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  1. The Osram/Marconi/GEC B65 metal base tube is considered by many to be one of the top 5 'best sounding' 6SN7's in the world. However, for the asking price there is absolutely no way it will outperform and sound 10-15 times better when compared to other vintage/new production types. The sound improvement on offer from the B65 is probably 5-10% better but what it will do that most other 6SN7's won't do is fill in a level of fullness. There is no best sounding tube as they all sound different. What really matters is what satisfies your ears. The Tung-Sol 6F8G's with round plates are al
  2. Dennis, in case you weren't aware, you need to 'push' the tube with Eric to get the 'pull' from the pair. 🤣
  3. Love the cult status of this lovely orange coloured Leak Stereo 20 EL84 amp. What a wife/partner pleaser @ everyone. This inheritance will keep the other half happy forever. 😁 GLWTS.
  4. +1, +2 and +3, and I'm giving myself also a +4 for the soft bristled animal hair variety. I like the 1" and 1/2" widths to get around those inaccesible crevice areas such as pots etc. 👍
  5. Forget the red and blue and go for the green or orange. Do you want your listening room to become the red or blue light district of the town? 🤭 Edit: Also added orange. 👍
  6. I get 200v per 6SN7 triode. The total resistance in series is 2 x 33kohm = 66kohm. The current based on 400v is 400v ÷ 66,000ohm = 0.006A. Across each 33kohm resistor the voltage drop is. 33,000 ohm x 0.006A = 200v. Just confirming a standard 6SN7 can be used in circuit no problem. 👍 Edit: The maximum plate voltage for the 6SN7 is specified as 250v.
  7. Yes, fully agree RE the red plating and arcing. Several TJ 300B/n mesh plates and Shuguang ST shaped 300B/a's showed symptoms of this not operating anywhere near their maximum limits. You've got to be really conservative with dialling in the bias to be well less than 60mA when the B+ is anywhere near 400v. Fortunately, Eric's designs are tuned in using 350v for B+ and 50mA allowing the Chinese variety to be used safely. For peace of mind I checked with New Sensor when the PX300B was first introduced into the market. I was advised back then by one of their chief senior engineers tha
  8. I have KR Enterprise/Audio 300B balloon shaped, 300BXLS and VV32B toobs. I find them all to run particular well with 300B amps that run at higher B+ (400-450V) and higher plate current (100mA). Their specs indicate they should be run at these higher power dissipation values as average operating conditions when compared to 'standard' 300B specs such as the Genalex PX300B that has the same values specified as the absolute maximum operating conditions. Some of these specs also indicate the preferred primary output impedance for the tube, which is a bonus. 👍
  9. Yes, that's absolutely fine. You'll find in a lot of cases these tubes will keep working for years even if they test low.
  10. They are good but they don't look like a matched pair from the internal construction features. You see that Z3R number running vertically down on the tube base on the right tube? Well you want that to be optimally the same code on the left tube.
  11. Well I’m worth a crap load more than that. 😁 Please tell me you didn’t buy those. No? 🤣
  12. @Zed Zed You have so many lovely vintage 6SN7's available in the UK that can be used for the 6SN7 position in the R8. Grey or black coated glass, black or brown micanol base Brimars or Mullards. Are you able to source any locally?
  13. Tung-Sol 6F8G's or Melz 1578's to balance out the sound.
  14. KT88 PP amp circuit diagram using Tango NC-14's available at the following link: http://www.lonica.org/documents/electronics/YT7890IE/2012-shishido-amplifier/en/body.htm
  15. Edit: Any cheap Chinese Shuguang/PS Vane standard non-exotic 300B's will be fine to use here. I personally like the Genalex PX300B as @Ihearmusic has also recommended. 👍 Edit: No KR Audio's or EML's. Takatsuki TA-300's, yes, all the way.
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