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  1. Item: speaker cabinet for 8" full range driver Price Range: any Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for speaker cabinets that would fit 8" full range drivers. Not too fussed on condition. Preferably located in Perth so I could come collect. Cheers all.
  2. Cheers Jeddie. have locked the above unit in and is on its way. Cant wait!
  3. Have either a Yamaha P2201 monster stereo power amp. or a DIY pass labs F5 class A stereo power amp that am willing to trade for one of these Node 2i streamers cheers!
  4. Would consider a white unit too
  5. Item: Bluesound Node 2i (black) Price Range: $500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a good condition unit.
  6. I recently purchased a Musician Pegasus DAC that is R2R based too. I haven't heard any Denafrips DACs yet. Let me know if any interest in a comparison... I am in Perth too
  7. Very big price difference. Just a pair of the 18" BMS drivers on the TL1/2 would set one back close to $2k delivered to AU.
  8. Originally was going to buy parts to build Troels TL2, but due to lack of interest to commit that much dosh for another speaker project, an thinking of the 3WC-15 design. Already have a pair of faital 15pr400 woofers. And the tweeters are available in aus for a good price. Just the 18sound mid drivers that are quite pricey from overseas... but substantially much less of an outlay compared to the TL1/2 design. Hence very interested how you find this design when you get it up and running. Following closely
  9. I would like some of this for my Troels The Loudspeaker 2 build. If able to cnc cut the panels into a flatpack and freight to WA, that would next level!
  10. I get ya. Im moving to a new place in a week's time and shall finally have space to properly setup a system again. Quite excited about that. the loudspeaker 2 (and 1) seems like a simple build, but apparently its a lot of work. The BOM is not exactly considered low cost either. Im putting my own little spin on the design and using a faital pro 18fh510 18" woofer instead of the BMS, and faital pro hf108r instead of the 18sound nsd1095n 1" compression drivers. Curious to hear how your friend in UK finds goes with it. Having heard the JBL 4345 studio monitors before, i was hooked
  11. I can happily recommend Oleg's drivers. Works of art. I last paired the drivers with a pair of 200hz azurahorns. Worked really well. This was about 3-4yrs ago. I went on a bit of a hifi-hiatus for a number of years and sold off lots of gear. Couldn't make myself list the rullits. Wanted to make a pair of big floorstanding plywood based horns for them. Have to admit I got too many speaker ideas/projects. Have some 'a for ara' prototype horn speakers and also in process of attaining parts for Troels 'the loudspeaker 2'.
  12. I ran Atelier Rullit Aero 8" full range field coil drivers for a number of years. Still have the drivers and power supply. ive tried 4-5 diff types of power supplies. They do change the sound. Not always super obvious differences. Theres deff a sweet spot in terms of voltage. For my drivers, feeding 120v dc per driver is nice. Music has life and relaxed. Too low voltage and music sounds bit flat. Ive tried a tube based supply (tent labs modules), Selenium rect based one as well. Current psu is a basic choke input LCLC supply. Running the supply to the field coils in series!
  13. Item: horn loaded bass bins Price Range: any Item Condition: Used Extra Info: After some horn loaded bass bins to pair with some spare horns i have. Perhaps W bins, VOTTs or jbl 4560. Or even bass scoops could be good. Ideally be able to play til 500hz. Can be empty bins too. I have drivers.. let me know what you may have! Also preferable located in Perth, WA. cheers!
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