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  1. Their cookies settings just made it a no go for me.
  2. It sounds like the reviewer isn't a "profession" writer either.
  3. The cover on the right has richer colours, so definitely a different print run.
  4. This Japanese pressing must have been a family favourite, very worn in all aspects, but still sounding mighty fine.
  5. So sad to see so many of the stalwarts of the jazz golden era departing life's stage.
  6. Found in amongst some Japanese pressings I purchased is this. I have no idea who or what it is, neither does Shazam, suffice to say that it appears to be Russian folk music with some very impressive mandolin playing. It's pretty cool actually.
  7. Just a collection of great jazz men enjoying some '80's contemporary jazz. Alto Saxophone – Jerry Dodgion Bass – Anthony Jackson Drums – David Weckl, Steve Gadd (tracks: A3, B1 French Horn – Peter Gordon (8) Percussion – Gordon Gottlieb, Sammy Figueroa Piano – Michel Camilo Trumpet – Lew Soloff
  8. Swing Street Cafe Joe Sample and David T. Walker hamming it up.
  9. One of the Zavvi cheap album collection deals gave me this. Most of these reissues leave the current Bluenote ones for dead.
  10. Picked up this 3 LP box set on the used market recently, and what a gem it is. Is this jazz or world music? Well, actually it's a fantastic blending of both. When a substantial collective of Miles Davis alumni are joined by an equally impressive collective of Indian virtuosos, with the intention of reinterpreting some of Miles output in a way sympathetic to the originals, this is the result. This may very well become my discovery of the year. Simply exquisite!
  11. An alternative to the eye droppers is spear gun rubber. This will also outlast the eye droppers.
  12. Even worse when it's looking back.
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