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  1. 2 Subwoofers

    Star wars subwoofer maybe...
  2. 7.2.4 Speaker placement

    this may help, this is the angles that have been determined to work with all Dolby/Auro3D/ DTS:X It will depend on your boundaries to the listening area, a left speaker has to be a left for all listeners
  3. Shout of thanks to all that came for the generic Immersive audio training last week, great to have Tom Garett out from the UK with his awesome stories!
  4. 2 Subwoofers

    As a general rule, 2 or 4 subs only, Front back midpoint is good, I find best results 1/4 points at the front. If you place 2 or 4 subs in a (square) space it produces a phantom subwoofer between, so front middle, and rear high..... this creates a phantom in the middle...middle of the room. Many room modes get energised, this makes light work for Audyssey or similar! p.s Never 3 subs, too unpredictable
  5. Lux to Lumens Calculator

    16 foot lamberts or more is the golden rule. 23.5 foot lamberts and then you can add Bias lighting!
  6. 4K HDR AppleTV

    Disappointing that this unit will not be the 4K device that we all thought it was going to be, Compression will be very high and likely need s display with half decent video processing
  7. MQA/Masters on Tidal

    'Pretty much' is up for interpretation koputai, is there anyone else pushing to get better audio out into the market? if they are, then that's great. Anything that pushes the bar higher is good for all of us.... we can then take a listen and make our minds up.
  8. MQA/Masters on Tidal

    MQA is a both a software and hardware, most of the equipment is on the MQA site. Even though being born by Meridian Audio (much like the Dolby True HD compression algorithm that we all hear on Bluray's that was also developed by Meridian) Meridian have to get their hardware approved through the same testing/approval process as all of the other manufacturers! http://www.mqa.co.uk/customer/our-partners
  9. MQA/Masters on Tidal

    CD's are coming out in Japan with MQA, really my personal thoughts on MQA are that its a way of getting higher quality than CD, pretty much Vinyl quality. Its also a way of protecting the Master of the artist, which artist really wants to provide their master out to market with no protection mechanism. This is where DRM went wrong. Stream needs to be a smaller file but all the quality and protected for the Artist, Tidal offers all of this.
  10. The maximum delay from a Meridian 218 Zoneplayer is 85ms per source as well.
  11. OK, Jason so here goes. This sounds like EBA ( the Meridian bass time align feature) on the DSP speakers delaying them (the speaker) with respect to the other zone. Actually, this is a very common issue that happens with custom installers, they use and AVR in the lounge, and use the muiltroom system. Every AVR has a delay due to its DSP and room correction, drives everyone nuts! Some AVR's have a direct mode, this bypasses the onboard DSP's but is usually only stereo (not all channel stereo) Meridian's EBA applies between 25 and 30ms delay to the mid and high frequencies to time align all frequencies from the lowest bass. The 218 is the perfect solution to anyone that has a mix of DSP and analog Sooloos zones. There's two options: 1. Turn EBA off on the DSP speakers (not ideal for optimum performance) 2. Use a 218 on the analogue zone and apply between 25-30ms delay to the Sooloos input. another reason why the 218 is a very powerful tool for the case in point above, it's a great solution to a problem that drives people nuts. Let me know if I can put you in touch with someone so you can get a 218, we'd love to get some feedback on this particular case. -Paul
  12. Good question on the delay, it's a great feature that they thought about.... We shall test & find this out! here is a use case for the 218, a very versatile unit! use case for the 218
  13. The Sooloos QNAP is the go. Here is an installation video: Let me know how you go, we will receive our shipment of 218 Sooloos end points soon and shall test. More stock arriving coming week, we are pretty excited to have this unit! here is a little video showing the iOS app, both the Sooloos app and the new 218 app, the fast app switching is pretty good for a standalone solution. I think we got Meridian back at just the right time, Marc Rushton that runs this Stereonet already gave the "2017 Speaker of the year" to the DSP8000SE's that we loaned out for review. Look out for his review as well. Cheers, Paul
  14. There's actually only one version of the QNAP software and it can be configured to work as Core (with or without storage) or Storage only. The first QNAP software Meridian released for Sooloos was for storage expansion only so there might be some confusion related to that fact. There was also a period of time when Meridian's old website didn't clarify that there was a Storage only version of the software and also the first version that operated as the Core. All you need now is the latest QNAP software and to set it up appropriately for your system using Sooloos Configure.
  15. New Qnap sooloos software now out, New Meridian 218 MQA hits the streets this week too...