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  1. I’d love this if it is still available and can pickup. cheers! tuyen
  2. Item: Beyma 12CXA400Nd 12" Coaxial speaker drivers Location: Perth, WA Price: $800 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Matched pair. Beyma prototype units that were tested before they were given the OK to start going to production. One driver has bit of damage at edge of frame (see photo) but has been repaired. No effect on structural integrity or performance of unit. Specs and measurements: http://www.usspeaker.com/beyma 12CXA400nd-1.htm https://www.audioxpress.com/article/Test-Bench-Acustica-Beyma-s-12CXA400Nd-12-Pro-Sound-Coaxial-Driver Photos:
  3. This will be my first taste with the Miflex copper foil caps. They seem well built. Price was right as well (compared to duelund/mundorf sgo/jupiters).
  4. Nice work mate. You always have nice taste in gear. Thanks mate. I cant help myself. Go crazy on partsconnexion after every payday. Forever poor. Boutique hifi though!
  5. Thanks Owen. Yep, I had to do a bit of googling to remind myself about which direction is which
  6. A little bit closer. Probably another few hours of work left. installed a Khozmo 64step attenuator with amrg resistors. duelund 20ga tin plated wire used for hook up. will heatstrink exposed cables after run-in.
  7. No cabinets included. Photos of early stages of the speakers attached.
  8. Item: (4) Beyma 15G40 15” bass woofers 8ohm Location: Perth, WA Price: 400 a pair. 700 for both pairs. Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: unused Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: They were used in my ‘beyma beast towers’ for a short while and produced incredible high quality bass. Costed a bucket load to buy/post from the US originally. Specs here: http://www.usspeaker.com/beyma 15G40-1.htm Photos:
  9. thanks guys. indeed sonicart gear is of high quality. sale pending.
  10. Item: Sonicart “The LEGEND SE” el84 valve amplifier Location: Perth WA Price: 500 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: unused Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: unit has been extensively improved. Coupling caps changed to Auricaps. Power supply cap changed to JJ. Cree schottky soft recovery diodes and implementation of a choke filter into power supply circuit (reduced noise level drastically. No hum on high sensitivity horns). Volume control is Japanese Alps blue. comes with nos Mullard input tube and amperex el84 tubes. Specs: power output: 2.5w rms pc response: 18hz - 42khz @ rms power operating voltage: 220v-240vac dimensions: w260mm h105mm d330mm weight: 7kg http://www.sonicartaudio.com/past_products.htm Photos:
  11. Vacuum tube audio sp14 preamp with premium parts. Time to wire her up...
  12. I may have to take parts of what I said back, as I am running a Najda DSP xo/preamp unit for my Beyma beasts. The Najda with separate linear psus for digital and analog circuits + discrete opamps really makes it a step above sonically over the usual units designed for the PA world.
  13. Hi Alan, I had the D23 for a while along with a number of others. I personally see them as a good tool to use as part of the design of the speaker system. To figure out best crossover point, what cutover slope and attenuation levels. Ultimately though, a 3-4way active setup with 3-4 power amps is too much for me to sit comfortably and enjoy the system long term. Too many variables (for me). I'd prefer a passive setup with just one 'ultimate amp' (addition of active subwoofer(s) is OK though). With my active systems, I could hear the 'digital edge' that pro audio units were introducing in a intimate listening home environment. No doubting their flexibility... thus great tool for design/development imo.
  14. I just bought some JBL L96 3-ways so they will keep me entertained (build charge coupled crossovers) for the next few months. I'll keep these vistatons in the back of my mind for now. Please let me know if you decide to commit! I would have attempted to build cabinets myself (I'm not good at it though).
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