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  1. NG certainly knows how to organise a jam session. Great SQ from this early 50's recording. Also in the mix, but not mentioned on the cover, is Charlie Shavers.
  2. Traditional music from Iran and Armenia.
  3. Honey Tonk pianist Winifred Atwell got together with the musicians of British soul pop outfit Blue Mink to make this varied album. Her piano playing takes quite a different approach to fit in with the funky wah guitar and soul lines of bass, as they do covers of songs that were popular at the time (1970ish). Winifred Atwell with Barry Morgan, Alan Parker, Herbie Flowers and Kenny Salmon.
  4. If you want ridiculously high prices for your used gear, sell it in Japan.
  5. Helge Lien also has some releases on the ozella label that are really good albums.
  6. This is a great box set. This is a great box set.
  7. Promises - This is a 9 movement piece by Sam Shepherd (Floating Points), and performed by himself, along with jazz icon Pharoah Sanders and the LSO. Released this year, it has already become a collectable with scalpers demanding high prices through the usual sales mediums. The electronics are held together by strings and the seductive sounds and melodies of Pharoah's sax. This allows Mr Shepherd to go off on tangents every so often, then trading places with Pharoah as the sax gets a little excited in places. All up it's a very nice listen from two very accomplished musicians in their own field
  8. M.F. HORN | 3 - Maynard Ferguson I find this guy's work very hot and cold, some I love, some is meh... This album is probably one of his better ones with some great 80s funk over big brassy sounds, and the use of wah with brass. What I never knew about Maynard, and is explained in the liner notes, is that he plays a trumpet and "superbone" of his own design, and manufactured by Holton / Le Blanc of Wisconsin. Quite an industrious lad this Maynard. I guess the album name eludes to this.
  9. I haven't been around for some time and not seen how the 'table project came out, looks great! Congratulations on the outcome.
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