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  1. G'day Needlerunner, I have been spending some time moving them 'back and forth' and also side to side. And yes, I am a big fan of using good quality cables. I've made some quite remarkable improvements in the past. If you take a look at my reply to Andy, you'll get a good idea of what I was hoping to do here. Hear from a group of TSD Owners only hopefully with a consensus of thought. Maybe it's still yet to come. Good to meet you needlerunner, keep in touch about running needles! Cheers, ChrisC.
  2. Hi Deano23, thanks for lots of good ideas. I'll try and do each of these in time. I can see the value. Appreciate your time and thought, cheers, ChrisC
  3. Thanks andrewyuri for your help also. Please see my reply to Andy which will explain. Appreciate your time and help, ChrisC.
  4. Thanks Andy, just what I had intended to try, but first I was hoping to find a general consensus between 'Triangle Signature Delta' Owners only, along the lines of ....."oh, they Always sound much better toed in that not" or ......."don't toe them in what ever you do". In other words, before trying it myself, I might be able to benefit from a group of 'TSD Owners only, who have already been through exactly the same. It may just save 'reinventing the wheel'. Thanks for your time. ChrisC
  5. Hi, I have recently purchased a pair of "Triangle Signature Delta Speakers". So far I'm extremely happy with them. I'm just wondering if it may be possible to get a touch more improvement out of them by trying toeing them in. Does anyone have any experience with these Speakers by toeing them in or having them 'straight on'? Would appreciate whatever thoughts or experience you may about this. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, ChrisC
  6. Hi Snowdownunder, Thanks very much for the clarification and the Decibel/MOTH link. I've been using a VPI machine for quite a few years now and am really very happy with it. It produces fantastic results. As to whether or not I'll add a ZeroStat gun to my cleaning regime, remains to be seen. Thanks for your help. ChrisC
  7. Hi Jake, Proftournesol, Can you guys please give me a bit more info on the RCM / Kuzma? Thanks, Chris
  8. Hi Jake, Thanks very much for the info. Yes, I've dealt with Brian at Decibel on a few occasions and found them very helpful and prompt. It's just that their prices on Nagaoka Sleeves are quite high at the moment. I've been used to paying around $27-$30 per pack (of 50), but right now they're asking $44! That's just a bit steep. I do appreciate your time and help. Thanks and cheers, Chris
  9. Hi Proftournesol, Please pardon my ingonorance here, you say " Putting the records through a RCM seems to keep them dust free far longer than a Zerostat. What's the RCM you put them through? Thanks and cheers, Chris.
  10. Hi, 'Zerostat' Antistatic Guns have been around for 'yonks' so it seems. I've never owned one but am just now thinking about getting one to help with my LP records cleaning. I'm thinking of using it after each clean with the VPI. Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they work? Any other thoughts? Thanks very much for your help. Cheers, Chris
  11. Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy packs of Nagaoka No. 102 LP Record Sleeves in Sydney? Thanks guys. Cheers, Chris c.
  12. Hi Russ, Yes, it's the unit that comes with its own 8 outlet board, powered out of the Power Station. It retails at around at $1,400. You should pick one up for around $1,100. Here's a link for more info: http://www.thortechnologies.com.au/ Cheers, Chris
  13. Hi Sean, I've been using a Thor (Australian made) 'Smart Power Station' for sometime now and have benefited from both a Video and Audio viewpoint. I originally got this to try and sort out some 'issues' I was having with a NAD AV Receiver. (Those were never sorted out, turned out to be HDMI incompatability problems between NAD and Pioneer Plasma.) What I've gained though is a rock solid 240v power supply feeding all my equipment. The Thor unit constantly displays incoming volume and outgoing voltage to the gear (always 240v.) I've seen that incoming voltage here, I live in The Shire, vary down to 231v. and up to 253v. So I think it's fair to assume that all my gear is working better at a constant 240v. than it would be otherwise. The differences I immediately noticed were improved colour saturation in my Plasma screen and improved imaging with audio. I'm particularly comfortable knowing my gear's fully protected against any surges at all, all the time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Thor unit. I hope this helps. Chris
  14. Hi Himey. Thanks very much for your input. I agree with you about the audio quality of the NAD. I was really sorry to have to say goodbye to it. But it all just became too much. I've since gone down the separate integrated stereo amp track (Plinius), so I'll have to do the best I can with an AV Receiver. I'm looking forward to trialing a Pioneer to match the Kuro. Thanks for your interest Himey. Cheers, Chris
  15. Hi guys, Just to let you know the 'home trial' of the Pioneer SC-LX81 that I had lined up with a local dealer this weekend has had to be postponed. When we agreed to this last wekend, they had two in stock, now they've sold both and Pioneer Australia is apparently short of stock. I'm away next weekend, so it will now have to wait to the following, 28th./29th. assuming there is stock of the Pioneer available then. Quite disappointing, to say the least, but that's the way it is. When I'm eventually able to trial the Pioneer, I'll let you know the outcome. Cheers guys, Chris C.
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