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  1. oh and I don't mind getting second hand stuff either, I like to find bargains.. $600 is not a bargain the idea though is that it has to be minimalist in style, I really don't need anything whizzbang! the lower the number of knobs the happier I am
  2. Hi, first time tentative poster! I'm right at the entry level but here is my need: I'm looking to go to a totally stereo system for home theatre and music use! I'm going to be using Boston Acoustics CR75 bookshelfs speakers in a relatively small apartment living room. The inputs will be: Sony V series 40" lcd t.v Panasonic DVD player DVP3020 iPod potentially a cd player either added later, or never. Now my options are (and I'm purely looking at NAD but would love other options) $599 NAD C715 - integrated 25w/25w cd player and amp, the bonus is it includes cd player ability and FM/AM radio which is a bonus $449 NAD C315BEE amp, I guess the bonus is save $150 and better sound? I don't have a CD player to match it to currently anyway, and over time I've converted to purely digital music as I can't stand clutter, my only cd's are Ella and Louis, Eric Clapton and Miles Davis... So the bonus is that I will be able to use it forever without something on it that I don't use like a CD player... Any thoughts stereophiles?
  3. hehe i have no real sway either way, people who just side on one fence arent going to give you a fair assessment i actually had the PX600 42" on the top of my list of tvs to but at the end of the the day i just enjoyed the PQ better on LCDs :Dm they look better in a bright environment I agree plasmas look awesome in a darkened room but i never watch t.v. in the dark so its not important to me, in fact i have a lot of daylight so i cannot have a reflective panel, if you have a darkened room. I also don't like that weird refreshing 'flickering' look plasmas that look kinda like CRT.
  4. i have the new KDL I was talking about the old KVL which i looked at but didnt end up buying though, kinda wishin i had saved the $120 by buying at myer tho lol!! did you pay delivery? or just chuck it in the car? (tv wont fit in my car )
  5. hi mate I bought the new KDL-40V2000 from sony central chatswood yesterday ~ $3650 including 5 year warranty and delivery (literally walked it to my house since i live like 2 mins from the shop), so including the cheapest price on shop bot i paid about $320 for delivery + extended warranty + service + a couple of questions on phonecalls after installing (im a digi-tv noob and didnt know that my apartment was crap and that i needed $10 worth of rabbit ears to get my 3.6k machine working... :/) Watch out buying it online with the only 1 year warranty, Sony will sell you a 4 year extra warranty in the instruction manual for ~$500. Sony Central will do a extended warranty for $189.95 i think I'm quite happy with what I paid and the service to get it all up and running. I find extended warranty to be the killer here was what was in contention (not including delivery) Review Roundup Panasonic 42PX600 (1024X7??) $2800 HN price, + extended warranty $350 = $3150pros - great colour (glass cover), TV looks great, good sound (very good sound!!) cons - reflection, not as crisp as LCD, colour is almost cartoony, reflections, pixel refresh, expensive for a 1024X768 possibly not going to display future 720p well (i think?) I would not hesitate to buy this tv if it was under $2800 incl extended warranty and delivery. in fact this was my #1 choice until yesterday when I heard the price incl warranty and delivery.. Toshiba Regza 42WL66 (1366X768) $3300 + free 5 year warranty from Toshiba + Phillips 7200 STB $400 = $3700 Pros - brilliant 1080i picture, sharp and beautiful, big size, DVD playback quality is only so so. Would be a great TV for someone with time to play with settings. FREE 5 year warranty!!!! (till december, get in quick!) Cons - not that many, but i have noticed the colour is a bit washed esp on reds (look orangey) on the 42WL66, although the 46WL66 is perfect with some tweaking), no tuner. I love this T.V. ALOT. but in the end is not for me because of the tweaking and STB involved. Sony KVL-40V2000 $3100 HN price for 3 weeks old display model + extended warranty $200 + Phillips STB $400 = 3700 Pros Beautiful colours and pq, you know the score, its a brilliant t.v. Cons No tuner and only 1 HDMI port, expensive for what it is. Samsung LA-40R7BDX (i think thats it?) for $2800 + extended warranty $200 = $3000 Pros Cheap, decent PQ, this would be a bargain if I could get it $2800 incl ext warranty. ConsColour seems washed out even with setting playing, blacks seem abit muddy/grey. If i wasn't comparing to others and just stuck it in a room I probably wouldn't notice any of the cons! Notes I could have bought the bigger t.vs, but my trust in quality and colour is with Sony. Also I'm not sure if I will be happy with lower res on the Panasonic, and the Toshiba Regza colour still doesn't compare to sony (it is still an awesome tv, and if i wanted to use two remotes and tweak etc i would have bought it) I need to have strong colour contrast not visible in many LCD's because I primarily play video games, I also need good normal TV PQ and DVD PQ because my wife likes to watch that. I am also not a tweaker and just want things to work 'out of the box' so an additional tuner is just an additional pain the ass for me. Conclusion: Happy man, TV looks awesome on HD (well... 576p lol) even SD, colours look awesome. price was awesome and a no brainer once I compared the other t.v.s at the total price (delivery + extended warranty + STB). TV setup was a breeze, the remote and menus etc are all instant and fast, the KDL-40V2000 is now patiently waiting for a PS3 My tips to all future buyers is talk about the price INCLUDING extended warranty, this is where most retailers try to screw you and make a buck. They will be more than happy to discuss price on the item, but will charge horrendous extended warranty. I recommend you goto Sony Central Chatswood, brilliant service and no price gouging on extended warranties.
  6. the 46 inch 46wl66 is 1080p the 42inch and below (42WL66) is only 1366X768 both are brilliant tvs and i was on the verge of buying the 42WL66 except i got a reasonable deal on a KDL-40V2000
  7. Ive noticed in store even tweaking with colours they seem washed out next to old bravia V and plasmas... do people who own this find it to be the case? throwing up between pana TH-42PX600A and this screen.. predominantly for gaming + DVD viewing
  8. so has anyone got a street price on the new V yet? im either going to get an old V + pana 7200 STB (probably around $3300 all up) OR get a new V if i can get close to the same price
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