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  1. thanks for the suggestion. i will definately look into the primare.
  2. im looking more towards an integrated. im moving into my first house with my g/f and need to keep the peace in regards to how much space i take up and the aesthetic look of the gear i get. but obviously sound is most imoprtant.
  3. Hi all, im looking at upgrading my amp and was hoping to use the collective experience of the members of this forum to give me some insight into which amp may suit my needs. I currently have a NAD 325Bee running my paradigm monitor 9 v.5 speakers, and love warmth and the bass this system produces. the paradigms seems to have a tendency to be quite lean if not partnered with a warm style amp, so im hoping to upgrade to something that can match that and present much more. i have a budget of around $2500 and have been narrowed the list to the following amps. cayin 265ai plinius 9100(second hand) musical fidelity a3(second hand) Creek integrated) new or second hand) i listen to a huge variety of musical , from acoustic female to death metal to reggae to blues. i love solid bass, and the sharp snap of the drums so tone and clarity are important. i generally listen at moderate volumes but want an amp with the power to really rock out loud and strong with nice bass slam. if anyone has experience with these amps or has any recommendations i would love to hear them. im also struggling to find places that stock these amps in melbourne to go and have a listen myself. so any and all input would be greatly appreciated. cheers benn
  4. i recently went down this path and may be able to offer few suggestions. i bought the amp you mention in the NAD c325BEE and love it. i cant comment on the headphone aspect however. this amp can be found for around $600 and a few hundred less 2nd hand. great sounding powerful amp. i was using what was considered a great soundcard for pc music in the chaintech av-710, but like yourself wanted to get more and sought advice from the excellent people at coem audio who suggested super.DAC at less than $200. a huge step up from the soundcard. as for speakers i havent heard too many bookshelves, however the paradigm atoms and titans have great reviews, and would fall in your price bracket(maybe not the titans) and definately combine really well the with NAD. Duratone is the official importer and have a listing on their website as do a place in victoria called penthometheatre. hope this helps
  5. thanks for all the replies, keep them coming. some of the amps suggested have been on the lower scale of wattage and i understand the paradigms have a high efficiency rating but would the amps still be able to deliver the higher volumes and deeper bass i love? or did i jump in the deep end and hear some of the higher quality valve amps in the cayin and melody and unrealisticly think i may be able to produce the quality of sound on a budget? cheers
  6. what are some of the other chinese amps close to my budget that you guys suggest, if yaqin arent all that great? and from the shipping costs i see these amps have i could have payed for most of a cayin.
  7. i have had a look at the hifi exchange gear and should get out to their store on sat to have a listen as they seem to have some beautiful amps for sale. would any of the amps they have listed come close to the cayin or melody? they had such gorgeous rich sounds im not sure i want to compromise. im hoping someone on these forums has an older version of one of these amps they no longer use or have another chinese quality amp that i may be able to grab. listening to the nad last night just felt like the music i was hearing was muffled and bland. once your eyes are opened to what is out there i can see why you guys strive constantly for the perfect sound to your ears.
  8. thanks for the advice buzz. ive been looking into ming da and shanling amps also, but they also seem to be well outside my range unfortunately. has anyone had any experience with the citypulse audio SA-77 or the gennari amps that pop up on ebay once in a while? both are around the price i can afford. or would you guys suggest to keep saving until i can afford something like a lower end melody or cayin.
  9. Thanks for the reply. beautiful amps you mentioned there. unfortunately both are well outside my financial limits. the amps i heard over the wknd, both the cayin a-50t and the melody sp3 were on special at around $1300 and as much as i thought about selling every possession i own to get my hands on one, i dont have the means right now. i realise its basically unrealistic to think somone may have a valve amp under $800 but it cant hurt to hope. cheers benn
  10. Item: Budget Valve Amp Location: melbourne Item Condition: Reasonable Condition Price: Up to $800 Payment Method: However the seller wants Extra Info Heard my first valve amp(cayin a-50T) at focus sound this wknd and the quality and finest details convinced me to try to pursue this avenue on a budget as opposed to my NAD setup running through a tube buffer. have been reading into the chinese yaqin etc amps available on a budget on ebay, however the lack of absolute confidence in these products convinced me to try this forum first to see if any members had anything they felt was surplus to their needs. my room is about 5m x 4m and would be running a pair of paradigm monitor 9 v.5. thanks benn
  11. Hi every one. i thought i might share my journey into 2 channel over the course of 12 months. any comments and suggestions would be welcomed. ive always used my pc as the main component in the stereo setup running through an amp into a pair of dtx speakers i thought i picked up for a bargain at jb hifi years ago. the amp i was using was a pioneer 5.1 channel and often there would be notes in songs where the stereo would nearly melt down trying to reach them. so one night the amp tryed in vain to reach one of these notes and had a fit and blew a few sparks. i then decided i was never going to listen to a sub standard system. this was always going to be a challenge as im a 3rd year plumbing apprentice, so on a very very tight budget. after doing what i thought was thorough investigating i decided upon a marantz 5.1 surround amp second hand on ebay. picked the amp up for what i thought was a steal later to find out i was robbed blind. the sound improved a fraction, so figured maybe it was the speakers that werent up to scratch, so set about doing more in depth research. after much deliberation i found a pair or db dynamics floor standers with black piano gloss finish that looked really impressive. another marginal improvement. but still wasnt satisfied. i had been reading about speaker wires and bi wiring and so headed off to bunnings and purchased about 10 metres of their thickest gauge wires i could afford at the time. another small improvement. i figured iwas going in the right direction but couldnt work out why i still wasnt anywhere near the sound i had somehow wanted in my head. at this stage i was reading this forum almost religiously trying to gather as much info as possible. after much reading i figured the speakers just werent good enough, so more research and ended up buying the highly reviewed paradigm monitor 9 v.5 speakers. huge improvement, but once again still not the sound i was after. i was at my wits end and on a whim decided to post on this forum to see if any of you experienced guys could help and a new amp was suggested. the amp was a NAD C325BEE 2 channel. and after many months of saving finally bought one. i was blown away. i was getting very close to what i wanted now. and couldnt move from the computer listening to every song i had hearing new sounds. i figured there still must be some weak links that would diminish the quality of sound. i understand computers having worked in the industry before i started my apprenticeship and decided to replace the stock soundcard with a higher quality one. so i bought a chaintech av-710 which bought about a nice improvement in sound. however windows uses kmixer as a means of regulating sound so now i had to work out how to bypass that. i found out about a media player called foobar that used asio or kernell streaming bit perfect sound. as i had just finished tweaking that and getting it working nicely i found out about DAC's. i sent daniel from COEM audio a few emails and he was unbelievably helpful and suggested a Pro.DAC MkII. once it arrived i set it up and the sound was amazing. however after a couple hours listening i started to get some fatigue, and wanted to work out how i may be able to eliminate that. so lots more reading and i come across tube buffers. after all the reading about tubes and the amazing sounds they produce and knowing i couldnt afford a tube pre-amp or integrated i thought i may be able to kill 2 birds with one stone and warm the sound up a bit and reduce the brightness. so after reading glowing reviews or the yaqin tube buffers i bought one last week and absolutely love it. however now im really interested in tubes and being the goose i am, am currently trying to replace the stock tubes with some better ones to milk that little bit extra out of the system. sorry about the long winded story, however ive always really enjoyed reading other peoples review of audio gear and all the stories people post so i figured maybe someone out there may find my little tight budget journey of interest. im kinda proud of myself in being able to produce this sound on a total budget of $2500. cheers to everyone who replied to my posts and helped me earlier in the year and kindly pointed me in the right direction. Benn
  12. Item: Mullard m8100 or EF95 tubes Location: melbourne Item Condition: working Price: No idea, never bought tubes before Payment Method: However the seller wants Extra Info: Hi everyone. long time lurker rare poster. very new to this game and requested info earlier in the year as to how to get the best out of my system with my pc at the hub. some very kind posters left me some great advice which i followed and have compiled a great system on a budget. however i wanted to just test the waters after reading so much about tubes, so purchased a yaqin tube buffer, and it is recommended to swap the stock 6j1 tubes for better ones. having no experience with tubes i can only go on what other more experienced people recommend , so here i am hoping someone here may be able to sell me these tubes or the equivelant. Benn
  13. thank you. the more suggestions the better. as i said before, im new to this and trying to take it all in. i know what i want in sound though, and its just a matter in finding out ways to do it. i really like a warmer sound. are nad amps the way to gain that and still keep costs down?
  14. thanks for the reply. im still running the speakers in, but it seems they are remaining quite high. the bass has improved to my ears. my only worry from the amp you recommended is does it have the necessary power to throroughly make these speakers sing. i read a review on the NAD and it was stated the speakers need to be relatively efficient. 90db or higher. im very new to this, and would hate to replace the amp i have with another that doesnt have the power cheers benn
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