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  1. Wavetrain

    4K HDR AppleTV

    yes 2m leads from source to AVR Yes, FIBBR over 2m stocking 2m 10m 20m & 30m they will be most useful. the 2m more useful as they lift ground, you cant transmit a buzz typically through optic glass! (very handy) We suggest that installs run a conduit up to PJ's .... all the way back the AVR position, this way you can replace the cable by pulling thru a draw wire, if you catch my drift?
  2. Yes, soon as you have the absorber slightly off the wall, it lowers the frequency target, also velocity is zero at the wall surface, nothing really happens there, the party starts just out from the wall surface. Nice work
  3. any acoustic treatment is better than nothing, are you hearing subtle differences?
  4. Wavetrain

    4K HDR AppleTV

    Just a warning on 4K devices and distance, we have had feedbacks from installers all over the country, 4K and distance is a bloody disaster. Copper cables just not cutting the mustard. We have found that Tributries seem to work, to an extent. there is a compnay in the states that certifies the cables - http://www.dpllabs.com/ this seems to be a good reference. The Lumagen video processor we use to do 2.35:1 project with is VERY finiky with HDMI cables, Jim whom is the CEO says only use a 2m (minimum) lead when connecting devices, he explained that HDMI has an EQ built in for under 2m leads. Seems to be right, every time we use 2m+ leads things seem to work. We have taken on FIBBR HDMI cables and have exhaustively tested, these seem to work without batting an eyelid. Which is a godsend really. I was in on a CEDIA USA course only a few months back and the kings of the industry still curse the problems that HDMI causes, when you are on to a good thing stick to it! Otherwise run a conduit to the display device so you can upgrade to 8K when that comes out and gobbles up more bandwidth.
  5. Canvas is too tight weaved, hold up to light and if you can SEE thru it, its generally a good acoustically transparent device, which of course you need to have the absorbative material actually work. Velocity is zero at the wall, so a small air gap is better, it will also let you control lower frequencies. I also recommend diffusion, there is some really good stuff on the market but it often out of the reach price wise of the enthusiast. Do some research on MLS Multiple Length Sequence, we have 2 panels that deploy this practice, everytime we use these two panels we get great results. The other acoustic device is a Schroder diffuser, or changing reflection diffuser. These are ideal.
  6. Wavetrain

    2 Subwoofers

    Front lower sub, rear upper sub
  7. Wavetrain

    2 Subwoofers

    Star wars subwoofer maybe...
  8. Wavetrain

    7.2.4 Speaker placement

    this may help, this is the angles that have been determined to work with all Dolby/Auro3D/ DTS:X It will depend on your boundaries to the listening area, a left speaker has to be a left for all listeners
  9. Shout of thanks to all that came for the generic Immersive audio training last week, great to have Tom Garett out from the UK with his awesome stories!
  10. Wavetrain

    2 Subwoofers

    As a general rule, 2 or 4 subs only, Front back midpoint is good, I find best results 1/4 points at the front. If you place 2 or 4 subs in a (square) space it produces a phantom subwoofer between, so front middle, and rear high..... this creates a phantom in the middle...middle of the room. Many room modes get energised, this makes light work for Audyssey or similar! p.s Never 3 subs, too unpredictable
  11. Wavetrain

    Lux to Lumens Calculator

    16 foot lamberts or more is the golden rule. 23.5 foot lamberts and then you can add Bias lighting!
  12. Wavetrain

    4K HDR AppleTV

    Disappointing that this unit will not be the 4K device that we all thought it was going to be, Compression will be very high and likely need s display with half decent video processing
  13. Wavetrain

    MQA/Masters on Tidal

    'Pretty much' is up for interpretation koputai, is there anyone else pushing to get better audio out into the market? if they are, then that's great. Anything that pushes the bar higher is good for all of us.... we can then take a listen and make our minds up.
  14. Wavetrain

    MQA/Masters on Tidal

    MQA is a both a software and hardware, most of the equipment is on the MQA site. Even though being born by Meridian Audio (much like the Dolby True HD compression algorithm that we all hear on Bluray's that was also developed by Meridian) Meridian have to get their hardware approved through the same testing/approval process as all of the other manufacturers! http://www.mqa.co.uk/customer/our-partners