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  1. No longer for sale as I have decided to keep it.
  2. I have heard the v5,s some time ago. They are more forward sounding. These dyns are more on the neutral side with damn huge deep and wide sound stage. Not sure how deep the bass goes on the v5s but the bass on the dyns will shake your boots. These are probably more refined too and bring out subtle detail and more dynamic. Just my views of course.
  3. I would agree with room size, my room is 10 x 5m so certainly big enough as they need a lot of space to perform at their best. I actually find vocals one of their strengths but a room too small will see the bottom end flood the midrange. My front end is all exposure 3010s2d pre and power with the 2010s dac 190watts into 4ohms. Drives these dyns with ease but as with most dyns the more current you give them the better. Only have these for sale because of the neighbour issue, these are fabulous speakers for the money that are breathtaking with live performances, just a huge 3 dimentional,sound stage imo. If no bites by the end of the week I will keep them and just be mindful of the neigbour and volume lol
  4. Will drop to 2600 for a couple of days and if no interest I will withdraw them and keep them. This is a bargain imho. Speakers are as new rrp $6499.00
  5. Further information Speakers are in absolutely mint condition. Come with spikes as with screw in rubber feet for hard surfaces. Beautiful sounding speakers that have superb detail and bass. Easy to drive. Google for specs RRP for these is $3799.00 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. All sorted for now, Thank you for all the offers. Cheers
  7. Item: small form floorstanding speakers Price Range: up too 2k Location 2106 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: hi all, Just after some small form floorstanders. Pmc, dynaudio, monitor audio, and so on. Ideally something in Sydney so I can just pick up, let me know what you have, cheers
  8. Thanks for all the interest and SPEAKERS ARE NOW SOLD , STANDS still available
  9. Excellent speakers with bags of detail and good bass weight for there size. Bought these from a fellow sna'er and wanting to try some floorstander again, probably will regret selling these but it's fun trying different things. Selling with the b&w fs700 stands as pictured. Please note price is FIRM at this stage. If there is interest in just the speakers it will be 800 as that is what I paid for them approx a month ago.... Pick up only sorry Just Google for specs
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