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  1. Here are 4 that I would recommend in an instant. I've been singing this guys praises for some time.
  2. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    The following please Chris, Shakti w/ J. McL Ahmad J. Eric D. W.R. Heavy Weather Mick.
  3. FS: Luxman E200 Phono preamp

    It does have an Input 1/2 switch on the front panel.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Acrylic set frogs eyes eh...
  5. Leaving feedback on a mobile device

    Seems like a very awkward way of doing things. Thanks @aasza
  6. I'm having problems with leaving feedback from my phone (SG S6). Previously I have tapped on the feedback score in the members profile and it has opened up a box allowing me to leave feedback and select the post that the feedback is being left for. Now tapping on the feedback does nothing! It appears this started with the si5t overhaul a few months back. I need to leave feedback for a number of members as buyers and sellers. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. I'm afraid we're all getting old.
  8. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Good to see we're stepping up the pace tonight.
  9. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Probably more funky than jazzy, but certainly fits into the realm of fusion. These guys are virtuosos in the vein of Mahavishnu and RTF et al. This best of is from 1977.
  10. A UK pressing from 1977, and it's shrink wrapped. Most of the shrink wrap has been removed from all of my old LPs, time and handling has done this. Some of the non gatefolds have survived. I think if you were getting import records without shrink, it would be more a policy of where you shopped to remove the records fromthe cover for display.
  11. FS: Jazz/World CD’s

    I'll take them. PM coming.
  12. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Oh c'mon Trev, what's wrong with a little humour every now and then? All humour is usually at someone's expense.
  13. Audio myths and misconceptions

    I didn't say it was better, just it has an effect. I think the preferences of the listener come greatly into play here, which could in effect create another misconception, which is better.