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  1. @Bisguittin Thanks for sharing this feedback regarding the white printed label 1951 Hytron 12BH7 tall bottle roll for the 12AU7 position. Give it a bit more burn-in time and the dynamics and soundstage should improve even further. From the feedback you've shared it appears that rolling this position in the Ming da MC-7R is less critical than the 5751 roll. Nonetheless, the one thing that stands out is balancing the tube roll configuration to suit your own listening tastes is critical. I suspect the Raytheon windmill getter 5751's have similar tonal characteristics to the Hytron 12B
  2. I don't think you can use the CV1079 on the R8 as its screen voltage is capped at 300 volts. I suspect the screen voltage on the R8 to be somewhere near its plate (anode) voltage about 500 volts.
  3. It's a 'gator' as it will thermionically come out at night and bite you. 😁😁😁
  4. @Pops110 I'll take your prototypes and you can build yourself another quad set. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. @Pops110 Love the feet and what you've achieved to date with the rebuild is totally awesome. As you know I have the same conundrum; no elephant feet for my TNT but the spring suspensions are there. Can you share more details on the feet assembly and how you managed to get them at 3" diameter. Also, are they rubber or metal cone-shaped feet?
  6. I always drool at the sight when I see big circular thermionic holes available in the top cover and big shotgun cartridge pairs concealed underneath. I would love to roll this above and below. GLWTS. 👍👍👍
  7. If it's a fully balanced XLR connection and not floating at the preamp end and the possible upgrade path may consider a fully balanced phono stage in the future then an XLR IC is recommended with the RCA adapter at the phono stage. If the balanced connection at the preamp end is floating then an RCA IC with XLR adapter would probably be best. Can you share the brand/model of preamp and phono stage?
  8. Send some of your stash down south. I'll take them. 🤭🤭🤭
  9. Thanks for sharing these lovely looking photos of your WA monoblocks. I have marked up which valves need to be the same type (2) and which can be a different type (1). Also, changing (1), the input valve, will have a greater influence on altering the tonal characteristics than changing (2), the driver tubes for the push-pull pair of KT120's used per channel.
  10. @Bisguittin I can hear the party music from here. 😁😁😁
  11. Matched NOS valves attract a premium price. Mixing, pairing and matching single valves is fine. As @aussievintage has shared, if you work out the role of each of the 6SN7's in the design topology of the amp you can quickly work out which ones need to be of the same type and which ones can be of a different type. The definition of matched is two-fold. It can be inherent within a single dual triode valve itself between its 2 respective sections. Its also inherent between 2 or more independent bottles of the same dual triode valve type. It may help if you could
  12. You may want to consider getting yourself some locally made AWV 6SN7's instead as a cheaper NOS option. Finding 6 tubes of the same type shouldn't be a problem. 👍
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