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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Keep the suggestions coming. I had Earle the resident repair man from stereophonic attempt the repair to the moon. Once pulled apart he told me it was bird poo that had shorted amo out. I def have animal damage as part of insurance policy so will be covered. Back story to some of the Amps I've had previously. Had a nad 325bee that rocked hard and did 80 percent of what I wanted . Had a jungson ja88d also a melody tube amp but far too polite for the rock and metal. Ended up with the moon and again did about 80 percent what I wanted but always seemed a little dry, hence why I'm just seeing other recommendations. Musical fidelity write ups seem constantly fantastic and like what I've read about primate i25 and Roksan k3.
  2. I'm open to any amp that isn't fatiguing and can hold it own listening to rock and metal and getting grubby and dirty with that then being able to sound sweet and soft listening to acoustics.
  3. I've seen those and if it's possible I'd very happily give the musical fidelity a go. From all reports I should also look into the rega gear too.
  4. I've no idea to be honest. I've never made a claim before. And it seems the newest version of its entry level model is around $1000 more than I recall paying. Also just wondering what other amps are out there that price wise and sonically would compare
  5. Long time lurker here hoping for some advice. Long story short kids spilt water into my simaudio moon 250 integrated a couple weeks ago and had the amo assessed and it's cactus. So hoping to make an insurance claim to replace amp. Haven't been in the market for about 5 yrs so no idea what's out there. Loved the amp and sound. Wasn't fatiguing had a little warmth and beautiful detail and enough bass to keep me happy. Had nad amps prior to it but too muddy for me. Amp is feeding a nad DAC into paradigm monitor 9 speakers. Listen to acoustic folk, metal reggea rock so nerds to be all rounder of an amp. Hoping to have a budget of 2-3 grand. Love to hear some recommendations.
  6. thanks for the suggestion. i will definately look into the primare.
  7. im looking more towards an integrated. im moving into my first house with my g/f and need to keep the peace in regards to how much space i take up and the aesthetic look of the gear i get. but obviously sound is most imoprtant.
  8. Hi all, im looking at upgrading my amp and was hoping to use the collective experience of the members of this forum to give me some insight into which amp may suit my needs. I currently have a NAD 325Bee running my paradigm monitor 9 v.5 speakers, and love warmth and the bass this system produces. the paradigms seems to have a tendency to be quite lean if not partnered with a warm style amp, so im hoping to upgrade to something that can match that and present much more. i have a budget of around $2500 and have been narrowed the list to the following amps. cayin 265ai plinius 9100(second hand) musical fidelity a3(second hand) Creek integrated) new or second hand) i listen to a huge variety of musical , from acoustic female to death metal to reggae to blues. i love solid bass, and the sharp snap of the drums so tone and clarity are important. i generally listen at moderate volumes but want an amp with the power to really rock out loud and strong with nice bass slam. if anyone has experience with these amps or has any recommendations i would love to hear them. im also struggling to find places that stock these amps in melbourne to go and have a listen myself. so any and all input would be greatly appreciated. cheers benn
  9. i recently went down this path and may be able to offer few suggestions. i bought the amp you mention in the NAD c325BEE and love it. i cant comment on the headphone aspect however. this amp can be found for around $600 and a few hundred less 2nd hand. great sounding powerful amp. i was using what was considered a great soundcard for pc music in the chaintech av-710, but like yourself wanted to get more and sought advice from the excellent people at coem audio who suggested super.DAC at less than $200. a huge step up from the soundcard. as for speakers i havent heard too many bookshelves, however the paradigm atoms and titans have great reviews, and would fall in your price bracket(maybe not the titans) and definately combine really well the with NAD. Duratone is the official importer and have a listing on their website as do a place in victoria called penthometheatre. hope this helps
  10. thanks for all the replies, keep them coming. some of the amps suggested have been on the lower scale of wattage and i understand the paradigms have a high efficiency rating but would the amps still be able to deliver the higher volumes and deeper bass i love? or did i jump in the deep end and hear some of the higher quality valve amps in the cayin and melody and unrealisticly think i may be able to produce the quality of sound on a budget? cheers
  11. what are some of the other chinese amps close to my budget that you guys suggest, if yaqin arent all that great? and from the shipping costs i see these amps have i could have payed for most of a cayin.
  12. i have had a look at the hifi exchange gear and should get out to their store on sat to have a listen as they seem to have some beautiful amps for sale. would any of the amps they have listed come close to the cayin or melody? they had such gorgeous rich sounds im not sure i want to compromise. im hoping someone on these forums has an older version of one of these amps they no longer use or have another chinese quality amp that i may be able to grab. listening to the nad last night just felt like the music i was hearing was muffled and bland. once your eyes are opened to what is out there i can see why you guys strive constantly for the perfect sound to your ears.
  13. thanks for the advice buzz. ive been looking into ming da and shanling amps also, but they also seem to be well outside my range unfortunately. has anyone had any experience with the citypulse audio SA-77 or the gennari amps that pop up on ebay once in a while? both are around the price i can afford. or would you guys suggest to keep saving until i can afford something like a lower end melody or cayin.
  14. Thanks for the reply. beautiful amps you mentioned there. unfortunately both are well outside my financial limits. the amps i heard over the wknd, both the cayin a-50t and the melody sp3 were on special at around $1300 and as much as i thought about selling every possession i own to get my hands on one, i dont have the means right now. i realise its basically unrealistic to think somone may have a valve amp under $800 but it cant hurt to hope. cheers benn
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