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  1. G'day Needlerunner, I have been spending some time moving them 'back and forth' and also side to side. And yes, I am a big fan of using good quality cables. I've made some quite remarkable improvements in the past. If you take a look at my reply to Andy, you'll get a good idea of what I was hoping to do here. Hear from a group of TSD Owners only hopefully with a consensus of thought. Maybe it's still yet to come. Good to meet you needlerunner, keep in touch about running needles! Cheers, ChrisC.
  2. Hi Deano23, thanks for lots of good ideas. I'll try and do each of these in time. I can see the value. Appreciate your time and thought, cheers, ChrisC
  3. Thanks andrewyuri for your help also. Please see my reply to Andy which will explain. Appreciate your time and help, ChrisC.
  4. Thanks Andy, just what I had intended to try, but first I was hoping to find a general consensus between 'Triangle Signature Delta' Owners only, along the lines of ....."oh, they Always sound much better toed in that not" or ......."don't toe them in what ever you do". In other words, before trying it myself, I might be able to benefit from a group of 'TSD Owners only, who have already been through exactly the same. It may just save 'reinventing the wheel'. Thanks for your time. ChrisC
  5. Hi, I have recently purchased a pair of "Triangle Signature Delta Speakers". So far I'm extremely happy with them. I'm just wondering if it may be possible to get a touch more improvement out of them by trying toeing them in. Does anyone have any experience with these Speakers by toeing them in or having them 'straight on'? Would appreciate whatever thoughts or experience you may about this. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, ChrisC
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