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  1. picked up a klark teknik sq1g 30band recently. love it. less listening to audiophile recordings and back to indie/folk/pop records which usually are too hot on a half decent hifi system. still looking for a used loki to play with though!
  2. 2-way multiple entry horn on top. Bipolar bass bottoms. A cowanaudio prototype.
  3. still looking all. happy to pay bit more than mentioned in first post
  4. Further information: bought this a while ago. 240v model. Few mods have been done (transformer covers, Mundorf supreme coupling capacitors, power led, absorption feet). great single ended class A sound. No noise/hum issues. Sounds great through high efficiency speakers. Ultra quiet design (choke filtered power supply) with no noise/hum issues unlike many tube amps. comes with optional tube cover too. https://hifi-exquis.com/single-ended-el34-amp/274-laochen-el34-tube-amplifier-black.html Photos:
  5. Further information: picked these up recently with plans to refresh the cabinets, but realised I have too many speaker projects and no time. Drivers in good condition. Cabinets (Chipboard with wood veneer) are in OK condition. Heavy. sounds great with low powered amps. Photos:
  6. Further information: This is the dam1021-02 board paired with a amanero USB to i2s module. Works well. Module is stock including factory firmware. Has serial port ready for easy firmware upgrades. Built by Doncentric. More info on the board here: http://www.soekris.dk/dam1021.html https://hifiduino.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/soekris-dam-1021-r-2r-dac-users-guide/ Photos:
  7. I'm looking for a used Loki if anyone has one sitting around unused!
  8. Still looking for a Loki
  9. Item: Schiit Loki mini equalizer Price Range: $150-200 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: after one of these toys to play around with. I’m located in Perth.
  10. Item: WE 396a tube Price Range: - Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After 1-2 WE 396a tubes to run on my MHDT dac.
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