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  1. Is there anyone within cooee of Bendigo you could go shares with? You only need to divide it into clean plastic bottles.
  2. I don't know how many records the OP owns, but given he said he looked after them, they may be typically worth $10 - $30 on the used market if sold singularly. Add up the value of records in the collection and think whether you want to protect them.
  3. Speaker Hum

    I have a Cyrus integrated I'm happy to loan you. It has pre-out connections so you can try it stand alone to see it the problem continues. If not, use it as a pre connected to your power amp and see what happens. It should indicate a; if the problem is power/ earth installation related, or b; you have a power amp issue. If all is clear using the Cyrus/EC combination,look upstream at your preamp.
  4. WTB Denon DL-110 Cartridge

    No need to appologise, we all make mistakes. Maybe a moderator can move it for you.
  5. Currently Spinning

    Interesting read, if only for the fact she was using the same line up of musicians as Steely Dan were at the time.
  6. WTB Denon DL-110 Cartridge

    There is a specific forum for WTB. Might do better there.
  7. ECM currently spinning

    Something a little more laid back than the Hendrix of earlier today. Maciej Obara Quartet - Unloved This from Karl Ackermann of All About Jazz. A distinct vernacular, unabashedly quixotic lyricism and an authoritative style of playing are among the notable characteristics that define Maciej Obara. The Polish saxophonist and composer had performed with Tomasz Stanko in the trumpeter's "New Balladyna Quartet" project and he has recorded with John Lindberg, Ralph Alessi, Mark Heliasand Nasheet Waits. Obara was also on board for the Fonda/Stevens Group Trio + 2: Live in Katowice (Not Two, 2009). Unloved is Obara's ninth album and his ECM debut. This quartet recording includes pianist Dominik Wania who had met and played alongside Obara as part of the aforementioned Stanko quartet. Wania has been part of Obara groups since 2012, most recently recording Live at Manggha and Komeda, both on the For Tune label in 2013. Ole Morten Vågan has appeared on nearly forty recordings including eight with the group Motif, featuring trumpeter Mathias Eick. The Norwegian bassist has composed for Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and was a member of keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conceptions of Jazz project. The prolific drummer Gard Nilssen has appeared on more than thirty recordings and has worked with the likes of Tore Brunborg, Mathias Eick, Arild Andersen and Helge Lien. Like Wania, he was part of the two Obara live recordings. "Ula"is a thoughtful ballad as is "Joli Bord," highlighted by subtle interplay between Obara and Wania and the saxophonist's occasionally soaring breakouts. "One For" has a lighter feel, emphasized by Wania's bright and nimble piano. An omnipresent contributor to so many Polish jazz albums, the late Krzysztof Komeda wrote the title track. "Sleepwalker" and "Echoes" are more open improvisations and provide the opportunity for Morten Vågan and Nilssen to stand out. The latter of the two features a blistering Obara solo. The soulful "Storyteller" closes the album with Obara's long searching lines, Wania delicate phrasing against a wash of cymbals. Manfred Eicher's vision of the ECM style of improvised music has always been as defined as is possible, though the label carries less of a distinct "sound," relative to its overall output. That said, the music of Unloved speaks to a familiar aesthetic sensibility leaving no doubt that Obara's work is perfectly at home here. The Polish/Norwegian quartet plays with one mind but the individual synapses fire in many direction. The players anticipate each other's movements and set their courses with a mixture of refinement and flair.
  8. Currently Spinning

    They'd obviously already discussed the benefits of prune juice to the kookaburra.
  9. Currently Spinning

    Assisting the neighbors with waking this fine Sunday morning.
  10. WTB. Amp with laid back presentation

    A 3.2 Cr combo, power and pre would be my suggestion. Can be had at a very reasonable price these days, and are a reliable performer.
  11. WTB: Vinyl Flat

    Item: Vinyl Flat Record Straightener Price Range: Market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: In the highly unlikely chance that the owner of one of these wants to part with it, I thought I would post this add before paying the freight fee on a new one from the USA. I'm in Goulburn NSW and will consider from anywhere in Australia. I have way too many older records that could use a bit of flattening, and an increasing collection of new that could use some help. Anyone?
  12. Currently Spinning

    Haven't listened to this one in years. Ahh, back in the days when he made good music.