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  1. Love the old TNT tables that Harry designed. Looks like a Mk 3+ (specifically the Mk 3.5) to me with the tri-pulley system in part installed underneath? Have you got the elephant feet for it with the spring inserts, air bladder supports or gingko squash balls? What's the platter construction on it? Is it the older lead type - 11 or 12-inch? I've got many TNT parts here for a TNT Jr converted to a Mk 3 with the black delrin corner posts. The Mk 3.5 went to polished aluminium corner posts. VPI no longer support the TNT range. The motor for this weighs a tonne. My turntable is missing
  2. Just adding a small recommendation here. You may want to ask Eric to put in some Musical Paradise MP 701 like screw type terminal posts to roll caps. That way you don't need to worry about learning how to solder and breathe in those lovely fumes that take me back to the 1960's each time I fire up the Hakko.
  3. Just confirming these are the wonderful sounding grey oval anode plate variety from GE made in the Owensboro Kentucky USA factory in the mid 1960's. Highly recommended for PP EL84 amps. 🙏🙏🙏 GLWTS.
  4. Promitheus Audio Reference TVC passive preamp left/right mono units in Tallebudgera QLD: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174493115367
  5. Try searching for second hand Duelunds or Jupiters using Hifishark. They will outperform the Mundorfs. You can give them to Eric to solder in. 🙂 Here is an example of some new JDM ones: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274528530795
  6. Sign up to Jauce and go for one of these babies used on Yahoo Aleado when they come up - you won't be sorry. 👍👍👍 https://tango-trans.com/en/output-interstage-transformer-choke-coil/interstage-transformer/
  7. Opinions will vary here but my vote goes towards the Jupiter copper foil wax and paper capacitors. I'd still go for the IT option though.
  8. Evening tube rollers. Thought I would post some reference photos of the Raytheon black plate O getter early 1960's tube that is made in the USA (the most desired toob in the 6CG7 line up) as opposed to the more common later grey anode plate variety made in Japan. Distinct features of how to tell them apart to other brands such as Sylvania, GE and RCA is the envelope glass tip is very short and stout (not elongated), and the 6CG7 label has no shield symbol around it. The key feature is the 'U.S.A.' line directly above the '6CG7'. Also, the top and bottom micas are fully circular and
  9. I'm going to chime in with my 2 cents worth. Cap (coupling cap) rolling in valve amp/sources is fun but never ending. You will keep going until most brand and/or capacitance value is exhausted. Interstage trannies are limited with very few options available. Interstage trannies are common in Japanese valve circuit topology. There are some great brands out there that sound absolutely brilliant. Like others have said, Eric prefers the interstage topology so go with this, you won't be sorry. 👍👍👍
  10. The 2 tubes in the foreground look like Jawas and the 2 tubes in the background look like Darth Mauls. May the thermionic sith be with you. 🙏
  11. Precise Tube Tester Model 116 in Balmain NSW. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114478251720
  12. Confirming Tube 1 was made XX/09/1962 and Tube 2 was made 25/01/1965 with both tubes made in the Berlin factory. 😁
  13. Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 DAC in Point Cook VIC. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/303731681153
  14. Ohm Walsh omni directional rarities in Northcote VIC local pick up. https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Rare-Audiophile-Ohm-Walsh-Speakers/203140779072
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