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  1. I had an MP-110 on my Technics... I did not like it and sold it. I precision aligned it, allowed time to break it in, played with VTA, SRA, in the end it sounded too wooly and too sibilant on vocal SSSs. I replaced it with The Vessel A3SE, this sounds way better to me... and it cost less. System matching has a lot to do with it, Its possible that on a Rega the MP-110 is outstanding, it just did not work for me on my Technics with a Schitt Mani Phonopreamp.
  2. Probably makes more sense to consider the RP7000Mk2 as decent a budget option. As a Hanpin Super OEM the RP7000Mk2 is closer to a Pioneer PLX-1000 at nearly half its price. The case for the Turn5 becomes less compelling at its circa $1,000 price tag when a new SL1200 MK7 probably could be had for not much more. Thanks for the input and thoughts.
  3. The Reloop Turn5 is now available in Australia. This looks like a very good turntable at a very reasonable price. kitted out with high quality interconnects, a platter mat like a Achromat and a Jelco headshell this could prove to be an as good but way cheaper Technics alternative. Curious to see if anyone has had any experience with one? https://djcity.com.au/product/reloop-turn5-direct-drive-hifi-turntable/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjaPsyu2f4gIVSoqPCh3Y4g0gEAAYASAAEgIeYfD_BwE
  4. I have a nicely run in A3SE that sounds great. I have used an AT95, AT95 with Hyperelliptical stylus and an Nagaoka MP-110. For me, this cart is way better than these other carts. It provides low distortion, low sibilance, a wide sound stage, a balanced presentation tending to a bit warm, every instrument is clear and in its place and natural sounding with strong midrange especially on vocals. It does take around 30 hours to break in though. I'm keen to try one of the more expensive versions if this entry level is anything to go by.
  5. A very nice cart, congrats on the new acquisition. I have a AT Microline cart and it sings.
  6. I have added a Swagman PSU to my Schitt Mani phono and it has delivered improved dynamics, depth and width and blacker backgrounds. Agreed on on what a good PSU can deliver.
  7. I had an original P77, what a great cart! I sold it after I went digital in the mid 1990s. I'm now back into analogue and the closest cart I have found that sounds like it (as best as I can recall) is the LP Gear The Vessel. The body is made by the Excel Sound Corp in Japan which I understand also makes the P77 body. I have the entry level A3SE cart and it is very dynamic to listen to. Other stylus shapes and cantilever materials are offered at higher prices that claim much higher performance, with one reviewer claiming the R3SM version beats out an Ortofon 2M Black. I personally have not heard either of these 2 carts so I can't make a call on those versions. As far as the $89 USD A3SE is concerned, I'm personally blown away on how good it sounds on my SL1210. Maybe the R3SM may be a better buy than a current Garrot?
  8. Having recently set up an Reloop RP7000 Mk2 for my sister, I was very impressed with how it sounded. Its a Hanpin Super OEM based 'table at $549 plus around $60 for a lid. For me at this price point this is hard to beat.
  9. Good to know this exists as a viable option for us Techie users.
  10. Thank you, good to know. Looks like the Pioneer may have a few mote tweaks to improve its performance.
  11. They are both Super OEM Hanpins. Can you tell me a bit more about the Pioneer arm damping?
  12. My sister recently purchased a Reloop RP7000 Mk2 as a starter turntable. I set it up for her, added a Technics thin rubber mat, KAB tonearm damper, Jelco HS25 head shell and a Vessel A3SE MM cartridge. This is running through a vintage NAD 3020 amp using the amp's phono pre. I was really impressed with the performance of this table, it sounded much much better than the $549 the core turntable cost. It was speed stable, dynamic, punchy and detailed. It also offered easy usability with simple speed change and an effective VTA adjustment. This Hanpin SuperOEM table looks like great value and an excellent way to get into vinyl without spending a bomb. Part of the great performance also came down to the Vessel A3SE MM cartridge, another surprise that punches way above its price point.
  13. The P1 is indeed a fine choice as a starter deck. It does all the basics very well and is reasonably priced. Having said that my sister recently picked up a Reloop RP7000 Mk2 which I set up for her. This $550 deck performed impressively, especially with a Vessel A3SE and Jelco HS25 head shell. The basic deck was $549 plus $60 for a dust cover.
  14. I just installed an LP Gear cartridge (A3SE) made by the Excel Sound Corp of Japan onto my Technics SL1200 and through a Swagman/Mani Phono pre. It is currently $89 USD plus shipping, so very affordable. I thought the reviews were hype until I tried it... this cart blows away all of the carts I had tried up to around the $300 mark in my system. Its also possible it sounds great due to the system synergy involved.
  15. This entry level version is currently selling for $89USD plus shipping which is decent value. This cart seems to synergise well with my Technics SL1200 and my Swagman/Mani Phono. I am getting insanely good sound from it, way better than its modest price suggests. Sound stage is deep and wide, instruments are well fleshed out, not at all congested. Vocals are instruments also sound real and convincing. I now wonder what the top of the line versions sound like, however, you are then shelling out quite bit for the privilege. This reminds me of a Garrott P77 I had years ago, I think the capsule is made by the same company that made the P77 (Excel Sound Corp). The major negatives are that it has lower output compared to other MM carts and that it takes a while to break it in. This is now my go to budget cartridge.
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