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  1. I'm enjoying vinyl and digital. Some of my LPs sound epic and better than their digital equivalents and some cases digital wins out. I love both for different reasons.
  2. I have the entry level Vessel and its very good for the money. My daily is a wood bodied AT95 with a JICO Hyperelliptical stylus, I have loaded to tame the treble a bit... it is my best cart, super low surface noise, lots of detail and a wonderful tone. I also have an AT MC that I don't listen to anymore, this MM is better. I am very curious about top of the range Vessels but the current exchange rate kind of kills the deal for me.
  3. I think it is downscaled to Rebook when you use an external DAC.
  4. This thread has me interested in a Puffin. The only thing holding me back is the DAC used in it, I'm not sure it is quite good enough. Even if you opt for the COAX output option it downscales to Redbook, kind of defeating the purpose of high definition output. Some people are vey happy with it, others say that it does not quite sound right and has a narrow sound stage. I guess the only way I'll know is if I pull the trigger on one.
  5. I have a KAB Modded M5G. Its got the damper, PSU, and applied Fidelity Sapphire bearing. I run it with a Funk Firm Achromat and a Jelco Headshell. Looks like this may be kicking on the door of a new G, so good to know. I just did a needle drop of a 1968 Seekers Best of Collection (UK Pressing) and was impressed with what came out of the grooves.
  6. I built a simple mono switch and it works very well. Most modern monos are cut with a stereo lathe so a .1m stylus is not suitable anyway, unless you are playing very old monos.
  7. I have an AT-OC9/II running through blue Cinemag trannies and an AT95, in a wooden body with a JICO Hyperelliptical stylus. Both are excellent, however, I always go back to the modified AT95, it is smooth, detailed the top end is not too bright and the surface noise is amazingly low, lower than the OC9/II. AT really make brilliant carts. I have tried a Nag MP-110, I thought it sounded corse with noticeable sibilance. I also tried a Denon DL-103R and also though it sounded corse.
  8. A go to value tonearm, what a shame.
  9. The HiFi VinylNews channel on youtube claims that the Schitt Mani performs better than the Vincent. I have the Mani hooked up to a Swagman PSU and it performs very well for me, however, I have not conducted a detailed comparison for myself.
  10. It is a standard for downloading and unpacking HQ content from HQ streaming services like Tidal. There are plenty of YouTube vides that explain it.
  11. I recently purchased an Audioquest Cobalt for mobile use and it works very well. I did a quick test to see how it works when I plug in a HD650 into it. To my surprise, it handled the HD650s very well indeed. It was not quite as good as my balanced headphone set up, however, it was not that far behind. I also used its as DAC through to my amp and speakers, again it acquitted itself very well. f you are on a budget and want a portable DAC amp you can use on the go or at home, the Audoquest is definitely worth a look.
  12. I recently got a new iMac and found that the headphone port no longer has S/PDIF, so I can't use optical to connect to my external DAC. My DAC does not have USB support so this omission was annoying. I managed to track down an affordable solution for around $75 by getting a Douk Audio XMOS USB to S/PIDF converter that outputs Optical or Coax. It now works a treat.
  13. I'm not suggesting real mods, just a better headshell and platter mat, along with a great budget cart and phono pre. I just set this up for my sister and its very close to my Technics SL1201 M5G. This is a needle drop with my Technics, and the Reloop gets very close for a fraction of the price. I can understand if all of this is a bit overwhelming. All the best with your search.
  14. I recommend the Reloop RP7000 Mk2. Its actually a Hanpin Super OEM deck that you will need to pay around $1,000 if it wore a Pioneer badge. For around $650 with a lid you can add a Jelco headshell, Funk Firm Achromat and either an AT95 with a Jico Hyperelliptical stylus or an Ortofon OM10 with a Jico Hyperelliptical stylus. You should have enough for a Schitt Mani phono pre or if you stretch a bit more a Rothwell Simplex photo pre. Precision align and set it up well.... it will blow you away.
  15. I use this system and I have never achieved such amazing results. Previously noisy and unplayable records have become dead quiet and a veil has been lifted, allowing you to hear what is in the grooves, so much so that you can hear the hiss of the master tape and the sound bouncing off the studio walls in some cases.
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