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  1. peterpan

    FS: Various 100 Vinly records

    they taken yet? Hi Stump 👍
  2. do a double blind test and it will sound better 😁 by that i mean blind drunk
  3. peterpan

    Amplifier Repairers in Adelaide?

    I can understand your confusion, it probably was on another thread that i assumed this one was, anyway if you need his details please pm me or anyone else on here who has dealt with him. I dont want to put his phone number up here on public display without his permission.
  4. peterpan

    Amplifier Repairers in Adelaide?

    he works from home so he is best to ring and arrange a time,
  5. peterpan

    Building a Mober Linn LP12 with no idea.

    great build and pics rodders3, I also went all Mober and can vouch for Edmund being very easy to deal with and the result was very worthwhile. 👍
  6. peterpan

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    fantastic result by the look of it, 👍 I wouldn't have that much patience
  7. peterpan

    Meat temperatures ?

    http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/foodsafetyandyou/food-at-home/cooking-temperatures try this as a guide Gary
  8. peterpan

    Amplifier Repairers in Adelaide?

    another plug for Bruno mentioned earlier here, just had my Modwright power amp serviced and sorted out by Bruno and very happy with the service. he also made me a custom 8 outlet power board that works really well. 👍
  9. and replied have pending offers already so wow that was quick,
  10. Item: Isotek polaris evo 3 Location: Adelaide Price: $300 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: upgraded to 8 outlet custom board Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only at this stage Extra Info: in good condition just needed more outlets or would have been happy to keep. prefer local sale as very busy this time of year. Pictures:
  11. peterpan

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    i also had the yoshimura kit, was cool, until i came off at it at stupid speed, ☹️ my dad also owned one of these which was a ponderous beast but very comfy if i remember right
  12. peterpan

    New toy to build.

    that is a cool gaming rig batfink! 😉 should get some good fps on yer games
  13. peterpan

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    young and stupid, now just older 😉
  14. peterpan

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    wish, unfortunately no ☹️
  15. peterpan

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    car licence in one like this, bike and first motorcycle and first real car at the age of 19, lost a few demerit points with it tho 😉 these are stock pics but same colors and models.