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  1. Item: Schiit Loki Mini + Price Range: $200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: have the original loki mini but hoping to get one of the new + model to get that bit better SQ.
  2. Got a node2i about 6 months ago. I don't mind the bluOS app interface. Works well enough for my needs. Now with spotify connect and tidal connect, i use those apps to stream direct to the node 2i instead of the bluos app. node 2i with linear power supply mod works well as a digital source into a external dac too! ps. Im an 'IT guy' as well.
  3. didnt snap them up quick enough unfortunately...
  4. My Clementine Darling 1626 amp. 0.75watts of pure sweetness.
  5. Item: pairs of type 45 tubes Price Range: - Item Condition: Used - matched with very good life left Extra Info: Have an old amp but missing tubes to get it going.
  6. Picked up a Apsen Saksa 85 recently. Using it to power the horn channel (>150hz) of my active system, is really impressive. No idle noise/hum. Sounds powerful but refined and delicate at the same time. Sounds good straight away (no need long warmup times, which works well for me). Good at low and high volumes. I switch between the saksa85 and a bakoon amp-12r for the horn channel. The saksa has a bit more drive and richness in the tone compared to the bakoon, which is a bit lighter/softer in presentation. can highly recommend the apsen amps!
  7. I will load some photos tonight of the connectors and the drivers for interested parties. Note: Due to size and weight, pickup only from Perth, WA. cheers!
  8. Further information: For sale is a pair of diy klipschorn bass cabinets. Each cabinet is running a 15" etone woofer unit. Designed to play up to 350hz and sit in the corners of a room. Was part of a 3way active horn system. Well built. Very big and heavy. Photos:
  9. Further information: pair of matched Dukane 5A540 1" compression drivers for horns. Comes with factory 1" to 1.5" throat adapter. These were manufactured in Japan and considered a 16ohm version of the legendary Coral M100 compression driver. The Dukane 5A540 Compression Driver was produced from the 60’s-70’s. They were originally manufactured by JBL for Dukane. The drivers were initially rebranded JBL 2410 drivers (a pro version of the JBL 175). However, in the 1970’s JBL ceased production of OEM drivers for other companies. Dukane then contracted a well-respected Japanese ma
  10. Further information: A pair of like new Faital Pro 15PR400 15" bass drivers. Bought for project that didn't eventuate. https://djcity.com.au/product/faital-pro-fa-15pr400-15-inch-lf-driver/ Photos:
  11. Further information: For sale are a pair of very good condition (rare) Altec Lansing MR II 564 horns. http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/STARINMANUALS/Bosch - EV/Archive/Altec/MRII 564.pdf Photos:
  12. Further information: For sale is a pair of custom build mono valve amps based of the classic Mullard 5-20 circuit. Original vintage Ferguson Audio transformers for power/choke/output were used. Extremely impressive sonic performance. Comes with matching Svetlana Winged C EL34 tubes and Telefunken GZ34 rectifiers. http://www.r-type.org/articles/art-003d.htm Photos:
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