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  1. Nope...Afraid not. By da way you aint gonna need one cos dems are bullet proof....
  2. Ahhh come on rantan, that was a fair bump....Play on I say..... :bump:
  3. Absolute bargain....a no brainer really. (That's what I told my wife)....She was not amused....You can only try ol chap... I say
  4. Amazing price for these speakers....Really can't go wrong....GLWTS
  5. Damn...... been after 1 of these for a couple of years now & I ALWAYS MISS OUT,,,f%%k. I even have it as wanted list....
  6. So where do you place them. Behind, Sides or front of speakers?
  7. Whats the all the jailsburg cheese on the bottom shelf?
  8. Guess he liked it so much.....That he couldnt pass up buying it back from himself ? Quite normal really......
  9. Believe me that once broken in ....they are insanely good with the right amp.....
  10. Very nice amp.... Im running mine with a small Almaro tube amp.
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