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  1. trying to get back to just one turntable. plus some new projects coming up 😀
  2. Item: Originlive Calypso mk 2 turntable and Rega rb303 arm Location: Adelaide Price: $1200 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: too many t/ts Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: motor has been upgraded to dc100 from later series, main bearing is new, sent to UK and replaced what was a slightly noisy bearing which was there when I purchased it. new belt and spare. Rega arm in as new condition and aluminium collar made to bring it to correct height. also has the updated power supply, black box on left hand side. my photo skills lacking some what but unit presents very well in the flesh. not happy to post as a bit delicate and do not want to risk damage to any part. Can demo to local interested parties.
  3. had an 2011 golf with dsg, clutch was replaced twice in the warranty period and at 6 years with only 70,000 kms was starting to play up again. traded it in. really loved driving it but i wanted to have some money to spend on sound gear not repairs lol much the same sentiment here also!
  4. if I was going to downsize to something like you are suggesting, I would probably look at something like this PSaudio sprout amp/dac thingy https://magentaaudio.com.au/product/ps-audio-sprout100-sprout-ii-2/ cheers and good luck
  5. if you change your mind and allow postage to Adelaide, I would be interested, cheers
  6. most integrated amps I would expect would have one, especially vintage amps that you are looking at.?
  7. if your Bose 901 are also version 6 then most receivers/amps will work fine as they are reasonably efficient. The first models till series 3? i believe were quite amplifier hungry and required some brute force. I have some series 6 Bose 901 left over from long ago that always played well even with lower powered amps. and I used them with a Marantz 7300se receiver with good results. basically any half decent amp with tape loop or pre/power should give good sound. of course that has been my experience. 😉 cheers
  8. dropped by 100 dollars, already a great bargain, next step is ebay if no love here. can post. have too much stuff to keep, reluctant sale.
  9. Item: PS Audio Stellar S300 Stereo Amplifier black finish. Location: Adelaide Price: $1550 includes postage in Australia Item Condition: as new, 6 months old has had no more than 20 hours use. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash on pick up, direct deposit Extra Info: prefer local sale, but have all original box so can post. photos are not very good, but presents as new no marks etc soundwise this is amazing for the price and would give many amps 2 to 3 times its price a huge wake up call. . https://magentaaudio.com.au/product/ps-audio-stellar-s300-stereo-amplifier/ Photos:
  10. Hi Sandy, used equalisers come up from time to time on ebay etc, as for the drivers they can be refoamed if the surrounds are rotted, but if that is too hard? replacement drivers are available at Parts Express altho not genuine bose drivers they are close. I have bought 18 and they sound good maybe not as good as original but close enough. https://www.parts-express.com/grs-rsb901-1-replacement-speaker-driver-for-bose-901-4-1-2-1-ohm--290-922 btw welcome!
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