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  1. Any offers as I pretty sure I wont be able to make it now (double booked) and the ticket will only go to waste.
  2. Item: Rodrigo V Gabriela concert ticket Melbourne Jan 5th 2010. Location: Palais Theatre Item Condition: New Reason for selling: conflicting dates Price: $60 (ticket price$79.70) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Lounge. seating see http://www.ticketmaster.com.au any questions please contact me. cheers
  3. Picked up yesterday the Concert DVD - John Myer - Where the light is, made up of three distinct performances, an acoustic set, a trio set and a band set. Filmed in full 1080/24p High definition it looks and sounds great. Also grabed a copy of Fleet Foxes after the recommendation on here and also reading a review in yesterdays Age entertainment lift out, yet to listen to it but looking forward to it.
  4. Nice Pick up LD, its just like a birthday present, Oh it is you 40th BIRTHDAY today. (Mrs LD asked me to hijack one of your threads and let the world know that you have turned 40)
  5. Now I have my new speakers I'm currently enjoying listening to a couple of CDs from the 'liberation Blue - Acoustic Series' particularly Glen Sharrocks album Meanwhile & Ross Wilson's Tributary album. Its great listening to some of the old favorites re-released in an acoustic format. Also picked up a CD from Colin Hay last weekend titled Man At Work other than Down-Under, think i am over that song, its not bad. I particularly like listening to his guitar work.
  6. Well my new speakers arrived last Monday and they are awesome. I am very impressed with the sound from these babies. Even being new to the whole stereo thing I can hear an amazing range of instruments and voices from my old Cd's that I've never heard before. It has open up a whole new world to me. I've had some help from one of the forum members in setting them up, getting the best sound reproduction for my room. So far I have only been able to listen to music as it seems I didn't have the DVD/TV/amp correctly configured originally and I'm a cable short (long story) but fingers crossed it will be right to go this weekend and i can test them out with a DVD or two. I'm really blown away by how good some of my old Cd's sound it really has reinvigorated my want to listen to them. If I knew a bit more about the tech terms I would post something but unfortunately I'm lost there.
  7. Got the long awaited call from Edward yesterday to same my speakers had been built and where leaving by courier last night, bad news is they are not going to be delivered until Monday which is a bit of a bummer as I was hoping to have had them over the weekend to enjoy. Guess it gives me a day or two to pull out some decent music Cd's & DVDs to have ready to listen too when they are set up.
  8. No problems Andythiing. LD, I was thinking you could come around when i get them and give me a hand to set them up. (Hope you are getting some sun up there, forcasted to rain back here on your arrival)
  9. Well I’ve taken the plunge and gone ahead and order a pair of speakers from Adelaide Speakers. I decided on the Sidewinder 1226sd model with a few cosmetic modifications. Edward the owner/builder was (IMO) a wealth of knowledge, although much of it was above my level, he still provided a lot of good information on the build of the speakers and few tweaks that I should do at home to get the best sound out of them. On the down side he has a backlog of orders to fulfill and I will have to sit back and wait about three weeks for them to be built and courier over. Happy days :):)
  10. Andythiing/TonyM, Did you guys get around to having a listen to those acesension speakers?
  11. Thanks Andy & Tony, I look forward to your thoughts and findings on these speakers. I would rather have an opinion from someone like you guys and have an indication of what I'm getting before i buy than sitting here six months from now totally surprised by its possible shortfalls and wanting something more.
  12. Being a newbee at this whole HiFi/home theater system, i'm seeking feedback on some speakers that i'm tossing up about wether or not to buy. I've been doing a bit of research on a company called Adelaide Speakers and i like the look & price of either their Acsension 'Summoner 1283' or the 'Sidewinder 1226sb' models but I'm unable to find any reviews on the net on either model. These speakers would predominately be for the use in a home theater system and to a lesser degree for listening to music. Any thoughts or reviews on either of these models would be appreciated?
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