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  1. peterpan

    FS: Modwright Kwa 100se Power amplifier

    long weekend price drop down to $2600 or nearest offer
  2. peterpan

    SOLD: FS: subwoofers

    Hi Mark, your check is in the mail 😁 thanks for the kind words, now get off this site and enjoy your holiday in America you lucky bugger 😉
  3. Thank you Mark you were very patient it is yours. sold now pending payment thanks all for looking and apologies for only having one to sell, had lots of interest and it has gone to the first person who made a firm offer.
  4. that's usually what happens to me 😀
  5. peterpan

    SOLD: FS: subwoofers

    will consider that if there is interest in the boxes separately, cheers
  6. Item: DR FEICKERT Alignment Protractor NG Location: Adelaide Price: $200 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, direct deposit, Only Extra Info: happy to post at buyers cost or local sale Pictures:
  7. peterpan

    SOLD: FS: subwoofers

    Item: 2 12inch cubwoofers with 2 Dayton spa500dsp sub woofer plate amps Location: Adelaide Price: $950 ono Item Condition: good Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: 2x sub boxes from Ascension Audio with Eminence lab12 drivers in t/l enclosures. 2 x Dayton SPA500DSP plate amps in home made wooden enclosure to keep them in the rack as they need to get inputs from amp, then output to main speaker amp and run speaker cables to boxes. amps are a few months old with minimal use. local only too big and bulky and expensive to post. dimensions are 400mm w x 450mm d x 520mm h https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-spa500dsp-500w-subwoofer-plate-amplifier-with-dsp--300-8012 link to amps, Pictures:
  8. Item: Originlive Calypso mk 2 turntable and Rega rb303 arm Location: Adelaide Price: $1450 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: too many t/ts Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: motor has been upgraded to dc100 from later series, main bearing is new, sent to UK and replaced what was a slightly noisy bearing which was there when I purchased it. new belt and spare. Rega arm in as new condition and aluminium collar made to bring it to correct height. also has the updated power supply, black box on left hand side. my photo skills lacking some what but unit presents very well in the flesh. not happy to post as a bit delicate and do not want to risk damage to any part. The cart on the arm is a Nagaoka nm 22 with a brand new stylus, bit low end but can go with arm to get some one started, I have had an Originlive conqueror arm with Dynavector dv xx2 mk2 cart on it and sounded extremely nice. only reason for sale is I have an lp12 which has been upgraded with all Mober after market parts and dc motor etc and it just beats this but at much greater cost, do not have room for two turntables so reluctantly must sell. Pictures:
  9. Item: Modwright KWA 100se power amp Location: Adelaide Price: $2600 obo. Item Condition: good condition Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: do not have box so would be local sale only at this stage please. unit has been used relatively sparingly as dont get to my man shed as often as would like, recently serviced by local technician Kasum Audio and all well. apologies for crappy photos but unit is in very good cosmetic state, Pictures:
  10. peterpan

    "Dirty" sound on Thorens TD 160

    as it happens from time to time, is it on the same records? could you have some dirt on the actual records? if it is not your records, then as above posts, check set up and arm/wiring for any problems.
  11. peterpan

    FS: Various 100 Vinly records

    they taken yet? Hi Stump 👍
  12. do a double blind test and it will sound better 😁 by that i mean blind drunk
  13. peterpan

    Amplifier Repairers in Adelaide?

    I can understand your confusion, it probably was on another thread that i assumed this one was, anyway if you need his details please pm me or anyone else on here who has dealt with him. I dont want to put his phone number up here on public display without his permission.