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  1. Beymas crossover below that was designed for most of their 12-15" coaxial drivers. I built them with some scrap parts in the past. Sounded not bad. But I run equalization on the system so I fine tune the sound to my liking. I dont think the beyma xo is designed to provide flat frequency (via notch circuits). not sure if first order slopes would be optimal for these drivers. Atleast 2nd order ime. Overall, I dont mind the sound of the beymas. I think the woofers produce really high quality mid-bass. The treble is decent. Clear and extended. Not as refined and 'soft' like Faital Pro in the highs. Likely due to the titanium diaphragms.
  2. mind sharing details re the crossover? I have the schematics for the Beyma FD2XA - https://usspeaker.com/beyma FD2XA-1.htm if there is any interest. (I have pair of the Beyma 12cxa400nd)
  3. Some more photos of this diy speaker prototype designed by William Cowan from CowanAudio. I'm at the stage of playing around with the DSP (najda) to get the right xo/levels/eq. First taste of multientry horn and bipolar bass. Quite promising so far.
  4. Output unbuffered Single ended 1.4V RMS, Zout 640R Output buffered Balanced 4.0V RMS, Zout 20R
  5. Further information: This is the dam1021-02 board paired with a amanero USB to i2s module. Works well. Has serial port ready for easy firmware upgrades. Built by Doncentric. Volume function is disabled (via software) at present. Has latest firmware applied. More info on the board here: http://www.soekris.dk/dam1021.html https://hifiduino.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/soekris-dam-1021-r-2r-dac-users-guide/ Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  6. Finally got my 2020 SC remote kit from Chris. Wiring up was simple. Chris was very responsive and helpful. Just 1 input 1 output. Replaced the tube preamp with the SC and had a listen to a few tunes. Dead black background. Still dynamic and tonally dense. Detailed yet fluid (not dry sounding). Hasn't been run in yet. Ample volume control. Now to find a nice case. For reference: soekris r2r dac > SC 2020 pre > holton stereo power amp (gain set to 25.5db) > JBL L40T3.
  7. Item: AudioGD DI-20 digital interface Price Range: - Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking to try one of these if anyone has one and wanting to move it on. cheers!
  8. I received my Lindy cromo 2m usb cable few days ago. Has been running for over 72hrs. Works pretty well so far in my opinion. Comparing it to my standard 'printer' cable that I have been using, the sound does sound a bit smoother/refined. Slightly less of an edge/hardness to the sound. This is connection between my MS Surface pro tablet and a Gustard U16 DCC.
  9. Agreed Steve. Im not so sold on high res either. Especially since the music Im listening to only is on redbook. Im actually using spotify as source at the moment. Haha! I follow what you are saying about the kdac/cd94. Quite memorable qualities. catch up sounds good
  10. Im currently listening to a Holo Audio Spring 2 DAC (Level 2) via i2s input in NOS mode. A Singxer SU-6 is feeding the i2s. agree with your description on how it sounds @amdan. Beautifully detailed. lack of digital glare. Micro and macro dynamics in tact. I cant discern any rolled off highs. the most noticeable quality was the richness and detail of the midrange. Such a clear and direct image of the music in front. Like there are no filters in the way. Like the effect of taking off the speaker covers. Also agree the very low noise floor helps with getting all the small nuances out. Listening at low volumes just as pleasurable and engaging. The overrsampling modes i didnt like. Ended up sounding like delta sigma dacs ive listened to. I do wish i was able to compare this dac to a denafrips Terminator which is in similar price range and seems to be claimed as 'end game' as well.
  11. Thanks Steve. Yep have been on a bit of a hifi hiatus. Quality and choice of extremely good value gear seems plentiful now. Computer audio as a source seems like the norm now too. The holo/singxer combo is so good. How does it compare to your kdac?
  12. I just found out and reading about the Holo Audio May DAC. Wow! Tried playing with the over sampling options on the Spring 2. NOS my favourite for sure. Most 'direct' sounding imo. Loving it.
  13. Been listening to @rocky500's Holo Audio Spring 2 Level 2 DAC paired with the Singxer SU-6 usb converter for the last 4hrs straight. Really really sonically impressive. Makes my diy soekris r2r dac with amanero usb i2s module sound like a toy... (sad face). Have also been listening to cds from a marantz cd6000 into the holo spring via coaxial. Absolutely impressive too. Some words on how i would describe the presentation of the dac/singxer combo: texturally complete from top to bottom. Excellent balance between detail and liquidity/fluidity. Engaging. the singxer su-6 usb to i2s into the holo. Vs the built in usb of the holo, I found the built in usb had a bit more edge to the voices and notes. For reference, the current system Playing is a Ctronics valve preamp, holo dac, into either sony 55es monos or mullard 520 el34 valve monos. JBL L96 3 ways Thanks again Rob for the opportunity to try this combo out. Really hard for me to go back to the soekris.... how does the holo spring 2 dac compare to the likes of Denafrips DACs?
  14. Item: 18sound NSD1095N, 10NMBA520 and BMS 18N862 pro drivers Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for remaining drivers to build Troels 'The loudspeaker 2'.
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