanied.
  12. Last call out for anything going north, I leave tomorrow evening. Coming south I can be contacted till tuesday lunch time.
  13. t_mike

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Lester Young - The Complete Aladdin Sessions Vol. 1 Originally Released in 1946, this re-issue from 1983 was faithfully pressed in glorious mono by Pathé Marconi in France.