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  1. Item: B&W DM602 S2 Speakers Location: Central Coast NSW (or Bella Vista b/hrs) Price: $120 Item Condition: Average Reason for selling: Not used anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Hi Guys, I've had these speakers for quite awhile now and I'm tired of moving them from this wall/room to that in storage. Got some dust and some of the wood has small dings/swells. Could do with a wipe but I just don't give a fluff anymore. The worst thing is the tweeters. Both beat up a bit by kids' fingers. 1 still works, one doesn't. Also the pegs vs rubber plugs don't fit that snugly anymore and if you look closely, I've just been jamming in extra paper coils A bit of work and these would make some nice speakers for a small/medium system ..or maybe just the kids room. Cheers, Birnie Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi, I saw the same Metallica album in Disck Smith Powerhouse in Parramatta NSW Thing is, I'm sure they had Ride The Lightning and Justice too. BTW, i have the original Kill em all - Direct Metal Masters 45rpm....Woohoo!
  3. OK, we're all up and running. I forgot to mention it came with the cabinet containing the AMP and turntable. Nice wood venner Turntable wasn't producing sound, quick look at the back of he amp showed the 3 pin connector had popped out. Unscrew it all, plug it in, all good! Works ! Fully Automatic but with a needle that looks like it's off your Mum's sewing machine! Deadly! Has pitch control too! Couldn't believe it! Also, the AMP has on and off/slumber If you turn it too off/slumber while the LP's playing, it stays on until finished, needle returns and everything turns off. Wow! not bad for the 60's Here 'tis... (bit of Slippery When Wet, not too worried if it gets killed/scratched) http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=sSpelKaBdoI
  4. Verdict : Turntable stoofed....LOL Hooked em up to the Marantz today, sounded fine... well what i expected to hear the 1st time Not as clear as my Wharfedales but that's ok. In my haste to try the speakers, i grabbed everything, turned on the power, selected 33rpm, lifted the needle by hand (now a big no no) and dropped it. I'm sure it bounced right off the surface of the MDF.....needle 1st. Whoopsie ! This is not expensive equipment we are talking about here, so i can afford a LOL at myself..Techincs SL-23, $75 off ebay....never did check the stylus and was probably always due for one anyway. Anyways, back to the speakers, happy again with the purchase...dont think i need to do anything to them. They will go well with the turntable as it was always to be a bit of a 'retro' corner of the house. So the lower quality sound will go well with that setup. My Credence - 20 Golden Greats is the fav album to play on it. .....currently Stylus shopping....hehe (explains the constant jumping too )
  5. Well, they sound like poo, ...and i mean really bad!! Which is a shame cause on close inspection, everything looks reasonable??? Sound levels are inconsistent, crackly, plain crap. Like really bad AM radio. One more possibilty is my stylus might have shat itself. I'll check on my good system with a CD tomoz, but not looking good. Here's some more pics anyway
  6. OK here tis... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=170275075013&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=007 $19 3 x Tweaters (Magnavox - Type: Magnaflux / Markings: 3TC MK11) 2 x Speakers (Magnavox - Type: Magnaflux / 8w 15ohm) That all means nothing to me.. oh well. If i knew what i was doing and the finance wasn't an issue, i'd love to gut it and replace every cone/driver with modern ones I don't even know where to find the bits? Oh well, maybe they'll be OK with my turntable setup (nothing special, just something i like to play with every now and then)
  7. Hi all, Just a quick show of what i got on ebay, mainly for the look, i have no idea how they are going to sound? Can anyone have a quick look and give me thumbs up on the condition of the cones? Not the best pic i know..... I like em just for, i dunno, plant stands maybe? I likey likey
  8. ..or you can buy the mini PS3 remote for $20 which uses Infra Red via a little dongle...then your on 1 remote :eek:
  9. Well i listened to a set yesterday in a shop, demo room. He really didn't press them too hard and i think it was cause they probably can't take it. Now i do think that owning tower wharfedales isn't helping the decision cause theKEFs are certainly lacking somthing, probably just the expected trade off from getting cubestyle speakers..The sub sounded good though. I think I'm going to ditch the idea and go back to my original choice which was B&W 602's up front, that way i'll still be pushing some decent air. Rears i'm undecided. Might even go for some in-wall (white covers) speakers. Except i know absolutely nothing about these, as we seem to be in a new land of brands? Whats with that? Hmmmm, more investigations....... Cheers peeps
  10. thanks guys, I bought my Marantz Amp of Eastwood a few years ago cause their Bargains section can't be passed up. ...but the KEF's in silver just won't suit unfortunately. Has to be black. Considering getting em off amazon (US) and getting em shipped.
  11. Hey guys, I currently have some tower style Wharfedale 200W speakers whcih in my eyes/ears are the bees knees......but girls being girls, and moving to a medium/small lunge room, they have been given an eviction notice due to their size and meacing appearance....which as much as i hate to say it, isn't too far off the mark. :o So i've been hunting for 2nd hand B&W 602's which are pretty rare, and buy the time i get 2 sets, a centre and matching sub, i'm probably looking around $1500 and up for decent ones. I've been passing on the cube style speakers (bose) as i have a mental block, won't even listen to em casue they can't really push that much air can they? So i stumbled on the KEF KHT3005's which seem to be a decent compramise, stil small and stylish but on the bigger side of 'little' speakers. Anyone got any? And if you're familiar with these, what's the difference between the stand 3005's and the 3005 SE's which are another $500-$600 but 'look' exactly the same???? THanks guys. Birnie
  12. Oh, only got the email update for this thread today! (migth have to check my email settings) Man, i haven't looked a graysonline for months! Used to be a daily task.... I'll start looking again i think. Hadn't heard about the problems with the 880 so thanks for the heads up. Now added to the list are KEF KHT 3005 speaker set. Still trying to figure out what the difference is between standard and the 'SE' model?? cheers
  13. I've been looking at getting one too and taking my time cause it's not a 'need' I've settled on the 880 and waiting out for a decent price on ebay because it's colour screen and the funky curve design. I've check out the 525 in DSE and they already look dated in a single colour blue/backlit display, but if you only care about funtionality over looks, just get the 525 ...my fav is the "Harmony One" but at around $300, i'll pass, unfortunatley.
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